221 thoughts on “If you can’t say something nice about Fredi Gonzalez don’t say anything at all game thread: May 27, Reds at Braves”

  1. Seeing “No comments” displayed under this thread made my day. Sorry if this comment ruins it for everyone else.

  2. Fredi managed to conjure nearly 4 very productive seasons out of, Dan “I’m too sexy for my shirt” Uggla, who is clearly one of the worst players in baseball.

  3. All I can hope for at this point is that Schafer finds some way to be a solid MLB player and I’ll get to watch him fly around the bases for the rest of the year.

  4. I agree with Bethany; I’m ready to finally see Schafer succeed. This time he needs to get it right and “silence his critics.”

  5. I want to believe Uggla will start producing. Can’t somebody just tell him to picture an “A” on the opposing pitchers’ hats?

  6. Emma, why wouldnt they be relevant? If you cant hit AAA pitching you more than likely arent going to hit at this level.

  7. Minor league stats are generally predictive of major league success, as has been established by countless studies.

    Or, more obviously: pitchers in the major leagues are more difficult than pitchers in the minor leagues. If Schafer can’t hit on the farm — and it seems extraordinarily likely that he can’t, since he’s hit a combined .214/.277/.277 since the beginning of 2009, in A, AA, and AAA, and he hasn’t really accomplished anything at the plate since 2008 — the odds aren’t good that he’ll be able to hit in the Show.

    I’d love to be wrong. But the evidence is not on Jordan’s side.

    I like the Lisp, but he’s a middle reliever and mop-up guy. We wouldn’t be able to get much for him.

  8. McCann couldn’t hit AA pitching. What’s your point? Check out Schafer’s high school stats. I bet he owned there. So now he owns in one place and sucks in AAA. Maybe he’ll be a great player in the bigs.

    Plus, at AAA they were making him try to bunt for a hit at least once a game. Once defenses know that the big club wants Schafer to work on bunts they play severely in and its not going to work.

  9. @14, shut up dude. You’re dumb. Quoting numbers from teh beginning of 09 is stupid, as he was recovering from a broken freaking wrist. Also in the bigs, pitchers will be around the plate more, so he’ll get more pitches he can hit. It’s not like his plate discipline is AAG level

  10. @14 I think the Lisp may show potential as a starter for a 3rd rate club. He has yet to do it, so it would be hard to sell, but his performances this year have been impressive and he’s really lost for a pitching staff this deep.

    As far as Schafer goes, he can aspire to be a Craig Council type player, and that might be his ceiling. I haven’t seen much to indicate otherwise. Hope I’m wrong though.

  11. “#16 – Also in the bigs, pitchers will be around the plate more, so he’ll get more pitches he can hit. – Emma”

    lol, what??? So how in the hell can you explain his garbage OBP in the minors?

  12. I don’t own any pink jerseys of any kind. I’m a dude. I feel that Schafer’s wrist is finally healed. He’s had a great approach in his first 2 games up, and we’ll have to see if it continues

  13. Every time a new troll comes around, I wonder how long this character will grace us with his presence, and if we’ll reminisce a few years later, like Coach, Chief, and even Wun.

  14. @28: If you’re not trolling, I hope you’re at least related to or friends with Jordan Schafer; it’s the only halfway-decent explanation for such delusion.

  15. #31 – Because you tell people “their dumb” and “to shut the hell up” when they are using any stat to prove you wrong.

  16. He’s incredibly fast, great defensively, and if he can figure out how to hit he’ll be perfect for us. Why won’t you give him a chance. Plus, he’s confident

  17. I didn’t quote numbers “from” the beginning of ’09. I quoted numbers “since” the beginning of 2009. In his last 203 minor league games, encompassing all of 2009, 2010, and up to this point in 2011, Jordan Schafer has an OPS of .554. That is breathtakingly crappy.

    Also, Amber Heard was way hotter than Emma Stone in Zombieland.

  18. Well you believe that Charlie Morton and Jordan Schafer are great players. Thats fine, just dont attack anyone when they show you why you are wrong. We all hope Jordan can be successful, its just highly unlikely.

    edit: and apparently your 12…

  19. Craig Council blows statistically, but always does something right, hence the optimistic view on Schafer.

    I may be crazy, but runs have been way down the past two seasons. Is it unthinkable to have a solid defender in center and live with his performance at the plate?

  20. This fellow is suggesting that Schafer did poorly in AAA because the PITCHERS WEREN’T GOOD ENOUGH. Lets not feed the troll, guys.

  21. According to this Baseball America article, a wrist injury takes about a full year to heal. However, Jordan Schafer has sucked for the past two and a half years. At some point, it’s time to stop blaming the wrist.

    Also, Amanda Bynes was hotter than Emma Stone in Easy A.

  22. I’d say generally overly aggressive behavior is the first sign of Trolling. When avoiding rational arguments and starting a response with “shut up dude. You’re dumb.” as opposed to making an equally rational reply.

    In everyone’s defense it’s sure seems like everyone has trouble hitting in Pearl. Prado is an example of a guy doing much better in the bigs than in Pearl. The 2006 season that lead to his major league debut Prado hit.278/.330/.352 for a .682 OPS. He’s clearly doing better than that in the majors.

  23. In his first two games, Jordan Schafer is batting 2-for-9 — .222. That’s almost the exact same average that he’s posted in his past 203 games in the minors (.214), and very similar to the average he posted in 50 games in the majors in 2009 (.204) before finally admitting that his wrist was broken. He’s also been suspended for using a performance-enhancing drug. If Amanda Bynes is dumb, Jordan Schafer is a moron.

    Also, Anna Faris was hotter than Emma Stone in The House Bunny.

  24. Good lord, the fact that you guys are even engaging this kind of poster is positively DOBish.

    /On second thought, what the hell? Have at him.

  25. I’m sorry for feeding the troll, everyone. I guess I just don’t like Emma Stone. Her face looks all scrunchy and weird. Also, this actress named Aviva was hotter than Emma Stone in Superbad.

    But there’s probably nothing good that will come of my pointing this out.

  26. I think Schafer’s going to produce, too.

    On an unrelated note, remember when Peter said to Robert, “Troll On, Troll Boy”? That was awesome.

  27. Just saw this.

    #Braves’ Heyward had contrast (dye) MRI this time, more sophisticated test. No structural damage. If not return at 15 days, then soon after

    Normally Id like to think this is a good thing, but now I have to wonder why he was having so much trouble with no tear in there. I just hope its not a lingering issue, which shoulders can be.

  28. If Jordan Schafer can be Gregor Blanco — .260 with walks, speed, and good defense — I’ll be a big fan. But his mouth has been a whole lot bigger than his performance thus far. He hasn’t done anything in the big leagues other than lace up his cleats, and he hasn’t done anything in the minor leagues in three years.

    If nothing else, I’m sure he’ll be a much better pinch runner than Joe Mather.

  29. Leake seems to be an AAAA or AAA type pitcher, so Schafer may have trouble tonight.

  30. @61 Maybe Jason has a low pain tolerance.

    I thought all the posts were going to be reaction to a stupid lineup move by Fredi or a trade, and instead it’s about Schafer and and relative hotness of Emma Stone.

    @62 Given how many of the posters here actively pine for Blanco, I think we’d all be happy with that.

  31. @61, I hear you. Sometimes you want to find out something is wrong so that you know how to fix it. I had the same issue with a back injury in college.

  32. 64—Have you ever seen Joe Mather run the bases? How could Schafer not be better than that?

  33. i would comment on the relarive attributes of the young ladies mentioned but at my age it would probably be kind of creepy

  34. Caught a few minutes of “Chloe” on TV. Amanda Seyfried is fall down gorgeous. Wowowow.

  35. @74, Keep spreading rumors about how funny she looks. Maybe she’ll eventually settle for a dude like me. :)

  36. And I wonder why Schafer leads off and has so much “speed” but Fredi continues to let Prado hit into double plays. Heck, I would almost always like to see Prado bunt in that situation anymore

  37. do we have anything as close as a true “leadoff” guy as schafer in the system anywhere? just wondering

  38. i like mcclouth personally…he is a hard worker and i still think he can succeed. he has been better this year than in the past – maybe that trend continues. why are people so quick to jump to conclusions? after such a short stint for schafer – people are ready to relegate mcclouth to the bench. no way that should happen.

  39. @91 no, but i use mlb.tv on a mac, that kinda counts….

    bein outta range for games, its a great service. and being a few miles out of NYC (from jersey) id go crazy if i had to watch mets yanks or phils EVER..

  40. I swear, Freeman never hits the 3-1 or 2-0 pitch. Almost always fouls it away and puts himself back into the pitchers count. But then again, nobody on this team takes advantage of hitters counts.

  41. its not the best, but its not the worst. the worst is, having people i consider “friends” in the city for the game tonight. wouldnt mind losing them for a good cause, say stadium ceasing to exist or something (bin laden, this ones for you)

  42. and johnny, yes i have the hookups for my big screen. resolution isnt quite what it says it is, its like wathcing low def tv. but the speakers sound nice…

  43. I’m not crazy about MLB.TV. The game freezes all the time and the picture is really inconsistent, even with an 18mbps connection. Unfortunately my cable provider doesn’t offer the Extra Innings package and my only alternative is DirectTV, which seems like a bad idea in South Florida. I can’t wait until the Bravos play the Marlins.

  44. The Braves can’t rely on just their pitching to beat the Reds. They’re gonna have to score. A lot.

  45. I’m not sure what I’ll do when I move to Baltimore. I’m not going to get cable in my apartment and I’m doubtful my internet will be able to support a good feed from MLB.tv. I might have to go without.

  46. bethany, my stream is the lowest of def. but, it beats watching yanks or mets. actually, watching an empty shoebox would beat watching the mets. unless your going to become a balt fan, get mlb.tv lol

  47. @108 When one of the best design schools in the country gives you an $18,000 scholarship, you move to places like Baltimore. I can live anywhere for two years.

    @114 Yeah, thankfully in terms of sketchiness the area I’m in is a 6 out of 10 instead of the full on 11 I passed on the way in to visit.

    @115 Thanks for the advice, I don’t really want to become an Orioles fan but I think I’ll end up adopting them while I’m there because the park is so close.

  48. I use mlb.tv through the ps3. The first week is always buggy, but over the past three seasons I’ve had minimal problems after the first few weeks of the season. And the customizable ps3 interface is pretty amazing

  49. Camden Yards is really cool and the crab sandwiches are excellent. Glad you found a decent enough area in Baltimore.

    @118, I wish the 360 offered Extra Innings. For now I have to watch the game on my laptop.

  50. In accordance with the thread title, I can say this much about Gonzalez: He’s the second best manager the Braves have had in the last 20 years.

    As for Mlb.tv, I’ve had a problem with it and IE 9: it mismatches the window where it shows the action (the upper left quarter of the screen) and the display window (in the center of the screen), so that I only see part of the action and a lot of background. This doesn’t happen when it’s minimized or maximized. Has anyone else encountered this proble, and is there a way to solve it short of going back to IE 8?

  51. Joe Simpson hasn’t graduated from batting average yet. It’d be endearing if he didn’t make so much more money than I do.

  52. @132, I had some issues with Firefox too and tried Camino for a while, which is not bad. The new Firefox however seems to be working very well.

  53. Thanks. I’ve tried Google Chrome and it wasn’t bad, but I didn’t think there was a big difference between it and IE8. I’ve pretty much had it with IE9, though.

    As for baseball, honestly, Parrish makes Gonzales look competent.

  54. Lost in that horrible throw was the fact that–again–Uggla and Gonzalez were both covering the base.

  55. I like Chrome a lot. It’s just fast as hell, and less crash-prone than Firefox and Safari. Camino’s fast too.

    Freaking hell, Tommy.

    I think — I think — that Gonzo was running behind the base, i.e., behind the ball where it was hit. Uggla was covering the bag for the throw.

  56. That should just about do it…although I am not confident that Hanson can keep the Reds anywhere near 2 runs

  57. They’re advertising Paris Hilton’s new reality show on MLB.TV. Uhhh, wrong demographic, fellas.

  58. Baseball seemed more fun when guys were bashing 60 home runs a year. I know, sorry. Watching this team trying to make contact is just depressing.

  59. Brian Jordan just loooooves to talk about himself and offer advice while in the booth.

    Uggla needs to get rid of that freaking mohawk.


  60. Well, once again, Uggla works the count to get his pitch and does nothing with it.

  61. The only thing this team does worse than hit is run the bases…geez. Chipper should have been on 3rd after McCann’s hit in the first place

  62. I like how Chipper just stared into the dugout as to say “Really Fredi, you’re not gonna argue this one either?”

  63. @ 152 – I think winning is just more fun. We’re still not the Mets. So there’s that.

  64. @156, I disagree. Mac hit that ball hard and Chipper has 1.5 knees right now.

  65. Uggla is the richest player under the Mendoza line. Soon enough they’ll have to name a line after him.

  66. Cheryl. Whitey Herzog could have been describing this team when he said, “We’re like a soccer team- two down and we’re dead.”

  67. Feels like the 50th time we’ve seen that this year. The pitcher tries to catch a ball that the infielder’s would have had easily.

  68. Can you have children if you have herpes? This commercial for Paris Hilton’s new show has me wondering and I honestly don’t know.

  69. More like Wilkin “This is what happens when you lose your whole starting outfield” Ramirez.

  70. Finally finished picking and can sit down and watch some baseball and this is what I get?

    Freddie, I’m gonna let that one slide.

  71. We have to figure out a way to win games without scoring runs. Gonna have to think on this one for a bit.

  72. 117 and 122 —

    Atlanta has a lot of nice places and lots of scary places. Baltimore is no different in that sense and better in most others. Bethany, try visiting the Nats. Camden Yards is better by atmosphere but you’ll see more of the Braves in DC.

  73. 198- Two innings of Linebrink is as good an idea as… well, one inning of Linebrink.

  74. I have that song from Hee Haw going through my head:

    Gloom, despair, and agony on me…

  75. It seems almost a waste to get clutch pitching in these situations when our offense won’t take advantage.

  76. What makes Daniel Cooley Uggla’s horrible start with ATL all that more painful…to me at least…is what he did to the Braves and how we all watched how good he was when he did it.

    In 89 games vs the Braves:
    25 doubles, 23 HRs, 62 stinkin RBI, .287 BA.

    More RBI, 2Bs & HR vs Atlanta than anyone else he played against. (Tied for 25 doubles vs Atlanta and the Natties).

    At least, the above makes it even more painful to me. I’ll speak for myself.

  77. Dusty doesnt know that Uggla cant hit lefties

    Edit: he cant hit righties either, but this is extending the game

  78. I don’t want to hear about bad luck or how Reds’ pitchers made their pitches. The Reds’ pitchers suck. The Braves should have 5-7 runs.

  79. Well if I’m looking for positives tonight, at least I didn’t actually watch this garbage game.

  80. Schafer’s reached base three times. That’s good. Now if only someone in this lineup had more power than a watch battery, that might mean some runs.

  81. One more good thing about this game: We don’t have to watch or comment on it again.

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