Braves 4, Cubs 1

Atlanta Braves vs. Chicago Cubs – Box Score – July 08, 2009 – ESPN

Martin Prado is really hot. The Prado today went 2-3 with two walks, drove in one run and could have been credited with another except for a rare spasm of common sense by the official scorer, and also scored a run. All in a day’s work at this stage. Really, you’re just surprised now when he doesn’t get on base.

The Cubs, as a big-money team managed by a former Yankee, count as an honorary AL East team, I guess, so Kenshin Kawakami shut them down. He didn’t allow a hit until the fourth, and allowed just one run on a solo homer by his former teammate in Japan, Kosuke Fukudome; Fukudome made up for it later, though. Kawakami struck out just two and walked the same, but allowed only four hits, and the Braves turned three double plays, two for him and one for Moylan in the seventh. The Braves’ defense generally sparkled, with Escobar making a run-saving play in the eighth to preserve a tie the lead.

The Cubs’ defense did not sparkle. In the third, the Braves took the lead when Prado singled in McLouth; with two out, they probably didn’t have a play, but they definitely didn’t have one when the ball went under the left fielder’s glove. Kotchman hit a homer in the sixth to make it 2-0. At 2-1 in the ninth, with several scoring chances blown, McLouth singled with one out, then scored when Prado singled and the ball went under Fukudome’s glove in center. Prado went all the way to third; in Atlanta, that’s a triple, but the Cubs’ official scorer, as I mentioned, apparently has some common sense and realizes that you don’t have to actually deflect the ball to commit an error. Prado then scored on a wild pitch to make it 4-1. Soriano easily nailed down the easy save, striking out two and getting a flyout.

Francoeur sucks, and I have dubbed what he did today — a groundout, a strikeout, a popout, and a flyout — making outs for the cycle. He tasks me.

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  1. With regard to the poll to the right, I chose “Released,” because if we demote him, he’ll kill our minor league teams, whereas if we release him, there’s a strong chance he infects other teams with suck. If we’re lucky, the Mets pick him up as a 25th man and he can start pulling a reverse Woodward.

  2. No if he went to the Mets he would kill us, its just dumb luck.

    We should send him to the Minors, FOREVER

  3. I voted traded. If the Braves could get Kerry Ligtenberg for a few baseballs, surely they can at least get some sunflower seeds for Jeff Francoeur. It’d be better than nothing.

    This team seems to have schizophrenia: sweep the Phils, lose 2/3 to the Nats, then beat the Cubs 2/3. A split with Colorado would seem inevitable.

  4. Remember, I dubbed a groundout to each of the infield positions as the ‘Francoeur Cycle’ a few weeks ago.

  5. I think we should trade Frenchy to the Lakewood Blue Claws for some of their outstanding hot dogs they sell in the stadium, he would be a good pitch hitter for them, and the braves would enjoy the tasty hot dogs they sell

  6. re: Charles Thomas v Jeffy

    There’s no doubt that Thomas’ half season of yank-it-out-of-your-ass production was more helpful than the never-ending Francoeur terror, but Charles Thomas was no more the player that posted those numbers than Francoeur was the Barry Bonds lite he posted in July 2005. Thomas never had the raw talent of Francoeur, his half season of fluke notwithstanding. I could randomly pick Francoeur’s best 200 at bats and make him look really good too.

  7. Charlie Thomas is still more valuable than Frenchy, because he helped net us Tim Hudson

  8. Charlie Thomas was the epitome of an organization’s good baseball player. He was good for the organization, was traded for a stud of a pitcher, and then proceeded to suck for the organization that he was traded to.

    But, as a baseball player- he was pretty bad.

  9. If somehow Frenchy could have mixed in a trip to 1st on a swinging strike three on a 59 footer, only to be caught stealing, then that would be a really special day of outs.

  10. Francoeur sucks, and I have dubbed what he did today — a groundout, a strikeout, a popout, and a flyout — making outs for the cycle. He tasks me.

    He had a couple of chances to hit into double plays and didn’t come through. I think he’s still rusty after the benching.

    But, as a baseball player- he was pretty bad.

    Thomas was a good defensive outfielder and could run. Would have made a good fifth outfielder if that position hadn’t been killed off by the creation of the 12 and 13 man pitching staffs. The Padres carried 14 pitchers for almost a week before cutting back to 13 yesterday. Their bullpen now consists of eight righthanded relievers to backup an all righthanded rotation.

  11. Hello all. I vote Francoeur be released and offered a position with the organization in guest relations. Since he’s pretty much built a career off being the hometown guy, he could put his fan-friendly, super-nice guy demeanor to good use wandering the stands – in uniform of course – signing autographs and posing for pictures with fans. Between innings he can chase baseball-headed mascot “Homer the Brave” around the warning track with a foam bat. If he succeeds in hitting a “Homer” fans in one lucky row will get a free Braves keychain courtesy of Delta Airlines. Yes I’ve given this some thought.

  12. Bobby will look at this as, hey we’ve won 2 in a row with this lineup so why change it.

  13. Charles Thomas may have hit better and fielded better but think of the 80% of the game that is accounted for by clubhouse dynamics.

  14. I say it all the time, Bobby is the ultimate players coach, he loves his players too much, and will support them no matter what

  15. #16, I’m pretty sure even Bobby would put Chipper back in the lineup when he’s ready regardless of how many wins the Braves have rolled off with Anderson batting 3rd.

  16. “The Braves’ defense generally sparkled, with Escobar making a run-saving play in the eighth to preserve a tie.”

    The Cubs were never tied. Kotchman homered in the top of the sixth to make it 2-0 and they got their homer in the bottom of the sixth.

    Great game today!

  17. There are now 4 qualified players that have a greater magnitude of a negative number of WAR than the Groundhog.

    167. Jose Guillen -1.2
    166. Vernon Wells -0.9
    165. Chris Davis -0.8
    164. Orlando Cabrera -0.8
    163. Jeff Francoeur -0.7

    There are 16 qualified players below replacement level this season. Groundhog is one of them. Kelly Johnson is at 0.2 and Casey Kotchman is at 0.3

  18. Do you know who voted for “to leave frenchy alone”?
    If not, im guessing its Frenchy himself…

  19. Had the Dodgers/Mets game on in the background and happened to look up to see an amazing defensive play. Mark Loretta hit a sharp grounder down the first base line, and it caroomed off the bag high into air in the direction of second base. The Met’s 1st baseman Murphy manages to snag the ball barehanded while moving away from the bag, flips it blindly behind his back perfectly to the pitcher covering and nips the runner. Definitely worth a look if you come across the highlight on-line.

  20. I didn’t vote to leave him alone. I called my barber and he said he voted to shoot him. So that’s two of us.

  21. @30

    Knowing that Murphy is typically a brutal defender, I think I can at least enjoy one good play.

  22. Any beer drinkers around?

    I’m 21, usually stick to the hard liquor, but I had a couple Guinness tonight and I maybe it’s my tongue, but beer makes my nose twitch and I just don’t like the taste. Was it Guinness or does the taste come with experience?

  23. I think experience, im not a huge beer drinker, but after friday night football games we all go and have a few guinesses, and its a bit odd at first, especially if your used to bud, coronoa, or in college, natural light or cheap stuff….

  24. If we keep winning I don’t care who Bobby trots out to RF to annoy the piss out of me. I’ll just deal with it as best I can.

  25. I’m not a huge fan of beer either, most of them don’t taste good to me at all. So far really the only ones that I have enjoyed are Sam Adams and Yuengling.

    I’ll take some Captain Morgan, though.

  26. I take a shot of diacetylmorphine from a thin metal cylindar every time Francoeur bats. It gets me through the game. Once you get used to it, it’s not so bad. The heroine I mean. Francoeur’s batting is that bad and there’s no getting used to it.

  27. I voted for Franny’s demotion. Send him to single A ball and see if you can turn him into a pitcher. Oh and I did it for accountability, ect.

  28. I haven’t really seen this brought up yet, but right now it is conceivable that either or both of Freeman and Heyward could make the club next year. If they both keep their numbers consistently good throughout the rest of the season in AA, should they be given every opportunity to make the team next year? And if so, how does that affect the way you address the OF this offseason?

    I mean, the INF and the rotation should be set. The bullpen will be an issue if Soriano and Gonzalez aren’t resigned. Darrow/Marek have sucked so far this year, and the other guys aren’t really ready yet.

    We will still need two outfielders though. I think that everyone will agree that by 2011 the outfield will be Heyward, Schafer, and McLouth. The question will be whether they will be ready sooner, and if not, what should be done until then?

  29. Frankly I’m not convinced that Schafer will ever be a useful starter. Guys that have as much trouble making contact as he does even in the minors don’t translate well.

    They should look for one long term answer and one short term answer for the outfield spots. Of course, that’s been the correct answer for several years now and they never do anything.

  30. btw, Andruw hit his 12th, 13th, and 14th HR’s tonight. Not a bad day at the ball park

  31. “I haven’t really seen this brought up yet, but right now it is conceivable that either or both of Freeman and Heyward could make the club next year.”

    I think the org will treat them the same way as Hanson. Leave them in AA the rest of the year, bring them to ST and then send them to AAA until June of 2010. Also depends on if we make any moves for an OF’r by then

  32. Not to demean anyone who genuinely enjoys it, but Yuengling Lager has succeeded in appropriating some hipster cred from PBR, possibly because PBR is no longer brewed domestically. Personally, I think it’s awful. But Yuengling Black & Tan is pretty good.

    I like the Peroni I’m drinking at the moment, and Modelo Especial has made a recent run at respectability in the sansho1 household.

  33. @44

    I agree. Rivera’s and Abreu’s success this year is maddening. The good thing is that this offseason, there are a ton of decent potential FA outfielders:

    Bobby Abreu,Rick Ankiel,Rocco Baldelli, Jason Bay,Marlon Byrd, Mike Cameron, Endy Chavez, Johnny Damon, Jermaine Dye,Darin Erstad, Vladimir Guerrero, Matt Holliday, Andruw Jones, Austin Kearns, Xavier Nady, Magglio Ordonez, Randy Winn


    I could see that, but how do play it in the offseason?

  34. 43 – Ethan, I am on record as saying Heyward in 2010 since Spring Training. With a 1-year deal to Garrett Anderson, Wren might have thought so sooner.

    I think 2010 is McLouth, Schafer, Heyward.

    Also, KJ with a 2-run homer to help Gwinnett win tonight.

  35. Definitely gotta work your way up to dark beer and bitter beer. Two of my favs are Sierra Nevada and Guiness, though I couldn’t stand the taste of either when I first started drinking beer.

  36. Anybody else think that the concept of “developing a taste” for something is a weird one? I’m not disputing that it happens- just that it is strange that it can. I mean, if beer tasted to me today the way it did when I took my first sip, then I’d never drink it. But the beer itself hasn’t changed taste at all, just my perception of how it tastes. How the hell did that happen? Was I wrong about “how it tasted” when I first tried it, and now I am “right?” I’m bored so please feel free to ignore my low-level philosophizing…

  37. Parish,

    That’s what I’d hope.

    I think if you can do that, you will either trade Vasquez if Hudson is ready or probably just release Hudson if he’s not. That should give you the money to resign Gonzo/Soriano (or address the bullpen in another manner).

    At that point, I think you’re about at a legit contender, especially if Freeman becomes ready at some point during the season. Though I’d almost rather just plug in Barbaro instead of Kotchman right not. I truly believe he can hit in the Big Leagues

  38. csg – The difference between the Hanson and Heyward situations are that we had guys who could pitch in the 5th spot until June.

    Ethan, would you non-tender Kotch?

    I don’t think the Braves will since they will most certainly do so to Francoeur and KJ. Too much turnover.

  39. @55

    Much better job than I did of explaining the difference between the Hanson and Heyward situation. Thanks.

    I still think Kotchman has some marginal trade value. Seattle is the first team that comes to mind. They could slide Branyan to third and plug Kotchman at first. San Francisco and the Mets have openings as well.

    I just think as limited as the Braves are offensively Barbaro brings more to the table than Kotch does right now.

  40. Guiness is only good for car bombs. I know some that like it on its own but it tastes like mud to me.

    If you ever have a chance to get your hands on a Tiger beer (from Singapore but available in the States), try it.

    The Bravos…very torn about this team. I already like more about this team than I did about last years, but also think the chances of us being that team to catch fire and push it through to the WS is ridiculously small.

    If the right deal comes along for one of our pitchers not named Hanson or Jurrjens, I think I’d have to pull the trigger.

  41. Guinness is God’s gift to humanity (and Ireland’s).

    I’ve become a bit of a Modelo fan. I’ll score a can from the bodega before I get on the LIRR once in a while. Not so bad.

    Yuengling? I got cousins in that area of Pennsylvania where they make it, so I’ve had a bellyful of that brew. Ain’t so bad, but after a half-dozen you might get a headache.

    Kinda funny end of the evening tonight in Red Sox Nation: The club had widescreens of the A’s/Sawx game and everyone was sweating out the end. Papelbon tried to blow it, but he hung on. Nerves quickly morphed into arrogance.

    But the DJ was from NYC & he knew me & my crew were up from the city, so at the end of the evening, after he’d played all his dance music, he finished off with the Sinatra version of “New York, New York.”

    He knew I was a Braves fan & he could give a damn about sports, but it was hysterical to see the Sawx people get bent out of shape at the Yankee anthem.

    Some folks…they just don’t have a sense of humor.

  42. The Braves will not non-tender Kelly Johnson. They may NT Francoeur (finally) but Johnson will be given every opportunity to prove the first half of 2009 was a fluke. He may never be the full time starter again, depending on how long Prado and Infante keep up their respective “no, really we’re all stars now” streaks but he won’t be cut loose this winter by any means. He has too much potential value. Kelly Johnson is not Jeff Francoeur.

    I suspect that Heyward (who is destroying Mississippi in his first few games) and Freeman (who has struggled with the adjustment to AA pitching) will spend the rest of the year in Pearl. Heyward may get a September call up if he keeps the offense up. Next year they’ll both go to ST and be assigned to Gwinnett. Heyward may play himself into a starting slot in the OF before the end of 2010 but Heyward doesn’t project to arrive in Atlanta until at least 2011. He’s a good prospect but he’s not Jason Heyward.

    I would do something with Tim Hudson’s 2010 salary (not pick up the option or trade him), add that 12 mil to the Anderson (2.5), Francoeur (3.5) and Glavine (1.0) and offer Jason Bay 16X4. If/when Schafer and Heyward crowd the OF Bay can be moved for 1B until Freeman can outhit him.

  43. Beer is good. If you’re new to beer it’s an acquired taste, but you really need to drink good beer and not mass produced swill. Guinness is good as far as mass produced beer goes, but it’s not the greatest by far. There are 100s of microbrews that make Guinness look silly. If you have nasal reactions to beer you may be allergic to hops, which would be solid proof that God hates you.

  44. As the song goes, “God is great, beer is good, people are crazy.”

    I do not like beer. I’d rather drink Pennz Oil 30 weight than Guinness. However, I will drink Newcastle if given the opportunity.

    I think KJ may yet be a useful player. I like his attitude.

    Impale Jeffy, who sucks.

  45. I’d trade KJ now while other teams still could be convinced of his potential and you could get something valuable back for him. Even at his best he’s not much of an upgrade over Prado and he hasn’t played his best in several years. Time to move on before he becomes another Jeffy.

    The Braves have frequently promoted position players straight from AA. If Heyward kills AA pitching for the next month and Wren doesn’t make any more moves to shore up the outfield, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Heyward is in Atlanta in August or September. I just hope if that happens he proves to be the next Andruw rather than the next Francoeur.

  46. Wasn’t it Ben Franklin who said “Beer is proof there is a kind and loving God.”?

    And please, no Heyward this year!

  47. I doubt the organization is going to use an option and service time on Heyward this year. Unless we’re squarely in the race and they’re convinced he’s the difference in making the post-season and not making it. Hopefully we’ll have a real right fielder by then or will have punted.

  48. They even gave Frenchie 367 AB’s in Mississippi before calling him up (not that that worked or anything, but there it is), and I doubt Heyward will get that many appearances the rest of the year, so I cannot see a 2009 call-up for him. From a roster management standpoint only, you would like to do the same with Heyward (defer MLB until June of next year)as we did with Hanson, so they don’t both become free agents the same year. That leaves a big question of what we do for 2 months next year, assuming Heyward looks really good the rest of the year, at MS. Wren has a difficult decision this off-season for OF signings, as he has Schafer, Heyward, McLouth and maybe C. Johnson available in a couple of years, and doesn’t want to sign anyone long enough to block someone when they are ready.

  49. Re: #63

    I’m not trying to call out this specific comment or commenter. But, I see this “we can’t sell low” or “we should sell high” mentality on the internet all the time, and I don’t buy it. For this to work, you have to believe that GMs are beyond stupid. They didn’t get these jobs through a lottery at the unemployment office. Yeah, you get a few boneheads now and then, but I think that’s rare. If you think KJ is toast, and you’re right, I suspect most GMs are of the same opinion.

  50. I like martinis, shaken not stirred (I love saying that line to waiters but the Bond girls never appear). I’m not a big beer drinker, but nothing like drinking a $7.50 beer at the ball game, especially when it’s the Nationals. When I was in college in the 70s in Memphis, before the influx of imported beers, a friend had a hankering for Australian beer for some reason and we drove all over town trying to find it to no avail.

    “Id trade Frenchy for Thomas right now.”

    I’d trade him for Danny Thomas. (I realize that reference might escape some of the younger people here.)

    I find the whole Francouer thing mystifying. Any other player would have been long gone by now. And I realize the options aren’t necessarily that much better, but this guy is beyond hope, especially with his attitude. At least KJ acknowledged that he was struggling. I don’t believe it’s the fan base thing–how many young girls could he possibly draw? But when I went to see the Braves in Baltimore a couple of weeks ago, I saw several Francouer jerseys–and they were not on women.

  51. “I find the whole Francouer thing mystifying.”

    I do, too. I honestly think Bobby Cox just saw something in Frenchie and has resisted a change, hoping whatever spark once existed could be re-ignited. Frank Wren cannot like watching his plan to revive the team get thwarted by a black-hole on offense, in RF.

    What scares me even more? i think with the talent in the minors but not quite ready, if Frenchie is willing to sign for the same money next year, for one more year, they will sign him up for 2010. Now if his agent thinks he can get a multi-year deal elsewhere, then he is gone, but I think we are going to need 1 year guys in the OF next year, while we wait for Schafer and Heyward and C. Johnson.

  52. If Frenchy continues playing the way he had, I don’t think even Bobby Cox will be able to justify bringing him back next year. That’s why, as much as I hate doing it, I find myself almost rooting for him to fail.

    If the Braves can split in Colorado, I would be more than happy. This is going to be a very, very tough series.

  53. Schafer has a wrist injury in AAA. Heyward has never played above AA and Cody Johnson hasn’t played above Adv-A. They need to sign at least one real major league OF star for three or four years. At this point Schafer still projects to be a quality ML CF (as long as the wrist thing doesn’t sap his natural power) and Heyward projects to be a monster, but Freddie Freeman and Cody Johnson are still essentially wildcards. They could be Andruw and Ryan Klesko. They could be Ron Wright. Wren should spend on one of the primary OF free agents next year, cut Francoeur and let Heyward and Schafer compete with Diaz for the final starting spot.

  54. @ 69: Sorry, my age is showing.

    “Punt Bama Punt
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    “Punt Bama Punt is the nickname given to one of the most famous[1] games of the college football rivalry between the Auburn Tigers and the Alabama Crimson Tide known as the Iron Bowl.

    The game was played on December 2, 1972 at Legion Field in Birmingham, Alabama. The #2-ranked and undefeated (10-0) Alabama team led by head coach Bear Bryant came into the game as a 16-point favorite[citation needed] over the Shug Jordan-coached Tigers, who entered the game with a record of 8-1. For the first three and a half quarters the Tide seemed to have the game well in hand.

    Alabama led 16-0 with ten minutes left in the game. With less than 10 minutes remaining, an Auburn drive stalled and managed only a field goal, which made the score 16-3. On the ensuing possession Alabama was forced to punt. Auburn’s Bill Newton blocked Greg Gantt’s punt and his teammate David Langner ran the ball back 25 yards for an Auburn touchdown, narrowing the score to 16-10. Several minutes later, Alabama was forced to punt again and once again Newton blocked the punt and Langner again returned it for a touchdown. Gardner Jett kicked the extra point and Auburn won the game 17-16.

    With a few minutes to play in the game, Auburn’s David Langner intercepted an Alabama pass to stop a come back. As he went over to the sideline, Coach Shug Jordan was upset with him. Langner said, “But, coach, I intercepted the pass,” to which Coach Jordan said, “Yeah, but our plan was to make them punt.

    In June 2007, Punt Bama Punt was ranked #55 by in its list of the 100 defining moments of college football.[2] In July 2007, ranked the game #85 on its list of the 100 Greatest Finishes.”

  55. Re: beer….

    In Alabama, we couldn’t get beer with > 6% ABV until very recently due to outdated blue laws. Now that we can, it has really opened up the market for craft brewing here. I used to think Guinness was a really exotic taste (and it is, compared to most of what’s out there in the grocery store), but some of these new beers we are getting here blow it out of the water. If you like Guinness or other beers of that style, I can’t recommend highly enough North Coast Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout. Nice chocolate and coffee flavor….damn its good.

    If Francoeur is playing for this team next year, I will seriously have to do some soul searching regarding my Braves fandom.

  56. @75 – I fear you are provoking Mac into a blind rage of post-deleting fury.

  57. @76

    Anything by Dogfish Head Brewing (Delaware.) Sweetwater and Atlanta Brewing Company for local brews. There are literally so many truly great beers now that it’s hard to keep track.

  58. I’ve started a drinking game at home. I only take a drink when Frenchy gets a hit.
    My wife admires the weight loss.

  59. @75

    Four years ago I was an assistant Coach, and we were winning a game 20-0 with about 8 minutes to go, they blocked three punts to win the game 21-20. I swear on the final punt, we were standing in the back of hte end zone. They hadnt gotten a first down the entire game, I begged for us to just take a safety, we didnt! Rest is history.

    Thats why, every thursday, when we do our walk through, I make sure to go over with our punter how to take a safety! As a head coach now, I will never let that happen!

    Ah New Jersey High SChool Football!

  60. Terrapin (Athens) does a really good job with its beers. Yazoo (Nashville) is getting better.

    I love microbrews but, man, it’s hard to beat a Guinness poured correctly.

  61. a lot of the 1st and 2nd round picks are signed now; Mitchell (#20) just signed with the White Sox. Any word on where the Braves are with their top draftees? I thought the point of the Vandy guy was signability.

  62. @80

    From what you just wrote, I agree, why not take a safety? I guess that is why you are a head coach now.

  63. Ha, I dont know if thats why I became a head coach! That was my last season at that school. Which was ashame, it was the high school I went too. I went to another school, and was a D Coordinator for 3 years, and just became a Head Coach this off-season, im super pumped!

    I mix that with coaching freshman baseball, which is an adventure!

  64. As long as we’re praising good beers I’ll add Shiner Bock, Lazy Magnolia’s Southern Pecan, and Big Sky Brew’s Moose Drool to the list.

  65. “Blind Hog the Impaler”?

    I like it.

    “Punt, Bama, Punt!” simply can’t be that long ago, can it?

  66. You two might be the first non-Texans I’ve ever encountered who like that beer.

  67. i dont know if anyone head but Andruw Jones had a three home run night last night..congrats

  68. Stu,

    A lot of my family is from Texas and that is where I had Shiner Bock first, so I might not count.

    And aren’t Texans just misplaced Tennesseans anyways?

  69. Um, no. That might have been true 100 years ago; they’ve since taken on a cult personality all their own, though.

  70. Nothing personal against Guinness drinkers but I hate that stuff and I really love beer. I think it goes back to suffering through one at the age of 17 with my girlfriend at the time’s dad. My favorites at the moment are La Fin Du Monde and Paulaner Hefewiezen. The all time favorite is still Chimay Red.

  71. I had a Red Stripe the other day for the first time in years. I forgot how good it was.

  72. I second the Red Stripe goodness. The store up the road from me had it on sale a week or so back which caused me to rediscover it. It’s a swell lager style beer.

  73. You may take the credit, but it wasn’t yours alone….

    As I posted on 10/24/08:

    “Also riding to the Texans’ rescue was a cavalry company that mustered in Crawford County, Georgia (county seat – Knoxville), and arrived in time to help defeat Mexico at San Jacinto. Officials of the new Republic of Texas were overwhelmed at the hardiness and valor of the Georgian riders, and wished to pay appropriate tribute. It was noted that the Georgians had arrived bearing a striking flag sewn by a Crawford County seamstress — a single gold star on a blue background….”

  74. Tough question — for beer is inherently good, and Francoeur inherently bad. I’ll go with Miller Lite, as it is inexplicably favored by the masses….

    Edit: I also like Stu’s answer, as Zima isn’t actually beer, and Francoeur isn’t actually a ballplayer.

  75. 88,

    Count me in for a non-Texan who digs Shiner Bock. Spent two weeks in Oklahoma and drank it exclusively.

  76. 98,

    Francoeur is O’Douls. It looks like a beer, but it doesn’t do its job.

  77. I think Garrett Anderson would be Michelob Ultra since it’s low in calories. I can’t even think of anything appropriate for Francoeur.

  78. I’d say Francouer is Landshark Lager. Its a knock off of a horrible Mexican Beer, Corona, and Corona is the non-beer drinker’s beer. Its only liked by complete posers who want to pretend they want to be outside drinking a beer just like all of Francouer’s “fans” are posers pretending to be baseball fans who don’t understand the sport. Just as the only Landshark continues because of Jimmy Buffet’s backing; Francouer only continues to exists because of Delta backing him. Plus its way more expensive for a bad beer than a cheap not great but satisfying beer like Miller High Life. High Life would be replacement level beer.

  79. Seems like the best option for this off-season might be to find a 1B instead of a RF. Russell Branyan seems like a great fit, since he can also fill in at 3B from time to time if need be. Depending on what the market for him is, a 1- or 2-year deal might be possible.

  80. Wait, wait, wait: Someone who likes Shiner and heiffeweisens is calling Corona “horrible”? What is this world coming to?

    (No, I don’t think Corona is anything special.)

  81. I’m reminded all the time of how ridiculous of a player Barry Bonds was near the end of his career. I thought to myself, “Francoeur can still be a good player, right? Don’t players usually become more patient/selective with age?” So I whip out a quick (linear) regression to see if there’s at least a positive relationship, and the Bonds dots are so crazy it skews the entire scale of the graph. ” rel=”nofollow”>picture here

  82. As ububba and I have discussed before, Anchor Steam is a favorite beer from San Francisco. On tap, Spaten is hard to beat–that is, if you like German lagers.

  83. So what kind of beer would BMac be? Surely he deserves to be a beer more than Frenchy.

  84. Is Hefeweizen considered a low end beer or something? Most beer snobs I’ve talked to hold Frasizkaner and Paulaner hefeweizens in pretty high regard.

  85. I mean, I can’t even spell it properly, so don’t take my opinion as authoritative; I’m just not a big fan. Too light or fruity or something.

  86. Hefeweizen is a wheat beer, and though it still has a lot of body, it goes down pretty lightly during the hot summer months.

  87. I didn’t say anything about Heiffeweisens but they are okay in the summer months in limited doses. I guess its clear you just hate Shiner. Which is fine. (Southern Pecan and Moose Drool were both Nut Brown Ales.)

    I think Corona is awful and the only reason people even recognize it is clever marketing. Its not the worst beer ever. That would have to go to Abita Purple Haze.

    McCann would be a Georgia brewed beer; that’s relatively new; underrated; and excellant. So something like Sweetwater Georgia Brown or Terrapin Rye Pale Ale.

  88. How could anyone watch this Braves team as intently as you and not be driven to drink.

  89. My mistake, Jorgbacca. Apparently, I can neither spell nor read this morning.

    Yes, I think Shiner is pretty bad. I don’t disagree with you about the quality of Abita’s beer. (My wife and I were married on a quail farm in Abita Springs, Louisiana!)

  90. i’m considering voting to keep the Frenchman around just because i’d hate to see this blog dry up and disappear without him to kick around.

  91. I was watching A Clockwork Orange the other day, and noticed Alex was forced to watch Francoeur at bats as part of his aversion therapy.

  92. “i’m considering voting to keep the Frenchman around just because i’d hate to see this blog dry up and disappear without him to kick around.”

    I think many mornings Casey Kotchman wakes up and thanks his lucky stars that there is a Jeff Francoeur filling out the bottom of the curve. Once Jeff is gone, people are going to start wondering about a 7 HR 1st baseman who only hits in the .270’s.

  93. Thats a great point! Casey Kotchman is probably encouraging Frenchy not to listen to the coaches, that it will turn around on its own!

  94. #125, Kotchman has a .345 OBP, plays great defense, and has 18 doubles. While it would be nice for him to hit a few more homers, he’s well down the list of problems on this team. Once Francoeur is gone, Anderson will become our next target of hate.

  95. I wonder who has the lowest RAR for the past 2 years…..

    Yep. It’s Jeff Francoeur. -20.6

    Tied for 2nd are Tony Pena and Gary Matthews Jr. at -18.7.

    Delmon Young at -15.6 and Mark Sweeney at -15.1 round out the top bottom 5.

  96. Stu @99, one of your best lines ever.

    Shiner Bock is good if you like darker beers.

  97. What’s the point of resorting to RAR, WAR, VORP, or ZORT? Francoeur sucks! His batting average sucks, he doesn’t walk, he doesn’t hit for power, he doesn’t steal bases, and he’s not all that great a defender. Furman Bisher can understand this.

  98. Give him a break. He is only 25. He is only going to get better and better.

  99. Went to Taco Mac towards the end of this past semester with a few friends and I couldn’t decide what beer to get, so I ended up just getting what one of my friends got. It was pretty good, but for the life of me I can not remember what the hell it was, and neither can he. And you can’t really narrow it down because it was a fairly obscure beer in their vast collection. Its really pretty frustrating.

  100. Has anyone checked out the Jeff Francoeur wiki? I think gadfly wrote it.

  101. Mike,

    When I was in college, Taco Mac did a beers of the world tour. You should try it.

    I bet you had Arrogant Bastard Ale. lol

  102. Smuttynose makes a great IPA. Actually, they make a great everything. I enjoy Terrapin too, but in small doses. They go overboard on the hops occasionally. If you live in Atlanta or within driving distance you owe it to yourself to visit 1) the Brickstore in Decatur and 2) one of the Five Seasons Brew Pubs 3 locations. There are other great brew pubs around too, but those are the top of the charts.

  103. I’m sort of a hophead, so I enjoy the overboard-ness. Never had anything Smuttynose.

  104. I prefer pretty much anything to Heineken. It’s bad. Blue Moon is pretty good with that added advantage that most women like it, too.

  105. import Heineken is rough, real Heineken is EXCELLENT.
    Had several gallons when I was in Amsterdam.
    Completely different beers.

    Negro Modela, solid brew.

    Palm is a good recent Belgian import but damn stuff can give you a headache if your not careful.

    Unfortunately I am never careful.

  106. Taco Mac also does a beer of the month thing where you can get that beer and you also get to keep the special glass it comes in. One time the beer of the month was a chocolate stout. That might have been the weirdest/worst beer I have ever tasted. Cool glass, though.

  107. There are 100s of microbrews that make Guinness look silly

    Glad to see someones propensity for hyperbole isn’t limited to baseball.

    ABC makes a fine product though – their new Porter is first rate. I also think Stockyard Stout, at 5.99/6 pack at trader joes, is a terrific value and a good reason to drink dark beer year round.

  108. Alright, worst beer was probably a stretch, but it was definitely the weirdest.

  109. re: import Heiny vs Dutch Heiny

    The same is true of Budweiser in Germany. It’s illegal to sell the swill they market in the US as beer in Germany. German Bud is actually decent. I’d take Carlsberg over Dutch Heiny though. Trappist makes good beer too.

  110. “My wife and I were married on a quail farm in Abita Springs, Louisiana.”

    Think about that statement for a minute.

    “Why” is just one of the many questions that are begged.

    Her ancestral home?

    Really, really hammered in the French Quarter and thought it was a good idea at the time?

    Really unique quail hunt?

  111. @148

    Very encouraging indeed!

    Also glad to see Mike Stanton has reinvented himself once again. From a righty reliever in the ’70s-’80s to a lefty reliever in the ’90s-’00s to a power-hitting outfielder in the ’10s-’20s. He’s something else, that Mike Stanton.

  112. Budvar in the Czech Republic is quite good, I was given to understand it’s where our Bud comes from. Could be wrong on that front.

    A beer I’ve always enjoyed- especially when it’s really hot out and you are looking for something you can drink a few of and actually suffer the illusion you’re curbing your thirst- is Steinlager. That is some good shit. Offers the additional advantage of being the official beer of the All Blacks, which is always kind of cool.

    And a couple other long-time favorites, both infinitely better on tap than bottled- John Courage, and Fuller’s ESB. Making me want to go get a beer now.

  113. hank, if we were really, really hammered in the French Quarter, there’s no way we’d have made it all the way out to Abita Springs for a ceremony.

    She’s from a tiny town down the road. Neither her Catholic family nor my Protestant family would have been keen on entering the others’ church, so we—and by “we,” I mean my wife—picked a picturesque neutral ground. (Ceremony officiated by a Protestant minister—Stuarts FTW!)

  114. Nationals at home vs. us 4-2

    Their record for the rest of the year 20-56

    Dagnabit that makes me want to puke.

  115. Sam @ 154,

    From my touring of Flanders, I would vote for Dutch Heiny. I don’t drink beer.

  116. Heineken is actually not a bad beer. When they don’t serve german Beck’s in the US, Heineken is actually a decent alternative. Hefeweizen is fine, but only durin the Oktoberfest in Munich.
    Budweiser btw is not German, 154, it’s from the Czech Republic. Much better than the US copy. Also, try “Jever” if you ever get the chance. Not really an imported beer but I had it the other day in a NYC restaurant – it’s the best beer!

  117. We here in Houston have a hidden gem of a brew, St. Arnold’s. Anyone one ever tried it? The Amber and Summer Pils are pretty damn tasty.

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