Atlanta Braves vs. New York Mets – Box Score – September 21, 2009 – ESPN

The Braves jumped out to an 11-0 lead after their first three innings, and even Derek Lowe could hold that lead. Lowe has the magic run support beans, and this means that he has won fifteen games even though he is fortieth in the league — a league of only 47 qualifiers — in ERA. Three more years!

Prado was the main man in the offense, though there were several candidates. In the first, he doubled with McLouth on first. Chipper drove home Nate with a grounder, McCann walked, Yunel beat out a double play ball to score Prado, and ACHE hit a two-run homer to the upper deck to make it 4-0. Diaz hit a solo homer in the second to make it 5-0, then Lowe hit a “single” that a normal first baseman catches. McLouth grounded into a fielder’s choice, then Prado singled, and Chipper hit a homer to make it 8-0; Manuel was on his way to the mound before Chipper made it to third. McLouth and Prado added back-to-back doubles in the fourth that made it 11-1. The Braves did not get a single hit off four Mets relievers in the last six innings. That’s just weird.

Lowe wasn’t too sharp, but didn’t have to be. He’d allowed a run in the second, gave up a solo homer in the fourth, and a leadoff triple leading to a run in the fifth. All in all, six hits (three for extras), five strikeouts, and no walks. He’s not actually bad, but he’s just not worth the money. Kenshin Kawakami was sharp, though. He went four innings for a save, a pretty rare feat. He allowed only one hit and struck out three.

The Mets are really bad.