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  1. Me too, sdp.

    You know what I like about Medlen? He didn’t totally have it last night, but he throws strikes, and he really pounds the bottom of the strike zone. He’s not exactly a sinkerballer, but he works down. SO different from Lowe, who as far as I can tell is the only sinkerballer in history who pitches up in the zone.

  2. For what ever reason, I usually don’t watch the video you post, but I’ve really enjoyed these numbers from Pirates of Penzance. And since this is the first time I’ve heard of it, my brain will now forever associate The Pirates of Pittsburgh with the Pirates of Penzance.

  3. 1. Prado 2B, 2. Infante 3B, 3. Heyward RF, 4. Glaus 1B, 5. Escobar SS, 6. Cabrera LF, 7. Ross C, 8. McLouth CF, 9. Kawakami RHP

    he’s in there again and heyward is where he needs to be. however, i’m guessing this is not a sign of things to come.

  4. @5 and 6…
    against a left-hander and chipper receiving his weekly rest, i dont know what you guys could seriously want. that is not a bad lineup. atleast we actually have an incredibly competent utility infielder and backup catcher who are both ops’ing in the mid .700s.

    put it this way…it’s better than what the pirates put out on a daily basis.

  5. This is pretty much the same lineup as last Sunday with the addition of Heyward, and it sure makes a huge difference with him in the 3 hole.

  6. A strained right quadriceps has kept McCann out since Wednesday. Even if he were healthy, I’d sit him today so that he could be in for all three games against the Phillies.

  7. that lineup is far better than the one we saw on last sunday in pittsburgh. take heyward out for clevlen and prado out for conrad and thats what we had last sunday. considering chipper is taking a day off, which is fine with me, and hinske is sitting due to a LHP, this lineup really is fine.

  8. And we don’t really need to press the issue with McCann when the Pirates are throwing all these lefties.

    DOB says 90% chance of rain by 3 this afternoon. Might go late today.

  9. I could handle that lineup if LF and CF weren’t so anemic. But given that, and McCann is still out, Chipper needs to play.

  10. @13 – But given that, and McCann is still out, Chipper needs to play. I actually like Ross against lefties right now more than I would McCann. Not saying it will stay that way, but McCann is really struggling against them. And LF is actually hitting pretty good right now (at least for him). I just wish we could get McClouth back on track or get him out of the lineup.

    And Chipper needs to sit. Last thing we need is for him to tweak a hammy or quad b/c he isn’t getting his rest.

  11. So I finished figuring out my first pass at +/- for pitchers. This doesn’t take into account earned runs, unearned runs, “luck” or anything else complicated. I currently have +/- defined as +1 for every inning in which the pitcher pitches and no runs are scored which are related to them. A -1 for every run scored for which they are “involved”: either they put the runner on or were pitching when he advanced or were pithing when he scored. So I can use this as a counting stat or I can divide by the innings pitched and get, what I think, is a better idea of how things go when that pitcher is in the game. Here is what I have for the season so far:
    Starters –
    Lowe 0.174
    Jurrjens -0.243
    KK -0.02
    Hudson 0.563
    Hanson 0.29
    Medlen 0.469

    Bullpen –
    Moylan 0.545
    Saito 0.448
    Wagner 0.632
    JoJo -1.667
    EOF 0.5
    Chavez -0.145
    Venters 0.778
    Kimmbrel 0.6
    Martinez -1.5

    Some of these guys are “small sample size” but I think it does an ok job of ranking the pitchers. Obviously the goal is to approach 1 so pitchers with the most positive numbers rank higher. When I compare how this ranks the starters with my non-analytical opinion it comes out pretty close (from top to bottom):
    Hudson, Medlen, Hanson, Lowe, KK, JJ. Medlen and JJ are where they are probably because of small sample size but it doesn’t surprise me to see Hudson at the top and Lowe and KK close to each other. That’s all I’ve got.

  12. Interesting- Weather Channel radar shows all the rain east of town. Unless new showers spring up in the west, they shouldn’t have any trouble getting the game in.

  13. I forgot how great Kevin Klein was at physical comedy. “Pirates” and “A Fish Called Wanda” are pretty great.

  14. Just had a tiny sprinkle here by the stadium, but that’s it. Looks good for the next couple of hours at least

  15. Kenshin is prime example as to why baseball is truly a team sport. Kenshin is 0-7, and we could very well have a pitcher who is 7-0. But it is still very possible that after 14 starts, the team could be 7-7 in games they started. Kenshin could go 0-20 this year, and I wouldn’t necessarily have a problem with it. We’re going to lose 20 games a season anyway, and I don’t really care who they are attributed to. As long as Kenshin is eating innings and keeping the runs down, I don’t care what his record is.

  16. Boy does McLouth suck! He ruined the whole inning, maybe the whole game with this horrible AB.

  17. if yassir proves to have the ability to get on base, mclouth might acquire an overnight case of tendinitis.

  18. When McLouth struck out, I tuned out.

    You basically knew he insured the Braves would not score. Bases loased and no out.

    Meanwhile, Glaus!

  19. Nice to see a couple hits from Escobar today. When that BABIP regresses it’s gonna be fun to watch.

  20. Melky is likely to take McLouth’s job tomorrow with Hinske back in LF. That’s pretty bad, Nate.

  21. KK’s ERA is now 0.3 run better than our leader (and tied for the league’s #2) in wins. In other news, life still isn’t fair.

  22. I love that when Heyward is struck out looking, it’s because he was right, and the ump screwed up. His eye is incredible.

  23. FYI – Chip said the Braves entered the day a half game behind the Phils. Not his worst mistake, but he should know.

  24. #54–With 10 LOB in 6 innings the Braves are making it a challenge….

  25. That ws predictable after the BS call on the strikeout but thats what they get for leaving that many on base

  26. The Phillies were shut out again today. They almost didn’t score last night for Halladay, but Maybin helped them out with a misjudged fly ball and they actually leaked a run across. I wonder if they find their stroke against the Braves? if so, i’d bet on Wednesday with Lowe pitching.

  27. Little flare…. little flare…LITTLE FLARE!!!!!!!!! haha nice call by chip there

  28. Fantastic. Joe Simpson just called it a Ric Flair. I like that better than Chip’s Rain Man call.

  29. might I suggest that our next few draft picks be spent on either current blood relatives or as yet unborn children of Heyward.

  30. Heyward now has three triples in his last 11 games, along with four doubles and two homers.

  31. If Chipper’s a zombie, it must be noted that Heyward is just as inhuman–but in a good way. Maybe he should by Cyborg Heyward?

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