ESPN – Reds vs. Braves – Box Score – May 03, 2008

So, some promising signs. Joseph Reyes looked really good for four innings, throwing about twice as many strikes as balls and not walking anyone. Unfortunately, he seems to have contracted Chuck James’ Disease, and tired in the fifth, in which he walked two and allowed a hit, but got a double play to avoid damage. In the sixth, he wasn’t, and gave up a run, and could only get one out. He left with a 2-1 lead, but Bennett and Ohman got out of a jam. Campillo pitched another one of his “How does he do it?” seventh innings, and Boyer another “When will his arm fall off?” eighth.

Chipper gave the Braves a 1-0 lead in the first with a double to score Escobar, and Escobar in his turn singled in KJ in the fifth. The Braves finally — for the first time in at least a week — had a big inning in the seventh. Teixeira worked an 0-2 count to a bases-loaded walk, and McCann followed with a two-run double off the left fielder’s glove. Francoeur singled in another run, Kotsay doubled in McCann, and Diaz hit a sac fly to make it 8-1. KJ scored on a wild pitch in the eighth to make it 9-1. This was enough to bring up an ideal Resop situation (eight-run lead against a bad team) and he answered with a 1-2-3 outing.

The first six spots in the order all had at least two hits. Escobar had three and a walk. Since it all worked out, I won’t detail how Bobby screwed up the sixth inning.