159 thoughts on “War, Famine, Pestilence, and Jeff game thread: July 18, Brewers at Braves”

  1. the good braves are back today.
    1. Prado 2B, 2. Heyward RF, 3. Chipper 3B, 4. Glaus 1B, 5. McCann C, 6. Diaz LF, 7. Gonzalez SS, 8. Cabrera CF, 9. Lowe

    so, when mclouth comes back, what happens? would the braves fo have the nerve to dfa melky, or will they make the obviuos move and send blanco back to AAA?

  2. Blanco’s gone. Melky’s got the pictures this year. Regardless, they’d fake DL him before they DFA’ed him.

  3. Melk Dud is more useful than Blanco–at least he can bust one outta the park every now and then.

  4. Love the line from mlbtraderumors.com from Ken Rosenthal’s latest.

    “Some Braves officials are quite fond of Hart, but others see him as only a slightly better version of Francoeur.”

  5. @8 – I agree, Ryan. Blanco’s defense more than makes up for any possible advantage Melk-Dud’s bat might have to offer.

    I really hope we get to see Nate get back to being some semblance of a hitter when he returns. If Wren wants to test him out before deciding whether or not to pursue another bat, we need to get him back up to Atlanta soon… right?

  6. @9 – Before this year, it always bothered me when Chipper missed a game. I hate to say it, but it’s something of a relief these days knowing that he’s so far from 100% and looking like he’s running on fumes. I’d rather play him even more conservatively and hope we can get something out of him down the stretch.

    He’s a shadow of his former self and as a fan, it hurts to watch. But wouldn’t it be cool to make the post season and have Larry conjure up some Kirk Gibson magic? Come off the bench, limp to the plate, and hit a walk-off homer or some such? It could happen!

    He’s given us a lot to cheer about over the years and it’d be nice to see him ride off into the sunset as a hero.

  7. About last night …

    Was Bobby asleep? Why didn’t he bring in the warmed-up Venters to face the lefty before Hart?

    Stupid, stupid decision.

  8. looks like it’ll clear up around 3:30 eastern. about an 85% chance of showers ’til then.

  9. Jerry Crasnick tweeted that the Rays had interest in Escobar and that Reid Brignac was being discussed. Interesting.

  10. did I say that I missed him or that I wanted him back? Im over it…why cant Mac or I point it out though?

  11. when did this become bethanyjournal? they pointed out he hit a homerun. what’s wrong with that?

  12. you also had a response for the person running the blog, who said the exact same thing

  13. I must have missed the thread where even the smallest bit of lust was being directed toward Yunel…

  14. Yes, I obviously attempting to make everyone agree with me and write about what I want them to write about.

    What’s wrong with it is that everyone seems to be rooting for this to be a bad trade. They are waiting for Alex to fail and pointing out every little success Yunel has in Toronto.

  15. Luckily, it took McCann so long to get to the plate, Diaz had no problem moving up to third.

  16. good grief, I mention a HR and you think its because I want him back. You’re looking to deep here. What do you think about all the Frenchy talks now? he’s been gone for a year and he’s brought up everyday at least once

  17. I’m following on Gamecast. Was the Brewers infield playing in when they threw McCann out at home?

  18. I don’t really understand all the talk about Jeff either. Why would you want to dwell on someone who was such a dark spot on the team for so long? At least when he’s brought up, it’s his failures.

    What people are doing with Yunel is similar to someone coming on here and bragging about how good Jeff looked early in the season.

    I’m sorry for coming off so aggressive, I didn’t mean to start something. I’ll do my best to keep my mouth shut when it comes to Yunel.

  19. well I just mentioned the HR because it was shocking, not because I wanted him back or want AAG to fail.

  20. Jeff isn’t bashed because he’s a former Brave, or even because he sucks. He’s bashed because he’s an arrogant, delusional pissant.

  21. Lowe is missing McCann’s targets by quite a bit…good thing Braun and Weeks missed a few there

  22. And Braun and the Brewers wonder why they get pitched inside. Geez, he just about screwed himself into the ground swinging wildly at a 2-strike pitch.

  23. My first thought was Gerald Williams, but yeah, I think you’re right with Grissom.

  24. GRAND SLAM BMAC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wow, how many is that this year? And didn’t we go like 2 years without anyone hitting one?

  25. Yep, he knows to let the pitcher get on base and tire himself out running the bases.

  26. Chip manages to ruin every great play the Braves make with his overexuberance. Every time the ball is hit in the air you’d think it was a grand slam to win the pennant. So when McCann actually unloads on one, Chip start yelling and I automatically start cringing instead of enjoying the HR.

  27. A slam looks really cool from here. And playing “they call me the breeze” for fielder was rich.

  28. DOB says he asked the same question about Clevlen today and really didn’t get an answer. Other than that, he’s probably headed back to AAA this week.

  29. 95 – when I see players get traded away from Atl and start producing immediately, it makes me think they werent focused here and giving it 100%. Kind of frustrating, IMO

  30. Interesting comments by Glavine here given his own situation with the Braves in his last days.

  31. @95….I honestly believe Yunel’s issues were with Cox. Rickie Weeks is built like a fullback.

  32. Double play! Today, I have a 100-percent accuracy rate of my prediction so far. HA!

    Dunn is a fastball guy? He pitched only fastballs against 2 hitters.

  33. “Melky sucks as a cf. This can’t go on”

    I’m glad somebody out there noticed that play. He seems to have no instincts, and overall, the stats have him well below average in the field. With a .301 wOBA, he’s probably one of the worst position players in the NL right now.

  34. He’s pretty much replacement level. Melky has a 1.0 VORP.

    And that doesn’t account for defense…where Melky is mediocre.

  35. For what it’s worth, Hart is a pretty bad outfielder as well.

    EDIT: re: Melky, he has -.6 WAR because of his defense.

  36. That was a risky play there by Prado, but it seems as though he might have judged it well.

  37. Cowboy Joe West is an ass. This has nothing to do with the current HBP situation; just an independent fact I’m noticing.

  38. So at a pivotal point in one game, one of our top relievers plunks a player in what was clearly an accident and then gets ejected along with our manager. But then the next day, in a game that’s mostly decided, the same thing happens for the other team, but no one gets ejected. What a stupid system.

  39. Just heard a report on ESPN: After his grand-slam Yunel donated a kidney to an ailing fan in the stands, performing the transplant himself, before returning to the field in the top of the fifth to single in two runs.

  40. FWIW, don’t care about Yunel anymore. Don’t care if he returns to form. Don’t care if his head remains up his ass. He’s in the AL East. Just don’t care.

    BTW, if you’re ever in Denver you gotta catch a show at Red Rocks. Spent the last 2 days there & it is spectacular.

    Let’s score another TD, boys…

  41. It’s also being reported that Yunel has been cast as Hickey in an upcoming production of The Iceman Cometh at Toronto’s Royal Alexandra Theatre. When asked about the challenges of translating O’Neill’s very Irish play into a Spanish adaptation, Yunel surprised everyone by responding in a completely unaccented English that it will be a very traditional production. Yunel says he’s been working on his English for the last year and was planning on surprising his Atlanta teammates after the All-Star break. He still plans on mailing each of them the personal terracotta sculptures he’s been making depicting each of their spirit animals. Says Yunel “Chipper’s Sea Turtle covered in Oil came out particularly well. It’s one of the most moving pieces of I’ve ever done.”

  42. Discussion question: So, does Heyward get hot again this season and take ROY or does he continue to be serviceable but unspectacular at the plate and lose it to someone else? And if so, who will it be?

  43. Bobby really doesn’t have Wagner up, does he? Tell me that is KK in a Wags t-shirt.

  44. Resop is on a rehab assignment. He probably will replace Chavez soon and compete to see who is worse.

  45. Why is that guy on the team again? He can’t even pitch in the situations that are tailor-made for him.

  46. Chavez needs to walk from the mound to the Marta Station and get a connector to Gwinnett

  47. At least tomorrow is an off day, but having to get Wagner up there sucks. You suck, Chavez.

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