Phillies 7, Braves 0

Atlanta Braves vs. Philadelphia Phillies – Box Score – May 07, 2010 – ESPN.

I really don’t want to get into too much detail on this. Suffice it to say that the Braves got shutout on two hits by a man who was born during the Kennedy Administration and throws maybe 83 MPH with a tailwind. Both hits were by Glaus; in the first one, he was immediately erased on a double play. Moyer is apparently the oldest man to throw a shutout, which isn’t much of a surprise as I think the only older pitchers in major league history were Niekro, Wilhelm, and Satchel. Personally, I feel older than dirt after watching just a month of this team.

Meanwhile, Derek Lowe managed to go two entire innings before giving up the inevitable three-run homer. Congratulations to whoever had Jayson Werth in the third in the pool! As is so often the case, the only thing that functioned tonight was the back of the bullpen. Venters pitched one inning with a walk, Kimbrel gave up a hit, and Chavez pitched a perfect eighth. It’s really not worth much celebration.

There is no reason for this team to be this bad. The good players are playing poorly, and the bad players… Well, on a clear day, Melky can see replacement level. With McCann out with another eye problem — glasses are on the way — and Heyward sitting another game out, there wasn’t much hope coming in. But give me a break.

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  1. Gwinnett trails 5-0 as well, and it’s getting worse. Myrtle Beach blew a 5-2 lead to lose 6-5 in the 9th. Rome trails 4-3 in the 8th. Misery loves company.

    (Somehow, Mississippi missed a memo, as they lead 3-0 after five.)

  2. What a terrible and embarrassing performance.

    In other news I got my socks rocked off by the Drive-By Truckers last night. They put on a great live show, I just wish they wouldn’t charge so much for their merch. Would have liked to buy one of their LPs.

  3. Well, I had a great day at the track winning close to a grand, I come home and look at this mess, it (almost) ruins my day. God, it’s terrible to be a fan of this team!
    We (except of course for Jason) SUCK!

  4. If Warren Spahn was alive he could shutout this team. On second thought, maybe he could anyway.

    Interested to see how Bobby spins this one. Maybe “our uniforms looked good tonight.”

  5. Somebody called for the two hit shutout by Moyer, and I am really impressed.

    Boy Chipper sucks like the rest of the team. Mac may as well play with glasses for the rest of his career.

  6. They are so bad I am having a tough time watching the games.
    I keep hoping that Lowe just becomes a below average pitcher but that seems out of reach now.

  7. The Braves will never be as bad as Chip Caray. If you’re a guy with such a public job, why don’t you take the time to listen to the criticisms against you and just TRY to improve? Doesn’t make sense to me.

  8. Maybe we should fire our Low-A hitting coach. That should shake things up.

  9. I think the Braves and Hawks players each need a coach who will stick a foot up some asses. There are some personnel issues on these teams, sure, but there’s no excuse for playing this bad this often.

  10. Chipper is going to have arthritis of the wrist by June at this rate:

    “Chipper Jones on Jamie Moyer: ‘Jamie carved tonight. … The guy is 87 years-old and he’s still pitching for a reason.'”

    Because he’s having to tip his cap a lot this season.

  11. That was an awesome thread.

    My laptop kept shutting off during the games the last couple of days. Checked the log… perhaps it was the flash permissions. More than likely, the laptop is just smarter than I am when it comes to spending time watching this team.

  12. 16, I’m getting sick of all the cap-tipping too. Derek Lowe said the same thing tonight.

  13. @16 I know, I am tired of him saying that. I hope he remembers what he said at the end of last season. Maybe we can sign Javy cheap in the coming offseason hoping he will continue to suck for the Yankees, then we can trade Lowe away by eating half of the contract. Chipper then retire and the organization can finally start fresh.

  14. there is no cap tipping to be done….previous thread starting at post #100 = LOL!

  15. The alphabet game was very impressive; sorry I couldn’t have been apart of it. Thankfully, I had a great steak dinner, wine, and cigars to ease the blow of another inevitable and excruciating Braves loss.

  16. what does Wren do after we get embarrassed two more times in Philly? at this point trading for a bat doesnt help, we need 8

  17. I watched this game with a buddy of mine who is a Phillies fan. After the game, he sent this email along. I thought it was pretty funny, so I figured I’d share:

    “Some Stats on This Game:
    -oldest (agewise) complete game shutout in history
    -105 pitches on the game
    -on the same night, he only allowed one more hit that Steven Strasburg in
    his Triple A debut, even though Stasburg is 25 years younger (lol)
    -Glaus got the only two hits, weakish ground balls up the middle
    -this 2-hitter occured just less than 24 years after his first (he’s had
    -he had the longest at-bat for a 45+ year old pitcher at 11 pitches
    -Jamie is 2-2 with a 7.12 ERA against MLB this year, and 2-0 with a 0.00
    ERA in 15 innings again Atlanta
    -there are an average of 2.5 3 pitch innings in an entire year, and this
    was the first in almost a year and only the second in the last 2 1/2 years
    -Moyer was the oldest to pitch a 3-pitch inning

    Some other Moyer Stats I forgot about:
    -Moyer actually leads active players in strikeouts with about 2350, wins
    with 262, losses with 197, innings pitched with almost 4000, hits let up,
    home runs let up (2nd all time to Robin Roberts), batters faced at 16550,
    and has been the oldest pitcher in the league for 6 years running
    -has made more money in the last two years than he did in his career
    before 36
    -the first time he pitched a complete game two-hitter, he was making less
    than my dad makes as a high school teacher right now
    -pitched at the same time as Phil Niekro, who incidentally started
    pitching in 1960

    -The Braves have scored in 1 out of the last 19 innings and have hits in 4
    of them.
    -In the last two games, Glaus has 3 of the Braves 6 hits

    Sorry man, a rough couple days”

    I think that about sums it up. :-/

  18. Even if, as the Braves claim, it’s not Terry Pendleton’s fault, there comes a point where he has to go just to see if a change will work.

  19. In honor of Braves14’s contribution to the alphabet game, I think we should enter Melky into the Glossary.

    Common uses:
    Division by Melky is undefined.

    Melky may be used as a synonym for dark matter.

    The Braves offense in 2010=Melky.

  20. So, are we officially the worst team in the NL not names Houston?

    Idiot Wren has totally screwed this team with his ridiculous Lowe contract. Fire him now!

  21. I wholeheartedly agree that Melky sucks. However, I would like to point out he is hitting six points (.185 to .179) higher, with 13 less strikeouts than Nate McLouth. McLouth sucks just as much, if not more than Melky!

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