192 thoughts on “Philthy game thread: May 13, Phillies at Braves”

  1. I may or may not have started Ruiz tonight on my fantasy team. With the way the season has gone, this should jinx him into sucking against us.

  2. And the reason I’ve been Tweeting #matherfacts for the past hour:

    1. Prado LF, 2. McLouth CF, 3. Jones, 3B, 4. McCann C, 5. Uggla 2B, 6. Freeman 1B, 7. Gonzalez SS, 8. Mather RF, 9. Beachy

  3. Tonight would be nice for Uggla to break out. We’re pushing May and he still isn’t hitting for shit.

    All the peripherals would slide right (mostly) into place if he were hitting an empty 100 pts higher.

  4. I’ve got palinco on my fantasy team, and I’m not benching him but ill take an 0-fer.

  5. Here’s a Mather fact: He sucks, bless his heart. We sure are carrying a lot of dead weight.

  6. Braves will add Proctor on Sunday.

    From DOB:

    “Proctor has a 1.06 ERA and three saves in 14 appearances for Gwinnett, and has recorded 24 strikeouts in 17 innings while allowing just 10 hits and five walks.”

    Any chance he won’t stink in ATL?

  7. Linebrink, Proctor…has Wren just gone through a painful breakup? Because he’s calling his old girlfriends all of a sudden. You can’t go home again, Frank.

  8. Well since Billy Wagner turned down his money, and went back home to his wife and kids…

  9. Did anybody catch jon stewart making fun of the lawyer sueing roger mcdowell last night? It was good stuff.

  10. Tipping the cap on that one…where the hell did that land? Looked like it hit midway up the blue batting eye in CF. Sheesh.

  11. Dear God, why are we bunting in the first inning? Fredi Gonzalez is the dumbest human being alive and will always be known as such because nobody will ever be dumber.

    I mean it worked, sort of, but still.. second batter of the game and you call a bunt?

    Edit: And while I’m at it, Brian Jordan is even worse than Joe.

  12. Maybe if Uggla ditched the boys medium jerseys and got one that fit he would be a little more helpful at the plate. Starting to not like him so much

  13. We should have put a clause in his extension voiding it if he hit below .200, or making him pay us money, or something.

  14. I can’t believe Uggla will be in a Braves uniform for four more seasons. He is one of the worst players in the NL.

  15. Brian Jordan: “I’m not a doctor.” Thanks for clearing that up, buddy.

  16. Could be a back issue. Might’ve done it while swinging the bat. Beachy threw one warm-up pitch & McCann summoned the dugout.

  17. Time to switch to KC/Detroit where Verlander is 4 innings from a Vander Meer.

    And it’s over with a Melky Cabrera triple.

  18. Now Chipper looks like he hurt his back on that swing. This game is not turning out well to this point.

  19. Fredi so wanted to bunt in that situation…lol. Hardest hit ball by our side tonight. Dan Struggla needs to get the lisp to tutor him.

  20. Sweet..there’s our one free-out per inning. Fredi is the best. Screw the big inning. We’ll give you 7 outs and still beat you.

  21. OK, that was awesome from Mather and the Lisp.

    edit: I actually like the bunt there. Hedge against the double play and get to your good hitters. The rest of “the moves” have been crap, though.

  22. No offense to the “no-bunting” crowd, but we are playing Hamels…runs are precious.

  23. You mean the things we just got two of on consecutive doubles by a guy who can’t hit and Martinez?

  24. I don’t have a problem bunting with McLouth (who actually can bunt) when Chipper and McCann are behind him.

    Edit: Although that just happened.

  25. “In order to be successful with runners in scoring position, you can’t be afraid to have 2 strikes.”

    Ok Brian, what the hell does that mean?

  26. Bunting is retarded. You only get 27 outs. Those are what are precious. Bunting makes you score less runs, not more. This inning is a great example.

  27. Ok Brian, what the hell does that mean?

    Quite the trio: Joe Simpson, Brian Jordan and Chip Caray.

  28. Sounds like a match made in hell, Dan.

    Honestly, the players need to just ignore bunt signs from here on in. Surely Chipper, McCann, McLouth et al have learned enough pattern recognition to do that; otherwise, they couldn’t play in the majors. Or dress themselves.

  29. So I just got home and looked at the gametracker, and it said that there were back-to-back doubles by Mather(!) and The Lisp(!?). I figured the thing was broken, but reading here I guess it really happened

  30. Hernandez hitting for Martines? That’s a step down in offense.

    Thanks, Cole, for rendering that irrelevant.

  31. Joe: I’d like to see Alex run. I know Ruiz is good and Hamels is a lefty and Alex will probably be out but what the hell man? Just run. This is baseball!


  32. Oh, the home plate umpire is a minor league callup. Guess he won’t be back up if anyone actually grades him.

  33. What a clutch call from the ump, showing why he deserves to be in The Show.

    That said, there are no words for how much I loathe Victorino.

  34. Fuck Fredi Gonzalez. Bobby would have been out of that dugout and chewing the fucking shit out of that ump after that hit. Fredi just sits there. I am so pissed off.

  35. That blown 3rd strike call to Victorino should guarantee that the home plate ump never gets another opportunity to work another MLB game – sadly, institutional incompetence amongst umps is just a given. If fact, he might’ve blown the call just to fit in.

  36. There’s gotta be a bonus clause in Fredi’s contract for every idiotic sacrifice bunt.

  37. 100- That sounds way too high, especially since you’re not counting lineup follies and bullpen management incompetence. He’s gotta be at -1 or below.

  38. Its a good call with no outs and the lefty-lefty matchup late in a tie game

  39. Thing is, Uggla crushed a ball to deep CF last time around, then hammered a ball foul to LF this time. He’s close to coming around, I can feel it.

  40. At least charlie aint our manager.. Using 3 pitchers in one inning of a tie game aint too smart.

  41. Such bad hitting approaches…Uggla and Freeman swinging for the downs instead of trying to put the ball in play…

  42. Wow, Mather sucks. That’s two players Heyward would’ve made. (This one being holding it to a single, of course.)

  43. @131 – A legitimate question. He always seems to drop the ball before making the tag.

    Still, did anyone really expect the Phillies to strand their leadoff double after we performed such a textbook job of stranding ours?

  44. O’Flaherty will certainly be unavailable tomorrow, he’s pitched 3 days in a row now and threw 32 pitches tonight.

  45. Brian Jordan: “Braves doing all the little things right tonight.”

    And doing all the little things right is causing them to lose this game.

  46. Don: “That conversation has been going on a long time between Brian [McCann] and the home plate umpire.”

    Chip: “Yeah, and it’s been mostly pronouns.”


  47. They were ALL stupid!

    By the way, Jordan couldn’t have been much of a player by his own standards- he had two sacrifice bunts in his whole career.

  48. He’s like one of those old ladies, sitting at the slot machines, chain smoking…. “THIS one will be a winner!”

  49. Like what, Chip? “He” threw “it” for a strike you … you … “it.”

  50. And here comes Linebrink. And Fredi gives up all pretense. Hope you really needed that money you put on the Phils, Phredi.

  51. Fredi G has all of the worst parts about Bobby and none of the better parts about Bobby. It’s pretty unfun in Braves’ country these days.

  52. All right, yeah, the ump sucks, and Fredi sucks, but if we could’ve just made some CONTACT with runners in scoring position this would be a different game right now.

    We have to accept that the Braves do, indeed, suck.

  53. anytime you are behind 1 run in the ninth inning and if you have a righthander with an era north of 6, you have to send him out there.

  54. Of course. Fredi convinced Nate that the goal of baseball is to make outs, and McLouth is just following orders.

  55. 172- Nope, it’s Uggla flailing away at strike three like he’s shooing off a killer rabbit. God, that was an awful game.

  56. I don’t know if I’ve ever been more pissed off watching a baseball game. So many things.

  57. Everyone relax there is still like a 115 games to go. Things will turn around.

  58. 187- How? Will Fredi grow a brain? That’s the Braves’ biggest obstacle right now, and it’s getting worse instead of better.

  59. Concerning Uggla, It’s so easy to say it after everyone else sees it….but when he played against us I continued to say “why do we ever throw anything other than sliders low and outside with his “”step in the bucket swing?” The rest of the league has figured him out and we are left with another “first-year McLoud” who may take at least another year to become competent. Question is: will he listen to constructive feedback or, like Andruw, insist “I’m a pull hitter!”, at his team’s expense?

  60. Fredi didn’t bat in the 6th and 7th innings with a chance to blow the game open. It’s not all his fault is all im saying.

  61. @144 – Well, there’s “you” … and “mother” … and, well now I’m stuck.

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