115 thoughts on “Finally a home game thread: April 13, Brewers at Braves”

  1. Cleveland just got Johnny Damon, who last year put up an OPS+ higher than any outfielder wearing an Atlanta uniform in 2011, for one year, $1.25 million.

    Or as the Braves call that, “Livan and Durbin money.”

  2. “Livan and Durbin money”–thats pretty good and the reality if quite sad. Its even worse that it happens when Atlanta has a surplus of young pitchers who could get experience, make contributions and possibly raise their market values….

  3. It is truly an awful thing that we are employing Livan, Durbin, and Diaz. That said, Johnny Damon wasn’t a good fit for us, anyway. He’s lefthanded, can’t play CF anymore, and isn’t going to carry us to a division title in the event Prado and/or Heyward repeats 2011. And I’m sure he wants to be a starter so he can get to 3000 hits.

  4. I feel there’s a lot more things to worry about than whether or not we got Johnny Damon to play LF for us.

    And how does Damon address the Braves’ seeming need for a RH power hitting middle of the order bat anyway?

  5. Also, read on Jayson Stark’s ESPN column that the Rays have “been diligently following Braves catching prospect Christian Bethancourt.”

    If the Rays want him that’s good enough for me that we need to pull an Orioles on them and make ridiculous demands – Longoria AND Hellickson maybe?

  6. The only way we should trade Betancourt is if we got something ‘ridiculous’ in return….

  7. @6, Stu’s big chance to acquire Mikie Mahtook…

    @4, Yeah. I thought I read that Damon has an out clause for when Grady Sizemore returns, but it seems like there’s some informal agreement that he’ll get traded if Sizemore can ever manage to stay healthy. I’m fine hoping for a bounceback from Prado as a starter.

  8. My point is just that there are useful players to be had with your budget’s last 1-2 million, even recognizing the valid objections to Damon in particular. Our FO just seems habitually in favor of spending that slice of the budget on negative-utility players. It’s just annoying to watch competence bought for the same price.

  9. I have heard that the Braves actually use some form of advanced statistical analysis but it’s hard to see where.

  10. Yes, their defensive analysis is pretty in-depth. It goes like this:

    “Can he play (second/catcher/third)?”

    “He hit 25 HR (last year/the year before/three years ago).”

    “But can he play (second/catcher/third)?”

    “He hit 25 HR (last year/the year before/three years ago).”

  11. I still have a cold, which I guess is actually a sinus infection. Anyway, I’m still in early-to-bed mode. I may stay up for the end of the game, but I will be dosed on too many things to write.

  12. With Chipper scratched for his liquid knee, does that push Prado to third and Diaz to left?

  13. @23, Not if you’re on Dish Network. Braves.com says it’s also on FSSO, but not at my house. This is bullshit.

  14. So the infield grass was torn up and replaced, but the outfield remains the same. The effect is a two-town mess just beyond the infield dirt into the outfield. It would have made sense to replace it all, but that was probably beyond ownership’s budget, thus, there are probably 50 high-school fields in Georgia that look better than Turner Field.

  15. @24
    Does Dish offer the MLB Extra Innings package? If so, they’ve got a free preview going right now and the Braves are on one of the channels.

  16. Game may be on MLB network depending on your region.

    edit: It is on MLB network in my region (NYC)

  17. @35, “Channel not available for viewing in your area.” Thanks anyway. It’s radio for me tonight, I guess.

    /Go Braves!

  18. R. Wolf caught stealing, pitcher to second

    Brewers should know better than to try and tame a Wolf.

    Reading this one on Gamecast, I don’t want to know what actually happened there.

  19. Enjoy it while it lasts.

    “Our organization has always been able to keep our players whom we wanted to keep. And our hope is that we’re going to keep Mac. We hope he’s here for a long time. But I’m pretty sure he and his agent read the papers and watch television. And they may even log onto the Internet now and then. So there are no guarantees.” – JS

  20. On mlb gameday “Scout: Randy Wolf has thrown 92 pitches but has plenty left in the tank”

    After giving up a triple, walk, homer, single, homer in that inning. I wonder where those updates come from.

  21. Tomas – you forgot the next line:
    ‘and he’s going to need it to drive back to his hotel ahead of the pitching coach.’

  22. Making two outs in one inning? That’s a case of beer by our softball team rules.

    Not many hit into double plays?

  23. No, we don’t fine for grounding into a double play. But you make two outs personally in an inning and you get a fine form, filled out by myself and the other manager.

  24. I’m very grateful for these hard hitting discussion that Chip and Joe have on air. First sandwiches and now retired tony la russa

  25. Well, the offense isn’t scoring any more runs. The bullpen better invent a time machine pretty quick, or this one’s a lost cause.

  26. 86—What is Fredi supposed to do? Only your seventh-inning guy can pitch the seventh inning.

  27. Unless Fredi has a serious say in his 25-man roster, I’m not putting this on him. He has a 5-man bullpen.

  28. O’Flaherty just ain’t the same pitcher so far… hope he gets it back.

    Of course he did face a barrage of righties… Fredi might need to re-think his use. His rightie splits are atrocious.

  29. @93. I was thinking he same thing. Like fredi is rifling through papers saying. Wait a minute. This is like auto pilot. Why do I do

  30. Earned runs given up by O’Flaherty:

    2011: 8
    2012: 4

    Seventh game of the season, and he is already halfway to last year’s total.

  31. Dish Network, FWIW, carries all the Peachtree games on their sports alternate channels. It was on channel 447 tonight. Always check those sports alt channels. Mine are listed channels 444-454.

  32. I have to say that Jason looks much better. He had a couple of nice at-bats. And, while I realize Keith Law doesn’t care much about speed, it sure is nice to have someone like Bourn able to fly around the bases. But the starting pitching is awful.

  33. I guess it’s always nice to see Randy Wolf.

    Speaking of, ahem, beast mode… Brian McCann was 4 for 5, 4 RBI, incl. a 2B & HR, and his one out was a burning liner.

  34. Good win. I liked Jason’s Jasons out in the outfield with the hockey masks. Anyone know those guys? Think it was a Friday the 13th only thing, or will they be back? Even if they were planning to just do it once, lets get them back and add Freddy’s Freddys with the Kreuger masks / claws. Combined they can compete with the Chefs and Cans for best pun-themed fan group in Braves history.

  35. I feel compelled here to keep alive the memory of Marvin’s Free Men, of which ububba and I were members….

  36. I too, recall that group, and felt like a spiritual member at the time, if not an active one.

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