69 thoughts on “This game thread is dedicated to Cary: July 5, Astros at Braves”

  1. Okay, discussion topic: If Perry plays well, or if Diaz comes up and he plays well, will the Braves still bring Francoeur back after the all-star break? Subtopic: Who would go to make room for Francoeur? (Assuming Perry is sent down when Diaz comes back.)

  2. Gotay seems the logical answer since Prado is more likely not to make it through wavers. Of course a handy injury to either may be possible. And if they are bringing Diaz up, why not just let him be the other catcher and release Miller. I know that Diaz likely can’t catch, but then neither can Miller. As bad as Gotay has hit, he’s still got Miller beat by a few points, after all. Moreover, McCann’s playing nearly every inning of every game, so what difference would it really make?

  3. Okay, discussion topic: If Perry plays well, or if Diaz comes up and he plays well, will the Braves still bring Francoeur back after the all-star break?

    Yes, and it will, predictably, go badly.

  4. I dont think its fair to assume that Jeff is going to suck when he gets back. The man obviously has talent, his head is just on wrong. A couple of weeks of beating up on AA hitting might do him wonders. If it doesnt, and his current level of sucktitude continues or worsens, well, then, different story.

  5. I’m guessing Perry goes back too unless he absolutely catches fire. Of course, as much as you hate JF”K”, Mac, I don’t think his job is in danger yet.

  6. I think Frenchy will come back after they put Boyer on the DL when his arm falls off right before the All-Star Break. Then they’ll bring another relief pitcher up a day later when they DL Chipper who will strain a hamstring at the All-Star Game.

  7. I’d prefer to ditch Gotay if Perry is hitting for pretty much anything, 3 backup infielders should really be enough unless they are pinch-hitting maniacs and Gotay really hasn’t shown me anything to that end.

  8. Looks like I’ll be at the game tonight. I’ll try to bring some good energy to the team and get us back on track.

  9. Prado has options and would be sent down first. At first, I would think to give Schafer a shot, since he’s holding his own at AA…but I can’t help but think that would be a mistake (one they made with Francoeur) since he’s still not hitting for much power.

    Sadly, it’ll probably be Josh Anderson, who can run and play a little D, but not much else.

    BTW- Frenchy’s AA return: 2-4 with a run scored, and *gasp* a walk! Both hits were singles

  10. They might teach Boyer to throw lefty as well, so they can run him out every single night.

    I actually feel bad when i see the poor bastard run out there everynight, he cant be %100

  11. Well, this one’s not working out…

    Gee, out of touch for a few days (no TV, internet, etc.) & I miss all the fun. Imagine my relative surprise at discovering that #7 has a new residence.

    What can you say? Had to be done. I mean, how bad do you have to be before you’re sent down?

    And Douglass, sorry I stepped out on our cyberscrap the other day. But I really did have something to do—load a moving van. (Believe me, I’d rather scrap.)

    Nonetheless, here’s an olive branch, if you like: I’ll not insult you and, for the sake of all, we try to refrain from the scat references.

  12. Those last two innings have been disappointing. We should really be wrecking this guy. >_<

  13. One hit through 4 innings off a guy who didn’t play ball for three seasons. Fantastic. This is definitely JB’s fault.

  14. Well, I can’t really say that I’m enjoying my game thread that well considering we’re being one-hit by a total joker of a pitcher.

    And I guess there’s no need to go with “Rosanna” if this is all Toto can do for us.

  15. It’s really absurd that there’s only one run on the board tonight. I mean, that’s, what, 3 almost-HRs? (to go with the one almost-not-a-HR?)

  16. Just clicked on hit zones on ESPN’s gamecast. Wow, Yunel’s definitely not a low ball hitter.

  17. Tex’s first AB was a warning track shot. It carried a little further than Chipper’s hit in his first AB. I think KJ put a good hit on one to right center as well, but they weren’t anything Abercrombie couldn’t handle. Dude can fly.

  18. I really cherish these games when Skip is on TV instead of Chip. It makes you believe in a better baseball world.

  19. I’m not hearing Skip, so I’m left with the pessimism of the 4-1 score…ugh. I really wish TBS still broad casted the games.

  20. A successful rally sometime would be nice. I hate falling behind and feeling this certain that it’s over.

  21. I would much prefer to leave Buddy is the role he is in now instead of any talk of putting him back in the rotation and sending Morton down.

  22. No point to holding them here so we can get it close in the bottom of the 9th. Let ’em blow us out, I guess.

  23. Did anybody happen to catch the Nepotism boy update at the end of the Soriano article on the AJC ???? If that paragraph dedicated to him isn’t one of the more blatant cases of nepotism, I don’t know what is. I read it out loud to my dad, who had never heard of him, and he said “wonder how he got that job.”

  24. How can you not like a band with Janet Reno on drums?

    Texas closer C.J. Wilson singled out Texeira and Kenny Lofton as guys who are only around to chase a buck. I would say that’s just one man’s opinion, but it seems to be more prevalent than that and doesn’t bode well for resigning Tex.

    With this team going nowhere fast, perhaps it’s time to put Tex on the market after all. His recent hot streak should up his perceived value to a contender, which we’re not.

    If the Brewers complete the LaPorta for Sabathia deal, we can say bye-bye to the Wild Card as well.

  25. Now we can score three or four and end up with another almost. This season has just sucked so far.

  26. From the AJC, circa #53:

    “Jonathan Schuerholz, son of Braves president John Schuerholz, is five days into his new job as roving infield instructor for the Braves rookie league teams in Orlando and Danville, Va., and Class A Rome. Schuerholz played six years in the Braves minor league system as an infielder before retiring last August to finish his degree at Auburn.

    “I can’t believe they’re paying me to do this,” said Schuerholz, who stopped by Braves batting practice Saturday.”

    As a matter of fact, I CAN’T BELIEVE THEY ARE PAYING FOR YOU DO TO THAT. “Roving infield instructor.” Please.

  27. Which is to say that the Phillies may have done us somewhat of a favor with the sweep. The illusion of winning the division should be gone. Florida can challenge the Phillies, but we should look toward next year(s).

    Despite the outing tonight, at least we’ve unearthed a couple of good starters this year in Joseph Reyes and especially, my man, Jair Jurrjens. Hopefully, we can add Morton to that list. I’m still waiting on him though.

  28. I keep waiting for a bottom to this season, but it just keeps getting worse. June is over, the braves are supposed to start playing better again.

  29. #59—My thoughts exactly. “I can’t believe they’re paying you to do that either.” Seriously, is he really going to help any of those guys in the rookie and A leagues?

    Of course, if I had a dad who was the president of a baseball club and I loved the game but wasn’t good enough to play in the majors, I would hope my dad would set me up with something like this, too.

    I suppose JS has done enough for the organization we can let him do this (and it’s not like he’s blocking any players, like he was doing when he was playing). I guess he’s not hurting anyone as a “minor league infield roving instructor.”

  30. From the newest article on Frenchy on the AJC site:

    He still objects to how the Braves handled the matter, but then freely admits things had grown so bad, he couldn’t even watch himself in the tape room.

    “I tried,” he said. “I watched some at-bats and you ask yourself, ‘What were you thinking?’ “

    Even he couldn’t watch himself bat. I think that is kind of funny.

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