250 thoughts on “Someone left the game thread out in the rain: June 8, Braves at Diamondbacks”

  1. At least you didn’t choose Public Enemy, Mac.

    Another big write-up for Braves Round 18 pick Zach Alvord, a 2B from South Forsyth HS.

    Wow. The Braves took five players from Pennsylvania and New York before a Georgian. That’s a shocker.

  2. Just noticed the poll question. Chip is no where near the worst announcer or dumbest.

    There is one that is much much worse. David Kellum for Ole Miss. I can’t begin to explain how bad he is. I guess the easiest way to put it is expect at least 2 of the calls that got Chip fired a game. Sometimes more followed by a “really thought that was going to drop.”

    He also feels the need to force nicknames on everyone. But not good nicknames, not even bad yet slightly creative nicknames like Chris Berman or the Yankees guy would do. No the worst and most played out nicknames off all time. The Initial – first syllable nickname.

    For instance Taylor Hashman = T-Hash. Now if the players last name isn’t long enough he just becomes initials. Therefore Kevin Mort was just K.M. to Kellum.

    But this is how far Kellum takes it. A few years ago we had a Juco basketball transfer named Terrence Watson. (Yes we have to suffer with Kellum for Baseball, Football and Basketball.) You guessed it T-Wat used in expressions like “T-Wat with the rebound. Yeah T Wat is playing good defense.”

    I’m not making it up. I think even Chip Carey would probably be smart enough not to nickname a player T-Wat and say that live on the air repeatedly.

  3. Guilty as charged, although I prefer the Donna Summer version.

    Richard Harris’ version never fails to make me want to hide under a table, but he was pretty great as Richard the Lionheart in “Robin & Marian.” (He gets an arrow through the neck.)

    And let’s not forget the epic beatdown he absorbs from Gene Hackman in “Unforgiven.”

    Least Favorite Announcer: Yankee radio guy John Sterling.

    BTW, what’s wrong with Public Enemy?

  4. Well, I figured we didn’t really need the politics of “By the Time I Get to Arizona” right now.

  5. John Sterling is possibly the most irritating man to walk the earth. I think there were scriptures written in days of yore, prophesying his return. Something about an Aaaaaaaaa-Bomb, from Aaaaaaaaaa-Rod.

    Seriously. He’s worse than Chip. A lot worse than Chip. I’m not kidding.. THE GUY IS WORSE THAN CHIP.

  6. Regarding all the draft hubbub, I find most player write-ups pretty amusing for the baseball draft. Not only is there just TONS of uncertainty surrounding all of these guys, but proportional to, say, football and basketball, there are so many more players per guys-writing-the-little-paragraphs. So they all sound the same and in vain attempts to not all sound the same, the writers do their best to come up with nonsensical platitudes that sound like they say something about the player but really don’t. I don’t blame them for this; for 99% of these players, there’s just not much to say besides, “He’s a middling prospect with some upside. He’s got some strengths and a few weaknesses, and chances are he won’t make the bigs.”

    Still, I enjoy that they try. :-)

  7. Why John Sterling is worse: I don’t need an announcer to watch TV.

    To all DC folk headed to Stras-Fest, enjoy. Would love to hear a full report about the scene there.

  8. I dig it. Even though I’m sure we’ll take our lumps from him in the years to come, I kinda hope he’s awesome tonight.

  9. We could’ve easily gone with “Don’t Believe the Hype” today for our video. But no!

  10. per DOB – Nate is 0-14 with RISP and 2 outs..only one player in MLB is worse

    Adam Dunn is 0-24

  11. Chip is the worst ever. The biggest problem for this old guy is I can’t trust him with a call or a fact. He can’t read a play from the booth and he is incredibly inept with his knowledge of the game.

    The John Stelings and Milo Hamiltons are simply annoying with their bombastic style. Chip is… well, Chip is… Let me put it this way – If Chip was a singer, he’d be worse than Jessica Simpson.

  12. #17
    That would be an all-timer.

    A couple years ago when Billy Wagner was a Met, there was a minor flap in NYC about the fact that he entered games to Metallica’s “Enter Sandman,” which was viewed as Mariano’s music.

    I always thought it would be better if Wagner entered each game to “Ride of the Valkyries,” but something tells me he doesn’t know that one.

  13. Edwin Jackson tonight. Always liked him, although his numbers this year don’t look too good.

    Edwin Jackson has the second most career wins by a pitcher born in West Germany, just ahead of our old friend Will Ohman. If you know who is number one – well – you should be on Jeopardy or something because it’s pretty much an impossible thing to know without looking (that is, cheating).

    per DOB – Nate is 0-14 with RISP and 2 outs..only one player in MLB is worse

    Can’t we just play Melky most of the time? I know we are all supposed to hate him, but his May was somewhat useful (.294/.342/.397), he might come around a little. Nate’s just been terrible. He’s drawn a few walks but a lot of that is just because he’s hitting in front of the pitcher.

  14. 1. Infante 2B, 2. Heyward RF, 3. Jones 3B, 4. McCann C, 5. Glaus 1B, 6. Hinske LF, 7. Escobar SS, 8. Cabrera CF, Medlen RH

  15. #25
    Oh, you mean the immortal Charlie Getzein? (Yes, I cheated.)

    Edwin Jackson is from my hometown (Columbus, Ga.,) and I, too, was born in West Germany.

  16. if i were a closer, this is the song i’d walk into with, video and all. 3:12 is where i’d fast forward to, but the whole video is insanely funny and AWESOME!

  17. Mlb network brought out Bob Costa’s for Strasburg.

    I’d kinda like to see this whole thing get shoved down their throats..

  18. Nate is a waste on the 40 man roster right now, couldnt we trade him for someone to replace Lisp Martinez or Jesse (I’ve got good stuff when I warm up) Chavez?

  19. Take advantage of all the girls who will be throwing themselves at you, Stephen!

    Wait, my name is Stephen.

  20. But wait! The guy on TV promised a perfect game and candy canes and everyone gets laid?

    I’m never watching any of this stupid bass ball again!

  21. Per DOB, Prado’s getting a day off to rest his sore left hand. He
    didn’t ask for it, but Cox thought he could use it.

  22. Strasburg is already better than Maddux, Randy Johnson, Nolan Ryan, and Tom Seaver. Forget the HOF, he has the potential to be an all-time Historic player!

    Bob Costas is such a douche.

  23. This is Strasburg’s true test. If he can will his offense to score runs, he Knows How To Win. If not, he’ll be doomed to the career of just another low-ERA loser, loved only by stat geeks.

  24. If the Gnats fail to score a run, and Strasburg does not give up another, this might be a fairly specific foreshadowing of the next six years of his career.

  25. He just struck out the side – 11k’s through 6. I don’t care if it is the Pirates.

  26. Turns out my sarcasm has a predicative effect.

    Perhaps I’m the jinx-master?

  27. As if Strasburg wasn’t good enough, he just willed a second homer from the Nationals in one inning.

  28. See, Strasburg wins by willing his teammates into doing better. Contrast this to Derek Lowe, who wins by willing Prince Fielder into multiple errors.

  29. I’ve got two tickets to a future Braves game for the person who accurately predicts Chipper’s next ailment.

  30. @61, it is. My glib remarks are my method of denial that we’ll be seeing him in our division for the next six years.

  31. When Clemens came up, I was four years old, so I don’t remember it. Was it anything like this? That’s really the only recent possible comparable that comes to mind.

    I know this sounds weird, but even Lincecum didn’t look this good right away.

  32. Depending on how the Nats deal with their off-days, Strasburg could be scheduled to pitch at The Ted either June 29 or 30.

  33. @67, is that the franchise record? Did Pedro never strike out more in his Expos years?

  34. Clemens got hurt as soon as he came up, so it wasn’t for 2 years really until people got to know him. Of course, he got everyone’s attention when he struck out 20 Mariners in early 1986.

    This kind of reminds me of Doc Gooden’s first time around. He was a rookie who dominated right away.

  35. Clemens’ first start (at Cleveland, May 15, 1984):

    5.2 IP, 11 H, 5 R, 4 ER, 3 BB, 4 K, 1 HBP, no decision (Cleveland wins 7-5).

    Gooden’s first start (at Houston, April 7, 1984):

    5 IP, 3 H, 1 R, 1 ER, 2 BB, 5 K, win (Mets win 3-2).

  36. Just glanced at Pedro’s stats … his most with the Expos was a 14 K game, which Strasburg just tied. He didn’t start his string of 15 K games until the Sox.

    However, baseball-reference tells me that the franchise has had an 18 K game and two 15 K games. Since I am not a subscriber, I do not know who threw them.

    So it must be a record for the city/franchise combo, which is still pretty good, but not as mind blowing.

  37. Gooden lost his first start against Atlanta, his only one in 1984. His second start against the Braves was the infamous July 4, 1985, game. He finally beat the Braves in his third try on July 20, 1985; the Braves were the last NL team that he hadn’t beaten (other than the Mets, of course).

  38. @74, You’re right, and that’s what the Nats radio broadcast team said. My mind, FWIW, is blown.

    Booing Ryan Church. Classy.

  39. I remember (maybe I’m wrong) that Fernando Valenzuela threw something like 9 consecutive complete games and allowed 5 runs in all of those games or something like, that to start his MLB career.

  40. That’s right- he pitched nine innings in each of his first eight starts of 1981, winning them all, five by shutout, with four total runs allowed. (That didn’t start his career, though. Valenzuela did come up as a reliever in September of 1980.)

  41. What makes this really crazy is that he didn’t walk anybody. 14 strikeouts and no walks in his first time ever seeing major league bats.

  42. I was thinking that the Bird had a big rookie debut start – and it was a CG 2 hit shutout. Not nearly the k’s though.

  43. I’m still mad about the loss on Sunday. Hopefully the door will hit Bobby’s ass on the way out. I wonder what the liklihood that some other MLB franchise tries to lure Bobby out of the front office to be their manager is. Maybe he could rejoin his favorite player ever with the Mets. That may be the only baseball transaction that could ever compare with VF Day for me.

  44. Alright, Strasburg was awesome, but the MLB Network circle jerk is getting tiring.

  45. Anybody want to guess at Melky’s end of season triple slash stats? I’ll go out on a limb and say he’ll reach his career averages of .267/.329/.377. He’d at least be relatively useful at that level of production if Bobby would limit his role.

  46. I would accept Joe and Chip’s Ric Flair bit if it could somehow be part of a trade that eliminated wrestler style closer entrances from MLB for all time.

  47. Upton did make a pretty big show out of his homerun.

    And then he gave it back when he played hot-potato out there on Melky’s double, erm, triple.

    I imagine that isn’t ‘humbling,’ because I imagine the irony is lost on him.

  48. Leaving it up and over the middle is never good.

    Looks like B-mac is setting up a bit more out and down now.

  49. So if you’re a GM and you get the first pick to build a club around is it Heyward or Strasburg?

  50. Helluva question.

    Dunno if Strasburg will be allowed to pitch enough innings—I’m guessing it could be a Joba Rules thing for him—but I don’t think Heyward is a shoe-in for ROY anymore.

  51. I’d take Heyward only because Strasburg isn’t through the injury nexus yet.

  52. I gotta take a hitter, I think. Greinke ain’t doing the Royals any good.

    Of course, I’m sure there’s examples on the other side. Fielder AND Braun on Milwaukee, I guess.

    But for the FIRST guy to build my club around, I gotta take a guy who plays 150.

  53. Lord knows I love me some pitching but watching Heyward every game will probably give more joy over the long haul.

  54. Yunel Escobar remains my least favorite Brave.

    I know he’s great defensively, and I know his offense is good for a short stop.

    But he does stupid things on the baseball field, makes bad decisions, and hits too many groundballs, and he isn’t very fast. He’s like 5th in the NL in groundball percentage. He grounded in to 24 and 21 double plays the last two years, and 8 already this year.

    This team is full of big slow guys, and they still don’t hit for enough power. Shortstop is one position where I feel like we could add one speedy player to the mix.

  55. Yeah, a SS should be one of those top of the order speedy players that can steal a base and lay down a bunt and such. Ideally he would put the ball in play lots (you know, not striking out) but not hit into double plays. Right now we’re having to bat a good RBI man leadoff because McLouth is having a terrible season and 2B is the only other position outside of SS and CF that should lead off.

  56. I was at the two losses in LA this weekend. I have seen the braves in person 6 times. I noticed this on Friday night, in fact I have seen it all year. Jason Heyward has a hole in his swing at the belt and above. Jason has such knee bend and drives so far down on the ball that I wonder if it doesn’t throw him off.

    I can see a pattern on how teams are pitching Heyward, they are pitching him at the belt and above, and he is not getting around on it, or when he does he getting under it. The dodgers stayed up and away, hard, all weekend.

    I love Jason Heyward, but he GOT to make an adjustment and do it quickly, or he is going to be hurting.

  57. There is only one person capable of making an interview of John Smoltz about Strasburg’s debut boring.

  58. There’s a team for whom Yunel is perfect. But besides being right-handed, his offensive skill set is a little redundant in Atlanta.

    If you have speed at second, or in CF, or some of your middle of the order guys are speedy, Yunel would be very valuable on your team.

    But all our power comes from slow, plodding guys. The middle of our order is Chipper, McCann, Glaus and Hinske, and they all have catcher speed. We haven’t got ANYONE who can steal a base regularly, and only Heyward, Prado, and whichever you’ve got in there of Nate/Melky even has a chance to go 1st to 3rd, or score on a double. I guess Matt Diaz when he’s in there. We’re just station to station, from top to bottom. I think shortstop is where I’d start to change that, because you ain’t going to pry Ryan Braun or David Wright away, to be fast and have power.

  59. @12, got back from nationals park about 30min ago.

    i cannot describe how much fun that was to be at…ive lived in DC for 5 years now, i have nationals season tickets, but i am not a nationals fan. i do not care if they win or lose…the only nights i ever show any emotion towards the game are the 9 games a year the braves are there….other than that i go just because i love baseball and enjoy going to the games.

    but tonight, wow. i found myself openly standing with 2 strikes, clapping for strasburg, it was incredible. the crowd was loud, raucous, into the game…electric seems like too much of a cliche to describe it, but i think it does so accurately. it was electric. the whole night. the weather was picture perfect, about 78 degrees with a slight breeze which only helped.

    strasburg’s stuff was, just, different. he blew people away. the percentage of swings and misses were amazing. he constantly hit 98, 99, 100 even into the 7th inning, while then dropping the deuce at 82. the degree to which the pirates were flailing and missing was stunning.

    it was odd, an event with so much hype actually living up to everything it was supposed to be, and i think that was what was so cool for me…it actually lived up to the hype. i’m thrilled i went. i hope the braves rock him every time he faces atlanta, but either way, tonight was something i won’t ever forget.

  60. Hinske really does have a terrible arm. No way a catcher should have scored on that hit.

  61. well Bowden probably still thinks they should trade Strasburg for Oswalt

    the throw was late there but Brian will not block the plate anymore

  62. Nice report, Andrew, and thanks for that.

    As a Braves fan who has season tickets for rides on the Pinstriped Death Star, I kind of know what you mean about just liking to attend the games.

  63. heck of a slide by Medlen there. Dont think any other pitcher on our team scores there….but this would be a bad time for him to be hurt also

  64. It looks like the Marlins skipped Josh Johnson’s start today so they could match him up with Halladay tomorrow. From a fan’s standpoint that is certainly a great matchup but is that the best strategy? Wouldn’t it be better to have let Johnson go tonight against the struggling Kendrick to try to get the first win of the series and then run Volstad or whoever out against Halladay tomorrow?

  65. Does it say anything that Medlen is one of only two guys (the other Melky) in the lineup tonight who probably score there?

  66. Wait, I was not paying close attention. What did Boyer just do? What rule are they discussing?

  67. Joe West ruled that Boyer didn’t wipe his hand off after going to it on the mound…and he missed the call.

  68. JoeyT, Boyer licked his fingers which you can do on the mound now as long as you wipe your hands on your jersey somewhere, which he also did. The umps didnt see him wipe his hands off and it cost him ball 4

  69. Thank you Melky.

    For F*cks sake, it’s Blaine F*cking Boyer, hit the ball.

    Edit: Joe West is still a deusche bag.

  70. What kind of odds would you have demanded before betting that Yunel would NOT hid a grounder right at someone on the infield right there?

    Nice job picking him up, Melky.

  71. I think this is Chip being ignorant of the new rule. The rule is that you can’t touch your fingers to your mouth at all if you’re touching the rubber. If you’re not touching the rubber, you can touch your mouth, then wipe. I wasn’t watching the replay closely, but it looked like a good call.

  72. edit: wait nevermind…Boyer did go straight from his hands to the ball. There was another instance there, before the one shown in the replay.

  73. @169 Against the Twins (edit, sorry ’bout that)? Probably not.

    FWIW, I absolutely hate these 4 game west coast series. Sleep deprivation sucks.

  74. @170, medlen’s next turn in the rotation is sunday in minnesota….not that thats better than tampa bay, but its something

  75. bobby really hasnt learned has he

    KJ splits

    LH -302/373/717/1.090
    RH – 255/371/470/871

    cmon Venters

  76. 169,
    What can you do? I don’t think he’s going to be very successful, but he’s the best option. Even if Klinger Parr and Reyes were better (they’re not), they’re hurt.

  77. @ 179 – Why don’t you take your “statistics” and go home. Who cares if his slugging percentage is 300 points higher against lefties. It’s a lefty-lefty matchup! Can’t miss!

  78. Wait, are we expecting Resop to start because Medlin is hurt badly or just because the Braves are making yet another bad roster move?

  79. Can any of our good players not be a streaky hitter?

    Heyward is now 5 for his last 36.

    Edit: It’s great to see zombie Chipper spinning out on his front foot again (sarcasm)

    I’m really down on this team after watching them against the Dodgers. The Braves are not as good as we think they are.

  80. I know I am supposed to be happy after that inning, but I think I am more frustrated than ever.

    This team is SO SLOW.

  81. I think my least favorite Chip-ism might be when he describes a hit as “turning to gold.” I really wish he would get fired.

  82. What a great inning for Venters–it is especially nice to listen to Mark Grace speak about his admiration for Venters. Of course, its even better not listening to Chip….

  83. heyward has almost 1/3 of his ks for the year in the last 10 games. he’s obviously not right.

  84. Does it really even matter? It’s the greatest scouting report of all time!

    (I assume it means stuff, or possibly just velocity.)

  85. I haven’t had a chance to watch Venters much this season, or maybe I haven’t been paying that close attention, but anyway: he looked great right there.

  86. Well, here’s huge sh** off of the bench.

    And somehow, he avoids making the out.

  87. 219 – it doesnt really matter, I was just wondering if there was some meaning to it that I couldnt understand. Its a better quote being meaningless anyways

  88. 221 – the huge sh*t off the bench is having to start in LF because it is against the rules for the braves to have 3 starting OF who can hit.

  89. Hey now, Melky. There must not be much going on in the way of nightlife in Phoenix.

  90. 231 – Yes Hinske, he is supposed to be our huge sh*t off the bench, but since Melky, Diaz, and McLouth are all epic fails, our huge sh*t off the bench is now the starting LF.

    It was a play on words.

  91. Chip: Billy takes a little off to even the count.

    (radar gun reads 96)

    Joe: That was his best one so far.

  92. Chip trying to lecture “young fans either back home in Atlanta or on satellite” about the differences between a two-seam and four-seam fastball. What a scrotal itch.

  93. Good, solid win.

    Huzzah to Melky, Glaus and Medlen. And here’s hoping the Med-Man can shake it off and keep going, because he sure is fun to watch.


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