Tip of the iceberg game thread: April 23, Braves at Mets

“Sure,” people often say, “Jeff Francoeur is an awful baseball player. But what if he did something else for a living? For instance, what if Jeff Francoeur were a ship designer?” I think it would go a little something… like this:

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  1. should we take a low risk flyer on Chris Davis? Smoak has been called up and I know Davis will get moved.

  2. team rankings (nl):
    avg- 14th
    slg- 13th
    obp- 9th
    sb- 11th
    era- 7th
    ks- 8th

    it’s amazing we have a winning record.

  3. Well I’ll be…

    According to DOB:

    McLouth 8
    Prado 4
    CJ 5
    McCann 2
    Heyward 9
    Hinkse 3
    Cabrera 7
    Infante 4
    Kawakami 1

    I guess that’s supposed to be Shortstop for Infante…

  4. Melky can find his way into any lineup it appears

    btw, I find it hard to believe that no one would trade for Juan Cruz. Royals just released him

  5. You can’t really even call that a typo, cause he has the same lineup on twitter too. Don’t call him out on it, though, or else you’ll get bitched at.

  6. man, we’ve got 2 players playing 2nd base tonight. we’re going to have a HUGE hole on the left side.

  7. I like McLouth hitting lead off. If everyone’s tried, and no one is getting the job done, shouldn’t you give the AB’s to the guy you WANT to be the leadoff hitter?

    BTW, DOB’s column shows McLouth having fewest PA’s in the leadoff spot among Melky, Diaz, and himself; 18 to 23 and 30 by Diaz and Cabrera. That came as a surprise to me.

    And I don’t know how to justify it, but I really want Heyward in front of McCann. We’ve got 3 guys who can all work a walk, and can be counted on to slug; that’s Chip, McCann, and Heyward.. Why have the only one who can score from first on a double hitting behind the slower two? Heyward is down there working walks infront of the singles hitters most times.

    Bobby won’t hit Heyward clean up, I know. But on the average night, Chipper, McCann and Glaus (or Hinkse in his stead) all bunched up in the middle.. Man. That’s some serious slow.

  8. It’s a pre-conceived shift against the whole team. That’s thinkin’ outside the box.

  9. I’m starting to wonder at what point would it work to maybe put Prado lead off? If he keeps hitting and getting on base like he is I think it could work.

    What do y’all think of a top four of:

    1) Prado
    2) Heyward
    3) Chipper
    4) McCann

    Would put the four that are actually hitting together, let Heyward get on base and use his speed some like jjschiller suggests. Could give 2-4 some solid RBI opportunities.

  10. If Infante’s playing short, I wonder if part of it is because Bobby was less than thrilled with Yunel’s effort on that botched DP last night.

  11. I always kind of wondered why the color guy on every TV broadcast would commend guys for not taking their hitting slump ‘in to the field with them.’

    I guess that particular play by Esco was what they’re talking about.

    Esco’s reaction looked as though he either thought a) he caught the ball but couldn’t turn two after being taken out of rhythm, or, b) he completely missed it and it was going to be the left fielder who recovered it.

    Either way, his instantaneous pout just said ‘What else can go wrong for me?’

  12. Well Yunel has started in every game, but it probably is not a total coincidence.

    BTW Melky’s ops+ in NINE. When you can’t even get into double digits after 15 games….wow.

  13. First UZR fielding numbers for 2010 are in. Glaus and Prado worst in NL at their positions. Esco 3rd among SS, Chipper and Heyward neutral, McLouth 4th among CF.

    (Frenchy best outfield arm so far)

  14. Melky/Langerhans Watch: When the Braves cut bait on Langerhans, he was hitting .068/.192/.091 for a -22 OPS+. So Melky has a ways to go yet, but at his current rate he’ll get there soon.

  15. I’d love to see McLouth bust out tonight. He’s looked lightyears better at the plate the last 3 games or so.

  16. skim melk is still playing for the braves. when will we see this melky that so many were talking about? ya know, the one that we shouldn’t “underestimate” because of his age?

  17. His bat looks really slow. He looks like he starts early and then slows down his bat to make up for it.

  18. Yes. Putting a vacuous out machine in the 7 hole sets up perfectly for Omar to lead off, get on, and KK to bunt him over. It’s ingenious, really. Sacrifice that 7 spot in order to make the 9 spot slightly more useful.

  19. Is anyone else having trouble with MLB.TV tonight? I can watch any game except Atlanta’s and I’m not in the blackout area.

  20. I’ve got the Mets broadcast on mlb.tv. Their announcers are saying that Maine “pitched around” Prado, instead of just saying Maine walked him. Only the Mets.

  21. Is anyone getting this in HD? It’s only SD on my package (Dish Network), but they just said that the game is in HD.

  22. Oh, like anyone would ever get with Melky. Not even with the biggest case of beer goggles ever.

  23. I gotta hand it to Chip. He orgasims every time the bat makes contact with the ball (no matter which team). I orgasim once or twice and I’m done.

  24. The Braves just aren’t particularly good at playing baseball right now. There are a lot of things they just aren’t doing well.

    You can win some games that way. But they’re going to have to just play better baseball.

  25. Francoeur can’t talk about someone else without talking about himself:

    “They’ve got a superstar [Heyward] on their hands there,” Francoeur said. “It’s worked out great for him there, and it’s worked out great for me.”

    What a douche.

  26. dropped infield fly rule by Chippper, the braves throw to first for some reason, the guy on third runs home and no one is covering.

  27. infield fly rule… so the batter is out.

    But the runners are free to run if they want (“at their own risk” is the rule)

    so once Chipper dropped it, the players “risked” it and started running..

    then nobody covered home… so Pagan scored from second on a effin’ pop up to third

  28. Chipper dropped a pop up with the infield fly in effect, almost colliding with Infante in the process. The ball bounced away and both runners moved up a base. With McCann backing up first, there was nobody covering home plate, and Chipper wasn’t paying attention, so Pagan took off and beat Chipper to the plate.

  29. When I was a kid. That same play happened in a braves and mets game but it was david cone who was not paying attention while he argued and the braves scored. I always remembered that. That was like paybacks

  30. The Braves have 4 errors tonight, and could arguably have more. Chipper has 2 of them.

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