Atlanta Braves vs. Cincinnati Reds – Box Score – July 22, 2011 – ESPN

Atlanta Braves vs. Cincinnati Reds – Box Score – July 22, 2011 – ESPN.

You can’t spell “dangerous” without “Dan”. Continuing to suggest that he is the genuine article that the Braves traded for and not some sort of cheap knockoff, Dan Uggla hit a pinch two-run, two-out homer in the top of the ninth to give the Braves a 6-4 lead and the eventual win.

It was all homers, or almost all, last night. I suppose there are those who like such things, but I personally find it unelegant. The Reds got a solo homer to take the lead in the first. Jason Heyward and Brian McCann hit back-to-back solo homers in the sixth to make it 2-1. The only non-homer run scored in the sixth when Alex Gonzalez singled in McCann.

Unfortunately, Jair Jurrjens couldn’t hold the lead, allowing a two-run shot to tie followed by a solo homer to take the lead in the botton of the inning; Jurrjens allowed four hits on the night, but three were homers.

Martin Prado tied it in the seventh with, of course, a homer. AAG singled leading off the ninth, followed by a bunt because that’s what you want on a night where six homers have been hit. With two out, Uggla homered him in. Craig Kimbrel got the save with no difficulties.

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  1. July –

    Uggla – .279/.362/.639/1.002 (Do we stop “Ban the Dan!”?)
    Freeman – .309/.397/.632/1.030

    Heyward also has a .509SLG% this month.

  2. I’m under the impression that we’ll Un-Ban the Dan once he hits the mendoza line.

    If Heyward’s really alive, it’s going to be fun.

  3. Can’t really fault Jurrjens too much tonight. He didn’t have his best command but Lewis’ homer and maybe the first one as well wouldn’t have left the yard in Atlanta.

  4. Braves are 59-41. Play .500 and Braves will win 90 games. I would not be excited if Braves back into the Wild Card. Bench is contributing and we are almost healthy again. There is a chance to catch Phils if they stop being so lucky.

  5. Watched a cub fan catch a HR with his bare hands on highlights. I pity a fan who tries to catch one of JH’s line drive HR with his bare hands.

  6. I wouldnt say the Phils are lucky, they have given up the least amount of runs in the majors with (322). Braves are second at (351). If we could get Proctor out of the pen, we might close that gap.

  7. Gwinnett last night….

    Pastornicky went 3 for 5 now (.421)
    Jaye Chapman had another good outing, season stats 37.1IP 23H 12BB 45K 2.17ERA 0.90WHIP

  8. @9
    We have lost 4 games this year by one run that Scott Proctor was either the direct cause (giving up the go-ahead run) or the indirect cause…
    May 18th- came in 7th with 3-2 lead and gave up a run
    June 18th- came in 10th tied ballgame and gave up a run
    July 3rd- came in 7th after Braves rally with 4 runs and quickly gives up 2 runs
    July 8th- we know the story…

    Scott Proctor sucks. 21-12 would look a whole lot better!

  9. #8–and I am hoping that we don’t learn that the Braves traded a top prospect for two months of Beltran….

  10. As the deadline nears, the Mets are apparently softening up on their “eat all of Beltran’s salary” stance.

    I think Beltran can be had for less than Pence.

  11. He should be had for less than Pence. He’s got 2 monts left on his deal and cant be offered arb. I would like to see us improve the team, but whats the cost and does it put us over the top?

  12. 13, agreed 100%. Minor’s value is so much higher than 2 months of Beltran that I would not even consider that trade even if the Mets paid all of those 6 million.

  13. I think Beltran goes in the next few days. He has to be dealt 24 hours before the trade deadline ends. I don’t think teams will risk him vetoing anything and running up to the deadline scurrying for someone.

    Of course, Boras is probably in on any deal and Beltran’s interest would be known in advance.

  14. I guess I just don’t get the attachment to Minor. I would understand if he was our future in the rotation and we were pinning our hopes on him, but.. he isn’t. We have a number of other rotation options, some still in the minors and some in the majors. Assuming they all pan out (and since we’re assuming that Minor is going to pan out in our reluctance to trade him, I think it’s fair to do so here), Minor would probably end up the fifth best pitcher in the rotation behind Teheran/Delgado/Hanson/Jurrjens. And, that’s also assuming Vizcaino goes to the pen, Beachy regresses a good deal, and we don’t bother with any “veteran” pitchers.

    Even if I’m generous and assume that Jurrjens leaves and Hanson ends up worse than Minor, I’d still do Minor for Beltran or Pence.

    Maybe I’m just young and hasty and would prefer to win now than to dream about the future.

  15. Minor’s a lefty mlb ready starter, and one should have a care about giving him to a divisional rival. For the record, most Top 10 reports had he and Delgado ranked equally, or Minor a bit ahead, FWIW.

    /edit – I’d much rather deal a top prospect to Tampa.

  16. I wouldn’t give up too much for Upton. I think we may just be checking the price to use as a counter.

  17. It would be similar to the reverse of the Yunel trade in some ways. Someone with a lot of potential that you think just needs a change of scenery.

  18. @26

    Yeah, and maybe the Rays will flip the best pitching prospect in the deal to KC for Franoeur..

  19. I guess I just don’t get the attachment to Minor.

    Especially considering that on the day Minor was drafted; about everyone here was complaining and saying the Braves wasted their first round pick on a future #4 starter.

  20. #Braves lineup: 1. Prado 3B, 2. Heyward RF, 3. McCann C, 4. Freeman 1B, 5. Uggla 2B, 6. Hinske LF, 7. Gonzalez SS, 8. McLouth CF, 9. Lowe P

  21. Whit Heyward’s recent uptick and Uggla hitting, doesn’t it really make sense to go after a CF that can lead off and get on base?

  22. @33 – Well, compared to Schafer, Upton is a leadoff man.

    But really, I guess Prado would lead off. I would see Upton as a 7 or 6 guy.
    He’s a heck of a CF. I just don’t know if what we have is what TB needs/wants.

  23. Would CJ lead off? CJ, MP, JH, BM, FF, DU, AG, CF, P?
    He is good on base man. or Prado could lead off with JH second?

  24. I’m starting to think we should be concentrating more on upgrading SS instead of CF.

  25. @38

    There are more CF out there than SS. Not sure if any of the available short stops would be an upgrade.

  26. Not sure if any of the available short stops would be an upgrade.

    Any short stop would be an upgrade.

    Gonzalez: .227/.261/.341

  27. @41 – But since Fredi is going nowhere, there is no way he would sign off on a deal for Hanley.

  28. Well, when Bobby was here, there was no way in hell Wren was making a deal without his consent. Now that it’s Fredi, whom Wren hired, I think Wren would be able to override Fredi. But it’s generally unwise to import players whom your manager vehemently doesn’t want to manage.

  29. Last year I wouldve agreed AAR, but lefties are hitting .317 off of him this season. He’s only K’d 14 of 40 lefties also.

  30. Apparently Chipper is rehabbing tonight and tomorrow in Rome and may be available to play Monday.

  31. In Reyes’s career, right-handed batters have 1063 plate appearances against Reyes, and they have amassed a .910 OPS (!). Lefties have a .744 OPS against him. He is so not a starting pitcher.

    But if you assume that moving to the bullpen tends to add about 1.5 miles an hour to the average pitcher’s fastball, there’s an outside shot that he might be able to exploit a platoon split. He’ll probably have a career shuttling between the minors and the majors for another 10 years because of WHIL — the acronym I invented a few years ago that stands for Well, He IS a Lefty — but there is no justification whatsoever for allowing him to start games or pitch to right-handed batters.

  32. BTW, the fox announcers just talked about the struggling Dan Uggla. Yeah, last 6 weeks he’s been brutal.

  33. Okay, so who are these “people” the announcers are talking about who are allegedly saying that Prado is the Braves’ MVP this season?

  34. Snitkered.

    Great slide by Heyward, for sure, and it looked like he made it in safe. But you’re never going to get that call when the ball beats you by that much. That ball was hit too hard to send the runner.

  35. The next time an umpire is in the right position to make a call might be the first time it will have happened all year.

  36. Mac, in your poll where you ask about Snitker, “Wait, he’s getting PAID for this?”

    … do we know for sure who’s paying him?

  37. Geez, folks. You gotta send Heyward there. Gomes made a perfect throw and it looked like he was still safe. Its not like he was out by 10 feet

  38. Yeah, the chances of Heyward scoring on that play before the throw was made were surely better than the chances of someone getting a hit to drive him in.

  39. Could someone please jam Mitch Williams into a paper sack and throw him into the dumpster out back?

    I like Thom Brennaman, but yeesh, the idiots they have him working with every week…

  40. Did anyone else notice that Derek’s single hit the edge between grass and dirt in the outfield and kicked back towards Gomes in left? If that doesn’t happen, the ball may have hooked into the corner for a 2B.

  41. Yeah, the way they cut the grass and made it hard against that dirt mound definitely affected the play. I’m sure it’s intentional too, because it funnels the ball back towards the OF.

  42. @85 – well, Lowe did reach 2B on the play but without that weird bounce it’s quite likely that McLouth would also have scored.

  43. Braves have been wasting chances left and right so far, and with Derek Lowe pitching in this bandbox I’m fairly sure we’ll need more than 2 runs to win this one. Sigh…

  44. Frustrating, but their pitcher isn’t fooling anyone and at this rate isn’t long for this game.

  45. AAG sucks, sucks, sucks. That would have been yet ANOTHER easy DP ball with less than two outs.

  46. I don’t wanna jinx it, but if Uggla were to get a hit in his next at bat, he will have reached the mendoza line.

  47. The no-hitter outlasted the shutout by two innings.

    Edit: Nice to see that we’re not the only team that screws up the sacrifice bunt.

  48. Thanks for the outs, Dusty!

    EDIT: Apparently Brian J. and I are the same person today. If so, he is as stunningly handsome as he is witty.

  49. Thank you, Ralph. I’ve always found you charming and debonair, myself.

    Seriously, Dusty Baker is basically essence of distilled Fredi.

  50. I feel compelled to renew my distate and the Braves’ extraordinary inability to advance and drive in runners in this game. Yes, Bailey will/should be out of the game soon, but we should be running up the score here. Very frustrating.

  51. I can’t really comment on Brennaman since whatever he says gets lost in the stupid of Mitch Williams.

    Seriously, do “expert” commentators get picked at random without any kind of try-out or do they just think they have to be as stupid as Joe Morgan.

  52. Typical Lowe…look in control then crap on himself all of a sudden. And I am betting Fredi the brain surgeon doesn’t have anyone up in the pen yet

  53. I mean, we could still win this one, but we should have 5-6 runs already at this point if not for the Braves’ myriad offensive failures. Seems like it’s just not our day, you know?

  54. Typical Lowe…look in control then crap on himself all of a sudden.

    Derek Lowe: pitching incontinence?

  55. So who is the skinny guy they use for Sherill’s picture on the ESPN Gamecast? Doesn’t look so much like a Civil War veteran

  56. It looks like a textile mill in the bullpen right now – Cheryl’s 3x shirt from the left side and the white flag on the right.

  57. The good news is that Fredi is bringing in a righty to face Gomes, so maybe if we get him then he’ll use him correctly. That’s probably too optimistic.

    Also, Gomes just failed in his audition, so maybe we won’t give up anything useful for him. A spare part or two would be OK, I guess.

  58. Why did Fox switch away from the Braves game to the Phillies game?

    Censoring Scott Proctor for the little kids that may be watching.

  59. I am now really against acquiring Gomes since Proctor struck him out (not that I really wanted him anyway)

  60. A second inning of Proctology works as well as every sane person thinks it would. Which excludes Fredlot.

  61. Proctor deserves credit for not ‘Gryboing’ anybody. He wants his suck to be credited to only him.

  62. @135… because Proctor struck out the immortal deadline trade target Johnny Gomes. Although Proctor did manage to raise his 6.00 ERA to 6.55 in less than an inning, which is tough to do when your ERA is already that high

  63. Here comes the White Flag, Christian Martinez

    Would much rather had seen him instead of proctor

  64. Meanwhile, in Philly, Chad Qualls is doing his best Proctor impression. Three home runs in this inning!

  65. Ugh, well, I still put a lot of blame on the offense for failing so hard early on. Their pitcher had nothing and we didn’t cash in.

  66. 140- If Martinez is the White Flag, then what’s Proctor? Other than incompetent, I mean.

  67. 7 runs in 1 inning by our right handed dynamic duo. This is a cry for help, wren. Bring up someone else and get us a RH reliever.

  68. @152 He could be dead and would still represent a significant improvement.

  69. Herndon looks just as crappy. He also looks like he’s getting squeezed, not that I’m complaining.

    Edit: Sadly, not quite crappy enough.

  70. When does one of our intrepid reporters get the nerve to ask Fredi why Proctor is on the club?

  71. Buster Olney is predicting that Vizcaino will be in the big league bullpen before too long.

  72. Since July 10, the combination of Proctor, Gearrin and Martinez (suggestions for O’Ventbrel-esque combo nickname welcome):

    9.0 IP
    22 H
    23.00 ERA
    3.89 WHIP
    12 BB/7 K

    Right-handed relieving must be atop the priority list.

  73. Right-handed relieving is needed, but not at the top of our list. It is probably the easiest thing to get in baseball

  74. Proctor and Martinez combine to give Reds 7 runs in the 7th. Result is, Braves will now trail Phillies by 5.5. Bullpen era MASSACRED. Here’s my deal for the Met’s, We trade (Proctor, Martinez, Minor) for Carlos Beltran, A Bag Lady and a Crack Head, who by the way both have a lower era than Proctor and Martinez. What the heck is Fredi thinking, we can’t afford to give up ground on the Phillies now. Talking about needing a bat? Lowe had the only RBI’s today, something has got to give….

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