136 thoughts on “Mid-afternoon game thread: June 28, Tigers at Braves”

  1. It’s almost July and The Glausbeast has more homers than A-Rod.

    I’m a sucker for the Josh Hamilton story. Love it when he does well.

    Anyone see the Sabathia deliver a well-deserved plunk to Padilla? The staredown that ensued was hilarious. Padilla wanted absolutely no part of C.C.

  2. heyward finally getting that much needed day off.
    1. Prado 2B, 2. Cabrera RF, 3. Chipper 3B, 4. McCann C, 5. Glaus 1B, 6. Hinske LF, 7. Escobar SS, 8. Blanco CF, 9. Kawakami RHP

  3. An OF of Hinske-Blanco-Melky isn’t going to work. And no, a healthy Nate and/or Diaz is not the answer either.

  4. @6
    we’re in first place. all is not doom and gloom like often is reflected in your posts.

  5. #11 – Glad to see they are finally doing something. Just having him be a sinkhole for the rest of the season wasn’t working for me.

  6. At least he’s finally taking a rest.

    And can someone explain why Fredi Gonzalez is the heir apparent? He seems pretty pedestrian, at best, as a manager.

  7. 14—Totally agree. I know he’s well-liked, but he’s not special as a tactician. He’s worse than Bobby at managing a ‘pen.

  8. @16, neither of those guys inspire much confidence in me. I would love to look into Davey Johnson, but he’ll never get another job apparently.

  9. They will hire a “Bobby Guy” I think it is TP or Fredi. I think Yost is holding out (not committing to KC) because he thinks he has a shot. I think he is #3 on the list.

  10. Pendleton or Fredi Gonzalez would certainly be crappy choices.

    David O’Brien says it’ll likely be Gonzalez:

  11. Just got a chance to check in on the score… looks like our Bravos are back to making all opposing pitchers look like Cy Young candidates. :(

    At least the pitching has stepped it up lately. Seven scoreless from Lowe was a pleasant surprise a few nights ago… maybe Kawakami can do the same today.

  12. We don’t need that doom and gloom here, 25. After all, we’re in first place (in June, by .5 a game).

  13. At least Toronto is ahead. It’s such crap that the Phillies get home games for their “away” interleague series.

  14. Skosh means “a little bit,” derived from the Japanese “sukoshi,” which means “little.” GIs brought it back from Japan after WWII. I remember either Skip, Don, Pete, or Joe using that word at least once every few weeks, back in the day.

    And yes, every time you use that word, Furman Bisher dies a little.

  15. I wonder if Fredi would use his top pinch-hitter instead of a pitcher to pinch-bunt like Bobby does.

  16. I wonder if the air force has shot down Chipper’s home run yet.

    Cool thing the Braves did between innings not taking the field so Chipper could get a standing O.

  17. @32: It’s pretty common for Japanese to pronounce it that way, but they’d normally pronounce it “skoshy.”

  18. Venters continues to impress, he goes after the hitters and trusts in that nasty slider.

  19. I love Heyward and I am really looking foward to the future with the arms on the farm, etc. That said, I still have a soft spot for Chipper.

    Also, where would this team be without Hinske???

  20. Nah, not from me. It was more an ironic comment, it was a really bad play by the outfielder who got to it, double clutching and then throwing a rainbow back in.

  21. 54 – Yes, because I’m sure the Tigers are hoping that Chipper’s homer was only a flesh wound.

  22. I literally threw my cap down in disgust after seeing that walk to tie the game. Then I found out it wasn’t a walk, and the game was over. Holla.

  23. I almost fell guilty winning that game that way.

    It will pass.

    Addition: I noticed in the post game interview last night Wagner said something about throwing BP to his kids this morning or something. He may have just had the day off or something. At least I hope that is what it is.

  24. @120 If Bobby never uses Saito, O’Flaherty and Moylan in the ninth again, I think they will be fine.

    Memo to Bobby, please use Venters as your backup closer please.

  25. Ladies and Gentlemen, your Atlanta Braves have now officially secured a winning month of June. How about that!

  26. @126 A win is a win. I doubt the Marlins fans felt guilty when the Marlins won the Gregg game.

  27. That said, it’s worth mentioning that that’s what it took for Kawakami to win his first game. If that was called correctly he would have gotten yet another no-decision.

    Last time the Braves had a winning June was 2005, when they were 15-13. They’re already 14-9 this month.

  28. Now it is time for the baby Braves, Hanson and Heyward, to get back on track. Eric Gregg should have been fired after that Marlins game. That is still the worse umpiring I have ever seen.

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