Braves 10, Brewers 8

Milwaukee Brewers vs. Atlanta Braves – Box Score – April 13, 2012 – ESPN.

Maybe this team isn’t bad, but they’ve certainly continued last year’s pattern of never making anything easy. They have three wins, and Craig Kimbrel has three saves, and Jonny Venters got the win last night to go with his two holds. It’s not really a long-term solution. Tommy Hanson getting stronger and Tim Hudson return would help, because right now we’re not getting more than five innings from anyone.

Michael Bourn walked to lead off the Braves’ first, and when it looked like he’d be stranded there, Brian McCann (who had a huge night) doubled off the wall in right to score him. Jair Jurrjens retired the first five he faced before allowing a little bloop single over short. No biggie, except that Alex Gonzalez — who else — lined a homer to give the Brewers the lead, followed by a solo homer by George Kottaras.

The Braves got one run back in the third when Dan Uggla doubled to score Freddie Freeman, but McCann couldn’t score from first this time and he and Uggla were stranded.

And then in the fifth Ron Roenicke lost his mind, and left Randy Wolf in there to give up six runs, only one of which was inherited by the next guy. McCann hit a three-run homer, Matt Diaz hit a two-run shot, and then Jason Heyward singled, which finally got Roenicke out of the dugout. The reliever got the first guy, but then he walked Jurrjens and gave up a single to Bourn, making it 8-3, before retiring Martin Prado, who had the indignity of making both the first and the last out of the inning.

But Jurrjens then allowed two singles and two stolen bases before giving up a two-run double and being relieved by Kris Medlen before retiring anyone in the sixth. McCann singled and stole second in the sixth, and really was just showing off at this point; he was stranded,

And the usually reliable Eric O’Flaherty got bombed. He gave up an infield single, then a double, then a two-run single to make it 8-7. He then got a double play before allowing a solo homer to tie it.

Braves couldn’t do anything in the seventh, Brewers had no answers for Venters in the eighth. In the bottom of the eighth, they finally got McCann, but he advanced two baserunners, and Uggla singled them home to make it 10-8. Kimbrel gave up one single in the ninth.

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  1. I guess it shouldn’t break our hearts that the Mets are 5-2 & beating Cliff Lee. Of course, being the Mets, in last night’s game, I saw them do something I’ve never seen before.

    Josh Thole on first, RA Dickey executes a successful sac bunt & is tagged out by the first base line. Thole goes to second, but is apparently convinced by Jimmy Rollins (via hand motion) that the ball went foul. Thole turns around & walks back to first, Rollins calls for the ball & throws to first, where Thole’s tagged out. Despite the big win, such a Met-like moment…

    From previous thread (Re: Marvin Freeman fan club)

    I think I still have my Kinkos-made membership card somewhere.

    Funny, you’d mention that. At the Sunday debacle in Flushing, this Braves fan & I were discussing the thrill of the ’91 team—she was trying to remember the trio that threw the no-hitter—and she was talking about how that team had personality & how that’s always going to be her favorite. I was compelled to report my small participation in that endeavor.

    Off to The Bronx to see Yanks/Halos. Welcome to the AL, Albert…

  2. I know the guys who started Marvin’s Free Men. If it’s the same one you guys are talking about, they are from Gadsden, AL.

  3. I still am hoping for a Freddy’s Freddys to be formed and compliment Jason’s Jasons. Make it happen Braves fans! Together they can terrify opposing teams for years and years.

  4. Didn’t Starvin Marvin give out his home phone number to club memebers

    I think the 91 not hit trio was Merker, Wholers and Pena.

  5. Evan Gattis has had a monster first week at Lynchburg: .455/.533/.818 in 26PAs. With Bethancourt at AA, if he keeps raking do they jump him up to AAA?

  6. It’s too early right now, but what if he is still raking in late May? His defense isn’t close to ready it seems, but is there a big difference between working on that at High A and at AAA? On the other hand, the “Rays have interest in Bethancourt” rumor was kind of weird…

  7. @9, if he’s still raking, we need him in the system. There isn’t going to be any free agent signings of note for the forseeable future, and there’s still a big hole in LF.

  8. For you dish network folks, check the alternate channels 455 and 456 for tonights game. At least thats wha.t its on in Birmingham.

  9. This fellow that looks increasingly like Elmer Fudd that catches for the Braves is pretty good, isn’t he?

    Can’t believe anyone would doubt him.

  10. Thanks for trying to help, csg, but i’m getting MLS and then boxing on those channels. Just got off the phone with Dish and basically I’m screwed until they sort out this bs with PTV.


  11. That was a great piece of hitting and even better base running.
    And then Fransisco delivers? Wow.

  12. Presented without comment:

    “Orange you glad you’re in Atlanta today?” — Chip Caray

  13. How did Bourn get on? I’ve got an eye on the sky and am flipping between channels for the Braves and the weather here in KS.

  14. No Braves tonight because Dish Network and PeachTree TV can’t get along. Channel 17 right now is just an endless loop of Dish Network’s side of the story.

  15. @30, I recommend you call Dish and politely complain. You’ll get a few bucks off your bill.

  16. Anything happen? I was busy outside as we our tornado sirens sounded.

    Fortunately everything is OK here.

  17. @37, Our sirens are always a few minutes late when it counts. Glad to hear y’all are OK.

  18. @30, I recommend you call Dish and politely complain. You’ll get a few bucks off your bill.

    Sounds like a plan.

    Though Dish Network is the one in the right in this dispute. PeachTree TV sans Braves is nothing but old movies and Seinfeld, Family Guy and Big Bang Theory reruns. Who would pay premium rates over years and years for that?

  19. Wow, a major league manager using his backup catcher to pinch-hit in a critical moment…didn’t work, but still. I’m sure Fredi is dumbfounded.

  20. Like that the Brewers’ manager saw fit to pinch hit for a player (Lucroy) who hit a double in his previous at-bat, for a player (Kottaras) fresh off the bench and cold.

  21. Maybe this team isn’t bad, but they’ve certainly continued last year’s pattern of never making anything easy.

    Amen Mac.

  22. I doubt many outside of the clubhouse will say anything, but McCann’s pitch calling (especially the last two batters) won the game.

  23. Four wins in a row. If I was in a deep depression over the way the season started, I guess I should be figuring out where I could crash in Atlanta during late October.

  24. I’d be interested to know, in the history of baseball, what percentage of games involved a catcher being removed after the 9th inning due to injury.

  25. @49 – yep.

    Kimbrel has GOT to get his elbow up and finish down. Where the hell did this drop-down crap come from?

    And why isn’t McDowell all over it?

    Which makes McCann’s recognition and adjusted pitch-calling all the more impressive – as is Smitty @49.

  26. As I type, I’m eating an Atkins Peanut Butter Cup.

    It’s better (yes, better)than a Reese’s Cup.

    Oh, and I’ve lost 14 pounds.

  27. @49 – McCann’s pitch calling may have been good, but you also have to give some credit to McDowell. It looked like he gave Kimbrel a plan after he got into trouble and it was all she wrote after that.

  28. Vintage Braves pitching performance tonight by Minor, to go along with the sweet vintage cream-colored jerseys. I mean, I know I have an emotional attachment to the Braves’ colors, but that look is just sharp.

  29. Yeah, Im a big fan of those jerseys. I just wish they would get rid of the tomato red ones also.

  30. @40 – Same deal with AT&T Uverse…Peachtree games are unavailable in Birmingham. Which would just be silly normally, but even worse since AT&T Uverse was a sponsor of the Braves last season. “Hey Braves fans, subscribe to Uverse so you can miss 25% of the Braves games!”

  31. Great postgame comments about Minor. He seems to be gaining a lot of respect from the team.

  32. Good, Carroll Rogers didn’t get the memo about losing the postgame quotes feature….

  33. Nobody bothers to bait Rogers because he doesn’t get into flamewars with the AJC Neanderthals. DOB should take a tip.

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