Greg Norton has started the last five games in a row. I don’t know how to check this, but I have to guess that’s pretty rare for Norton, a player who has only once topped 335 plate appearances in a season. Anyway, what’s remarkable is that he’s, well, not very good. In particular, Norton is (1) a very, very bad outfielder, and (2) a very, very bad hitter from the right side.

The most dangerous type of ballplayer to have on your ballclub is the guy who can theoretically do something he actually can’t. If a guy just can’t play, he’s not that dangerous, because sooner or later he’ll stop playing. But Norton is good enough to stick around in a limited role. “Regular leftfielder” is not a limited role, and it stretches Norton’s abilities to the breaking point. You can live with the defense if he could really hit, but Norton can’t. Against righthanders, he’s marginal; against lefthanders, he’s hopeless.

VS RHP .257 .343 .444
VS LHP .226 .312 .335

The line against righthanders isn’t great, but you could live with it if he was a first-class glove, which he isn’t. The line against lefthanders you wouldn’t live with unless he was a great shortstop, and is completely unacceptable from a corner outfielder. Are the Braves seriously telling us that they can’t find a righthanded outfielder to hang around and crush lefties? These guys are a dime a dozen.

Okay, last time I posted this video we beat the Marlins 13-2.