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  1. 36 games left (20 home 16 on the road with three in Pittsubugh)
    27 wins puts us at 100.

    21 more wins puts us at 94 (if we keep playing .579 baseball)

    Can we close with a 21-15 mark? Will that win the division? If not, will it get us in the playoffs?

  2. KK can tell all his friends that ATL is a bad place to play, but they just need to look at his numbers, and the numbers of the alternatives, and its obvious that a manager would be crazy to start him over Medlen/Minor.

  3. If you’re not worried about Minor’s innings, there’s no reason not to keep pitching him over KK. The weirder thing was (a) pushing KK to the ‘pen instead of Lowe, who was just awful in the early going this year and (b) never using Kawakami once he was in the ‘pen.

  4. #1, 21-15 should get the Braves into the playoffs. I’m not sure it wins the division. Do the Braves and Phils play an extra game if they tie for the division and wild card or is it decided by head-to-head or other tiebreakers?

  5. So, how many days in a row have the Phils and the Braves had the exact same result in terms of W/L? 8? 9? That’s getting a little weird.

  6. They play a playoff game only if one would get in and the other would not. If it’s just a matter of one winning the division and the other the WC, they go by head-to-head records.

    I have to believe 94 wins gets in; I think 91 or 92 would also most likely get in, but less than that would be dicey.

    Everyone (except the Padres) is bad on the road this year.

    I doubt KK’s treatment will affect other Japanese coming to Atlanta. Pay them enough and they will come.

  7. From the previous thread:

    @90 (the post about Charlie Manuel saying he was surprised to see Ryan Howard “throwed out” of the game)

    A couple of years ago, Manuel got into a heated exchange with some Philly media people during a press conference. One of the reporters told him to “grow up.” His brilliant retort?

    “I done growed up.”

  8. Made the mistake of reading a portion of DOB’s blog today. I’m glad to see that he’s still using “errors” as the primary evaluation of fielding performance.

  9. I’m a positive guy, so when I’m scoring a game, I do not score errors, only “awesomes”. An “awesome” is where the guy would have gotten a hit but for an incredible defensive play. I give him credit for the hit and the fielder credit for an awesome.

  10. Mac, Once again a great choice for today’s video. No singer ever sang about paranoia better than Marvin!

  11. A win today, and you’d certainly hope for one on the pitching matchup, sets us up well for the next week when the Phillies go on a West Coast road trip.

  12. So I woke up early this morning to see the Phils lost, AND I sold my car to the family in SC. A good day.

    We’d have to be extremely unlucky to win 94 games and not make the playoffs.

  13. Bethany,

    I think Auburn has possible 7-8 wins in them. It might be October before you lose a game.

  14. I’ve adapted the Northwestern Wildcats as my football team this year. They open against Vandy. This is a classic Big 10 vs SEC battle. The outcome should cause tremors in the world of college football. Still learning about the team so excuse my ignornance until I’ve read some more.

  15. 23—That’s basically the bellwether game for VU. If we win, I might actually develop some hope for the season (and for nabbing/keeping some good recruits). If we can’t beat a very mediocre non-conference opponent at home…well, that’s exactly what I’m expecting, so nothing will change.

  16. @25, Which game will they lose hard? Auburn has a good schedule this year. LSU, Arkansas, Georgia, and South Carolina are all at home. Florida will have to wait until the SEC Championship. Other than the Iron Bowl, the toughest road game might be Ole Miss.

    I wouldn’t be surprised by anything from 6-5 to 11-0 going into the Iron Bowl. Fewer than six wins would surprise me.

    I like Malzahn a lot. That offense can take a team a long way.

  17. @31 I don’t know enough about the other teams to comment much, but I just don’t trust Auburn do be more than average on any given year. What is unfortunate is that they do have a shot at making a good run this year, but it’s not like they are going to beat Alabama.

  18. Last year, Alabama had the best team they’ve had in seventeen years, and the Tigers came within a TD. I do not know the origin of this pessimism.

  19. The advantage to a Colorado day game is that I’ll be able to watch the end of it after work.

  20. So, how many days in a row have the Phils and the Braves had the exact same result in terms of W/L? 8? 9? That’s getting a little weird.

    It’s weird, but mostly just noise in the data. In most cases you’d get more of a give and take – Braves lose and Phils win, lead shrinks; Phils lose and Braves wins, lead grows – type of deal. That’s a better narrative for the sportswriters, certainly. It’s a “back and forth race to the finish.” But at the end of the day, it’s the same playbook. The Braves have to win one less game going forward than the Phils. Everything else is melodrama.

  21. 35—Not at all. We are very young, and our offensive line has been decimated by dismissals and injuries. And we gave ourselves a needlessly difficult schedule. I think we still have a fine group of coaches, and there’s more talent on the roster than I can ever remember — but I expect this year to be painful.

  22. Watching Jair try to bunt makes me appreciate how easy a guy like Glavine used to make it look.

  23. I’ll never understand why Bobby doesn’t make them practice bunting more if he’s so insistent on asking them to do it in games. Is it that hard to practice? Maybe you just can’t replicate an in game situation (pitch speed, location, etc).

  24. Man watching the game on mlb.tv with the radio broadcast as audio is such a pleasure. It removes any possibility of ever hearing Chip.

  25. 56—His Atlanta OPS prior to today’s game was .385. I’d say the jury’s still out on that one.

  26. What a nice surprise, I come home in the top of the 3rd to see us take a 10-1 lead! WOO-HOO!!

  27. It’s Coors. Don’t jinx us.

    I really hope we beat Northwestern. Not only would it shine a little hope on Vandy’s season, but my sister went to Northwestern.

    There’s going to be some serious egghead trash talk!

  28. Here’s something that I just now considered…Ichiro has 162 hits after today’s first game of the doubleheader (126 games in in the books). He has 36 games in which to get 38 hits or else he won’t reach 200 hits for the first time in his MLB career, nor would he tie Pete Rose for most 200-hit seasons in a career. I know this is Ichiro we are talking about, but a hit a game with a couple of more for good measure is what he needs. The last time I checked on this, the analysts were saying it was a foregone conclusion that he would reach the number. Did he slump this year?

  29. Nathan, I think it was just the last pitching change. Don’t worry. Ankiel didn’t strike out.

  30. ?????? who are these guys???? every starter including the pitcher has an XBH and we are in the top of the 4th? really?

  31. It’s Halladay vs Happ in Philly, so I’d bet on maintaining that seemingly eternal 2.5-game lead.

    BTW, nice work, Smitty.

  32. every starter including the pitcher has an XBH

    Wow, that’s true. Elias alert!!

    Dang — thought we’d have four straight innings of Omar comin’!

  33. @81 and @83: I would venture to guess that the “every starter with an extra base hit” has happened fewer than 10 times in the Modern Era. I’m anxious to hear the actual number.

  34. Yea, I thought he was looking to go three at first and figured he’d make it fairly easily. Maybe he’s thinking cycle and realized he had one of those already. ;)

  35. @88

    Braves only, or any team?

    Heyward has reached base 4 times today. NL leaders in games with 4+ times on base:

    Rickie Weeks – 13
    Albert Pujols – 12
    Adrian Gonzalez – 11
    Heyward – 10

  36. @89 Any NL team on that one. The A’s did it more recently, but with a DH obviously. Only 5 times total in history has it happened.

  37. These guys hit pretty good…even better when our pitchers serve up meatballs down the middle of the plate.

  38. “Everyone” was an option when we were up 10-1. Now that it’s 10-6, we’re into the part of the pen that Bobby actually trusts. Here’s Peter Moylan, and I expect we’ll be seeing at least three of O’Flaherty, Saito, Venters, and Wagner.

  39. Jim and Don have pointed out that O’Flaherty has committed umpteen uncalled balks — he’s been going to his mouth while he’s had a foot on the rubber, but Ed Rapuano has been nice enough not to move the runners forward.

  40. Who’s watching this game live?

    Gamecast says all 8 pitches to Fowler were in the zone and he just walked. I do not recall a called strike this inning.

  41. Venters, Saito, Wagner – here’s a two run lead.

    Normally, Id have faith, but this is Colorado

  42. @145:

    Gameday was wrong. They were all low. Venters kept trying to do the same thing over and over but Iannetta wasn’t biting.

  43. Alex, are you watching just on Gameday? Live, they didn’t even seem worth an argument, but YMMV.

  44. Just how short of cash is Rapuano? Surely he doesn’t need the Rockies to win that badly…

  45. By the way, the goat of the inning thus far is Omar Infante. A tailor-made double play ball was hit to him, but he nearly threw it away, and Alex Gonzalez had to lay out his body just to corral it, miraculously managing to drag his leg across the base as he did so. Should have been the third out, but it wound up just being the second.

  46. I can’t believe the A’s gave up Street and Gonzalez for Holiday. Maybe the worst trade ever…

  47. Was Saito not available? I think you would have gone to him to face Ianetta (walk), Mora (hit), or Fowler (terrible from the left side). I can understand not bringing in Farnsworth, but you are to him anyway at this point. He would have been better off facing Ianetta with nobody on.

  48. I blame Bobby for not using Wagner there. I have seen Girardi go to Rivera in the 8th in just that situation.

  49. Blowing a 9-run lead, even at Colorado, does not look good for a team trying to fend off the Phillies. How much motivation does this give Halladay now? I’m so disgusted…

  50. Stop coming to Coors, stop coming to Nationals Park. Just forfeit thrice and keep everyone healthy and the fans sane.

    Nice play, Rick. Bout time someone loses their pants on a play.

  51. At least one reason to have an unbalanced schedule…we only have to play 3 games here this year. I hate this place!

  52. Well, i have had enough Farnsworth for the rest of my life.
    Kansas City was a perfect place for that loser.

  53. Can the team leave Denver tonight without telling Kyle? Maybe move and leave no forwarding address?

  54. Helton really should consider adding the Braves pitching staff to his Hall of Fame induction speech…

  55. Well well. Stay around the plate, make them put it in play. Astonishing concept indeed.

  56. I don’t even want to have any hope this inning. If they tie it up somehow, the Rockies will just win it “dramatically” in the bottom of the 9th to make the highlights even worse on ESPN…

  57. Holy moly do I hate that friggin purple dinosaur behind the plate in the 9th. Every soul-destroying loss in this dump has to have him bouncing around at the end of it.

  58. 188 – Bobby says he’s got the best throwing arm of all time. Dropping the ball is just Rick’s sense of fair play. Besides, if the OF thing doesn’t work out, I think he could try pitching.*

    *shamelessly stolen from Dan Lee at BBTF, but thought I’d share

  59. This makes me angry. The Braves on the road make me angry. It’s time to check out for a few days…

  60. Horrible pitching. Horrible bullpen management. Horrible defense. If Saito can’t pitch more than once a week, why isn’t he disabled and Kimbrel called up? Can we DFA Farnsworth please or ask KC for a do over on that trade?

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