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    Interesting, if slightly misleading.

    Very few buy those ultra-high-end tickets at Yankee Stadium. That’s why you see rows and rows empty, lower-bowl seats at every single game.

    There are plenty of uppers for $20 & $25 and for most weeknight games you can buy them—if not on Ticketmaster, then StubHub.

    And you should never pay more than face value for a non-Yankee game at Citi Field.

  2. Braves:

    Prado – 2B
    Heyward – RF
    Jones – 3B
    McCann – C
    Hinske – LF
    Glaus – 1B
    Gonzalez – SS
    Cabrera – CF
    Hudson – P


    Morgan – CF
    Kennedy – 2B
    Dunn – 1B
    Zimmerman – 3B
    Bernadina – RF
    Rodriguez – C
    Harris – LF
    Desmond – SS
    Hernandez – P

  3. I doubt it feels that good to Moylan (maybe to Venters because he is just a rookie).

    [absolutely one of my favorite songs, by the way]

  4. @1 What is that graphic trying to show? Why bother including the minimum ticket price if it’s basically the same for all teams? The disparity at the lower end is the number and availability of seats at that price, not the price itself. And focusing on the highest ticket price of each stadium also misses the point, which is how much are people actually paying to go to the game? Most people are going to buy tickets in the middle of that range.

    Data that could make for an interesting list:
    – What is the mean price for each seat in the stadium?
    – What is the mean price for each ticket sold at the box office?
    – What is the mean price for each ticket sold (including secondary markets: StubHub, craigslist, etc)?

  5. Glaus down in the order

    He was down there last night too. The game was over so fast you would be forgiven for missing it. Considering the rest of the lineup, I guess that’s about as far down as you could put him without be insulting about it.

  6. Can we just hammer the dead-end Natties and give each other a big hug?

    Maybe sing some Kumbahya.

    Mac, you can have the solo.

  7. I’m (sort of) watching the Angels-Sox game right now, the Angels are trying the Johnny Wholestaff act the Nats pulled off last night. I guess I haven’t being paying attention, the Angels have come up with another righthanded reliever named Francisco Rodrigiuez? Shouldn’t he come up with a nickname or something to go by? It seems like he would get tired of the feedback that would go along trying to follow KRod.

  8. @1, I’m kind of surprised the Braves’ best seats are so comparatively low. They get a lot of regional fans who travel from a good distance away. People who are only able to make one or two games a year would probably pay a premium for better seats.

    Also, the cheapest seats in Turner Field are $4 for most people two nights a week (2-for-1 Tue and Wed). I like the fact that Atlanta ties the Rockies for the cheapest seats in baseball (unless the compilers neglected similar promotions from other clubs).

  9. Am I the only one wondering what in the hell the deal is with the Venters suspension?

    Is Bob Watson attempting to write his decision in Egyptian hieroglyphs or something?

  10. Carroll Rogers

    July 28th, 2010
    5:49 pm
    Still no word on Venters. Looks like the decision won’t come down today. Venters went two innings last night, probably in part with the anticipation that he would start serving his suspension today. Didn’t work out that way.

    The Nats have pushed back Craig Stammen and Scott Olsen will make his return from the DL tomorrow against the Braves. He’s been out with shoulder inflammation.

    O’Flaherty has been given clearance to start doing some light throwing so he’s making progress. Not close to returning though. Wouldn’t count on him the rest of this road trip at the very least.

  11. I expect the arrows when I dare to complain about McCann, but am I the only person here who thinks his horrible defense is a problem?

    Love the guy. Wouldn’t trade him for the world. Want to move him permanently to 1B (and expect his good hitting and longevity would improve if we did so).

    But defensively, he’s only an upgrade from Javy in that he calls a better game.

    The Short, Happy Braves Life of Troy Glaus seems to be over and we can’t win if that is indeed the case. (Of course, I was wrong before about him and am hoping to be so again.)

  12. Do you know how many passed balls McCann has this year? Three. There are eight catchers in the NL with more, but big whoop, the most anyone has is seven. It’s not a big deal. His CS% is .284, middle of the pack, but that’s not a big deal either. He does have the most errors in the league — nine. It just doesn’t matter very much. If catcher defense really means anything in this day and age, it’s about calling the game, which you admit he’s good at. But I don’t know that that matters either. I tend to think that the only difference that really matters is between the guy who can play the position and the guy who can’t, and McCann can.

  13. I absolutely hate that they set the “NATIONALS PARK” sign behind home plate in freaking Verdana. Might as well use Comic Sans.


  14. @31

    Well, the ageless Livan Hernandez is throwing for the mighty men of the Potomac.

    Heyward is a god.

  15. It was a botched double steal, then the Nats botched a rundown…

    Hinske struck out, and McCann stopped after breaking for 2nd when Pudge threw to 2nd. He got into a rundown, and Heyward broke for the plate. When the shortstop ran McCann back to first and threw to the first baseman, Heyward broke for the plate, and beat the first baseman’s throw home. McCann took 2nd on the throw home.

  16. And because they’ve gotten close enough to keep an eye on, the Marlins coughed up four runs to the Giants in the 1st. Shame the D’Backs haven’t seen fit to follow suit against the Phillies, but the night is young.

  17. Is Chip Livan’s agent? Sounds like he’s trying to drum up interest in him despite everyone knowing exactly what he is.

  18. If we don’t make a move, anybody want to try this?

    Tell Infante that CF is his for the next week. See if he can handle it.

    Would love to get his bat in the lineup and Melky’s inconsistent fat ass out of it.

    (Maybe my problem with Melky is that when he’s not good, he’s terrible and looks terrible being terrible. He’s actually done a little better than I expected.)

  19. Now there’s a temporary CF solution that won’t lead to 200 angry posts… so what fun would that be?

  20. He obviously throws a lot slower than Hanson, but Livan, sometimes, has a similar motion. He varies it, though, while Hanson throws the same every pitch.

  21. Call me crazy, but at this point I’m rooting for the Mets to beat the Cardinals.

    Why? I’d love to see the Cards miss October baseball & I’ll take my chances with The Men From Flushing.

  22. The radio guys are actually having a reasonable discussion of sabremetrics, and it’s pretty clear they have actually looked into beyond a cursory dismissal. Strange times, indeed.

  23. I wish I could find an email address for Powell. I’d send him an attaboy.

    Holy Schnikes, Powell just recommended fangraphs.com

  24. I just remembered who Nyjer Morgan reminds me of- Spike Owen from the old Expos. He could’ve been a Hall of Famer if he’d always been allowed to play the Braves.

    Of course, who couldn’t you say that about?

  25. Melky gets the worst reads on fly balls.

    I suspect that the fat from his fat face impairs his vision.

  26. @63
    that was the point i was trying to make yesterday, but i guess it sounds better coming from you.

  27. I asked about Infante in CF about a month or two ago, that was shot down very quickly here too

  28. 30 — Bethany, I thought Verdana was supposed to read well on a screen. What do you prefer?

  29. Did anyone else notice that Melky didn’t realize he drew a walk? He stood there several seconds until the ump told him to take his base. I guess when it happens so rarely, you forget what it’s like.

  30. @72 Verdana is a great screen font for body copy on the web (ariel or helvetica are better for headers, in my opinion). To blow it up and use it in a physical medium is just lazy and thoughtless. The comparison to comic sans is a bit over the top, I admit.

    @77 Me too.

  31. @72, yeah, it’s a non-serif font. I use it for professional software applications all the time because it scales well.

  32. @78, what scale are you talking about? And what do you like (srsly – I use fonts a lot, and am always looking for tips)

  33. @81 I usually use verdana for smaller text, like the text we’re reading on this site. There are certain characters that I think read a bit awkward at gigantic sizes (above 30 points, maybe?) especially in all caps, like the Nationals are using on that sign. The face that the I has serifs on the top and bottom (compare to this “I”) has always thrown me off and the R is very wide.

    Please don’t take anything I’m saying to heart, I am a font snob and I spend a good portion of my income on typefaces.

  34. As awesome as Heyward’s swing is and the great ringing hits he puts on, I think I might be enjoying all his walks even more.

  35. I think this is Arial (standard non-specified sans-serif font I think), Verdana is a little wider and rounder.

  36. hope this Venters kid holds up, he’s unreal

    rookie pitchers
    1st in ERA
    8th in K’s (even counting rookies)
    1st in BAA
    1st in appearances (shocking I know)

  37. He said my bad to the ump….quit making a big deal out nothing with Heyward and the bat flipping.

  38. HA, per ESPN…

    “so a double for Alex Rodriguez…let get you back out to shitty field”

  39. Chip: “Tonight, Wagner and McCann are making sweet music and mincemeat of the Nationals.”

    That sounds disgusting.

  40. Mets got bases loaded 7-7 in the 8th…this is the type of game that I hope they lose. Battle from 6 down to tie it late

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