28 thoughts on “Fan Depreciation Day Game thread: Sept. 21, Mets at Braves”

  1. I went to Turner Field Friday night (someone gave me tickets) I must say the staff was very rude. The consession stands were closed for the most part and they ones that were opened were under staffed. The staff that was there had the attitude that they were in first palce and this was a first rate orgainization and I should be greatful to be so close to such a great team.

    I have been to Cincinatti and St. Louis for games this season and the attmosphere and the personel were much more enjoyable than in Atlanta. THey city just isn’t a baseball town and the orgainizaions treatment of fans is really just silly.

  2. Not sure what the attitudes of the concession staff ahs to do with whether or not Atlanta is a baseball town.

  3. Not just the consessions stand people, but the ushers, the ticket sales people, everyone at the stadium. It is all just so silly

  4. Thanks, Mac. Thanks, AP voters. The best part is that we’re off this week, so we’ll be ranked for at least two weeks.

  5. Stu–From the previous thread: you are probably right not to get too excited early on–but I really like Vandy’s chances of getting three more wins….

  6. Could be worse, Stu. You could be a Hogs fan this year and realizing that a three-point win at home against Western Illinois really might be as good as it gets.

  7. Sure, it could be worse in 2008. Seeing as how VU has the longest active bowl drought in the country, though, it could not be worse over the last quarter-century.

    But, yeah, I’ve already lamented the fact that we don’t have the Fighting Petrinos on our schedule. As I said then, however, one can’t really complain when his team draws both Mississippi schools on its schedule.

  8. Anyone see that Ronnie Brown has 4 rushing TDs and a passing TD? He has gotten me 41 points on my fantasy team so far today.

  9. If anybody is watching on the Mets station (I am from PA), Keith Hernandez just compared Bobby Parnell to Joba Chamberlain and K-Rod. Wow.

  10. I’m watching CW11, all the most striking comment from Hernandez was after the Francoeur triple, during the ads “I told you they would score another run. Manuel is badly managing this bullpen.” Ouch.
    Anyone knows Francoeur’s splits since the Braves have been officially eliminated of the east race? At this rate he might go past the .240 mark! Yikes.

  11. Braves and Falcons win on the same day. It’s good to be an Atlanta fan.

    11-7 vs Mets for the year. I guess that’s one win for the year we can take away.

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