147 thoughts on “No excuse for losing these games game thread: May 16, Astros at Braves”

  1. Chuck and Chernoff were banging the Lowe for Granderson drum this am. Apparently, you don’t need to know much about sports to get a job talking about it.

  2. If we’re losing starting pitchers & Granderson (at present) is the Yankees’ top hitter, why would that trade ever happen?

  3. Is it official that Teheran is starting Wed? I’m taking my son to the game and I am pretty fired up to get a first-hand look at him (Teheran, not my boy).

  4. Ike Davis is hurt at the moment, too.

    Still, they’re only 19-21, they’ve won their last 3 series and they probably need to keep them around—yes, for the sake of the lineup and, let’s face it, the fanbase needs a reason to show up at the ballpark.

    But, come trade deadline, it’s hard to imagine those guys won’t get moved.

  5. You know, I bet Ryan Ludwick could be had from San Diego for not a ton. A RH who can play all three spots would see plenty of action. Bet he’d respond very positively to the change of scenery too.

  6. Rodrigo Lopez pitched today and is now 6-0. Mauro Gomez hit another HR, is up to 7, and has a cool .996 ops.

  7. Anyone know who the potential Atlanta buyer for the Thrashers was? Apparently, that isn’t going to happen and they’ll be heading North pretty soon.

  8. Rosenthal…
    “…suggests the Braves could target leadoff options Jose Reyes, Grady Sizemore, Denard Span or David DeJesus via trade or free agency after the season.”

  9. I think the Braves will try to keep AAG rather than go after Jose Reyes. But that’s just me.

  10. Reyes will be wayyyyy too expensive. Even though he probably won’t sustain his current pace, I don’t think the Bravos will be in on that one Ken.

    Over/under on sacrifice bunts tonight is 2.5. I’ll take the over.

  11. Wow… Are there many all-around players that are better than Prado? There can’t be many.

  12. That was a heck of a baseball play. Haven’t seen one that sweet in a long time.

  13. Why not just have hanson bat 2nd if you’re going to bunt every time prado gets on?

  14. Fredi can ride his motorcycle into a ditch. What a damn moron.

    Edit: And while he’s doing us a favor, he can let DOB ride along in the sidecar.

  15. The Braves are tied for 2nd in the league with 0.55 sac hits/gm. I’m sure they’ll pass the Cardinals(0.56) for the top spot by the end of the week.

    Btw, that doesn’t include sac flys. The Braves are near last in that category.

  16. You know, I’ve given it some thought: without Heyward or Chipper, our lineup is almost as bad as the Phillies’.

  17. I’d rather see the stats on number of sacrifice bunt attempts per game, not including the pitcher. We have to be at the top of that list.

    Waiting for the DOB interview with Fredi where he asks him about the infatuation with making outs on purpose in the early innings of the game…bet that would be riveting stuff.

  18. Damn. Well at least we’re getting lots of baserunners and making Myers work.

  19. 6 men left on base through 2 innings with no runs scored. That has to be really, really hard to do.

  20. 61- beat me to it.

    I’ve got a Home Depot Know-How Question of the Game:

    How the hell do you not score in those two innings?

  21. 64 — The first bunt didn’t actually result in an out. Not that I condone the idea.

  22. Not quite sure where Joe’s going with mention of Myers’ boxing if it isn’t to how he’s put it to use in his personal life.

  23. 71- Do you recommend a broad-spectrum antibiotic for that? Or maybe a neurotoxin-laced blow dart aimed at Fredi?

  24. Well, we have all seen this script play out many times before. Braves have base runners all night long without the big hit and the other team does squat but hits a hanger into the seats and now we are chasing…ugh

  25. Well, there’s no way Myers is getting past 6 (or maybe even 5), and their bullpen kinda sucks.

  26. Watching the ESPN game right now and Aaron Boone just talked about how all the guys who came by 3rd base would talk about how nasty Jake Westbrook was. Seems like if that was true he wouldn’t have had so many chances to hear their thoughts.

  27. I’m surprised *anyone* throws AAG a first pitch strike. Runners on nonetheless. let’s get runs!

  28. Ross and Heyward on the bench with the go-ahead runs in scoring position and we bat Mather. Sigh.

  29. My scorn apparently works wonders.

    There’s no damn way Hanson can hit a home run here. No way in hell.

  30. Oh no. This is the worst thing that could happen.. TWO bunts for hits.

    Now Fredi is going to think it’s a good idea to bunt all the time.

  31. I was a little surprised they played the infield in with the go-ahead run on 2nd. Although I think that ball was through either way.

  32. Okay, well I might not have gotten the Myers part right, but I’ll take credit for the runs there…

  33. My mlb.tv has been atrocious during this game, I saw a flash of what appeared to be Bill Hall charging the mound. Did that happen?

  34. How many times can AAG strike out with a runner on 3rd and less than 2 out? That’s seriously at least 4 times now over the past 2 games. Simply incredible.

  35. Haha, ESPN hyperbole at it’s best; Sutcliffe saying that he’s not surprised that La Russa in his first game made the move that might be winning the game.

    La Russa is playing Pujols at third to get Allen Craig in the line-up, who is currently 0 for 3 with 5 men lost on base… winning move for sure.

  36. Pujols’s agent (Boras? I feel like I should know, but I don’t care at all) to LaRussa: “So he can still play third base? 10 years and 400 million, then.”

  37. Talk about taking one for the team, Royals reliever gave up 10 runs in the 4th and still finished the inning. Kyle Davies left the game in the first so probably not a lot of choice.

  38. @ 134- It’s sad and cynical but that was my thought too, especially when the ESPN guys kept talking about how Pujols went to LaRussa and volunteered to do it…

  39. Prado just tied a Braves single game record with 3 GIDPs, shared with 4 others (maybe less than 4 if someone did it twice).

    Matty D in 2009, Yunel in 2008, Rowland Office, and Joe Adcock.

  40. Glad the Braves won, but I think the home plate umpire was late for a booty call or something, cause that last pitch was not a strike.

  41. A win for the good guys. Really shouldn’t have been that close though.

    Davies did walk 3 in the first inning before leaving with some injury, so he definitely could have been on track.

  42. Sweet Jesus the Astros are terrible. It’s really sad to see how far that franchise has fallen, but I’m glad the Braves were the beneficiaries of that tonight.

  43. Meanwhile, Mighty Mike Pelfry and his Amazin’ Mets are leading Josh Johnson’s Dolphins by a score of 1-0 after five.

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