Braves 5, Phillies 3

Philadelphia Phillies vs. Atlanta Braves – Box Score – May 14, 2011 – ESPN.

Jair Jurrjens continues to shine. He was perfect through 5 2/3 and even reached base twice. The Braves really needed it.

They led off the game in style, getting back-to-back homers from Martin Prado and Nate McLouth before resuming Hibernation Mode. At the time, it was looking like Jurrjens could keep any lead, as he was striking out many of the Phillies and getting the rest to hit ground balls. But with two out in the sixth, he walked allowed a hit to a pinch-hitter, then allowed a double to Jimmy Rollins to make it 2-1, though Eric Hinske threw out Rollins at third trying to stretch.

At any event, that woke up the offense for a little. Dan Uggla walked and Freddie Freeman reached on an infield single (I thought they got Uggla at second trying for the force.) Alex Gonzalez provided the usual noisy out, moving Uggla to third on a long fly ball. David Ross then laid down a bunt, reaching on a single and scoring Uggla. Jurrjens worked a walk, then Prado singled home two to make it 5-1.

After Phillies went in order in the seventh, the Braves loaded the bases with none out but couldn’t score. Jurrjens tired and allowed another walk-and-double combination with one out in the eighth. Jonny Venters came in but wasn’t at his sharpest, and allowed the runner to score on a passed ball to make it 5-3. Craig Kimbrel allowed a one-out walk in the ninth but that was it, and struck out two.

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  1. Beachy, as expected, headed to the DL. No word on who the callup will be. More importantly, no word on who will be sent down or axed when Proctor rejoins Sunday and SP gets called up on Wednesday.

  2. Boy, last night’s game was so frustrating & mentally exhausting. Guess that’s why today’s win feels great. Nice to trot out JJ & get another terrific effort after a game like that.

    Last night, I had to meet up with some folks for a get-together in Jersey, so on my drive, I was listening to every bunt & every squandered opportunity all the way from my Long Island office, over the Williamsburg Bridge, thru downtown Manhattan & thru the Holland Tunnel.

    I get to the place, but the Braves are having another (failed) rally, punctuated by Uggla’s just-missed-GSHR-turned-K. So, parked on a dark street in Jersey City, I listen to the last 2 innings, texting disingenuously, “Be there in a bit.” Feeling kinda creepy, I’m thinking, “This is wrong, but there’ll be a reward.”

    Of course, when the game ended, it was hard not to feel as if I’d been thrown out of the rollercoaster car, betrayed somehow. But that’s what fandom can do to you.

    Thanks for the measure of redemption, JJ.

  3. Wait, Posada refused to play because of his spot in the lineup? Seriously? I am really, really glad someone like that isn’t on the Braves. That is just about the most retarded thing I’ve heard about a baseball player this season.

  4. That’s not fair. It’s the last year of a multi-year deal. Those always look bad for older players. Most of the $13.1 million he’s being paid is for the first couple of years of the deal.

    It’s mostly that he refused to play over a spot in the lineup, then tried to pass it off as a back issue, then got really pissed when the GM answered a question honestly about the fictional back issue. He’s 39 years old, but he’s acting 12.

  5. What number did Nate wear last year? I see he got his mojo back with number 13. If he wore 26 last year that would be interesting.

  6. Braves’ rankings….
    OPS- 8th (up 3 from last update)
    ERA- 1st

    Interestingly enough, the Phillies are 1 ahead of us in OPS and one behind us in ERA.

    Minors update: Delgado improved to 4-1 last night going 7 innings and not giving up a run. He now has a 2.38 ERA and through 45.1 innings he has 45 strikeouts.

  7. Delgado is also on the 40-man. Does he get a spot start at Atlanta?

    Considering service time, it is best to give it to Minor, or now, Teheran.

  8. I’m sorry I missed Sarah Silverman in the Fox booth with Buck and McCarver yesterday. She’s not my favorite comedian, but I guarantee those two smug stuffed shirts had no idea what to do with her.

  9. Just saw on ESPN that Burn in Hell is gonna be out of the lineup today with a sore hamstring.

  10. Starting Pitching WAR rankings…
    Jair Jurrjens- 12th
    Tommy Hanson- 16th
    Tim Hudson- 19th
    Derek Lowe- 22nd
    Brandon Beachy- 30th

    Two aces and three #2 starters…not bad.

  11. Joey, Posada’s deal was insane from the start. He somehow had the best season of his career when he was 35 in a walk year, and so they gave him $52.4 million to play until he was 39. No late-30s catcher in the history of baseball, not even Fisk, would be worth that kind of bread. The Yankees made their bed and laid in it when they decided to give stupid money to a late-30s catcher who was guaranteed to break down. It’s remarkable that he hit as well as he did the first three years of the deal, but a lot of that money was always going to wind up being wasted.

  12. Lineup per DOB:

    Braves lineup: 1. Prado LF, 2. McLouth CF, 3. Jones 3B, 4. McCann C, 5. Uggla 2B, 6. Hinkse RF, 7. Gonzalez SS, 8. Freeman 1B, 9. Hudson P

  13. Can someone please frame Fredi Gonzalez for a felony of some sort? He is literally ruining baseball for me.

  14. Dan Uggla actually seems to be getting worse. Aside from the BABIP issues, he’s hitting more ground balls and, conversely, fewer fly balls. Which is bad.

  15. By the way, today’s game is the freebie on MLBtv.

    Enjoying the unis today. Both sides, actually.

  16. uh oh

    looks like our vaunted SP depth is gonna be tested. I say bring up Rodrigo Lopez and Minor (we do need a lefty). when we find a taker for Lopez (seems like that’s what he was brought in for), hopefully for a bat (Chris Davis seems like a guy who needs a change of scenery, PLUS, he can play 3B and the OF marginally), bring up Teheran then. super two status SUCKS.

    this team is sending me very unsettling signs right now.

  17. I know it would be the wrong match up, but I am just happy Fredi didn’t start Mather to be the automatic out hand cuff with Conrad. That would be a Sunday lineup that would be real potent behind Hudson

  18. Wow…a break! Looks like Halladay watched too much Cueto’s play on Sportscenter and was trying to answer back.

  19. Conrad hasn’t done much of anything this year to disprove the notion that last season was a fluke.

  20. I don’t really think it’s the first baseman’s job to argue too many calls.

  21. Hudson really hasn’t looked good all game. He’s lucky to have only given up two runs.

  22. Uggla seemed to be a little more confident that at bat…didn’t chase the bad pitches he has been so far this season. Hopefully the broken bat hit snapped him out of it

  23. This looks familiar…let’s see if Alex can NOT strike out again.

    Edit: Too predictable. (Sigh)

  24. or not…he has seen a whole 6 pitches in his 2 at bats with nobody out and a runner on third

  25. Gotta admit, I thought Hudson was finished last inning. Nice job there all around.

  26. Who finally found the real Dan Uggla, and what happened to the imposter that has been wearing his number?

  27. My God, that was 97 at the knees on the inside corner.

    EDIT: and the next pitch was 98 and out of the strike zone.

  28. I dunno guys, he walked the first guy after a couple of good pitches, but Kimbrel looks unhittable to me.

  29. That rookie umpire cost us a sweep on Friday.

    The braves absolutely have out played the Phillies the last two weeks.

    Great win today.

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