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  1. Derek Lowe said something about the team being tired after finishing spring training with a bunch of day games and seemed to think the day off yesterday will prove beneficial for them. So to borrow a Peanutism, maybe today is the day we right the ship.

  2. gonna try to get all the ol’ cliches out of the way…

    flip the script. go on a tear. change course. start fresh. it’s a brave new world, folks.

  3. @4: I thought at first you said “Kevin Gregg”–in which case I would have called you silly.

  4. Gonna go ahead and get this out there…just have to tip your cap to them, we ran into a good pitcher tonight.

  5. @14

    He’s no longer working for the Braves. I’m not sure who he’s working for now, but he left the Rome Braves to become the Gwinnett Braves’ TV announcer on CSS (Comcast Sports Southeast, for those not in the know) during their inaugural season, and then kind of disappeared after that.

  6. A message to Derek Lowe: If being tired after finishing spring training with a bunch of day games is so important, then why don’t they put it on the scoreboard?

  7. This team could use Yunel Escobar (sans his personality).

    .458/.531+.750=1.281 would be nice.

  8. @9
    next year the Marlins will not be wearing teal. They’re getting a new ballpark and will be called the MIAMI Marlins. Rumor has it their main color is going to be blue. The new colors will be announced in November. I live down here and all 19 fans are really excited.

  9. @19

    They could use him with his personality too. To me the idea of being a “clubhouse cancer” is on the same list as having “grit” or being “scrappy”, i.e. bullshit.

    Baseball players aren’t robots, they have their own personalities that have nothing to do with their or anyone else’s ability, etc.

    IMO AAG’s reactions after striking out or hitting into a GIDP are far more infuriating than Escobar flipping his bat or double clutching a routine throw to first.

    Anyway, I’m going to limit myself to this one post about Escobar because I don’t like thinking bad things about Wren and Bobby and the whole subject of Escobar just conjures bad thoughts in waves.

  10. Downeaster, it doesn’t matter if you’re infuriated by AAG’s reactions after striking out or hitting into a GIDP. But it definitely matters if the team is infuriated by them. You’re right, they’re not robots — they’re affected by entirely irrational factors. I generally don’t put a whole lot of stock in the notion of a “happy clubhouse,” but if the entire team lost faith in Yunel, that would negatively affect the team’s ability to keep him on the roster.

  11. I’d welcome Jeffy back before I would Yoko. Except for the GIDPs, Jeff only managed to get himself out. Yoko managed to bring everyone down.

  12. Is it too late for the cliché game? “We hit the ball hard all night, but right at people. We just gotta keep swingin’ the bats, stickin’ with what we know works, and we’ll get a few to drop in.”

  13. AAG’s reaction to striking out is identical to his reaction to making a great play. If you think he’s not as upset as you are when he strikes out, I suspect you’re probably right. Then again, I was out of my chair at a double play he turned the other day, and he treated it like no big deal.

  14. Nice start to the game by Hanson. He wasn’t always hitting his spots, and some pitches to Coghlin were up, but no one got any good swings in against him. I’ll definitely take that.

  15. Yeah, I’m pretty jazzed about Hanson. He hit 94 on several fastballs and 95 on the last one of the inning. Command was bad on the one curveball he threw, but he nailed McCann’s glove on a few sliders and fasballs.

  16. Are there even 6000 people in the stands tonight? Chipper isn’t going to like this.

  17. That bunt ended up OK. I guess.

    Maybe not. “That baby’s bullpen-bound!”

    I’ll take bad alliteration for 1000, Alex.

  18. That was a nice play on both ends.

    Whenever Hanson gets on top of his pitches he gets a good amounts of groundouts, when not, his pitches seem to be too flat and get hammered.

  19. Only Agon and Hanson without hits tonight.

    Freeman will be fine. Five game hitting streak and just missed getting his first HR of the season.

  20. Yeh, I know he’s not a ground ball pitcher as such, but for me it looks like his pitches are too flat/straight when he doesn’t get them down in the bottom of the strike zone and that is when he gets hit hard.

  21. If the finalist for whipping boy keep playing like they have tonight, we are going to be a great team

  22. Great bounce back from Tommy tonight, saw him hitting 94 with several fastballs. Unbelievable defense behind him tonight too.

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