Braves 8, Brewers 2

Atlanta Braves vs. Milwaukee Brewers – Box Score – May 10, 2010 – ESPN.

Where did that come from?

So, as usual, the Braves were being no-hit through 4 2/3. Their first hit, however, came with a runner on second and two out (McLouth, who had walked and been bunted over) a single by Prado, which gave them a 1-0 lead. Then in the sixth they exploded.

Glaus led off the inning with a homer. McCann was hit by a pitch, but thrown out at home when Melky, of all people, doubled. After an intentional walk, Melky scored on an error. With two out after a failed sacrifice by Hanson (actually, it looked like Diaz was safe at third) Infante walked and the Brewers finally went to the pen. Prado then hit a grand slam to break the game open, 7-0. They’d score one more run on a single by Diaz in the ninth.

Hanson was superb, going eight and allowing just four hits and one walk, striking out eight. You can’t pitch a whole lot better. Chavez, however, allowed a two-run homer in the ninth to put the Brewers on the board.

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  1. JC pointed out on twitter that the ajc home page has the headline “Braves Lose” on it still. When a headline is working so well for you, you hate to change it.

  2. My musical talent is limited to the kazoo. Any room for wind music?

    Ok what’s the name of the first album? I vote for:
    You Don’t Know Shit.

  3. AAR, when he’s going through those averages, they sound pretty high to me.

  4. I was a pretty good flutist once upon a time, but it’s been a while. Somehow, I don’t think that’s an instrument you need.

  5. My mom is a piano teacher so I used to play that for a while, wasn’t too bad either. A little practice and I could be good enough to play in this band.

  6. Well there is more than one accomplished musician-poster here. They of course are immediately disqualified

  7. I play the washtub bass. Not exactly well, but I’ve got one and can play it.

  8. Moylan is a freakin’ hoot…

    via DOB twitter:
    “•Funny scene in clubhouse, reporters surrounding Prado, pointing recorders toward him. Moylan sneaks into group quietly, points Klondike bar.”

  9. 8—I love it. Let the listener know where he stands, right off the bat.

    As for album titles, I was thinking, “Portland State”.

  10. Anyone remember that maddening game against the Brewers two years ago when Tim Hudson and Dave Bush faced off? The Braves were fresh off a Memorial Day victory over Brandon Webb, a four-game sweep of the Mets the previous week and really seemed to be catching fire. Kelly Johnson and Gregor Blanco got early solo homeruns, but then Hibernation Mode set in, and the Brewers ended up rallying to win it late. That seemed to be the turning point for that team.

  11. I play a mean guitar…anything from Zepplin to System of a Down….if I can be of any help…..

  12. From Zeppelin to System of a Down? Those bands aren’t that dissimilar.

    So you play:

    Led Zeppelin
    Faith No More
    System of a Down

  13. I played rhythm guitar in high school (I don’t have great rhythm, but I’m not good enough to play lead). I haven’t played in years. I might qualify…

  14. @25 Hardly a surprise. We have watch him for many years. We know him too well.

    KJ is also entering into his never-ending slump.

  15. @27:

    I guess TP is working overtime to make sure Frenchy and KJ don’t succeed.

  16. Laroche, Francouer, Johnson have all gone cold and Jones has slowed down as well.
    What a shock.

  17. Hey, this is a fun game — it’s like one of those replace-a-letter word puzzles.

    Other bands FlaBravesFan probably can play:

    Led Zeppelin
    Black Sabbath
    Iron Maiden
    Van Halen
    Guns ‘N Roses
    Faith No More
    Mr. Bungle
    The Dillinger Escape Plan
    System of a Down

  18. Jones hasn’t really slowed that much… his avg is up a hair in May, his slugging is down a bit, and his OBP is down a good bit, but he’s still OPSing .922 in the last 9 games (aka this month)… though the other three have certainly dropped down to Atlanta outfielder’s not named Heyward levels in May.

  19. The Saga of a Broken Braves Fan


    I wanna go back to the days of old
    When we had maddux, a glavine, and a smoltz.
    The #4 pitcher went by the name of steve.
    Even Charlie, the 5th starter, made us believe.

    Verse 1
    But now we got Kenshin Ka-wa-ka-mi.
    He’s 0-6 now and throwing like my mommy
    We also have an ace by the name of Lowe
    Even when he was signed, we knew he’d blow.
    Jair Jurrjens goes by the name of JJ
    But he’s injured now and shelved like J-Hey
    Tommy and Timmy are doing just fine
    Tommy dominates…Tim walks the line.

    (repeat chorus)

    someone can add to this atrocity…it was written very quickly (and poorly i might add).

  20. Here’s the Jeffy Song so far:

    Jeffy the Failure!
    He has failed again!
    He has failed so many times I don’t know just where I should begin!
    He wears a path of failure
    To the dugout from the plate.
    He tried to hit a fastball but his swing was much much much too late!
    Some people try to tell you
    That Jeffy can really hit
    I am here to tell you
    That all these people are absolutely full of [CYMBALS CRASH]

    I would say more things
    But it doesn’t matter
    Piling on more insults at this stage is like making Melky fatter!

  21. Have you guys heard about this:

    “It’s official, MLB relocates Blue Jays June 25-27 series against the Phillies to Philadelphia due to G20 summit. More on soon.”

    How is that possible that PHI will get 84 home games? MLB can’t allow that can they?

  22. Games will be “considered “home” games for Jays, with DH and Toronto having last at-bat”.

  23. How about a Melky song?

    Melky the Black Hole!
    He has sucked again!
    He sucks so hard it’s hard to know just where I should begin!
    He wears a path of sucking
    To the dugout from the field.
    He hits worse than Mendoza, but his suckage is a shield.
    Some people try to tell you
    That Melky doesn’t suck
    I am here to tell you
    That he’s just a big fat [CYMBALS CRASH]

    I would say more things
    But my mood has just gone south
    As bad as Melky’s been he’s still no worse than Nate McLouth.

  24. Cisco can revive his career with a new Atlanta Braves anthem:

    “Let me strain that groin groin groin groin groin.”

  25. Speaking of music, check me out. It has nothing to do with baseball out, but it should make you laugh.

    Sorry for the shameless plug.

  26. A quick look at the power numbers for the Braves minor league system. Guys listed are the top at their respective level for each Braves team.

    Freddie Freeman, 4HRs, 9 BB, 19 SO, .829 OPS (year of birth 1989)
    Mitch Jones, 4 HRs, 6 BB, 26 SO, .808 OPS (1977)

    Cody Johnson, 7 HRs, 5 BB, 43 SO, .772 OPS (1988)
    next two are tied with 3 HRs.

    Myrtle Beach
    Gerardo Rodriquez, 6 HRs, 10 BB, 49 SO, .822 OPS (1987)
    Gerado Avila, 5HRs, 12 BB, 28 SO, .958 OPS (1986)
    Adam Milligan, 4HRs, 9 BB, 35 SO, .653 OPS (1988)

    Mycal Jones 2 HRs, 6 BB, 32 SO, .500 OPS (1987)

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