Reds 5, Braves 1

Cincinnati Reds vs. Atlanta Braves – Box Score – May 27, 2011 – ESPN.

Pitcher gets sent down to AAA, he doesn’t really get any better, but cuts his ERA from 5.70 to 5.10 in just six innings because he’s facing the Braves. If Mike Leake hadn’t allowed that one run, he could have gotten it under five. This habit of looking defenseless against the dregs of both leagues isn’t funny anymore.

Speaking of defenseless, the Braves are that, committing three errors though only one run was scored “unearned”. Alex Gonzalez is really good on defense, and Martin Prado has been good, the rest of the team is awful. Brooks Conrad might as well start, he couldn’t be any worse.

Tommy Hanson gave up a run in the second, a run in the fourth, and a run in the fifth, the last of which he wasn’t around for any more because he’d thrown 98 pitches. The Reds aren’t being “aggressive” and presumably Larry Parrish would tell them if they swung more often they’d be leading the league in runs by more.

The Braves one run came on a sac fly by Dan Uggla in the sixth. They did not lack baserunners; they had only one fewer hit than the Reds and walked the same number of times, though admittedly Cincinnati wasn’t giving up free outs by getting thrown out trying to stretch a single into a double, and wasn’t giving extra baserunners via terrible defense. The Braves left eleven on base; the Reds left fourteen.

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  1. Mike Leake has a 4-2 record with a 5.1 ERA. I wonder what his record would be if he pitched for the Braves.

    In general, they can’t hit, and even when they manage to get guys on base they can’t score. It’s exhausting–I keep waiting for the real offense to emerge, but perhaps this really is the offense. They should be scoring at will against pitchers like Mike Leake.

  2. We play the Blue Jays in a 3 game series beginning June 20. Look for JoJo Reyes to pitch a complete game 2 hit shutout and get his first win in 32 starts with a 1-0 victory.

  3. If we can’t score more than one run on Mike f…ing Leake, then when will we ever score two? It’s tough to watch this team right now. Soon as the other club scores 2-3 runs, all hope is lost.

    At least noone got hurt this time.

  4. On a positive note, 39 year old Chipper is tied for the league lead in doubles. I guess Zombie ate Uggla’s brains.

  5. Did anyone hear Nomar on Baseball Tonight? It scared me that he was talking about using the hit & run and bunting to try to get something going with the offense.

  6. I didn’t want two Furcal Rules, so I came up with the “Furcal Count” and added it to the Glossary.

    Furcal Count: The number of DUIs that a player has. After one DUI, you become a target for jokes. After two, you have crossed the Lockhart Line.

    I’ve decided that Lowe has a Furcal Count of .5, so I will mock him for it but he still needs two to go over the Lockhart Line.

  7. So, I guess we’ll get treated to at least 7 strong innings from Arroyo tonight:

    “Arroyo enters this matchup after one of the worst outings of his career – nine runs allowed over 2 2-3 innings in a 10-3 loss at Philadelphia on Monday – and perhaps still dealing with back stiffness.

    The right-hander, who has a 13.03 ERA over consecutive defeats, told the Reds website that he had kept that problem to himself before an MRI exam Tuesday showed a minor muscle strain.”

  8. Listen, I have a feeling Dave Dravecky could throw six shutout innings against this team.

    Bad taste but funny.

  9. 4- Don’t forget Yunel going 1-1 w/3 BB’s and a grand slam as AAG makes 4 noisy outs on 6 pitches…

  10. Brent lillibridge has a 1.000 ops and 5 hr for the whitesox. Does that make sense to anyone?

  11. Could this guy: be any worse than Wilkin Ramirez as a possible right handed bat off the bench ? He’s been playing some left field and couldn’t possibly cost very much at all.

    I know all about the PCL inflation, but he’s still only 29 years old. Just asking …..

  12. Can Fox not adjust their picture correctly for those of us watching in Standard Def?

  13. I don’t have money right now. It shouldn’t be too much to ask for Fox to at least fit the score into the picture.

  14. wow Lowenbrau was awful

    that steal by Schafer sure was F—ing stupid

    edit–the offense finally shows up and Lowe pisses it away

  15. Anyone else catch Brennaman earlier in the game talking about the Braves offense being awful but their leading the league in bunts without making the connection? Dumbarse.

  16. I’d be pissed if I was a cards fan. Larussa left Jaime Garcia out there for 3 2/3 innings and he gave up 12 runs. Thats torture.

  17. Yeah, Fredi should have pulled Lowe during the National Anthem and gone with Lisp. Or maybe Lowe should quit sucking. That inning should have already happened a couple more times.

    I wish we could have dumped him on the Yankees before he turned back into himself.

  18. Look, it’s a rookie left-hander, looks like we’ll get shut out from here on out.

  19. I was planning to go to Tuesday’s game against the Padres but I’m not sure I want to pay to see this garbage. Ick, ick, ick.

  20. I thought Cheryl was the designated LOOGY against the left handed hitting (relief) pitcher. Look what happens when you use somebody else.

  21. Yep, jj. Fredi should have put Lisp in LF and brought in Cheryl for a “batter”. Could have cost us the game there.

  22. I got up from a 5-0 lead to have an epidural and i come back and we’re losing 6-5. what happened?! Oh good McCann just squeezed one.

  23. “Dusty Baker gets Horst out of game….He can’t WHINNY this game in his debut”

    From Chip’s twitter, in case you missed him with the national broadcast.

  24. Makes me wonder if something’s wrong with O’Flaherty. Or just Frediot being himself.

  25. Did you guys know that a women’s softball field is only 220 feet to center? It’s on ESPN right now instead of real baseball and it’s kinda ridiculous.

  26. Andrew makes that play Schafer made and he would have made it in such a way we wouldn’t have thought it was all that hard.

    That is how good he was.

  27. 88 — I think I’d rather have O’Flaherty pitch the whole 7th than the Sherill/Proctor team. Irrelevant now, though.

  28. Schafer, you know what time it is. Time for the four most important letters in all of baseball: B-U-N-T.

  29. Just got back from the Astros game. At least we aren’t the Astros–yikes.

    So, we scored 6 yet couldn’t avoid extra innings? Goodnight.

  30. AGon has some great hands. I have no idea how he caught the terrible feed from uggla.

  31. As much as we must hate extra innings games, I’d hate them more as a Reds fan after that 19 inning dirge the other night.

  32. I think it’s time for the Braves to orchestrate increasingly enticing situations that would potentially void his contract. Summer league basketball with LeBron, cross-country motorcycling with Fredi, etc.

  33. Mike Minor better be on his game tomorrow. The starters have not really gone very deep in games, and the braves are having yet another extra inning game because this team cannot score.

  34. Let’s hope we can end it here so we don’t have to see another inning of Linebrink.

  35. Apparently, this was recently added to

    noun ˈugh-ˌluh
    Definition of UGGLA
    a point of reference to define a benchmark of woefully substandard performance

    Examples of UGGLA

    1. M. Night Shyamalan is the uggla of filmmakers.
    2. After years of gradual decline under Tubby Smith, Kentucky basketball reached its post-Eddie Sutton uggla under Billy Gillispie.

  36. His career ERA is 3.65, largely in an inflated offensive context. He was pretty good at baseball, even though all I really remember is the World Series.

  37. Linestink will end it this inning. He got his roster preserving inning last inning so now he’ll lay an egg.

  38. Fredi is Old Mother Hubbard and only has Sherill in the cupbord. Let’s win it here.

  39. I was out of whack on the rotation, and my calendar.

    Jurgens is going tomorrow, my bad.

    Well he better be on his game tomorrow.

  40. I really can’t believe I’m saying this, but following Chip Caray on Twitter tonight has actually him more likeable to me.

    F***in success time baby.

  41. Wish they’d keep showing shots of Dusty giving signs. Top of the head is bunt, ear is hit and run.

  42. Prediction time. Prado bunts him to 2B and he gets stranded there.

    I think bunting here is still technically wrong, since it very slightly decreases the odds of scoring.

  43. @136, I still flinch a little bit when I see it, but, yeah, bunting is the right move.

    Of course, the announcers are saying let him swing.

  44. Bunting here would be mathematically correct. 2-3 and 1 out is 6% more likely to score than 1-2 and 0 outs. Of course, it’s Chipper. I say swing.

  45. Finally….way to go guys.

    Seeing Chipper come through makes it a tad sweeter for some reason.

  46. I’m not sure what has been more painful:

    Watching the Braves squander a 5-run lead…and watch it morph into yet another disaster that will wear out the pen.


    trying to figure out an inherited water sprinkler system. Shit. Whoever writes these manuals should be shot. Or forced to ride with Derek Lowe downtown after 17 Nattie Lights.

  47. How much longer does Schafer have to get on base like this to take the job away from McLouth for good?

  48. I have to say, I really like Schafer hitting leadoff and being in the lineup every day. He’s a far superior defensive CF to McLouth, and he gives them a little burst at the top of the lineup (tonight’s CS notwithstanding). And he’s getting on base at a pretty good clip– I thought that was a nice at-bat in the 12th to get on and start the parade.

  49. I’d like to see another week or so of Schafer before I’m all about asking him to start from here on…

  50. ububba…hate it for you. Detroit sucks worse than a 22-inning game that you lose on a bad call by Joe West.

  51. Yeah, maybe some irrational exuberance on my part– but it’s nice having a CF that the Braves don’t seem to need to hide in the lineup. =)

  52. Schafer had a nice night. RBI bunt single. Great catch. Great AB in the 12th and scored the winning run.

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