September game thread: Sept 1, Nats at Braves

This is the home stretch, guys. You don’t even have to play that well to make the postseason.

SEC Picks, home teams in CAPS:

ALABAMA 48, Kent State 6
Kentucky 30, Western Kentucky 20
AUBURN 56, Utah State 21
FLORIDA 54, Fla. Atlantic 0
ARKANSAS 63, Missouri State 12
SOUTH CAROLINA 21, East Carolina 13
VANDY 45, Elon 10
GEORGIA 34, Boise State 31
Montana 7, TENNESSEE 6

104 thoughts on “September game thread: Sept 1, Nats at Braves”

  1. Good to see Mac’s picks back

    My barber says:
    ALABAMA 55, Kent State 10
    MSU 34, MEMPHIS 14
    Kentucky 30, Western Kentucky 7
    AUBURN 40, Utah State 28
    OLE MISS 14, BYU 28
    FLORIDA 42, Fla. Atlantic 18
    ARKANSAS 63, Missouri State 6
    SOUTH CAROLINA 32, East Carolina 9
    VANDY 30, Elon 10
    GEORGIA 21, Boise State 23
    Montana 12, TENNESSEE 42
    LSU 21, Oregon 26

  2. So as far as the roster goes, we apparently designated AAA LHP Dustin Richardson for assignment (according to DOB), moving him off the 40-man roster and making room for Wilson. (FYI Richardson cleared waivers and accepted his Gwinnett assignment.) So, given that Moylan, Medlen and Stephen Marek are all on the 60-day DL, it seems that we have 39 guys on the roster now. That would go to 40 when Moylan gets activated, but that would mean that we don’t have to dump Lugo or a reliever to get to 40. We should be good. Now, we might dump Lugo, who will be pretty useless with Wilson there, and that would make room for a Pastornicky, Gartrell or Gomez, but by my count, we don’t have to do anything else to get to 40.

  3. Didn’t seen anyone post the lineup, so here goes:

    1. Bourn CF
    2. Pressure on the Defense LF
    3. McCann C
    4. Uggla 2B
    5. Jones 3B
    6. Hinske 1B
    7. Heyward RF
    8. Gonzalez SS
    9. Hudson P

  4. Yeah, but so would Hicks, who’s already on the 40-man. Though admittedly Lugo would be eligible to pinch-run in the playoffs, while Hicks would not, barring injury.

  5. Days off for Prado & Freeman… why not? (Hope Hinske can hang onto the ball tonight.)

    Also, I don’t mind the fast guy returning to the lineup vs. the extreme sinkerballer.

  6. Jurrjens is going to see Dr. Steadman (apparently the knee equivalent of Dr. Andrews) about his knee after a bad bullpen session and will probably miss Sunday’s start per DOB.

  7. Lets see it supposed to be 96 degrees with a 113 degree heat index. I’ll be there and I’m sure BYU will somehow cramp less in the heat than we will. They have a good quarterback and we had one of the worst secondaries in the country last season. We have to have improved a great deal over last year to have a chance.

  8. And it’s Barry Brunetti’s first career start.

    I’d probably give Brandon Bolden about 50 carries.

  9. Jorgbacca,

    You’re giving us wayyyyyy too much credit. Jake Heaps will not start another year for BYU. JJ Di Luigi should not be a starting RB at the Division I level. And our receivers… well, our receivers.

    I’m going with the Utah State/Boise State upsets this weekend, but no way does BYU beat an SEC team this year. I’m thinking an 0-3 start vs. Ole Miss, Texas, and Utah.

  10. I vote we let the dog from the commercial that sits Fredi for Bar in the Park night manage the team

  11. Desert (@24),

    I’m not too sure if I agree with your BYU comments. Heaps was pretty good as a true freshman, and has the tools to be a BYU great, which is saying something. To say that he will not start another year at BYU makes no sense to me at all. Diluigi does well within the BYU scheme (catches the ball very well out of the backfield), and there are other backs to do things that he can’t do. To say that BYU won’t beat an SEC team this year – I don’t get that either. They wouldn’t beat LSU or Alabama on the road, but I think Saturday is a pick-em game. Ole Miss didn’t set the world on fire last year, so there are question marks. You seem pretty dismissive for game one of the year.

  12. Chipper! I’ve got some friends who’ll be a mite disappointed with his next two home runs, though, since he’ll tie and pass Yaz on the all-time list.

  13. 26: May well have been Constanza running on his own. In which case: still dumb, but not a symptom of a long-term problem, at least.

    Also, anyone else listening to the commercials on the radio feed, wondering exactly who the hell wants to talk to their “banker”? No one cares. The day we are able to do all our tedious banking tasks through machines rather than waiting in line for surly tellers will be a happy day.

  14. There are a bunch of empty seats at the Wisconsin game. Hard to imagine that at an SEC for a home opener on a Thursday on national television.

  15. Can we get refunds? This is beyond ridiculous. What a ripoff. Who are they marketing their product to? I like baseball but not enough to watch teams who aren’t the Braves at these prices.

    UPDATE: Oh, yeah! Go Hinske! [/quit yer bitchin’ and root for your team!]

  16. Bethany,
    Are u sure? When I was in B’more this summer (OK, Glen Burnie), I watched the Braves on my iPhone app, which is the same thing, really.

  17. @43 I have no idea what the issue is. I thought maybe it was that my 4g modem (no cable internet here) was giving me a weird IP address, but that’s not it, and any attempts to chat on the phone have been wastes of time.

  18. Bethany: Isn’t Baltimore blackout country for the Nationals? I thought the Nats and Orioles had pretty much fully coextensive TV markets (on MASN)–part of the deal that brought the Nats to Washington, as I recall.

  19. Mobile internet blackout regions are based on billing address I thought. Maybe a cell internet plan from a non-blackout state would work bethany. Got any relatives up north whose residency you could borrow?

  20. @46 Unfortunately, no. @45 Doesn’t matter who the opponent has been, I can’t see them. I actually watched a Phillies/Mets game, so it must be the cell bill thing.

  21. I went to NY recently and was able to watch Braves games on my phone after it verified my location. My billing address for my phone and is smack in blackout zone.

  22. I’m not sure about pulling Hudson here, especially since we just used O’Ventbrel last night.

  23. With a large WC lead and a September bullpen, I’m in favor of pulling starters early the rest of the season.

  24. But we’re not in favor of overusing O’Ventbrel. We don’t want the magic going away in October.

  25. 54 – I walked around every day and night when I lived there. True, I’m a guy, but it really depends on the neighborhood and your own sense. What neighborhood do you live in?

  26. @59 That might make sense if we were utilizing the enlarged bullpen, but I’m betting it will be straight O’Ventbrel. Hudson is one of the few starters we have who can actually eat some innings, and he just got extra rest, so let him take some weight off the pen in a tight game. If he went even one more, we could have avoided using Kimbrel for a third game in a row by pushing backing O’Flaherty and Venters, for instance.

  27. I think what everyone’s missing is that Kimbrel got some work in on Tuesday in that 9-2 loss. That makes him good to go for the rest of the week and possibly into next week!

  28. Is the dog sitting next to Gonzalez in the commercial for ‘Bark in the Park’ night at Turner Field his lineup adviser?

  29. Quick, someone get Todd Coffey an emergency hamburger. That guy is a disgraceful blob. Maybe some of these “athletes” like Coffey need to set a better example. We go after steroid users, yet we avoid those who have hand-to-mouth disease even though obesity is a deadlier killer.

  30. Yes. Then we’ll kick out the smokers and dippers. Then the drinkers. And once all unhealthy habits have been excised from baseball, we’ll have two teams, both made up entirely of Mormons.

  31. There have been plenty of good, overweight ball players. The NFL is the one with all the fat athletes though.

    How prevalent is chewing tobacco in the game? Also seems to be a lot of drunks.

  32. Hey, I’m not leaving out the tobacco users either. Athletes, in general, should maintain a healthy lifestyle. That’s what separates them from us normal folks (NFL linemen aside in this discussion, as they must be the size of small cars). I understand that parenting plays a large role, but these guys get lots of media time to show kids an example, positive or negative. The negative makes a bigger impression. So the David Wells and Terry Forster obesity or the Chipper tobacco use is just not a good thing for them personally or for sending a message to folks.

  33. Wow. AAG drives in two runs on two separate non-failures in one game. Maybe the pickup of Jack Wilson spurred his bat to new life.

  34. 85: Nope. The pressure on the defense would have caused the outfielder to bobble the ball trying to hurry it to the cutoff man, thus resulting in an error scoring Georgie’s run. Still be a triple…

    89: He looked at Wilson’s stat line and said, “Okay, no more messing around. I gotta pick up my game now or no more batting 7th!”

  35. @84,

    My take is that they’re adults, and thus can smoke, drink, dip, eat 8,000 calories a day or do any other legal activity they want. As long as it’s not affecting their performance (Melky), it really shouldn’t matter. Their profession shouldn’t matter because “the kids are watching”.

  36. So Todd Coffey is a bad example because he’s fat.

    But O-linemen are okay, because it’s part of the job.

    When do we get to talk about wide receivers who murder people in the street (AND use HGH?)

    Of all the “role-model” nonsense to complain about… seriously? Being fat?

  37. And Mac, I’m certainly not warring with you or anyone else on the board on this topic. I have just always felt that guys who get paid lots of money to be professional athletes (the ability to afford personal trainers, nutritionists, etc) should keep their bodies in prime condition AND set a good example for everyone, especially kids. Heck, all of that aside, team owners have made an investment in these players, so they should do it out of contractual obligation and a sense of duty. There’s no reason for players to show up out of shape for spring training or for drinking milkshakes from Chik-fil-A instead of running.

  38. Come on, jjschiller, don’t bring in the strawman about murderers. I never excused them or the ones who use PEDs.

    Is Coffey an offensive lineman? No.

  39. Cheer up, Nats. You did get a single against Craig, and that’s more than most teams manage. Your honor is preserved.

    Fortunately, so is our win.

  40. So, Kimbrel’s K/9 is up to what now 19.something?

    Just heard Joe Simpson say Kimbrel has struck out 2 or more in each of his last 9 appearances. Sheesh, I bet when opponents DON’T strike out, they go back to the dugout and brag they made contact.

  41. Forget the role-model aspect – Coffey is an assault on the eyes. We watch people play games with balls for the beauty of parabolas and the grace of muscle-bound bruisers perfectly controlling their bodies. And then there’s Coffey, waddling out to the mound, disgracing athletes everywhere.

  42. If you think kids are eating McDonalds because Todd Coffey is fat, you’re an idiot.

    Todd Coffey is nobody’s role model.

    But if I had a kid who was overweight, I’d show him that players like Heath Bell, Todd Coffey, and Eric Hinske are able to play baseball at the highest level, even though they struggle to control their weight. Maybe it would make him feel better about getting beat up at school.

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