Full picture game thread: April 6, Braves at Brewers

Admittedly, Atlanta did steal the Braves from Milwaukee. However, have you ever stopped to consider that the Hawks also used to play in Milwaukee? I think we’re even.

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  1. #2- ouch…I was going to defend him, but I dont see how thats possible with that choice of music.

  2. Um, I’m not that much older than Freddie Freeman, and his musical tastes are definitely not because of his age. They just suck.

  3. I can deal with Freeman’s musical tastes a lot better than I can some of the other stuff I hear. Now if he starts buying Miley Cyrus music too, the Braves may want to trade him before it’s too late.

  4. At least the Hawks make the playoffs fairly regularly. Try following the Wizards.

  5. Marc,

    I’d trade everybody on the Hawks for the opportunity to watch John Wall do the dougie.

  6. Freeman’s second because Matt Young’s getting his first start tonight. Freeman second, Gonzo seventh, Young eighth. Everything else normal.

  7. Justin Bieber explained Fredi’s lineup decisions in a song on his first album:

    “‘Cause [Fredi] is a eenie, meenie, miney, mo, [lineup constructor]”

  8. While McLouth sucks, I am pretty sure that his ceiling is way higher than Young’s. Now obviously, if Young wants to start ripping the cover off the ball, I’ll be more than happy to have been proven wrong on this.

  9. McLouth’s ceiling certainly used to be higher than Young’s. But I’m not convinced that he’s got the same abilities, or potential, that he had in 2008. Right now, he’s just a terrible baseball player who has been awful for over a year.

  10. This show “Intentional Talk” on MLB Network is almost unbearable. I wonder what makes television people think that you can take the Pardon the Interruption formula, stick two random people in, and have it be as good. So far it’s just lots of screaming.

  11. Fredi’s just giving some off-days to guys who’ve been struggling a bit. Makes good sense to me.

  12. PTI sucks with the guys on it here. A foreign accent might even be a improvement, all things being equal.

  13. I’m ok with sitting regulars once in a while – and sitting Nate any time -, but not after five f***ing games with an off day between them. Where’s the sense in that?

  14. They are sitting McLouth because the Hanson-and-McLouth-for-McCutchen trade is imminent.

    It could happen.

  15. Guess he just wants to get his bench guys some early action, other than that, I’ve got nothing.

  16. If your goal is to keep your guys fresh, waiting until they’re worn out to start spelling them doesn’t really seem like the greatest idea. I’m sure he’ll keep it to people we have suitable backups for. So Heyward and Uggla probably won’t be seeing a whole lot of days off.

    Thus far, the guys who have gotten/will get days off are McCann, a catcher who’s gonna get a day off per week regardless; Freeman, a rookie whose backup (assuming it stays Hinske) is someone we’d like to see get some at-bats; McLouth, and I don’t think anything more needs to be said here; and Chipper, who you’d better get used to seeing get a day off a week, as well. I can’t fathom being the slightest bit upset about this.

  17. @21
    I think it’s brilliant if there’s not a dropoff in production. Everyone stays fresh. The player sitting is available for PH duties. This system is the sole reason why I would love for Ross to get some reps at first. Ross steps in at first once every 8-9 games for Freddie when facing a tough lefty and still relieves Brian every 5 or 6. The lineup gets a little more RH pop and the bench gets a little more LH pop. Pretty common sense to me.

  18. And Heyward’s gonna need some days off, too. Henry Aaron used to tell Dusty Baker that you just needed to do whatever it took to play your 150 games. Jason ought to get to rest that back of his a dozen times or so to keep him fresh for the stretch, if we’re to have any prayer of getting there.

  19. Courtesy of AJC’s twitter….

    “South Carolina says QB Stephen Garcia has been suspended indefinitely for unacceptable behavior. Story to come.”

  20. It wouldn’t be BravesJournal if the gallery wasn’t whinging about virtually meaningless lineup decisions six games into the season.

  21. I think I’d like a middle ground between Fredi’s announced one-a-day approach (which, who knows if it will continue) and Bobby’s Sunday white flag. Something where you get to see the optimum lineup a little more often while still getting some PT for the bench.

    In thinking about it, I realized that part of the issue is we’ve constructed a roster with zero extant platoon arrangements. I think…I don’t like that.

  22. I know most metrics imply that line-up order doesn’t account for much, but I just don’t like Heyward in the 6-hole. at all.

  23. Perhaps Minor is putting extra pressure on himself to prove to the Braves that they were wrong to go with Beachy? This is painful to watch.

  24. On one hand, I’m relieved that the Braves aren’t down by more. On the other, I’m really annoyed that they’re not winning.

  25. btw, he got 4 strikes and no one caught it

    nevermind, I didnt see him foul off strike 3

  26. 76—Lucroy’s hurt. Nieves isn’t their normal starter.

    Although Kottaras should probably be playing ahead of him.

    Matt Young!

  27. 78—Sure, but I don’t think it’s because the Brewers want him there anymore than the Braves wanted Corky starting when he was here.

    I’m just glad we get to play them when they don’t have Greinke, Hart, or Lucroy.

  28. As much as I disdain Chipper’s glove, that was a good play. Nothing special, but solid.

  29. Two curveballs just off the plate, then a change-up, and of course Yuniesky Betancourt slaps it into left for an RBI double. Of all the freaking guys.

    Seriously, an intentional walk to Nieves, the catcher who hits like a pitcher?

  30. We have to make Roenicke make a decision here. Does he want to leave his stud starting pitcher in and waste a chance, or pinch hit and risk us scoring maybe one or two more runs off their bullpen? Tough call.

    I see he decided to leave the clubhouse leader for the NL Cy Young in. Guess that’s why they pay him the big bucks.

  31. Extension for Estrada? They need to buy out his arbitration years before he gets too much leverage. I think 4 years, 45 million should get it done.

  32. Prince is pwning the Braves’ shifts.

    EDIT: I feel like I need to apologize for Minor’s poor performance, so I’m sorry, y’all.

  33. There will be better days for Minor, Stu. He’s still a baby, and the score could be worse.

  34. Yeah, and he didn’t get a lot of help from his infield.

    How did McCann not tag Fielder?

  35. 99—Yeah, it’s like the Jim Joyce call that cost Galarraga the perfect game; when it’s the right call and the easy call, there’s no excuse for not making it. So frustrating.

  36. Mike Sciosia would have gotten knocked silly, but he would took that hit from Fat Boy.

  37. And then suddenly, I don’t mind as much having him bat behind guys who get on base a lot. :-)

  38. I think I missed when the Braves transitioned to a cruel, bizarre alternate universe where Yuniesky Betancourt and Nyjer Morgan were Braves-killers…

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