Told you about Sherrill game thread: April 10, Phillies at Braves

That guy couldn’t have “Whipping Boy” written all over him more if that was his name. Heck, he couldn’t have it if his name was Kolb.

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  1. You did tell us about sherrill. In my opinion, his conditioning tells the story. Players just don’t let themselves go like that anymore. Eat the money cut his double-wide arse.

  2. I just found out that a lot of people don’t think Manny should make the HoF. Are they insane? He was really, REALLY good for a long time. Looking at BRef, I think I counted 8 consecutive silver sluggers? Career OPS of .996, career OPS+ of 156. 500 2B, 500 HRs, 2500 hits. Yes, he was a poor LF. But those are incredible numbers.

    How about you do one of those Keltner lists for Manny, Mac?

  3. Do you mean based solely on performance, regardless of PED usage? I’d like to read that case.

  4. Exactly. Nobody denies Manny’s numbers are HoF worthy, it’s all about the juice. Same with Bonds. For my 2 cents, both are in easily, PED or no, but I doubt it will happen first ballot.

  5. I think some people want there to be SOME repercussion for failing PED tests not once, but twice. This guy clearly had no respect for the game or the rules. He’s obviously a first ballot HOFer by the numbers, but I can see how his “disrespect” rubs a lot of people the wrong way.

  6. If they let Manny and Bonds in (and I do think they will eventually), how about getting Pete Rose in?

  7. Funny thing about Manny is, in 20 years, we’ll probably all be taking HGH like it was baby aspirin.

  8. If Prado isn’t hitting for average then he’s kind of a terrible lead off hitter. And I think the #2 hitter has been covered extensively already.

  9. *Sigh* Did you guys see what Nate did for that fan? Seems like such a nice guy, but my opinion of him is tainted by his frustrating play.

  10. I hope a good many of you will owe Nate an apology at the end of the season. If not, I will owe you one.

  11. 22 – Well, I’m probably not going to “apologize” to a guy who makes $7.5 million to play baseball. But I will indeed root for you to say “I told you so” at season’s end.

  12. At some point, you can’t just “tip your cap” to every starting pitcher as say “he just really had it going today”. At some point it becomes, our offense has some significant issues that allow pitchers to dominate.

  13. Ever since the AL Cy Young last year, I’ve been comfortable thinking that no one really cares about pitching wins anymore. He gave a quality start, which is what he’ll have to show for it.

    If the team ends up winning, even if he isn’t the pitcher of record, I’m sure he’ll be just fine with it.

  14. I have seen no evidence that this org preaches working the count or waiting for a good pitch. I’m sure they tell them to “be aggressive” and swing at that first pitch junk.

  15. I understand that being aggressive is often effective. However, we’ve had a few prime opportunities and instead of making the pitcher work his way out we’ve slapped at the first pitch and given them the out.

  16. @40, fangraphs have evidence that refutes that. Last year, the Braves were #3 in the league in first pitch strike percentage. Braves hitters were actually really good at taking the first pitch last year. Only the Phillies and Brewers were better.

  17. Bethany, you’re not supposed to sit and watch, you’re supposed to work out and watch.

  18. the recap should say “then Kimbrel came in to pitch in the eighth because why not”

  19. This means that in three Lowe starts, the Braves have scored two total runs. Heyward’s home run on opening day was the last time they scored on a day he pitched.

  20. Someone finally pulled Victorino off of the team.

    He was whipping their arse.

    The Phillies just came in and made us their bitch, and then made us like it.

  21. A hurr maybe this is why McClouth shouldn’t be hitting second you moron Gonzalez. It’s only nine games, but through nine the offense has looked like shit and I’m convinced it’s because a terrible hitter who’s only saving grace is being the default All-star on a team that he’s not even good enough to start for anymore is hitting in the damn two spot.

    Until that changes, Gonzalez will be a terrible fucking manager.

  22. Quick recap is up. It is very hard to see how McLouth, the only Brave who reached base twice today or had an extra base hit, is to blame for this debacle.

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