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  1. Braves asked MLB to replace Wagner with Saito. No reason that shouldn’t go through. Wags wouldn’t be eligible until the World Series, assuming we even get that far and he’s healthy. His career is probably over.

  2. Semi-random question: If we ran out of pitchers, who would be the emergency pitcher? No way it’s Ankiel, right?

  3. Given the dramatics in the game the other night, it’s easy to see how some plays may get overlooked. But in retrospect, how big was Conrad getting down that sacrifice bunt? Does anyone think Melky would have scored from first on Gonzo’s double?

  4. I’m really hoping the Rangers win this series, it would be nice to see them actually advance for once

    Any team that would give Francoeur a spot on their playoff roster deserves to lose.

  5. No way Melky scores from first. There was just enough doubt the LF might have caught it. I don’t think he’s running hard on contact there.

  6. @Sam from the last thread,

    Thanks for The Dionaea House link. It’s a fun read and pretty spooky.

  7. Whew. Now that we have that out of our collective system…

    EDIT: And can the Braves fans here please refrain from questioning Hudson’s manhood until he gives up a run or two?

  8. Can’t blame Hudson for trying the pitch outside again. Ball four looked to me like the same location that was called strike two.

    Umpires suck.

  9. Omar continues to swing at everything in three-ball counts.

    The outside corner’s not much of a mystery. According to TBS, Emmel has missed one pitch — too generous with a strike call for Huddy.

  10. Dick Stockton’s reanimated corpse is talking about a lack of animation from the Braves’ players.

    48—Other than the fact that it was well out of the strike zone, you mean?

  11. Not thrilled that Paul Emmel is behind the plate today. Can’t we just ban him from Georgia?

    In all seriousness, hopefully there’s no reason for the umpires to be part of the conversation after this game.

  12. I’m very confused about what happened. Porter didn’t actually examine anything.

    Based on our medical staff’s recent work, it wouldn’t surprise me to learn that he fractured his spine.

  13. This is unreal. I cannot remember a time that a single player has done so much damage to a team in such a short period of time.

  14. That was Heyward’s ball. Conrad should have probably caught it anyway, but dang….

    I wonder if Conrad is starting to feel paranoid yet?

  15. i might not be very popular after saying this but the j-hey kid might be a bit of a drama queen.

  16. Had Conrad actually thrown to short, Bobby should have just hauled his ass back to the dugout, like Andruw back in ’98.

  17. @67 you’re assuming that Heyward had called it which seems unlikely. heck of an effort from Brooks there.

  18. Let’s try not to pick on Conrad too much. He’s a bench player at best. There’s a reason he’s a 30-year old rookie.

    At this point though, you really have to wonder whether we’re better off with Glaus in at third. That play on Friday was a gift. You think he pulls that off every inning?

  19. So, our starting pitcher and starting right fielder — both All-Stars this season — are not real men. That makes sense.

  20. I could care less that Conrad is not “at fault” for his lack of skill. I’m not really responsible for my genetics either, last I checked. But neither of us should be on the field right now.

  21. 85—Like what? The fact that they wear cups, presumably to protect male parts? You are, as usual, completely irrational and needlessly emotional.

  22. I am not blaming Conrad. He is a good pinch hitter. I am blaming Bobby for not benching him. Glaus couldn’t be much worse defensively and would likely be much better with the bat.

  23. 91- No. At this point, you perform or you get called out. Conrad’s hurting the team by pretending to play the field, and surely he knows it.

  24. I’ve got it. The Lowe-Hudson Theorem: Only one of the two can pitch effectively at any one point in the season. The other MUST run his pitch count up to the low 100’s by the end of the 5th inning while having base runners all over the place, yet somehow, manage to keep his team close.

    Feels like we should be down 5-0 rightnow, so I guess 1-0 isn’t that bad.

  25. 96–Yet why doesn’t Bobby know it? Is there any accountability on this team? Only in baseball…

  26. Stu’s got a point, Bethany. You are being harsher than usual, and more so than Heyward or Hudson justify. (Save it for deserving targets, like Melky or (now) Conrad.)

  27. I made a flippant comment and then it has to turn into a 30 comment ordeal. I’m not going to dissect my reasoning to explain how it was meant to be a half joke.

    Let’s talk about the game, please.

  28. Can someone at TBS please tell the douchebag calling these games how to pronounce Infante’s name, as well as the word ‘error’? Jesus Christ…

  29. I’m with #95. Brooks is screwing up to be sure, but it’s Bobby’s call whether he stays in.

  30. So far, “it” has been embarrassing themselves on the national stage. Hopefully, a new definition of “it” will soon emerge.

  31. So, did anyone ever figure out what happened to Heyward? Wrist? Back? Wind knocked out? Should I expect him to look even more feeble in his second PA, or not?

  32. So it was just no way possible for Glaus to play today?

    Dick Stockton is almost 70 y/o, give the man a break. I still remember his calls on the Lakers/Celtics series in the 80’s as the lead play by play man for CBS.

  33. I like Stockton, frankly. As Braves fans we currently have bigger problems: like the defense, and the starting pitcher’s inability to locate, and the fact that the other team has a lefty on the mound, and the homeplate umpire.

  34. We just need to put the bat on the ball. I bet the defense settles down if we can demonstrate and ability to hit the ball.

  35. What the hell is going on? Is it he 4:37 start?? Where is the momentum from Game 2?

    Maybe that will get us going,,,

  36. If Glaus can’t move enough–and until I see him in a wheelchair I refuse to believe he can’t–then I’d rather, at this point, put Diory into the game. Considering the lack of offense Conrad has been producing (as he regresses), I’m willing to sacrifice that spot in the lineup for a defensive upgrade. This is the most extreme groundball pitcher in MLB.

  37. In all fairness, the runner would have scored from third anyway. No further harm was done except Huddy throwing more pitches (which might turn out to be a good thing). What I’m trying to say is that Conrad hasn’t cost us at all yet.


  38. 125, 133: I agree to some extend, but that would probably burn Conrad for the rest of the playoffs. And it will never happen because it’s just not Bobby.

  39. The fact that Ankiel has forced him to throw at least five pitches… I call the at bat a success!

    5 ks and we’re only once through the order.

  40. 143–It’s an accent. It’s ok. The country is vast and full of lots of different sorts of people.

  41. An idea: Let AGony play “middle infield,” and just play Glaus wherever. Back-up third or left-center, or something.

  42. This isn’t like Conrad has committed a few errors. Bobby playing him the last two games has been him giving him a chance to make it right.

  43. I’m loving the crowd today.

    I am with those who think Troy needs a start at 3b. I expect him to be bad, but what good is range when you kick it once you get there?

    Also, if Conrad and infante are both in there, infante needs to be at 2b. why weaken yourself at two positions?

  44. 71 pitches through five innings, so Hudson should be good for at least two more. Now will someone wake up the offense?

  45. I played in a slow-pitch softball game against Tim Hudson a few years ago. He was playing shortstop and gobbleing up everything. I vote he goes to 2nd base when he is done pitching. The guy’s a hellavua athelete. True story.

  46. I hope so, ryan. I could be remembering incorrectly, but it seems like it’s been a long time since he’s done anything.

  47. We’re reaching the point where no-hitters will elicit little reaction.

    And remind me again: what’s Conrad’s value?

  48. Seems like Emmel should’ve at least checked with the first-base umpire on one or both of those.

  49. There is not a human language that has yet been spoken by man that contains a phrase or emotion to describe how much I hate Alex Gonzalez and the very fact that the atoms and molecules that compose his physical existence are allowed to play baseball for the Atlanta Braves.

  50. So Mike Remlinger is now a life coach and is also selling one of Sammy Sosa’s corked bats. Weird.

  51. Whatever the outcome of this game and series will be, it is completely irrelevant as far as the Braves are concerned since this team will have zero chance against the Phillies anyway. So I’m completely at ease with whatever is going to happen.

  52. somebody’s having fun with emmel’s wikipedia page:


    “Emmel also umpired the 2010 NLDS between the Atlanta Braves and the San Francisco Giants. During game one, Emmel made a questionable a call at second base, directly leading to the only run in the game and the Giants won 1-0. During game two of the series, Emmel made another questionable call, which lead to the ejection of Braves’ manager Bobby Cox. He is currently under investigation by Bud Selig and the MLB for bribery.

    Emmel often makes questionable calls, causing many people to question the MLB’s ability to hire proper umpires.”

  53. It was a pretty obvious one to me, imo. The pitch was up over his bad at baseball neck anyway, so it doesn’t matter. Alex Gonzalez is just so bad that it makes me want to cry. Purple tears of bloody, smoking rage.

  54. They’re probably going to pinch hit for Hudson next inning… regardless of the fact that he could probably keep going or that he is the best hitter after Diaz.

  55. 1-0 on a fly ball that was in Heywards glove at one point and a dropped popup by Conrad, which Jason should have caught

    the phillies would embarass this team

  56. The Phillies have already embarassed this team. The only reason the Braves are in the playoffs is b/c Manual took out Hamels.

    Take one for the team Ankiel

  57. Ankiel couldn’t quite make it work twice, and now Bobby (correctly, IMO) lets Huddy bat for himself.

  58. Nice, Adam. I laughed out loud.

    EDIT: Which is probably the reaction of opposing pitchers to our line-up.

  59. Huddy’s already shown ’em how to field, I guess he needed to show them how to hit, too.


    Edit: That’s my online chop, fwiw

  60. Honestly, do these guys know that they can go to first base by not swinging at four pitches out of the strike zone?

  61. Yeah, we’re going to lose our second 1-0 game of this series, both times (for different reasons) on runs that probably shouldn’t have scored, but both times with an offense that didn’t look like it could score in 18 innings.

  62. didnt chipper come out and say that tp was working with jason on some things that he didnt agree with?

  63. It’s also notable that Sanchez walks 4.5 guys per nine innings. He’s exactly the type of pitcher the Braves would have hit a few months ago–lefty or not–and he’s exactly the type of pitcher the Phillies (if the Giants advance) will have out of the game by the 5th.

  64. I don’t know how you can blame a hitting coach for players swinging at balls in the dirt.

  65. @236

    Terry Pendleton is my favorite Brave of all time. Don’t you dare insult his ability as a hitting coach, despite the fact that, except for one or two guys, it lately seems like hitters come to Atlanta only to perform vastly worse than anywhere else.

    It’s just the water. Or the traffic. Not TP giving them bad advice. Also please ignore that Chipper has said he doesn’t agree with TP at times, that Chipper is pretty good, that both he and McCann receive outside help on their hitting, and that McLouth actually looked like a baseball player after talking with Chipper about his problems.

    It’s not TPs fault.

  66. Even when he was going well Heyward had big platoon splits. He can’t really hit lefties–yet.

  67. 238—Makes one wonder if Braves players can read. You know they’ve been shown the scouting report — why are they swinging at so much junk?

  68. “Braves will have the heart of their order up…”

    Too bad the heart looks like it’s been eating fried chicken every meal for about 15 years.

  69. I dunno can TP hit lefties? What about playing CF?

    Can he just stand in the box and never swing and go back to the dugout and shout “THAT’S WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE TO BE PATIENT! JUST BECAUSE THERE’S A BASEBALL HEADING IN YOUR GENERAL DIRECTION DOES NOT MEAN YOU HAVE TO SWING AT IT!”

  70. not really blaming pendleton for anything. reason i was asking was the broadcasters were talking about tp working on fixing jason’s “holes” in his swing. i thought i recalled chipper and tp disagreeing about jason’s mechanics.

    chief says GO BRAVES and i agree…


  71. I find the Pendleton blame really tiresome.

    We led the National League in walks this year. You can’t blame Terry for the hitters’ impatience without acknowledging that we led the league in walks during the regular season.

    You know why we suck at hitting? Because half the players in our starting lineup — Omar Infante, Brooks Conrad, Rick Ankiel, Matt Diaz — would be bench players on the other playoff teams.

  72. The Braves couldn’t hit Melky Cabrera with any kind of stick if he was tied to a wall.

  73. Guys, if you were actually angry about swinging at bad pitches, then you’d stop doing so. Stop faking it.

  74. Sanchez is pitching well, but he’s been gaining confidence as the game has gone on. Lee’s strikeout was a killer.

  75. gotta think we’ll see troy pnch hit next inning for brooks and maybe david ross for the pitcher’s spot.

  76. Well, at least we get one inning against a non-Wilson reliever, right?

    282—Not if they bring a right-handed reliever in.

  77. At this point, just get it over with.

    Just get some real outfielders next year. The Matt Diaz show is getting tired and old.

  78. 288- How much impact can they have now? Cox has about 24 hours left as the Braves’ manager. Just admit what you did with those nuns and sheep, Bobby!

  79. Until the Braves spend on some offense, this is our high water mark. An early playoff round exit looking like chumps.

  80. 295—Was thinking the same thing. In fairness, there are only 8 miles per hour separating the two.

  81. “Tying run at first base!”

    Where it will stay until the next three hitters get out in stupidly stupid fashion.

    Just like that. Conrad. Never lets you down.

  82. The damage Conrad had inflicted in such a short period of time has been almost spectacular to behold.

  83. Me: running up and down the apartment yelling “pinch hit home run!” Hi-fiving my 1-year-old daughter…

    my wife: What’s a pinch hitter?

  84. c.shorter,

    wasn’t it you watching porn on the net when your wife caught you and you said no, baseball, and she said “If you’re watching porn, just say so”? Might have been somebody else, but if it was you, your wife must be pretty cool IMHO.

  85. When you’re watching the Braves it’s basically the same. Lots of sucking and heavy breathing when Melky is at the plate.

  86. What’s ridiculous is that the guy to have Dunn face was Torres, who hits like Melky against them. Huff, on the other hand, hits lefties well and has great, great plate discipline.

  87. I am so irritated at Cox right now. I have watched this crap for so long. It’s his job to know something that BOB BRENLY knows.



  89. I can’t stand the situational matchup stuff when there’s no platoon split to take advantage of.

  90. And if we do get out of this–big if–we’ll have burned three pitchers this inning. Pathetic.

  91. I’m out. I blame Cox. Conrad is effectively finished in baseball–and his “player’s manager” is to blame.

  92. The motherfucking shit have got to be fucking kidding me. Please God let a giant fucking donkey fall from the sky and kill me right now.

  93. To whoever said we were classy for not using the F word like Giants fan @ McCovey Cove.
    Can we now?

  94. I mean, it was one inning. Conrad has been awful at the plate. Why not have Hernandez in the game? Seriously? Can someone explain this to me?

    Does Cox have an IQ over 75?

  95. Can someone “disable” Conrad before tomorrow? There has to be some 9 year old little league second baseman that we could start tomorrow. God knows he couldn’t do any worse.

  96. 455 — I had already typed in my “yessssssss!” into the comment box, just waiting to submit it.

  97. Really, Conrad at second and Infante at third is a better option than Glaus at third and Infante at 2nd? Heck, The Lisp at second would be a better option offensively and defensively

  98. 460–He could have lifted him before the inning, like he did Diaz, our best LF. But Bobby Cox proves that despite umpteen years in the game, he doesn’t even know his own team.

  99. I mean this just isn’t fair. We should have had karma build up inour favor since the astro’s series in ’05. Yet cruel fate picks on braves fans again.

  100. 457 – me too. I guess I’ve already written this season off. This is just so disappointing. I feel a little crushed right now.

  101. Evidently Rick Ankiel’s ascension on Friday meant someone had to take his place as playoff head case. Thanks for stepping up, Brooks.

  102. And all of this starts with lifting Kimbrel for Dunn. Because Dunn is lefthanded, and so is Huff. Even though Huff kills lefties.

    It took 3 seconds to look that up, but nobody in the Braves’ dugout believes in “statistics.”

  103. I can see the headlines tomorrow: Brooks Conrad Tries To Shoot Himself In the Head, Out With Foot Injury.

  104. Well, as bad as our offense has been . . . our defense is what has lost this series. (Although, Heyward’s 0 for 12 with 7 K’s hasn’t helped at all).

  105. Heyward and Conrad…thanks for showing up this series. Might as well include Bobby Cox for that matter.

  106. Seriously, screw Paul Emmel. If Hudson gets that pitch earlier, he’s still going. Or we’ve already won.

  107. Guess I know what it feels like to be a Giants fan after game two.

    Euthanize this team tomorrow, Giants.

  108. I think Diory is now entitled to leave obscene messenges on Bobby’s answering machine for the rest of his life.

  109. God what a damn terrible weekend. How stupid can people paid millions of dollars for not being stupid be?

    I just want to set the world on fire. And not with love, with fire.

  110. Well, that sucked. At least this wasn’t a team with a real chance of winning a WS that collapsed and got screwed.

  111. Completely, completely on the head of Bobby Cox. Should have taken Conrad out before 9th and left Kimbrel in. This is 100% Bobby Cox managing.

    Please PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE retire.

  112. Wren, please make it your absolute number one priority in the world to sign a right handed hitter for next year. I don’t care if you have to trade the entire starting rotation for Pujols. Get someone. This game shouldn’t have even been this close.

    11Ks from a wild Sanchez? Give me damn break.

  113. Better put Conrad on suicide watch. Don’t know how he even stayed on the field after that.

  114. SBerthiaumeESPN: Watch replay from behind plate: NO WAY Brooks Conrad can see that ball. Umpire Jerry Layne appears to completely block his view of the ball.

    If that’s true…

  115. Gee,Carl, what am I supposed to say? Let’s give up? We blow this game, we need to win tomorrow and then Weds. I didn’t say I was happy about it.

  116. There are no words for this horror. Conrad may have had the worst game in the history of baseball. And I want to hear again that closing is no big deal.

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