SEC picks and Braves at Nats

Home teams in CAPS.

Alabama 41, ARKANSAS 31
Georgia 20, MISS ST 15
FLORIDA 26 Kentucky 14
MISSISSIPPI 13 Fresno 10
South Carolina 24 AUBURN 21
West Virginia 21 LSU 20

And now, Brian Snitker with a banana up his nose.


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  1. From previous thread:

    Actually the worst thing that can happen for us is for the Giants and Padres to win all of their games and then one of them to take two out of three in their head to head. In that case the Pads would finish 8-2 or 9-1 and the Giants would finish 8-1 or 7-2 meaning whichever team wins that final head to head series wins the division and we would still have to go 7-2 just to tie for the w/c spot. Their are actually only two NL West H2H series left that help us: this weekend Giants at Rockies for 3 and the last weekend Pads at Giants for 3. The absolute worst thing that can happen for us, strange as it sounds is for the Rockies to get swept this weekend. We should be hoping the Rockies sweep.

  2. Mac, I’m dumbfounded how you can think Ole Miss beats Fresno. Our coach even said this week they are by far the best team we’ve played. You have more confidence than any Ole Miss fan I’ve talked to.

  3. Alabama 41, ARKANSAS 24
    Georgia 24, MISS ST 17
    FLORIDA 28 Kentucky 17
    MISSISSIPPI 21 Fresno 14
    South Carolina 32 AUBURN 20
    West Virginia 17 LSU 24

  4. When they are winning yes. I can say this as a grad, they are super band wagon fans. Win a few games and they overreact the other way. (And to make sure and clarify we have no band wagon fans, ie the scads of post 2004 Red Sox fans, our fans just sit at home or stay in the grove the first sign that we suck or really are just mediocre.)

  5. I’m really torn on AU/SC. I think SC will come down to earth at some point and this may be the game. On the other hand, Auburn could have a huge letdown after a very emotional and physical game against Clemson. The only deciding factor I see is that Auburn is the home team. Therefore, I say Au 30, USC 27.

  6. If UK had a Grove, there’s a good chance I wouldn’t have seen a game.

    pleaseohpleaseohplease let us beat Florida.

  7. #9
    I just want to see Lattimore get another 35+ carries & see if everybody else has the same trouble tackling him.

    To me, he seems like slightly bigger Emmitt Smith—slithery, but perhaps more of a load to hang onto.

    Of course, Garcia can lose a game at any time. We’ll see if Spurrier shows the same restraint that he did against UGA. With that kid, South Carolina could be a really interesting team to watch this year.

  8. Auburn will likely figure it out this week and have a close win, or get crushed. They really haven’t shown up yet.

  9. MLB Channel had a story on pitch counts I found interesting.

    One guy pointed out that Dr. Andrews (after five years of study) determined that, with proper mechanics, a 12-y-o could safely throw 85 pitches.

    If true, how come a full-growed man can only pitch 15 more?

    I’m pretty sure it’s all about mechanics. (Genetics play a role, as well, probably.)

    Nolan Ryan could throw 150 pitches above 90 mph at the age of 40. Strasbourg can’t make it through half a year.

    Which is why Hanson (who has been brilliant lately) scares me to death. I hope 10 years from now you guys are horselaughing me, but HIS MOTION IS UNSOUND.

    Which is the only defensible reason to trade him.

  10. 85 fastballs and 100 curves are entirely different stresses. Not to mention a grown mans muscles can inflict a great deal more torque than a childs, just off the top of my head.

  11. That’s an interesting story, justhank. Did Dr. Andrews have any advice on how often they should pitch, or how often they can pitch with a given workload? I know that Leo Mazzone was always viewed as vaguely heretical for his insistence on midweek sessions for his starting pitchers, which he claimed was actually more healthy for their arms.

    But, yeah, what spike said. Also, just because a given child can throw 85 pitches with perfectly repeated mechanics doesn’t mean that he’ll actually be perfectly repeating those mechanics by pitch 60 or 70. Pitch counts are basically a proxy for when most pitchers, regardless of age, tend to get a little tired and sloppy, and tired and sloppy is when arms start to fray.

  12. South Carolina hasnt played anyone yet either. I know Mallet is the best QB in the SEC, but he hasnt seen any of UA’s blitz packages. They gave up 24 to a very bad UGA team and allowed over 130 yards rushing. Ingram and Richardson should have huge games. Dont really see this being that close.

    Biggest challenges for Alabama is the pass rush and covering the tight end

  13. Oops, should have said Dr. Andrews determined that a 12yo could safely throw 85 pitches every five days.

    And spike is correct. At 12, they certainly SHOULD be all fastballs. (Mix it up with 2-seam and 4-seam.)

    Yes, you can throw the “football slider” and be safe, but if they torque that elbow they’re asking for trouble until the growth plates mature.

    On the other hand, pitch counts are no substitute for enforcing proper mechanics. I always tell my young pitchers (I coach 10-13u pitchers) that: “You can get tired, but you can’t get lazy.” Meaning, there will be no repercussions if they let me know they’re tired, but they’re in trouble if they start throwing with their arms instead of their legs.

  14. I don’t see Arkansas stopping Alabama at all. They could barely stop Georgia, or the two patsies they played before that. And they couldn’t stop us last year, and we’re a lot better offensively now. If we don’t make mistakes, we shouldn’t have too much trouble scoring.

  15. JJ is probably out for good – he felt knee pain in his bullpen session. Based on the fact that Beachy was probably as amped up and nervous as he’s ever been, and he still went 4+ non-catastrophic innings in the toughest imaginable environment, I feel ok about him against Washington. And it’s not like JJ has been especially good of late anyway. Wins Above Jurrjens (WAJ) projection: 1.

  16. Lots of mileage on his arm over the years catching up? He’s not young anymore at 34.

    I just noticed that Jurrjens has the same ERA+ as Vazquez at 85.

  17. I’m really thinking that after Beachy’s start on Sunday, Hanson should start Monday on normal rest then Hudson and Lowe should go Tuesday and Wednesday on 3 days rest. Minor just looks like he’s toast for this year and we shouldn’t start him again..

  18. No point rushing Lowe in to pitch Wednesday – he wouldn’t pitch another game this season anyway, so he may as well pitch the opener against the Phillies.

    Make the game on Wednesday a bullpen game and have Kawakami and Martinez pair up to do 6 innings. The off day on Thursday will help us in that respect. I think the Braves agree Minor is toast and he won’t pitch again in the regular season.

    #17, where did you get that Hanson has unsound mechanics? The only detailed analysis I saw of his action said he had very clean mechanics.

  19. 32 — He could theoretically start again on normal rest in a Game 163. And it would keep Minor/Kawakami from having to start at all.

  20. Stupid umpire. Even though it was close, there’s little excuse. Hudson’s body was so far ahead that it made it clear that he was out.

  21. Nick,

    Watch how Hanson often finishes with his torso quite nearly perpendicular to the ground.

    Compare that to Hudson’s finish wherein his back is parallel to the ground.

    This is a pretty good shorthand to determine whether a pitcher is using the big muscles of his lower body or relying on the whip of his arm.

    Further, too often Tommy will take a very short, open stride and end up almost facing first base. Most of the time, those pitches will sail on him.

    Look, he’s pitching great, but in my (certainly unprofessional) opinion, he’s headed to Dr. Andrews sooner or later.

    The fact that he has such a gifted arm (and is 6’5″) means no one has ever seriously tried to fix his mechanics for fear of messing with success.

    Hope I’m wrong.

  22. I don’t understand why Bobby won’t reorder the roster. Personally, I would like to see Glaus (with his poor defense) go to 3rd base and move Infante to Left with Nate in Center. This would but the strongest hitters into the lineup.

    Also, what happened to Brooks?

  23. I dunno if Prado would’ve scored is his current state. Troy Glaus giving McCann a piggy back ride is probably faster right now.

  24. If Martin Prado’s legs are so bad that he can’t score from second on Willie Harris, then he shouldn’t be in the fucking lineup.

  25. Resigning Hudson for 3 years at below market value? Signing Wagner and Saito? Signing Hinske and Glaus for low contracts?

  26. @68 Wren did and does all he can within his constraints. The issue is Liberty Media. They don’t care about the Braves beyond being an asset in their portfolio, and it shows every winter.

  27. I get that Wren has a lot of payroll restrictions but he needs to be more creative. Why were we not in on Ludwick?

  28. I’m not sure we have a snowball’s chance in hell of still being in wild-card contention by next Friday.

  29. I’ve really come to believe there’s more people on this blog on a daily basis that wants the Braves to make the playoffs, than there are actual players that want to make it.

  30. For a man the size of Dunn to have the hand/eye coordination necessary to be this great of a big league hitter is remarkable.

  31. What does Frank do this offseason
    It is time to start thinking about that. Assuming Liberty has no interest in spending more money will it be more tinkering and hoping to get lucky? Trade a young arm for a Matt Kemp? Don’t even mention Carl Crawford. That ain’t happening

    I’m afraid this season is as good as over.

  32. The only way to improve the team will be via trade. The Braves cannot compete for impact players on the FA market.

    If I’m correct, Liberty Media can sell the team next August.

  33. 109- That doesn’t make #93 an untrue statement. We can’t get on the field for these guys, and they’ve made it clear that they are mentally and physically done for the year.

  34. @109

    I don’t think people are eager as much as they are resigned to the reality of trends that have taken root in recent weeks and the lack of time to reverse them.

  35. Wow just wow. I’m still here only because I was able to move down to field level. This is a truly pathetic display of baseball. If you can call it that.

    Can’t wait to see Bobby’s comments after this one.

  36. You’ve gott to admire Heyward- our team’s youngest and truest professional. He does his job even when it’s obvious that his teammates can’t or won’t do theirs.

  37. Have to get these two home. Then do a lot of other stuff with the rest of the 8th and 9th, but starts with these two.

  38. Yeah, this is hard to watch even on GameCast. I know we’re in good shape and we just have to win 2 of 3 there and all that, but you gotta have a better effort out of tim hudson. That dude is not the putative ace, but the actual ace, and former ‘cy young contender’! I was thinking more like 8 innings 0 ER. Hmm.

    Mac, i thank you for that common word from earlier in the season, ‘resiliency’. That’s what i have to keep telling myself, which makes me stay up for the late-night games, and since i’m in Indianapolis and we get the Reds games, i’m probably going to watch and cheer them on tonight.


  39. If we can move Kawakami without eating too much salary we may have some money to spend. If we could backload a contract we may be able to get a guy like Werth.

    Say we lose Wagner and Kawakami then we have ~$10-12 mil. Of course you have to account for arb raises, especially JJ.

    But assuming we work stuff out to have ~$12 mil next season then we could structure a contract so he gets paid relatively little from now until we lose Chipper and Lowe’s contract. Maybe $12/14/16/18/20. That’s $80/5. Tack on some options to bring it up to $100 and maybe they go for it.

  40. Why use a young guy who’s proven capable of big pinch hits when you can use a has-been whose career will likely be done within 10 days?

  41. I can think of like 8 guys who I’d want on a hypothetical postseason roster. Do we really have to take 25?

  42. Hudson and Prado have really picked the perfect time to stumble. Sadly, this is nothing unusual. Even though it was due to “migraines”, Prado slumped late last year, and Huddy has never been known as a clutch pitcher in September and October. Oh well…

  43. Sucks that Wagner has to end his career like this. We should trade him to a contender, and maybe they can get an exception if someone gets hurt.

  44. I feel like a Mets fan. This is not acceptable.

    Where are the fans who were saying that we shouldn’t expect to perform against the Phillies pitchers? We aren’t performing against anyone on any facet of the game. Our pitching, defense and most of all offense has given up. I’m not going to pretend I know what is causing this, but it’s disgusting. I’m not sure can handle watching another week and a half of this level of play.

  45. So how does Bobby not have 2000 losses if he has 2499 wins and 4499 games managed? He’s got 1997 losses, which leaves him with 3 whatevers.

  46. how many inside the park “including errors” homers have the Braves given up this year?

    Nate/Heyward running into each other
    Melky with the god awful throw
    Willie Harris tonight

    I feel like Im missing one

  47. Looks like we tied the Giants due to rain (after 10) in 2002, and something similar probably happened in 1984 with the Jays and 1981 with the first Braves stint. So there you go.

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