95 thoughts on “Empty game thread: June 17, Rays at Braves”

  1. this is getting insane…why is chipper sitting again?
    1. Prado 2B, 2. Conrad 3B, 3. Heyward RF, 4. McCann C, 5. Glaus 1B, 6. Hinske LF, 7. Escobar SS, 8. Cabrera CF, 9. Hudson RHP

  2. @6 Oof, that’s a hard one. Melky will at least make contact and ground out occasionally when he flails at every 2 strike pitch.

  3. ive seen melky take some of the worst hacks on those 0-2 breaking balls in the dirt. i just dont know if they are worse than frenchy’s swings at balls in the LH batters box

  4. It could have something to do with if we want to get something out of Chipper these days he’s got to have off days like he’s a catcher. Throw in that Hudson’s pitching so there will be tons of ground balls and they may have wanted Conrad’s defense and figured it was a good day to let Chipper rest.

    Sorry I’m a Chipper apologist. All this retirement talk has made me sad.

  5. Unfortunately, French is doing pretty well now, while Heyward is in a pretty sharp decline (although still well ahead). It’s hard to make fun of Frenchy while he is this hot.

  6. I guess Infante isn’t feeling better yet. I like his chances of sustaining a hot streak much better than Conrad

  7. Heyward’s decline is breaking my heart. It’s like a duck stuck in oil. I don’t want to see another Braves hitting prospect go down in flames.

    DOB tweets that there may be a press conference before tonight’s game.

  8. Well, we should say this much about Brooksy: he does hit for some power. He’s shown that at every level he’s played. So while I wouldn’t expect him to keep hitting .300, he should knock a few doubles here and there. All that said, it makes no sense to have him batting in the 2-hole.

  9. is Bobby going to leave Heyward in the 3 hole while he struggles? similar to leaving Frenchy in RF while he underperformed so bad?

  10. DOB says all the Braves’ brass are in the dugout and so he thinks something is about to go down with regards to Chipper.

  11. D’OB hinted in his latest blog that the Rangers are looking for pitching and Kawakami might be one they would look for. What would be reasonable return on Kawakami?

    Even though its about the worst stat to judge a pitcher on, I don’t see how his 0-9 record doesn’t really diminish any return we could get. Granted his other numbers aren’t great. They just aren’t 0-9 bad. (4.42 ERA, 1.1 HR per 9, 1.418 WHIP, 5.62 innings per start)

  12. Nice EC two- fer.

    Got up to The Bronx way early today. My fave little Dominican bar has the beer special of doom: 3 beers, $10.

  13. @12
    Frenchy’s doing well to the tune of a .455babip in June. He’s gonna crash back to earth soon, and hopefully the Mets go down with him.

  14. Basically, Chipper just announced that he’s leaning towards retirement, but isn’t going to talk about it until after the season.

    In a nutshell, he’s not going to steal Bobby’s thunder.

  15. Basically, Chipper just announced that he’s leaning towards retirement, but isn’t going to talk about it until after the season.

    I hope he keeps his word. This is a first place team with a ton of good stories and it seems all we read are the Chipper ‘things aren’t going my way so I’m thinking about taking my toys and going home’ stories. Enough already.

  16. #24
    Si, but they have a couple other options.

    Lotsa Philly folk here. Hope it won’t be another battle royal tonight.

  17. Chipper will keep his word. It’s safe to say from the past two decades that he’s not the attention-seeking type. He wanted to meet in secret to work out a financial plan with the organization in case he retires at the end of the season, it leaked, he got upset and told people he’s not going to discuss it now.

    All that’s left to do is speculate on what the plan is and how the Braves will spend the money he’s presumably agreeing to leave on the table. Not that that’s a particularly good use of time. He treasures his privacy, and thankfully, the Braves treasure theirs too.

  18. I think it’s cool that the Red Sox started their game an hour early so everyone could watch the Celtics tonight.

  19. It’s hard to make fun of Frenchy while he is this hot.

    It’s never very hard to make fun of Jeff Francoeur.

    This Chipper stuff is depressing.

  20. To the tune of “Frosty the Snowman”:

    Jeffy the Outman
    Makes outs all the time
    He both sucks and blows
    And the bloggers know
    This line has got to rhyme.

  21. It’s slightly depressing, yeah. But as retirements go, this one isn’t too bad. Two years after one of the best years of his career, and a year after the worst, he won’t be going out on top, but he won’t be going out as an embarrassment, either. Maybe we’ll make the playoffs for him in his last year, and maybe he’ll catch a bit of lightning in the bottle over the summer, hit a few more singles, and finish closer to .300. Either way, this is probably the right time to go, and probably the right way to go.

  22. No, it’s pretty bad. He’s one of my favorites, ever. That I’m not going to get to watch his swing anymore after this season depresses me. I hate that this era is ending, regardless of whether it’s the “right” time. YMMV.

  23. #37 Agreed.

    But the show must go on.

    And BMac / Heyward / Hanson is a great nucleus for it to go on.

  24. What’s the extent of the rain delay looking like?

    And do opponents do a rain dance when Hudson’s scheduled to pitch or something? Seems like 4 out of his last 5 or 3 of 4 have had some sort of rain delay.

  25. If Chipper is gonna sit, it certainly makes sense to do it with Hudson on the mound, so that we can get Conrad’s glove in there for all the ground balls.

  26. Wow, I really would have thought better of ol’ Rob. That’s just unfounded character assassination right there. Why on earth would you write such a thing?

  27. Put this in the wrong thread:

    Not sure if I am visible on TV, but if you see a guy (yellow shirt) about 10 rows back of the owner’s box over the catcher’s right shoulder, it’s me.

  28. Crawford was running on the play, ball was up the middle, so Prado had to run a ways to get it, and he didn’t get much on his throw to 1B (bang-bang play), after which there was no chance to get Crawford.

  29. I was about to get upset at EJ for mentioning that it had been a while since his last HR…

    even further proof that EJ is just better than Chip — he doesn’t seem to jinx ’em.

  30. THAT’S why we keep Escobar around. And did you see the weird bounce the ball took?

  31. Prado got to it quite a bit out into the outfield (they were playing the shift) and pretty much had to go to first to have a chance at any out I think.

  32. Leadoff hit for Tim.

    I really hope the leading hitter in the league doesn’t bunt.

  33. Ah, Conrad delivers some more of that NATIONAL LEAGUE BASEBALL I’ve heard about.

  34. 46-

    Just read that. Prima facie of why I dislike the guy’s “work”. I like this guy’s comment:

    This is one of the dumber things you’ve ever posted Neyer. Chipper’s restructured his deal numerous times before for the team. It’s never been about the money with him. For you to imply otherswise without a shred of legimate information is irresponsible at best and destructive regardless. You’re worse than TMZ.

  35. If you keep it down and away or just give him off-speed pitches down in the zone, Heyward can’t really hit it right now.

  36. An IBB to get to Glaus? I’ve seen dumber plans before, but not many.

    Edit: And Troy proves it.

  37. I hope Hudson isn’t worn out after running the bases.

    He has a K pitch tonight.

  38. He needs a break, Bobby is going to run him into the ground.
    this is his 10th appearance this month.

  39. I hate this f’in team so much. Hudson isn’t striking anyone out, Heyward looks terrible, and we can’t hit with runners in scoring position, Bobby’s an idiot with the bullpen, and we lose games we should win. We’re never gonna make the playoffs!

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