71 thoughts on “Ward of the state game thread: April 20, Braves at Team Bud”

  1. Man, how can you mess up a financial opportunity like the Los Angeles Dodgers?

    I mean, it’s hard to have a better brand. Great history, great market, as recognizable a logo as Coca-Cola …

    Let me try. I can guarantee we’ll break even.

  2. Same lineup…Heyward needs to get going and Garland is the perfect guy to help him with that.

  3. Did anyone see that Philliebot pitch? I couldn’t help but think that pitching machines, having already been invented and capable of much greater accuracy and power, should have made such an invention unnecessary – though they do contain decidedly less silicon, which I guess makes them out of vogue.

    In that vein, the Phillies suck.

  4. It wasn’t meant to replace pitching machines, it was just part of some city wide science fair or something.

  5. Congratulations Philly, you’ve invented a podium that’s capable of dropping a baseball 15 feet in front of itself.

  6. We’re going to break through garland. Don’t give up yet guys. Remember, McLouth is up next inning.

  7. So, I haven’t watched many other full games other than braves games, but the braves catchers have been throwing up the line a bit more and it’s been quite successful. Is this by accident or is it a new strategy?

  8. I’m drinking a Michelob Ultra and it’s bloody awful. McLouth is looking good and maybe the 2nd spot in our order is cursed. Heyward is swinging at everything.

  9. This does suck–it was only 2-0, when I went for breakfast.

    #38–Or Todd Redmond….

  10. I wish Andre Ethier was on our team! I have a 7:00 meeting in the morning. Can’t decide if I should go to bed or stay up and keep watching in the hope that the Braves will get something going and get back into this!

  11. Another Olen story…
    We had a game again tonight (where we were beat 15-0 in SOFTBALL!!!). Olen, like almost every game, starts the 1st inning off with multiple errors, including 2 that would have gotten us out of the inning without the other team scoring. So, about the 7th batter comes up, a puny petite woman. She pops up weakly to Olen. He circles the ball, gets under it, and then tries to catch the pop-up with his arm “chicken-winged” out awkardly with his glove facing down. It hits off the top of his glove and rolls weakly past 3rd base, 2 runners score. He turns to me and says the excuse that’s so overly used in softball that it should be banned, “the sun was in my eyes”. It was 7:30…no sun.

  12. I just want whoever is in the two hole to not suck. I don’t care if it’s McLouth or Heyward. It’s a shame that he cooled off right when the lineup changed. With Chipper behind him he’s actually having to hit to get on base, and it’s not happening.

  13. Yeah–in this series Jason has started to look a bit less confident with each game…

  14. Vin Scully said ‘it’s almost like you have a lisp when you pronounce it’ when The Lisp came into the game tonight. I’m gonna miss Vin when he’s gone.

  15. What is up with Heyward? Hitting coach, unsure, inury, manager….way too talented to be struggling this bad. WHAT THE HELL IS IT?

  16. The Good: Sitting in my favorite Irish pub in Sunnyside with a friend & my favorite bartender watching the Braves, if only on a tiny TV.

    The Bad: Watching them offer up another sad offensive effort. (Wow—Heyward is in an awful slump.)

    The Silver Lining: Watching the NY Rangers cough up a 3-goal 3rd period lead in a key playoff game, only to die even more horribly in double-OT. (Devils fans never root for NYR.)

    The Hope: In 4 starts, Kershaw’s been bad game/good game. He’s in line for his bad game. A split would be just fine.

  17. What’s wrong with Braves fans? Nate is freaking awesome, and Heyward freaking sucks.

    Seriously, Jason needs to stay within himself. The kid just needs to relax.

    What’s up with Nate?

  18. “Yeah, we just got blitzed again, first and second inning. You saw the intensity in the at-bats in the first couple of innings, and then we fell behind 5-1 or 6-1, and there’s no telling from then on how many at-bats were wasted.”

    Oh, Chipper, please just be quiet. The pitchers don’t want to give up runs in the early innings, just like Jason doesn’t want to be hitting under the Mendoza line.

  19. I don’t understand how we manage our roster sometimes.

    Heyward is the only player who has not had a day off. Matty D would be a nice fill in for Heyward when he needs a day off vs. a LHP. Of course we let Diaz go because Wren had a hard on to give Joe Mather and George Sherrill his money.

    Why is Lowe going on 3 days rest, with a blister, on April 20th? Ridiculous. Call up somebody and let them pitch.

    This is not unique to Fredi. Bobby ran Heyward out there for a month and a half when it was apparent he was hurt. The braves treat their players terribly, unless you are named Chipper Jones, then you get any day off you want.

  20. Yep, the Braves have no one that can play RF to give Heyward a day off. Anyone want Young and McLouth out there? Its like two Juan Pierre and Johnny Damon.

    Kershaw going today. I expect Bmac to have the day game off. I dont see Heyward having much luck against Kershaw either. JJ had better keep them scoreless.

  21. 63 – Did he really say that? It’s good I’m not a professional athlete. If I was a pitcher, I’d slam him through the media.

    As for Kershaw, he has been excellent, decent, excellent, and bad his last four starts. He also has two devastating out pitches, doesn’t surrender home runs often, and is left handed. The fact that his only chink in the armor is control doesn’t bode well for the Braves; they swing at everything.

    I feel deeply annoyed at this team.

  22. As I recall, this isn’t the first time Chipper has had something to say about the pitching, which is one small flaw on an otherwise very good public teammate persona

  23. Well, you know, the offense did have the 1st AB. Im sure the starting staff would love a run or two also.

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