105 thoughts on “Oh, joy, it’s June game thread: June 1, Padres at Braves”

  1. jjschiller @44,

    I think it is something the Braves may discuss internally. It seems like it was soemthing they tired in the past with Wholers.

    However, I think they will probably pass on the idea.

  2. June Swoon?

    June Swoon.

    In all honesty, I’m really not worried. For some reason, it seems that the most successful playoff teams of the last decade haven’t been all that hot until the middle or end of the season. I’m not saying that it’s good to be 5 back at the All-Star Break, but it’s not like the season’s over just yet.

    Dan Uggla can’t be this bad. And if he is this bad, we’ve got bigger problems than missing the playoffs this season.

  3. aside from swinging at balls, can anyone detect mechanical flaws in ugglas swing?

  4. Hmmm… So, I’m surely late on this, but it appears that the Mets might want to move David Wright either at the deadline or at the end of the season. And given the state of the Mets’ finances, it would seem that they might not have a choice in the matter.

    Alderson’s probably too smart to fall for Brooks Conrad and Scott Proctor… right?

    Ryan C,

    It seems to me that’s he trying to pull everything by starting his swing way too early. I think more of the problem lies with his batting eye, as he’s actually swinging at less pitches in the strike-zone and swinging at (and making contact with) more pitches outside. He might be guessing a lot more these days, which would also explain why he’s starting his swing earlier.

    Out of curiosity, was Uggla this ripped in Florida?

  5. @47 from last thread

    I’m not putting any stock into his AA numbers. What reason does he have to even bother trying to perform when it’s not going to get him anything but a sore shoulder?

    His MLB numbers speak better of him anyway, and they’re a much larger sample size.

  6. Having spent 17 years as a batting instructor and Triple A bench coach, I see a key mechanical flaw in Dan Uggla’s swing: he has been unable to make contact between the hitting utensil & the leather-wrapped, white projectile that is hurled by the opposite team’s pitcher.

    In all of my years, I’ve seen a number of mechanical flaws that contribute to offensive batter’s ineffectiveness while engaged in the offensive posture at home plate. Lack of oil changes. Bad directions. Even bad hair cuts.

    However, one sticks out more than the others: there is clearly an evident correlation between regular, consistent contact between hitting utensil & beforementioned projectile…AND effective engagement in successful offensive behaviour at home plate.

  7. Btw, Joe Mather, yes Joe Mather, had the same amount of RBI’s in May (7) as Heyward and Uggla combined. Nate also matched their combined HR total (2) also.

  8. Uggla in the seven spot?

    It’s too bad that I’m incapable of feeling anything but contempt with regards to Fredi.

  9. That month of June during the 2006 season still lingers in peoples’ minds, apparently.

  10. 15,

    I believe that’s actually a useful piece of information. I’ll take the over on everything except Prado’s BA and Uggla’s, well, everything.


    It seemed like there was a string of June’s for about five years in a row where we drastically underperformed our final season record.

  11. Chipper Jones is like my grandpa, I love him, but every time he takes an awkward step I think he is going to break a hip and die.

  12. GIDP by Uggla. Calling it.

    Edit: Sad that that’s probably the best result that could be expected.

  13. Five hits for 2 runs… Somehow, even when we’re good, we’re still bad.

  14. Uggla needs transcendental meditation . Uggla shall swing at pitches which are most melodious to his bat

  15. I guess Cheryl doesn’t look so awful now. Our pitchers are making this kid look like Piazza at his roidiest.

  16. I’d be happy with an Uggla bunt. It couldn’t turn out worse than his other ABs.

  17. Nice short swing by Struggla there. Keep doing that and things will be fine.

  18. One more at-bat and Dan’ll be driving on I-75. I vote that we tie him to an overpass.

  19. Thanks for helping us clear the pitcher, SD. Math-man was clearly going to blow it anyways.

  20. 44- “And beware the mononeural Fredi Glitch! He will eat you if you do something right.”

  21. Hey, good news everyone! Their second baseman has a batting average 45 points lower than our second baseman!

  22. If Schafer was any kind of baseball player, he’d have beat that throw to first, right Emma?

  23. Idiotic baserunning! Yep, the Braves are the same team in June as in May. God help us.

  24. I’d be happier about running Richard out of the game if San Diego didn’t have a very good bullpen, or if this team could hit any kind of pitching whatsoever.

  25. It should be OK as long as none of our pitchers or fielders make any mistakes whatsoever. And if we have a little good luck.

  26. MARTIN! In a world of suck, it’s nice to know that there are people you can count on.

  27. But, JC, he was so good in high school! And all the outs he has made don’t count!

  28. @66

    Many of the balls he hit tonight would have broken the windows at his mom’s house, that is the only stat that should matter.

    SMW-Schafer’s Mom’s Windows

  29. @66,

    Normally, I would laugh. But he’s definitely not made outs while he’s been up this year (with a .385 OBP). Anywhos, perhaps a better interpretation would be ‘He hit so many HR’s in high school!’

  30. In all this misery of an offense, at least we get to marvel at how stupendously nasty Jonny Venters’ stuff is.

  31. Johan Santana in his first year with the Mets: .141/.173/.205. Thankfully, Dan is still hitting better than that.

  32. Tangibles? Is that what Johan was doing in the bushes to the left of the golf course?

  33. The Braves have won the first game of each month this season for every month except April

    Wow, that’s the most pointless fact ever written here. Aside from April, there has only been May and June.

  34. I missed the last part of the game, so I went to the play-by-play on ESPN.

    J Venters relieved E O’Flaherty. 3 4
    J Bartlett struck out swinging. 3 4
    C Headley struck out swinging. 3 4
    R Ludwick struck out swinging. 3 4

    Oh my. I think I’ll be visiting mlb.tv tonight.

  35. What I love about this is that by designating the second or third best reliever the “closer,” Mr. G has accidentally given himself a situation where he can actually use his best reliever in critical situations. It’s like two “by the book” wrongnesses cancel each other out.

  36. Schafer’s SLG is over 100 points lower than his OBP. That’s a pretty dramatic difference.

  37. Schafer’s SLG is over 100 points lower than his OBP. That’s a pretty dramatic difference.

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