82 thoughts on “Peremptory game thread: June 24, Braves at Padres”

  1. Game is in SD though right?

    According to DOB, everyone showed up for early BP today. Thats nice. Normal lineup BTW



  2. Hell, spike, it’s Friday. Bottoms up!

    Here in DC, there’s a Brazilian place (the Grill From Ipanema – the food’s better than the pun) that makes a caipirinha with gin instead of cachaca. They call it a caipiginha. It’s delicious.

  3. Love that song, btw. A great assessment of “the biz”.

    “It pours, man, it pours”

  4. I’m currently watching the Cubs-Royals game, and it’s striking to me how much better Melky looks for the Royals than he did for the Braves. Primarily, it appears he’s lost around 25 pounds of blubber and is actually trying now. I have no idea why Melky would be indifferent while playing for the Braves but motivated to succeed while playing in KC but it’s pretty clear that that’s what’s going on.

    In other news – screw Melky, I always disliked that fat jackass.

  5. Folks, what we have hurr iz called a duh-winning streek!

    Let’s roll…I love Fri night (even late games) when we’re on a mini roll. Now that I’ve jinxed us, I’ll double-reverse jinx with the phrase: “MRSA, MRSA Me”…as in the fantastic tune by the one & only Marvin Gaye.

  6. Damn it, Fuentes! You don’t deserve to share my name, not after letting the Phillies beat you.

  7. The Padres are the poster child for the new reduced power era of baseball. That said, they have gotten several lucky breaks thus far in the game. I guess if you make enough contact (even weak contact) good things will happen sometimes.

  8. @17, well, unfortunately you get drunk blog bully tonight – no gig, so I have to hang out to give the missus a night out.

    /really have been on the caipirinha all evening.

    //note to self: cut up limes BEFORE going on caxaca bender.

  9. Damn it, Fuentes! You don’t deserve to share my name, not after letting the Phillies beat you.

    Fuentes now has eight losses this year. That seems a lot for a reliever in June.

  10. What kind of meth is the Padres PBP guy on? He sounds like Ted Knight doing a William Shatner impersonation.

  11. I’m going to shoot myself if Joe makes another “small ball” comment. Although if there was a run environment where it possibly makes sense it would be Braves vs. padres this year.

  12. The Padres are just getting lucky thus far – they haven’t hit a single ball hard. Rather, their sequencing has been impeccable and several times already they’ve managed to succeed by hitting the ball too softly at infielders.

    Also – Stauffer’s mowing the Braves down, at this rate 1 run and about another hour is all he’ll need.

  13. For all the talk about how bad the Padres’ offense is, I have more confidence in them being able to score more runs during this game than the Braves scoring any at all.

  14. #15–Agreed. Tony Gwynn’s insights and passion for the game make Padre basball something more interesting than it probably should be….

  15. Ughhhhhh AAG… I know I shouldn’t expect you to learn the strike zone at your old age, but if the pitcher throws you what is clearly a ball on a 3 – 1 count, just don’t swing at it. It’s the simple, they call it a WALK.

  16. I remember JHey being a far better defensive player last year… is he just aging really quickly?

    EDIT: Guess the Braves were due for one of those games where it seems like the baseball gods just have it out for us. Super, super frustrating.

    And that’s game. G’night folks.

  17. another cheap hit…so is Lowe pretty much the #5 starter now due to his lack of effectiveness? I mean, everyone else just seems so much better

  18. The Padres may be lucky, but Lowe was behind in the count a bit here at the end. He also has stopped striking guys out like he was earlier in the season, which means innings like these will happen.

  19. I hate Lowe so much (granted, the defense was abysmal in this inning).

    Way to rise to the challenge when you get a couple bad breaks, buddy.

    While we’re at it, if Dan Uggla had any pride, he would have retired a month ago. Frank Wren should be fired as a result of that extension alone. Not that it was foreseeable, or whatever, but it still carries consequences.

    Any reason Larry Parrish still has a job? I could see if he was someone’s hunting buddy or something, but they hand-picked him out of the Tigers organization, where he wasn’t even a hitting coach at the time. Next?

  20. Why is Uggla always swinging at pitches a foot outside and in the dirt. It’s Andruw/Frenchy all over again. To get him out, all you need to do is keep throwing pitches a foot outside.

  21. I love Uggla’s AB’s.

    1st pitch – swing at an offspeed pitch thats a ball
    2nd pitch – take a fastball over the center
    3rd pitch – swing over the top of another offspeed pitch, also a ball

  22. Putter, as of right now it appears that Lowe is the worst starter on the staff. I would trade him and bring up Minor/Teheran and allocate those funds elsewhere. There’s probably a 0% chance the Braves would do something like that though.

  23. Putter, as of right now it appears that Lowe is the worst starter on the staff. I would trade him…

    Like any team is going to want to trade for the privilege of paying Derek Lowe $15,000,000 in 2012.

  24. Not really a fan of this Asencio kid. Im not really sure why Cheryl couldnt have gone back out for the 7th. He had only faced one hitter.

    Probably a good chance that Gearrin will be replacing him very soon.

  25. wow, Asencio looks awful. the pitches are flat, the breaking balls are all out of the zone. why the hell was he still out there for so long.

  26. @Dan both teams. who has the worse manager? the Braves. I hope this performance leads to a demotion for Asencio, because this is pathetic.

  27. Okay, get him out of there and just send him packing.

    This Inning
    Batter 1 – Fly out
    Batter 2 – Single
    Batter 3 – Double
    Batter 4 – Walk
    Batter 5 – Triple
    Batter 6 – K
    Batter 7 – Error
    Batter 8 – HR
    Batter 9 – Walk

  28. What the hell.

    Please. Either be good. Or be horrible. This meandering shit doesn’t work for me.


  29. Asencio’s ignominious outing brings up the obvious question- how common is it for a pitcher to give up the cycle in a single inning? I’d guess kind of rare, but it’s obviously a lot easier to perform great feats of ineptitude at this end of the bell curve.

  30. It’s really kind of a shame that he didn’t hit a batsman and balk too. It could have been a single inning containing an example of every possible form of failed run prevention. What an excellent tool the video of that could have been for teaching the game to beginners.

  31. Aren’t there something like 15 ways to not make an out? Or maybe I’m thinking of punctuation marks….

  32. Greetings from Worcester, Mass…

    Always amusing to see the Sawx lose to Pittsburgh in Mass. venue.

    Too bad my team did way worse tonight.

  33. The SEC East – where excellence lives.

    Good grief. The CWS Championship round is South Carolina v. Florida who had to beat Vandy in the semis.

  34. 72 – Nothing really, other than paying him the rest of his 15mil salary this year and all of next year’s 15 million dollar salary to see him pitch for some other team and probably beat us 2 or 3 times in another team’s uniform.

    Wren has done some stupid stuff in his tenure, but giving D. Lowe 15 million a year for 4 years has to rank way up there.

    Still, the braves main issue comes down to offense. If the braves could hit, a lot of the issues this team has would not be that big a deal, the big guns in the pen would not be forced to pitch as much, you could live with Lowe, etc.

    Of course, this offseason, Fran Wren-Tarded decides to trade for an all or nothing type hitting 2b even though he has an all star 2b on the roster, then gives said all or nothing 2b a fat new contract to hit .170.

    Oh yeah, Wren-tarded other big pitching acquisition is earning 7 million dollars to pitch at AA Mississippi.

    How long can Wren live on that JJ for Renteria trade? When does some of this start sticking to Frank Wren? I know the farm system is supposedly stocked with pitching, but it should be considering that is all the braves ever draft.

    Liberty Media sucks, but with the farm system the braves have, but to I think Wren has to share alot of blame in how he has spent the funds he has.

  35. 4th best record in baseball, ~60% of the payroll of the three teams ahead of us. If Wren has to share the blame for how he has allocated funds, his punishment should consist of a dance party followed by a parade through the streets and a raise.

    Lowe is sucking right now, but I’d give him about 30% of the credit for our playoff run last year. The team was running on fumes while he was turning in his best performances of the year.

  36. Explains a lot. A married man would have been talked out of quitting in the first place.

  37. I’m not necessarily a Fredi supporter, nor am I a Fredi basher but I was wondering what the opinions are of his bullpen management was last night? Did he pull Lowe too early, too late or just right? Was his usage of relievers more or less correct or should he have done something different?

  38. I didn’t have a problem with the pitching management last night. Lowe only got into trouble thanks to the crappy little roller from Maybin that Chipper couldn’t make a play on, and he could’ve conceivably pitched the 7th if he’d gotten himself out of it. Asencio was bad, but Fredi refrained from wasting good arms on a hopeless game after it was thoroughly out of reach. Bad performances will happen.

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