Braves 3, Nats 1

Atlanta Braves vs. Washington Nationals – Box Score – July 28, 2010 – ESPN.

It’s hard to believe that the same team plays behind Tim Hudson as Tommy Hanson. Hudson pitched well, but unlike Hanson he got some sparkling defense when he needed it and some actual runs.

The Braves took a 2-0 lead in the first off of our old friend Livan Hernandez. Prado led off with a single, and Heyward followed with a double down the right-field line. Chipper scored Prado with a flyout, Heyward going to third. After McCann walked, the Braves almost blew their chance at a second run. Eric Hinske struck out on a 3-2 pitch with McCann going; Brian, who was obviously dead if he continued, halted to get into a rundown. Heyward took off for the plate and scored, with McCann going to second after all, the first Braves steal of home in ten years.

Prado, Heyward, and Chipper combined for another run in the fifth, going double-walk-single. That chased Livan, and the Braves couldn’t do anything against the Nats’ bullpen. The run was erased in the bottom of the inning, when Hudson allowed a two-out single to score a run; he only got out of the inning, after a further single, on a comebacker that hit him but he was able to retrieve and throw to first in time.

Hudson did pitch well, seven and two-thirds with seven hits and as many strikeouts, and only walked the last man he faced in the game. He got some good defense, in particular a 3-6-3 GIDP in the third with runners at the corners and one out. Jonny Venters came in to get Adam Dunn to finish the eighth, and Billy Wagner recovered to get the Nats 1-2-3 in the ninth.

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  1. Oh lord, James Brown’s version of Willow weep For Me just came on AM-1690. Now that is seriously funky.

  2. It looks like Venters can step in and replace Wagner next year nicely. However, I’m not sure that it’s the best move to have him as closer. It’s hard to imagine him playing a much more valuable role than he’s done recently. He’s pitching 2 innings when needed (like last night) at times and is coming in to get one man (like tonight) at other times. As good as Wagner has been (even considering his recent struggles), Venters has got to be the MVP of the bullpen so far.

  3. Thanks, spike. It really is a great station, and I keep forgetting about it. No more!

    And go Braves!

  4. You would like to think you wouldn’t have to sweat out a matchup of Hudson vs Livan but whatever. A win is a win.

    New guy is scuffling a little bit.

  5. Due up for the Mets in the bottom of the 12th – Beltran, Hessman, Francoeur.


  6. @10 Of course, if Wag decides to return next season, we wouldn’t need to worry about the closer role.

  7. #16 – Wow, 50PoundHead sightings and of course Nazi jokes, overreaction to the Nazi jokes, and speculation about whether he would be better than Wes Helms (Answer: No). Hessman had it all.

  8. The Phillies get a frontline starter and Wren is happy just getting a sub-.300 OBP shortstop who may or may not be a noticeable improvement on Escobar overall.

    You figure after four straight seasons with no playoffs that Wren would want to try a little harder than that.

  9. I really feel that overall -with the only exception of CF- we are really in a good position, even with Oswalt-Philly. We pretty much gained Jurrjens and he’s been very good since returning and will hopefully get stronger as the season progresses.

  10. it is my opinion that we’ll be taking extra cargo today when we leave washington. i sure hope so…

    so, are we going to see kimbrel and marek soon? it seems about time to tighten up the roster.

  11. Nice get for the Phills. I wold think they would have to pick up his option for him to waive his NTC.

    I think it makes them the Wild Card favorites.

    (See, I’m not panicing)

  12. ryan c. at 35,

    I want to see Marek.

    I think Kimbrel needs to learn to throw strikes somewhere where failure to do that doesn’t knock us out of the postseason.

    As to who would go down, isn’t it obviously Chavez?

  13. I sat next to the Braves bullpen and it was fun. Watching Venters and Wagner warm up is awesome. The ball sounds like a bullet hitting the glove. It’s hard to imagine someone trying to hit that. BTW, Wagner signs autographs right-handed.

    As for the Braves, I think you have to be really concerned about the hitting. Prado had a good night and Heyward had some good ABs, in addition to scoring the run, but most of the lineup seems pretty lifeless. Livian is a good pitcher but the Nats bullpen just shut them down. I can’t see much use for Glaus, a power-hitter who only hits singles. He did make a nice play on the 3-6-3 DP. The lack of power on this team is almost mind-boggling, although they hit a number of long fly balls to the deepest part of the field. Right now, they need to survive the road trip, hope the Phillies cool off, and get home.

    You can’t send Chavez down because they need him to warm up the outfielders between innings. :)

  14. Last night I dreamed that the Braves made a trade for . . . Tommy Hanson. I think it was my subconscious telling me that the team we have now is pretty much the one we’re going to have to hope pulls this thing off. The Nats are throwing another LH pitcher out today, and that–coupled with Lowe’s mediocrity–is a pretty good recipe for success against the Braves. Plus Philly is hot. Even with the win last night, tough times . . .

  15. I am not too worried about Oswalt. He is a good pitcher, but I doubt he will make a Cliff Lee type impact. The braves have done okay against him in the past.

    If the Phils send Happ to the ‘Stros, this deal has to be classified as the classic “win now” move. I think in the long run this move actually weakens the phillies.

  16. I couldn’t disagree more, stupup74. If it’s true that the Phils have acquired Oswalt, we actually ARE DOOOOOOMED. Sorry, that’s three #1 starters they’ll have with Hamels, Oswalt and Halladay. WE officially have one (Hudson). Plus, even with injuries, they have a lineup more reliable.

    There’s also a rumor about Philly getting Jose Bautista. I mean, there’s just much a team can overcome. And Wren’s big move will be…to call back up Resop & Blanco. The bottomline is this. There’s certain things you can control and certain things you can’t and the Phillies adding a 3rd #1 starter is too mcuh to overcome.

    Additionally, it makes me wonder something: if the Braves had managed to still have a 6-7 game lead as of today, would the Phillies have done the Happ deal? They smell BLOOD. They’re only 3 1/2 back and they can plainly see we’re struggling. Our best bet going forward is the wild card because I seriously doubt Wren will be given the green light from our shitty ownership to do anything.

  17. Well we did just acquire some guy named Neboa or something from the Dbacks, according to MLBTR. For a PTBNL or cash.

    I guess that’s our RH bat to stave off the Phillies.

    If Wren really is playing for the WC, then I would rather us just play for next year. If you’re already admitting defeat in the division at the hands of the Phillies, what makes you think you could defeat them in a head-to-head series?

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