Braves 3, Phillies 2

Philadelphia Phillies vs. Atlanta Braves – Box Score – May 15, 2011 – ESPN.

The Braves beat Roy Halladay behind Tim Hudson (though he didn’t get the decision) and… Dan Uggla? What, really?

The game was scoreless through three, no surprise there. In the fourth, Uggla and Hinske hit back-to-back broken bat singles. Gonzalez struck out, but Freeman singled off of Halladay’s glove, allowing Uggla to score from third.

In the sixth, Hudson was having some trouble working behind the batters, walking the leadoff man, going 3-0 to Ryan Howard before getting a flyout, then getting a popup. I’d been critical of him for walking John Mayberry Jr. twice earlier in the game. I guess he knew what he was doing, because Mayberry homered to left to give the Phillies the lead. Hudson only got out of the inning after getting Halladay to line out with two out.

But Uggla walked leading off the sixth, then went to third again on a Hinske single. AAG struck out again, but Freeman hit a fly ball deep enough to score Uggla and tie the game. It stayed tied to the eighth, when Jonny Venters came in for Hudson and got them (including Mayberry) 1-2-3, and in the bottom of the inning Uggla led off with a homer off of Halladay to make it 3-2. Craig Kimbrel made it a bit interesting in the ninth, walking the leadoff man and then letting him go to second with two out on a wild pitch, but struck out Jimmy Rollins flew out to end it.

Chipper did not play because of a sore knee; Heyward came in late for defense and thinks he’ll be ready to play on Tuesday.

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  1. fwiw, Rollins flew out to left.. Gload struck out for out number 2.

    Great game. Glad to be able to credit Uggla for most of a win.

  2. Very nice win. To come from behind vs. the Phillies and Halladay is so un-braveslike, which makes this win feel even better. I’m happy for Uggla too, if we could only get him going..

    Rollins flied out to left to end it, didn’t he?

  3. That lineup the Phillies trotted out today was pretty awful, but beating Halladay is great any way you can get it.

  4. Did anybody notice that Glavine was wearing about a 52 Long blazer in the post-game?

  5. In one of the shi****est dick moves of the mother*****ing century, the Braves/Ga State Patrol blocked the onramp from I-20 to 75/85 Northbound, and forced traffic onto 75/85 southbound. Not only does that mean you get to go in the wrong direction, but to turn around means you now get to fight through the stadium traffic you just avoided by being on the interstate in the first place. I just got to spend 45 driving around and winding up back at my house.


  6. I read somewhere that you never really learn how to curse until you start to drive. :)

  7. #7
    Hate when that happens. You make a plan to escape, then get thwarted. That’s one of the many reasons why I quit driving to post-season games in The Bronx—you’re not allowed to leave.

    FWIW, I usually do Georgia Ave eastbound (which can be slow, but not always) and, if I need I-20, hang a left on Hill Street.

  8. That’s the worst part – There was no traffic. This was solely to get someone’s motorcade (probably Seligs, but I won’t claim that) on to the highway at the rest of the world’s expense. Shutting down an interstate should really be reserved for something a bit more serious.

  9. I seriously doubt Selig has a motorcade, he basically travels with a two-man entourage.

  10. If Heyward’s back Tuesday, you can shift Hinske to LF and Prado to 3rd and we don’t lose a ton.

  11. Talking Chop says Chipper has a slightly torn meniscus and could miss 2-3 weeks.

    Minor pitched 5 innings today so it looks like we will see Teheran on Wednesday.

  12. I don’t know about baseball players, but when I tore my meniscus in my right knee two years ago, I couldn’t walk for a month and limped for another. Let’s hope the word “slightly” is the good news in that.

    Don’t really understand the pitching move. Minor must have pissed someone off. Or Teheran has got the pictures (there are Fredi pictures too I’m sure).

  13. #14
    Oy, here come the injuries…

    It’s the other knee, right?

    Whenever the President’s in town here, you get these alerts that so-and-so area is shut down for traffic, and if you forget and get caught in that stuff, it’s no joke.

    Got nailed on the LIE once—a 4-lane highway. They shut it down both ways near LGA. Just sat there for 30 minutes, engine turned off, waiting for the prez to get on Air Force One, knowing all along that it was my own damn fault.

    Headed up to The Bronx for Sawx/Yanks/PosadaGate. Could be an amusing evening.

  14. Apparently it was Michelle Obama’s motorcade from Spelman. I am still sore about it though – halting traffic is one thing but diverting it in the other direction is crap.

  15. I coudn’t run with a torn meniscus. It hurt like hell. Hope that peanut is wrong.

  16. Uggla scored all three runs today, and he earned them, hustling first-to-third twice on singles by Hinske and scoring on RBIs by Freeman, then hitting a solo homer for the difference in the game. As well as Huddy pitched, I’d give Dan the game ball.

  17. Jose Bautista – .358/.517/.798

    and that was before he hit his 14th, 15th, and 16th homers tonight, Im baffled…

  18. Were the FOX announcers as bad as I thought. Interviews were good, but not the play by play or color guys. Thet were not focused on action.

  19. There appears to be a little too much Vanderbilt in this year’s Vanderbilt baseball team.

  20. Had about 3 or 4 chances to win that game today. Very disappointing.

    Now, I am worried about losing a National Seed.

  21. There is literally no chance that we’ll lose a national seed. We’re over 40 wins, and the RPI is going to be high.

    I’m just bummed that we’re not going to win the SEC. And, of course, that the once-dominant ‘pen is looking achilles heel-ish as we near tournament play.

  22. #22, he’s on pace for the second best OPS+ season in history, and his career line is still just .249/.351/.468.

    He’s essentially slugging his career OPS.

  23. If we could actually beat up the Natspos, I would be more excited about winning another series against the Phillies.

  24. This being a player who was a Rule 5 draft pick, waived, and sold, before being traded three times, the last time for Robinzon Díaz.

  25. i am guessing that MLB is checking every bodily fluid baurista produces.

    bummer about chipper. he will have a tough time planting on that knee.

  26. I’ve had several instances of torn meniscus and some of them were very painful and some not so much. Sometimes I have been scoped and some times not. When scoped, I’ve actually had some sutures put in and other times just had the tear “cleaned up”. Depending on where the tear is and how severe, it can be healed. Other times all that can be done is removed part and clean up what remains. I guess what I’m sating is hearing Chipper has a slight tear of the meniscus is not enough information for me to know whether to worry or not. If we hear he does get it scoped then it still might not be too bad. Just have to wait and see…

  27. I was caught in Michelle Obama motorcade traffic here in Atlanta a couple months ago. Similar to ububba’s story. Just sat for 30 minutes. It was pretty infuriating, especially since I knew about it but thought I could sneak my short jaunt in before she left the middle school or whatever it was she was at. I was emphatically wrong on that one.

  28. That was an awesome win, guys. halfway through the season series with the Phils, and we’re up 5-4. i know we’ve got to get it together against the natspos, and we havent really had much opportunity against the rest of the division, but i gotta say, winning series against the Phillies is huge. it doesnt mean we catch them in the standings, but it’s the confidence level of the team. if the braves players think/know they’re better than the phillies, everybody’s pick to win the NL, that’s really going to drive us going forward i think. And how about Uggla getting it going against Halladay. Again, that’s just got to give him such confidence going forward. Keep it going, Bravos.

  29. This year throws me. I look at the team offensive numbers, and they look bad, then I look at their OPS+, and I realize that only a couple of them are seriously under-performing what I would expect relative to the league.

    Major League average OPS:

    2009 – .751
    2010 – .728
    2011 – .708 so far.


    McCann’s a good example.
    yr, OPS, OPS+
    2007 .772 99
    2008 .896 135
    2009 .834 119
    2010 .828 124
    2011 .754 111 (so far)

    So his output without context is worse than 2007, but it’s really more like 2009 compared to league average. Also, since his 2009 and 2010 had similar production, his 2010 was way better since the league-wide decline began last year.

    I just have to keep this stuff in mind so I don’t panic.

  30. Will interleague play be good for Chipper’s knee? Good win without CJ & JH. Does batting cleanup help Uggla?

  31. This offense is performing no where near close to its expected level. It will be fine. We just need Kimbrel to be consistent.

  32. There was a spontaneous tomahawk chant before the first encore at the Fleet Foxes concert last night. Strange as the venue for it was, it was kind of nice to hear some Braves spirit in Atlanta. And I met a girl at the show. Good weekend all around.

  33. Looks like Beachy is out a month with a ‘classic’ oblique strain and Teheran will take his first spot in the rotation against the DBacks on Wednesday. They are certainly throwing him into the fire, his first start in Philly and his second start in another bank bandbox.

  34. That’s not a typical way of how the Braves handle a top prospect. Usually, they were promoted to stay. So what will happen when Beachy returns?

  35. kc, well the situation calls for a spot start, the 5th starter won’t be needed for another couple of weeks I believe due to off days. Minor pitched today, Lopez would have to clear waivers to be sent back down afterwards, and Delgado pitched yesterday. With the retirement of Jacob Thompson, that basically leaves Teheran, Redmond, or giving it to somebody out of the bullpen, the Lisp maybe. I read somewhere that JJ Hoover is moving up to AAA to take Thompson’s spot in the rotation.

    I would think Teheran gets the call this time and then next time would depend on when Beachy is going to make it back.

  36. What happened to Javier Vasquez? Gave up six earned runs in the first inning against the Nationals, and now has a 7.55 ERA on the season.

    Hopefully the Marlins keep starting him.

  37. Okay, so if Chipper is really hurt (season long type injury), what OF should we target for a big trade?

  38. The worst-case scenario on Chipper’s injury is supposed to be 2-3 weeks after the surgery. That’s not long enough to go make a trade for.

  39. I believe the Braves would honestly say that Teheran is the better pitcher, and therefore they’re promoting the guy who gives them the greatest chance to win. It’s hard to see them trading any of these guys before the trade deadline.

  40. I just had my meniscus repaired last week-the doctor described it as a “large” tear. Whether you can run with it depends on a lot of things. I was able to run even after the tear but my problem was in day-to-day activity such as getting up from a chair. Obviously, I’m not a major league player having to put pressure on the knee, but it is a very minor procedure. I went in and was back home within 3 hours. There is no way it’s a season-long injury unless something else happens. I still have some soreness but I’m not really limping anymore; I would imagine with the kind of therapy Chipper would get (if they decide to scope it)he wouldn’t miss more than a couple of weeks. And they may not even need to do that; if he can stand the discomfort–easy for me to say–he can probably play with it. I think it would hurt his fielding more than his hitting.

    It seems to me the bigger issue with Chipper is the aggregation of these injuries; at 39, his health isn’t going to get better. You just aren’t going to be able to count on him. It’s an awkward situation, but they have to start looking for a replacement. Chipper is still a good player but at some point, you have to face the music.

    I thought it was a great game. The Braves and Phillies are very evenly matched at this point. I assumed the Braves would find a way to lose it and was pleasantly surprised they did not–but walking the leadoff hitter with a one-run lead is asking for trouble.

  41. I think the Braves were ready in case Chipper went out. If Chipper was going to be out for a long time (6 weeks) there might be an issue, but 2-3 weeks of Hinske shouldn’t be a huge drop off. I would think that he might get exposed some, but he should be fine.

    We really need Heyward to be healthy.

  42. Yeah, but I think he means in the lineup. Hinske will probably be getting most of Prado’s starts in left.

  43. I agree with sansho. They have a replacement already. That was half the point of the Uggla deal.

  44. Sure, they have a replacement for Chipper, and even Prado, but not Hinske. If Chipper goes to the DL, the Braves need to call up a bopper. Mauro Gomez, maybe?

  45. I think we’ll be okay with Hinske for a short time, but remember that last year the more he played the less he produced.

  46. Mauro Gomez has been killing it in AAA. Do we have any room on the 40-man, because he might be “just what the doctor ordered.”

  47. Mauro Gomez can only play 1B right? Even if he could play LF, Ill take my chances with Hinske over Gomez.

  48. If we have to DL Chipper, I think we should bring up Boscan and let Ross slide into the #1 PH role. Of corse we won’t do that

  49. @58- It’s the obvious move, but you’re right; get ready for Wilkin Ramirez/Brandon Hicks should Chipper DL.

    On a positive note, if the cortisone shot works, the schedule sets up nicely. If he has to sit, four vs. Arizona/Houston are two of the best teams to do it against, and the Anaheim series lets you get his bat in the lineup as a DH for a few days.

  50. Anybody know a good AAA 3B/OF prospect, preferably one that’s blocked, in an organization that needs pitching?

  51. Dayan Viciedo?

    I guess the ChiSox are saving money by not calling him up before they put Morel/Pierre out to pasture.

  52. 64—Todd Frazier of the Reds, though he’s lost some luster, might work. Of course, they’re pretty loaded with pitching. Hmmm.

  53. More 3B: Josh Bell. Mat Gamel. Ian Stewart could probably be had right now for cheap…bleh.

  54. Really, our only position prospects in the minors that are having a good year from what I can tell are Tyler Pastornicky and Edward Salcedo. Joseph Terdoslavich has hit a ton of homers but doesn’t get on base at all.

  55. Ian Stewart appears to have come down with Garrett Atkins disease. I can’t figure why all their 3B suddenly forget how to hit. I hate it, because I paid an embarrassing amount of money for him at my fantasy auction this year.

    I’d like Gamel, if I believed he really had a position. But they’ve never believed in his glove, and his bat has stagnated — a bit like his erstwhile fellow hot prospect Matt LaPorta.

  56. I think we need an OF prospect if we need one at all. I feel like getting a long-term 3B would piss off Prado.

    That said, Gamel’s slash is (yes, PCL) 325/396/517. That’s my kind of stagnation. Put him in LF and cover your eyes.

  57. This was printed last week. Ozzie being Ozzie, I have no idea what he’s saying…

    “I cannot say anything because all of a sudden you see him play third base and you say, ‘What do we got? He told me two weeks ago he’s not third base,'” said Guillen of Viciedo. “I think it’s time for us to give this kid a shot and say, ‘You’re going to be outfield, DH, first base, third base,’ whatever he is.

    “When we start switching around, we play with this kid’s mind and I don’t think it’s fair. In the meantime, we try to put him in the best position to come to the big leagues as quick as he can. That’s not our fault. We just try to figure out where he can play and can help us here.

    “Playing third base, you give him a glove out there, he’ll step up and play. Right now, playing right field and playing the way he’s playing, we should leave him like that. Playing third base in the big leagues is not easy, especially when you’re not a legit third baseman.”

    Kenny Williams goes on to say Viciedo would be in RF now if not for Quentin. I suppose they’re just going to wait until June before benching Pierre.

  58. I’ve had 4 menisectomys. You are all correct the procedure is minor and after a couple of weeks I was running again. Trying to do anything athletic with the tear though was very hard. Of course I am sure that Chipper is way tougher than I am and he is way younger. Pretty tough choice, scoped and be out for 2 to 3 weeks, or try to play baseball with some pretty significant pain.

  59. Prado shares team RBI lead with CJ at 27! A lead of hitter on pace for 100RBIs without a DH. We may need back up outfielder who can play all 3 positions.

  60. Desmond Jennings would be an awesome get. TB hasnt called him up yet, but Im sure they see him as Upton’s replacement.

    How much would the Mets eat of Beltrans deal?

  61. Ryan Doumit should become a realistic target too. It would give Fredi the option of using Ross, which he hates.

  62. Its my understanding that he’s at $5.1M this year, but has 2012/13 club options with a $500K buyout. Isnt that right?

    The Pirates surely would eat some of that salary/buyout and he could be released at the end of the year. He’s a better bat than Conrad, Diory, Mather and could free up Ross to PH.

  63. Beltran makes sense to me, too. Might be just the bat we need to push the critical mass in our favor.

  64. What about Delmon Young? Right handed hitting. He is at 5.3 this year and one more arb year possible. On D/L now, but rehabbing. Last 3 years he is like 750 ops against righties and 850 against lefties. The Twins have to be close to “blowing it up.”

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