Braves 5, Jays 2

Toronto Blue Jays vs. Atlanta Braves – Box Score – June 09, 2012 – ESPN.

Another game centered around power; once again, the Braves showed more and won.

With two out and two on in the third inning, Dan Uggla homered, scoring Michael Bourn and Brian McCann. That actually turned out to be enough, as the Jays couldn’t do much against Tommy Hanson. In the sixth, Jose Bautista hit a two-run homer, but they had only four other baserunners in eight innings.

Still, just a one-run lead, but Andrelton Simmons made it two with his first career homer in the seventh. Bourn then doubled home Jose Constanza to make it 5-2. Craig Kimbrel struck out one in a perfect ninth for the easy save.

Julio Teheran is being called up to start tomorrow, filling in for Tim Hudson.

106 thoughts on “Braves 5, Jays 2”

  1. Boscan down for Teheran’s callup. I’m sure Julio will only be up for a day but it’ll be interesting what unfolds this upcoming week when Chipper gets activated and Medlen’s brought back to start.

  2. I agree that I’m curious as to which Teheran shows up tomorrow.
    I thought Medlen had one more minor league start this week?

  3. Medlen pitched yesterday, so he’ll pitch again Wednesday. I guess he wouldn’t be activated until the weekend at the earliest.

  4. So Minor has one more start at least. Much depends on Hudson. CJ will replace Teheran?

  5. Freddie Freeman has been walking out to “Call Me Maybe.”

    I hope he lost a bet.

  6. I have so many high hopes for Teheran tomorrow. I keep calling him an x-factor and really believe that he has that potential.

  7. So it will be James, Wade, and Bosh against Durant, Westbrook, and Harden. Sounds like an interesting final to watch for once. I bet Seattle would like to have that team back. Hawks owners, are you taking notes on how to build a winner in the NBA? Oh, perhaps that’s not your goal to begin with, never mind…

  8. It will be so funny if both Delgado and Minor do well in their next start and Huddy is all right. WHat are they going to do with Medlen? I still think JJ will eventually be all right…

  9. @14-

    Step 1: Draft Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook.
    Step 2: I’ll tell you when you get through Step 1.

  10. @19 Drafting Marvin over Williams/Paul will forever haunt the franchise…unless they decide to start losing again to accumulate top picks…

  11. So I leave the country and the Braves promptly become the hottest team in baseball. It’s enough to give a guy a complex!

    Now to go to the AJC to find out what’s up with Huddy…

  12. I got the Sid Bream bobblehead yesterday too. It’s awesome. Seriously, the best giveaway I’ve ever received at a professional sporting event.

    It’s funny, the bobblehead came in a pretty big box, so nearly everyone in the park ended up buying this 4$ bag to carry the damn things around. I’m convinced the promotion was an elaborate(well, maybe not so elaborate..) ploy to actually make money giving away free bobbleheads. But hey, when you’re locked into a centuries long tv contract I guess you have get creative.

    My girlfriend actually ended up buying two bags, because she didn’t realize there was a bag much cuter than the first one she bought.. So well played Liberty Media, well played.

  13. I took my wife and 6 friends and we all got the Sid bobble. With 8 of those huge boxes we were not looking forward to carrying them around all day even if we had a bag (or bags). Luckily my usher (who is awesome) stored all 8 of our boxes in a secure location until the end of the 8th inning so we didn’t have to worry about keeping up with them. Now *that* is customer service and one of the reasons I really like the Braves organization.

  14. If it’s true that Teheran really has been focusing on just one pitch so far this season, it’s going to make a lot of supposed baseball/prospect experts look stupid for doubting him.

    So far, so good.

  15. I’m not sure a franchise that drafts Marvin over Chris Paul and THEN signs Joe Freaking Johnson to a max deal will ever get it right.

  16. Going to be hard to send him back down if he pitches the whole game like this…

  17. Seem like Julio is throwing his breaking stuff for strikes much more than he did last year. I thought he nibbled a lot with his change and curve too much last year.

    He has a great curve ball and is attacking with it today. He looks great.

  18. Because he doesn’t believe in burning a high-leverage reliever in a high-leverage situation, if that situation is before the 6th or 7th. Fredi’s been growing on me but this is not the best use of Livan, to say the least.

    I hate this inning so much.

  19. Bringing in a guy who hasn’t pitched in two weeks and who sucks with the bases loaded was a terrible idea and completely unfair to Teheran who will get charged with those runs. Fredi is regressing.

  20. Livan last appearance was May 27. So why wouldn’t you bring him into a bases loaded situation.

    Fredi is pure aids.

  21. It was 4-1 when Livan came into the game. Its now 6-4 with two more in scoring position. Any reason he’s still out there?

  22. Yes, bring out Tehran and bring in Livan… I would love to hear the thought process going on in Freddi’s head when he’s making these moves.

  23. Pastornicky and AGony both sucked hard, but I’m overjoyed that three years later I get to watch Simmons instead of Yunel everyday.

  24. This is why we need the concept of a “relief ace.” Fredi has at least four or five different relievers who are more trustworthy with the bases loaded than Livan Hernandez. But he wouldn’t bring any of them in because it was the fifth inning.

  25. Right move? He had only given up one run at that point. You have to give him a chance to work his way out of it otherwise his confidence is going to be shaken every time he gives up a couple hits.

  26. Teheran will have his whole career to figure out how to get out of jams, and pulling him now isn’t going to hurt his development any. We need every win we can in this division.

  27. Agree with 66, if you’re going to take Teheran out the first time he allows baserunners then what’s the point of even giving him a start?

  28. It’s not that he allowed baserunners. It’s that he looked like he lost it. It’s no knock on the kid. He was getting squeezed.

    And just because I want Teheran out doesn’t mean I want Livan in.

  29. Damn, Andrelton. So close to forcing the pitcher’s spot to the plate and ridding us of the doddering slug for the day.

  30. It was either Livan or Durbin. I’d rather Teheran stay in. Regardless, Chipper’s failure to get the run home from 3rd is looking pretty big now.

  31. Can we bring out the forms to waive Livan? Right here and now? Maybe rip his jersey off as he walks into the dugout?

  32. Once in a while it’s like Freddi decides that we are just going to concede a win.

  33. If you missed last year’s September collapse, think of this game as it, condensed into one day.

  34. @88 I’d rather he’d have punted Monday. We can’t win then, anyhow.

  35. So if Frediot was punting this game, which seems to be the case, why not just leave Teheran in to “get some experience working out of jams”? Couldn’t have ended up any worse.

  36. The fact that Fredi/Wren consider Livan a better option than Cory Gearrin and his 0.92 WHIP at Gwinnett is the sign of a significant mental disorder.

  37. Juan Francisco pinch-hits for Livan (5 ER plus a Triple Grybo) and grounds out on the first pitch. What is wrong with this team? You just saw it.

  38. Can’t tthe lisp go multiple innings? Why not him instead of livan? Fredi bloooooooows.

  39. @80 – Seeing Livan without his shirt on would be worse punishment than seeing him pitch with the bases loaded. Screw Fredi.

  40. I can’t remember seeing a defensive indifference call in the sixth inning before.

  41. Oh god, there was a shooting in Auburn last night. 7 people shot, 3 dead.

    per ESPN…Ladarious Phillips, 20, the Tigers’ only true fullback last season as a sophomore, and ex-lineman Ed Christian, 20, who was a redshirt freshman, were killed when a gunman opened fire after a fight started at the University Heights apartments in Auburn between 10 and 11 p.m. local time, police and a witness said.

    Eric Mack, a sophomore lineman for the Tigers, was also shot and remained in the hospital at East Alabama Medical Center in Opelika, Ala., officials said. Phillips died at the scene.

  42. This game went to hell after AAR’s #33. I think it’s clear who’s really to blame.

  43. Here’s the WPA graph for the Braves game.
    At the time Chipper stepped to the plate with the bases loaded in the 4th, the Braves had a Win Expectancy of 95.4%. After we failed to capitalize, Livan racked up an amazing -.652 WPA for his 1.2 IP. Yuck, just yuck. Then again, pretty much everything has gone the Braves’ way over the last week or so (up until Livan) so perhaps this is just luck evening itself out.

    I wonder if Fredi would have considered putting in Medlen to relieve Teheran? I’m guessing no, it would’ve been either Livan/Durbin regardless.

  44. Times have changed! The score is getting worse!
    The bullpen doesn’t want the outs, they just fart and curse!

    Should we blame Hernandez?
    Or blame Fredi G?
    Or should we blame the strike zone being squeezed?

    No! Blame Canda! Blame Canada!

  45. Anyone got any info on this guy?

    per MLBTR…Outfielder Jorge Soler is expected to agree on a four-year deal before tomorrow, an industry source told George A. King III and Mike Puma of the New York Post. Meanwhile, the representative for Soler is calling to ask teams if their bids are final, sources tell Buster Olney of (via Twitter).

    The Yankees, Cubs, Braves, and Dodgers have been among the most aggressive teams in their pursuit of Soler, according to Olney.

  46. Been out of the country for three weeks, finally get to watch a ball game, and then… This. It’s not Fredi’s fault that Teheran fell apart so quickly, and it was certainly defensible that he went and got him in the 5th. It’s not his fault that both Venters and EOF have underperformed this season. But bringing in Livan with the bases loaded is almost never defensible. Sorry, it’s just stupid. And then leaving him in there when he had nothing and the outcome was still in doubt is something worse than stupid.

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