Is Larry Parrish a kumquat game thread: July 2, Orioles at Braves

Now, he does not appear to be a kumquat. However, he is precisely as useful as a hitting coach as a kumquat would be. You have to wonder.

On the other hand, you can eat a kumquat.

71 thoughts on “Is Larry Parrish a kumquat game thread: July 2, Orioles at Braves”

  1. from the previous….

    Ehhhm.. Edgar when the Tigers acquired him and Uggla when the Braves acquired him… not really apples to apples there.

    Both were entering there age 31 seasons. Both were coming off career offensive years. Both were considered middling to below defenders. Both had added value due to positional scarcity. While the Braves didn’t pay as much as the Tigers (SS being more valuable than 2B), they clearly looked on Dan as a valuable commodity. For purposes of the comparison I was drawing, beware of slugging MI’s over 30, what’s the orange here?

  2. Braves Radio last night, heard Jim Powell comment that Brian McCann’s brother saw a hitch in his swing during a recent slump, called him and told him about it, and since then McCann’s been on his current vicious tear through opposing pitchers.

    So Chipper’s dad…McCann’s brother…

    We have a kumquat for what? I guess for showing up on time and being prepared?

  3. CJ’s dad & BMac brother have watch them hit thousands of times. Everyone gives Uggla advice. Information over load.

  4. McCann out of the lineup again. Is Fredi really this stupid? Did the bench coach forget to mention to him that McCann just had an off day? If Parrish is a cumquat then Tosca is a quince and Fredi is a craisin.

  5. How many days off should Chipper get when Martin gets back? If MP gets back for phillies should CJ play if he can than take all star break plus next series?

  6. So, is it fair to say that we would not have JJ without Yunel? I doubt that the Braves would have been comfortable trading Renteria without the emergence of Yunel as a viable SS. Additionally, I’m hearing reports now that Elvis Andrus was not a very good clubhouse presence. No arguments either way, but I think it’s interesting if true.

  7. Martinez was sent down for Cory Gearrin. Fredi said something to the effect that he had “no need for a long man” and that Gearrin could pitch “multiple innings.”

  8. Also, Placido Polanco has a .702 (read that again, .702) OPS. How in the world is he starting the All-Star game ahead of Chipper? I really do not like Philly fans. Pathetic.

    ESPN voting for All-Star game starters (27 votes total):

    Roy Halladay, Philadelphia (23)
    Cole Hamels, Philadelphia (2)
    Cliff Lee, Philadelphia (2)

    I also hate the Phillies.

  9. Chipper getting a cortisone shot tomorrow and hopes it will buy him 6 more weeks. With the knee surgery and the other knee acting up constantly, does anyone else think Chipper’s going to hang it up after this season?

  10. 14,

    Our payroll flexibility, especially if the pornmongorers from Colorado decide to sell, would be tremendous if this happens.

    In my dream scenario, we somehow procure David Wright. Out of all the players in a non-Braves uniform, he’s the most I’d like to see in Atlanta (realistically).

  11. Is there a link out there for Braves postgame radio? Being a billion miles away from Atlanta, it would be nice to catch some postgame stuff once in a while.

  12. Why did Fredlot think a squeeze was a good idea? Surely the commissions from the American Bunting Association can’t be that good.

  13. I was going to joke about Fredi trying to make it a perfect buntastic inning and throw one more to get him in…but then he actually did it and now the joke’s on us.

  14. Re McCann being out of the lineup–tomorrow would be more logical because it is an afternoon game and the Os are throwing a LH.

  15. How can people vote no to the poll question? Do they not watch the games?

  16. If we win this one it will be a classic example of winning despite Fredi’s managing. Unless your name is Sam H.

  17. 29- What’s strange about it? We score a run, Hudson doesn’t think he has to be perfect with every pitch, he doesn’t groove one to Reynolds. Perfectly straightforward.

  18. I don’t think Joe reads those new fangled web log things. If it’s not in the paper it’s not real baseball.

  19. Would someone be kind enough to recap what has happened? Our tornado sirens were going off, so being in KS, I did what you’re supposed to and went outside. Sure enough, there was a little ropelike tornado west of my town.

  20. 44- Well, we blew a squeeze play (thanks again, Fredlot!), but Uggla lucked into an RBI single, and the Best Backup Catcher in Baseball showed why he’s the Best Backup Catcher in Baseball with a grand salami.

  21. Hey billy-jay, been meaning to ask, ever see Yura Yura Teikoku while they were around? What a great f’n band. Best thing I’ve found out about all year.

  22. I haven’t heard of them. So, um, no. Checking them out on YouTube now. So far, so good.

  23. Greetings from Vegas (where it’s 112 degrees today)…

    EOF to the rescue!

    Btw, caught Centro-Matic at Mercury Lounge the other night
    & boy, were they good (as usual). Ended their set with “All Night Long,” yes, the Lionel Richie tune. It was beautiful.

  24. They were fixing the mound. Playing right now. I don’t want to spoil it, but Uggla is in the process of striking out.

    Oops, it wasn’t a bad bet though.

    Is this 5 games in 6 days for Kimbrel?

    I’ll answer my question with an answer. Yes. (late edit: never mind, he just warmed up before JJ went out for the 9th, oops)

  25. Can’t be; Kimbrel didn’t pitch yesterday or Thursday.

    Another day at the office.

  26. Didn’t catch the first few innings, but Baltimore had 13 hits? 3 walks and 3 homers? Wasteful.

  27. Kimbrel needed the work. He had not pitched since the three game Seattle series.

    And yes, I know, he’s got to pitch in games like this, but like Venters, he’s been overused this season too (he’s only 4-5 games behind Venters in games pitched).

  28. @59,

    You’re right. For some reason I assumed he went in after Fredi had him warming up, even though I knew JJ threw the CG SHO. Oops.

  29. Orioles TV Ross gets 4% of vote for game MVP. Rest goes to two of their own. Anyone think BMac enjoyed the game?

  30. Kloser Kimbrel, I like it. The Kloser.
    O’s with 13 hits with 3 great catches in outfield, line drives at CJ & AAG and great stop by FF and Ross throwing our runner. Good team win.

  31. Ross has the 5th highest WPA among catchers. It’s really 4th since Victor Martinez has DHed more than caught this year.

    Oh, before tonight, I’m pretty sure. Eyeballing it, he just moved past McCann into 3rd/2nd without VMart.

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