Atlanta Braves vs. New York Mets – Box Score – August 19, 2009 – ESPN

The night after Bobby watched his starting pitcher give up eight runs in an inning while the other team batted around, Jerry Manuel did the same thing. It came in the second, an inning McCann got started with a single down the left field line and ended with a titanic three-run homer to right field over the bullpens. It was still just 2-0 with two outs, two on, when the Braves got consecutive infield hits to short from Infante and ACHE; the second was a terrible play where nobody covered second base and by the time the shortstop got the ball towards first Anderson was safe. It was a bit more reasonable than Bobby’s doze last night, because it was the second and not the fourth, because by the time the Braves got four runs in the game was already getting out of hand, instead of being tied, and because the Mets don’t really care if they win.

Anyway, the Braves poured it on; a run in the third, two in the fifth, three in the sixth on homers by LaRoche and Diaz. Reid Gorecki closed the scoring with his first major league hit, driving in Church with a single in the ninth. The Braves finished with eighteen hits, Infante, LaRoche, Escobar, and Church with three apiece. Everybody got into the game but Prado (who is in Atlanta getting tests; the diagnosis of “exertional headaches” sounds like a descriptions of symptoms, not cause, to me, but I’m not a doctor) and Norton; obviously, you want to save your valuable ace pinch hitter for close games.

Jurrjens wasn’t seemingly that sharp, allowing two runs on eight hits in six innings, striking out four. But handed an eight-run lead after pitching just one inning, he appeared to basically be on cruise control, concentrating on getting the pitches over and getting through the innings. Acosta pitched the seventh and Logan the eighth. Soriano pitched the ninth. It may seem insane to use your closer with a thirteen-run lead, but remember that Bobby had him warming up when the lead was only twelve runs. His velocity was good and he struck out two, but walked the leadoff man… Francoeur, who sucks, was 0-3 with two strikeouts, the second of which he whined about, before getting pulled from the game.