Braves 4, Blue Jays 3 (10 innings)

Toronto Blue Jays vs. Atlanta Braves – Box Score – June 08, 2012 – ESPN.

Is Jason Heyward waking up? He scored twice and drove in a run last night, one of the runs being a game winner.

The Braves’ first run came on a bases-loaded walk of Dan Uggla in the third, scoring Brandon Beachy, but Heyward flew out to end that threat. Beachy had a shutout going through five, but in the sixth allowed a leadoff homer to Jose Bautista and walked the next two, so Fredi brought in Chad Durbin. Beachy struck out six, but walked five, and threw 108 pitches in those mere five innings. Durbin let one of Beachy’s runs score to make it 2-1 Jays.

Uggla led off the bottom of the inning with a walk, and Heyward followed with a double to score him and tie the game. With two out, after pinch-hitter Freddie Freeman couldn’t get him home from third, Heyward scored on a balk to make it 3-2.

Jonny Venters walked a man, but otherwise was good in the seventh. The Braves blew a bases-loaded situation in the bottom of the inning, and in the eighth Eric O’Flaherty gave up the tying run, which scored on a Yunel Escobar groundout.

Craig Kimbrel pitched the ninth, allowing an infield single, and Cristhian Martinez pitched the tenth. Heyward led off the bottom of that inning with an infield single, and Jack Wilson bunted him to second. On his own initiative, Heyward stole third. The catcher threw the ball away and Heyward came around to win the game.

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  1. For the record, myself, Chris Dial (from and a few others are going to the Sunday game against the Jays. If you’re in the area, give me a shout.

    samh at bellsouth dot net

  2. From Previous Thread…

    I hit The Babe museum yesterday—small, but nice.

    It used to include the Balt Orioles museum, too, but it moved closer to the stadium.

  3. @3 I know the guy certainly looks like a douche, but what specifically has Lowrie done? A quick google search didn’t net me anything.

  4. So I was perusing the bullpens of all the teams who are already 8 or more games out of their divisions, looking for righthanded relievers.

    Lots of righties having good years for bad teams. But their all young and controllable, thus, would be expensive.

    I kinda, sorta, settled on… Matt Belisle.

    24 K, 3 BB in 30.2 IP. 1.11 WHIP, 2.35 ERA and .254 opponents BA, and a 1.80 GB/FB ratio.

    He’s 32, his team stinks, and he’s eating innings they could be giving to young players. He can’t be very expensive, and we don’t need an 8th or 9th inning guy. We need a guy for this year, til Vizcaino’s back, to keep Livan Hernandez’s fat ass from having to get up.

  5. My only complaint was the curious decision to pinch hit Freeman for David Ross just because a RHP was brought in to face him. Seems like letting Ross take the AB and then having Freeman bat in the 5-hole next inning (which it turns out became Francisco whiffing with the bases loaded) where the pitcher’s spot ended up. Is David Ross really that bad vs. RHPs?

    But whatever. It worked out!

  6. The Braves are skipping Hudson tomorrow. Has bone chips in ankle. Teheran to spot start per DOB.

  7. Teheran to spot start per DOB.

    If he pitches well, maybe Minor will make the return back to Gwinnett instead?

  8. Fredi was most unFredilike last night what with his pitcher in the 8 spot and LaRussian pinch hitter moves. Don’t know if I agreed with all of it or not, but credit where it’s due – that was not a game managed “by the book”.

  9. I agree. Fredi’s been surprising me in the past couple of weeks. He’s growing on me.

  10. “they don’t even have radios north of the border”

    I really enjoy listening to the Braves radio team.

  11. Tommy looks really good….Prado at 3rd looks even better. As much as I want Chipper back in the lineup, I want to stay at 3rd equally as much. Im sure the Braves know its his best position and they will give zero thought to keeping him in LF after this season.

  12. I find it hard to get angry at someone for giving up a home run to Jose Bautista.

  13. Amazing how much more Heyward hustles out there since he was jeered.

    Corrective booing. It works.

  14. Trustworthy glove, great range .912 OPS … I know it’s a small sample size, but I could get used to this.

  15. My fear of Andrelton Simmons is he is going to be the modern day version of Rafael Belliard: amazing with the glove, but equally terrible with the bat. He’s doing his best to exceed that expectation.

  16. Hope the Pensacola people on here are doing alright. Sounds like there’s some pretty severe flooding down there.

  17. Fredi asked Tommy if he has another inning in him. He’ll try and finish this one.

  18. Fredi’s used the pitcher in the 8 spot multiple times since Constanza replaced Chipper.

  19. Wow – I guess defense is contagious. And all this with Chipper on the shelf and Freeman/McCann with an OPS+ <100

  20. Durbin got day off and will be primed and ready tomorrow. Never thought we would get 8 innings from TH this year.

  21. Pitchers make bad pitches all the time. Sometimes they get hit, sometimes they don’t. Good hitters are more likely to hit them. I will take 8 ip and 2 runs any day.

    The only problem with this team right now is that Bourn is pricing himself off the Braves.

  22. This is fun again, keep winning!!! Tommy is hitting his prime at age 26, I think we should just keep him until he hits FA then let him walk.

    Imam one of those who thought we should give Tyler a proper chance…but Simmons has exceeded all of our expectations…amazing…

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