185 thoughts on “As Martin Prado goes, so go the Braves game thread: May 11, Braves at Brewers”

  1. dob on schafer

    •Jordan Schafer’s rehab (wrist surgery) moves from Class A Rome to Double-A Mississippi today. Center fielder progressing steadily.

  2. Tonight’s lineup: Prado, 4; Heyward, 9; Chipper, 5; McCann, 2; Glaus, 3; Hinske, 7; Infante, 6; McLouth, 8, Hudson 1.

    Wow, that is a nearly perfect lineup today (I would flip Chipper and Heyward).

    Edit: Great about Schafer, I’m going to the game tonight in Chattanooga.

  3. Heyward in the 2 spot before Chipper, interesting.

    Guess we gotta make sure Heyward gets as many PAs as possible. I think we’re very done with hitting him 7th.

  4. 2—I’d flip Infante and McLouth, too. But, that is quite an exciting lineup. Who knew Bobby had it in him?

  5. Well now, looks like I am going out to Lookouts game tonight. Mike Minor on the bump for the M-Braves and schafer in CF.

    The lineup is R,L,S,L,R,L,R,L,P. That makes the other manager choose who he wants to go after in later inning situation, then Bobby can counter.

    Gotta hand it to BC, he is at least trying.

  6. Dusty,

    I thought about going, but not going to make it. Did you see in the Times where Glavine was there last night? Wonder if he will take in tonight’s game

  7. I would be interested to see what everyone’s preference would be – but when Jair gets back from the DL, this is what I’d like to see:

    SP –

    RP –

    It makes for the most expensive bullpen you’d ever see, but I’d much rather be winning games than worry about where my money is being spent. Kawakami did a great job in the pen last year and I think Lowe might benefit from the move back (I know the Braves would benefit from not having him pitch 5-6 innings at a time).

  8. Love the lineup, but would like to see Heyward in a spot to better drive in runs (3rd or 4th would be great – the kid is hitting over .500 with RISP).

  9. Smitty

    I really think he may be there tonight. Would think they’d want him to take a look at Minor. Pumped about Schafer being here.

    Also, I’m thinking of taking a long lunch to go see the game tomorrow at 11:15AM but haven’t been able to find anyone to come with me. Interested? I’ll probably go anyway, but I’d rather find a fellow Braves fan to with.

  10. 9—I’d settle down a bit on Venters. If it were up to me, Lowe would be in the ‘pen and KK would stay in the rotation.

  11. If it were up to me, I’d let Lowe and Kawakami tag-team — each of them gets 3-4 innings or so, and as soon as either of them looks like they’re about to have an Episode, bring in Moylan to minimize the damage and let the other one start the next inning.

    Also… I never thought I could miss Heyward as much as I have, or that our lineup would look that much better with him hitting up in the lineup. But I learned better. When he’s out of the lineup we hit like the Pirates without Andrew McCutchen.

  12. @12 – I’m really not that high on Venters. I just have zero confidence in Kawakami and Lowe right now. Kawakami can be good, but he is still only good to go about 5 innnings now. It’s still early and he can improve, so I don’t necessarily want to give up on him – but I would like to see what Venters could do. But I do concede to your point – that could be a bad experiment.

  13. csg, They were talking about it in the last game KK pitched. He used to bring his hands up above his head kind of like Hideo Nomo (tho less extreme). Now he just brings his hands to his waist and delivers from there. I don’t really like the new delivery, but what do I know?

  14. I posted this on the last thread, but still can’t believe it. They are moving the TOR/PHI series to PHI thus giving the Phils 84 home games and 78 road games. If the pennant comes down to a couple of games (unlikely, I know) this would really matter. Kind of an outrage that MLB would allow this.

  15. @21, it does suck that the games are in Philly, but the Blue Jays will bat last and the games will use the DH. I know its not the same, but its something…

  16. Ive always thought his delivery was fine. The only thing he struggles with is his curveball, it stays up and gets hammered

  17. Love today’s lineup Bobby. The best part is sitting Diaz and Melky in favor of Hinske. Finally!!!

  18. Keep this lineup for a couple of weeks, and you know, see what happens. When Escobar comes back, he goes in Infante’s spot. I really wouldn’t even be opposed to having Infante in LF against lefties once Escobar comes back.

  19. @21, I’m excited about the Nationals’ start as well, but I’m not sure if they can hang with the Phillies all summer. Livan is Livan, after all, though Strasburg is coming.

    I wouldn’t call it an outrage in any case. A minor annoyance? A non-issue? A footnote?

    (It’s an outrage that people are allowed to ride bikes to work and thus threaten my vehicle with causing a homicide every other morning. See.)

  20. @31 – I’m not sure how long they can hold on at the current pace. Their ExWL is 14-18 where ours is 15-17. They are playing a bit over their heads right now; however, I do like to see that they are playing better and it would be nice if they could carry it throughout the entire season (though still finishing beneath the Braves, of course).

  21. @22 – If they gave the Jays the home part of the gate, the home clubhouse, and all of the concession revenues, I’d agree with you.

    @31, it really is an outrage. This didn’t just “come up” The conference has been scheduled for some time, and MLB didn’t do anything about it until it was far too late. People have purchased tix for that game already, it was the only PHI series in TOR, and it was to be the return of Halladay. It was a pretty big deal, and it is costing the Jays money as well as advantage against a tough opponent. And why should PHI get three extra home games? Play ’em in Montreal or Buffalo or anywhere but Philadelphia. I call lazy bullshit on this.

  22. Gammons was on the radio up in NYC and was saying that the clubhouse is divided.
    Escobar seems to be the one who is disliked.

  23. 35—The part about Escobar would be unsurprising, but I seriously doubt that Gammons has any sort of reliable connection to the Braves clubhouse.

  24. Heyward prospect video from 15 to 17.

    At 15 he looked like a kid. At 16 he looks like a grown ass man.

  25. I’m going to the Preakness Stakes on Saturday. One of the horses is named “Paddy O’Prado”. That sounds like a horse I can bet on.

  26. I was listening to the WFAN interview. Actually, Gammons didn’t bring it up.

    He just briefly responded to a question from the host, Mike Francesa, who asked about potential discord in the Atlanta clubhouse. Francesa was recalling something that SI’s Jon Heyman mentioned to him on 2 occasions when Heyman was doing his regular spot on the station.

    Gammons just alluded to Escobar’s bonehead moments, the ones we all know about.

    FWIW, in his pre-season rundown of MLB teams, Heyman said he was down on the Braves (i.e. – didn’t think they were a “sheik pick.”) Why? Too many things have to go right.

    The other part of his reason? He spent one day with them in spring training & wasn’t impressed with the chemistry. He thinks it’s weird that the Braves vets & rookies have separate clubhouses in ST.

    So that’s Heyman’s Atlanta mantra. He was certainly right about the first part.

  27. Heyward’s E60 segment is on now. “They want to move on beyond that #7 of Michael Vick.” Focusing on Opening Day.

    Now they’re telling the story of Andy Wilmot (sp?). Why Heyward wears #22.

  28. At the Lookouts game and Glavine is here. Saw him walk in from the OF with the coaches. My wife got Dee Gordon’s autograph. Schafer was signing in the other side of the diamond but we couldn’t get there. And Schafer just struck out.

  29. Thanks Ububba, i did have a 20 month old singing in the back seat so I was a little distracted.

  30. Remind me. How did this team ever score 16 runs in one game?

    Edit: Nice job, Hinske. You’re making a case for playing time instead of the Three Sub-Mendoza Amigos.

  31. It appears to me that Brooks Conrad just swings through the middle of the zone with hopes that the pitcher has thrown the ball there..

  32. Minor has not allowed a hit through four in Chattanooga, one walk.

    Jordan and Glavine signed our ball we got from Roger McDowell in NYC.

    Schafer has not looked good against the LH SP of Chattanooga. Minor looks good. 91 to 94 on the gun with his FB.79 to 83 with his off speed. Command is pretty good.

  33. Conrad is killing me. I want him to succeed so badly … but he sucks. I’d rather have Melky (!) in left and Hinske at third. Or at least Hicks instead of Conrad, for defense. That play, for example, he’d have made.

  34. anyone know anything about this guy? he just hit his 6th hr of the year for myrtle beach. he’s from the mariners organization.

  35. After the walk, Hudson had that look you get when you take a girl home drunk and then wake up the next morning and realize she’s not nearly as attractive as the booze led you to believe.

  36. At least he got Weeks to ground out and kept things from getting coyote ugly.

  37. ryan c, what guy?

    Nate cant hit fastballs and doesnt try throwing people out at the plate…he’s borderline Melky hatred

  38. @64 Assuming you are talking about Avila, he is 23 (a bit old for the league, but not outrageously so) and posted a nifty .333/.368/.582/950 line at A ball last year for Seattle. Probably a high offense league though, so huge grains of salt. Lost 2008 to an ACL apparently. International signee, so not a lot of data out there about him. If he can replicate this at AA, I’ll start paying more attention.

  39. 70- The only thing he has going in his favor is that it looks like we really didn’t give up anything worth missing to get him.

    Though when that’s the best you can say about a player, it’s probably not a good thing

  40. over 3 years time, nate mclouth had 59 hrs 202 rbi 64 sb and 10 cs and an .820 ops…

    how does it get this bad?

  41. Great. McLouth misplays a ball into a double, then Hudson gets squeezed on a couple pitches and walks Fielder, then a wild pitch, then they intentionally walk McGehee… why am I not confident we’ll get out of this one?

  42. braves somehow got out of two messes there…..time to get a lead again

    I love Heyward

  43. attaboy infante! it’s good infante got a hit b/c our next 2 hitters are pitchers.

  44. well Matty and Melky better get used to sitting I think….when Yunel comes back, Im about ready to put Omar in CF


    is solid….maybe not the best defensive group

  45. 92- I’d switch Prado and Yunel, but I’m on board otherwise. Smelky and Nate haven’t been anything special defensively in CF….though I’m not sure how terrible Infante would be.

    It’d be nice if Schafer could get his shit together

  46. no, i’m sorry, that’s not defensible. that’s awful.

    it is inconsistent to have mclouth hitting leadoff, and also thinking that bunting with a runner on 2nd and noone out is at all reasonable.

  47. Fielder looks like an ant compared to Heyward ( a fat ant though)

    #103 – I hope youre being sarcastic

  48. Minor looked damn good tonight. 6ip, 1h, 3bb, 8k. Was even getting squeezed a bit it seemed from where we sat. Maybe the FO does know what they’re doing, though I wasn’t as down on the pick as some.

  49. i feel like they asked the same trivia question last yr during a game against milwaukee

  50. i seriously question chip caray’s baseball knowledge…
    question of the night:
    robin yount is 1 of 3 players to lead a franchise in 1b, 2b, 3b, and homeruns. who are the other 2?

    chip’s guess: ty cobb

    now i’m not the smartest baseball man, but even i knew that ty cobb wasnt a power hitter. he has 117 homeruns for his career and 111 with detroit.

    chip doesnt know baseball.

  51. Cobb was quite the power hitter for his era, but yes, a deadball era guy is not going to be a franchise leader in HR.

    Career 512 slg, 8 times led the league

  52. i think this is the first time saying this, but overall it’s been a hell of a night for the defense.

  53. Washington yakking up 5 runs in the 8th to give the Mets the lead – still batting.

  54. I really appreciate mlb.tv for cutting the feed almost as soon as the last out is made. It usually spares me a cringe inducing segue from Chip.

  55. did they give the answer? todd helton only has 36 career triples. surely someone has him beat on triples.

  56. Eric! And way to hustle, Brian, scoring from first on a double. Not something we often see.

  57. I’ll say it again: I love playing the NL Central! Even Huddy’s wildness hasn’t hurt us thus far.

  58. #134 – compared with what Diaz is doing against LH and what Melky is doing against both sides, Id say just play him

  59. George Brett and Stan Musial. I would have thought Willie Wilson had the 3B record for KC….nope, 137 to 133

    Mays leads the Giants in 1B, 2B, & HR, but was 2nd in 3B to one Mike Tiernan.

    Rabbit Maranville led the Braves in 3B, otherwise it’s Aaron.

  60. wait a second…anyone got DVR??

    watch Fielder run through 1B. I promise he kind of changes directions towards Oflaherty and throws up an elbow. Didnt touch him though, but see if Im wrong

  61. aaron has all categories except 3b:
    rabbit maranville-103 aaron-96

    willie mays also leads his franchise in everything except 3b:
    mike tiernan-162 willie- 139

    ted williams is 2nd in doubles, singles, 1st in hr, and way down in 3b

  62. weird night…
    i badmouth brooks conrad, he comes alive with 2 hits including a homerun.

    Brian J badmouths jordan schafer after going 0 for 3 with 2 ks and he responds with 2 hits including a double.


  63. @155

    I assume you’re asking about the Brooks Conrad HR and not the Melky strikeout looking?

  64. i think chip caray missed his calling when he didnt get the job as narrator for the movie 300.

  65. I’ve been listening to the Brewers announcers who were joined by Bruce Froeming (sp). He is so enjoyable to listen to as he told many stories from his many years around the game!

  66. Bruce Froeming was a royal pain in the ass that always wanted to be bigger than the game itself.

  67. Holding onto this one and then winning tomorrow would result in a 5-4 roadtrip. Not too bad considering …

    edit–Wagner in the 9th?

  68. joel and tiger…i agree with you both. he was a pain in the ass, but he was also very enjoyable to listen to.

  69. spike, evidently you haven’t watched much Braves baseball these last 3 or 4 years

  70. Frank,

    Lowe vs Gallardo tomorrow…I wouldn’t get too excited

    EDIT: Chip and Joe’s “Baseball Gods” preaching is starting to creep me out.

  71. Two wins? 19 runs? I remain happily confused.

    Tell you what, though—when Glaus connects, boy, he really crushes it. If he could ever stay hot for awhile…

  72. Venters must be the invisible prospect–he shows up on virtually none of the Braves top prospect lists.

  73. I ain’t sayin, but I’m sayin, it’s getting starling the pace that Heyward is on in his age 20 season vs Ted Williams age 20 season in 1939. Heyward is almost exactly the same is every category, but average. Walks, OBP, SLG and OPS (and RBI) are almost a carbon copy. Just crazy when you look at the numbers.

  74. He’s still got a long way to go—remember that K-filled slump during the 9-game bender?

    But yeah, it may just get to a point when they don’t really pitch to him at all. I mean, if the guys hitting behind him aren’t stepping it up, I’d never let him beat me.

    Right now, he’s way scarier than all those guys.

  75. ububba, it’s certainly a fair point. Before the season, I said something along the lines of .260-20-80 would be a monster season for Heyward, and that realistically is what I expected. To me, Griffey and Upton have had the best 20 year old seasons in recent memory, and at the very least Heyward is primed to equal those, which to me is crazy enough.

    Whatever happens this season, I just hope (and I think at least amongst here anyway, will happen) that Braves fans appreciate what is happening with Heyward as becoming something historically virtually unparalled.

    With the caveat of small sample size and all that, Ted Williams age 20 season was .327/.436/.609/1.045 with 31 homers and 145 RBI. Heyward is on pace, and I stress on pace, for .300/.423/.611/1.035 with 44 and 147.

    Just plain crazy how similar those numbers are thusfar.

  76. Yeah, but he didn’t hit a home run last night. He sucks.

    (I think A-Rod also had an amazing age 20 season, but he and Griffey did it when hitting was skyrocketing.)

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