142 thoughts on “The AL East is all-powerful game thread: May 24, Jays at Braves”

  1. brad lidge, after 2 great seasons, is melting down once again. he blew another one last night. what a wierd, yet delightful, turn of events. his era is now over 9.

  2. I’m fine for sticking with Schafer. The kid doesn’t look lost up there. Seems more of a physical struggle to catch up with major league pitching. I have faith he’ll figure it out, and really, there is no one else. Blanco isn’t really good enough defensively to be more than a spot starter in center. Gorkys is too far away. It’s really too bad we didn’t get Cameron a few years ago. It would have allowed Schafer to spend this entire season in AAA. Perfect stopgap guy who is a legitimate glove/bat.

    Offense needs to get better. The players themselves aren’t going to do it. Ball’s in your court Wren…

    Oh, and I was trying to think of offensive players I would trade Tommy Hanson for. (Taking service time/salary/need into account) Ryan Braun is it so far…

  3. I don’t see the Braves trading Hanson, but it might be fun to speculate on what they could get for him at this point….I hope that they don’t trade Rohrbough as well….

  4. Blanco isn’t really good enough defensively to be more than a spot starter in center

    I’m more concerned with the way pitchers are currently knocking the bat out of his hand in Triple A than I am with his defense.

  5. Blanco, Infante, Prado, B. Jones, Diaz et al, even being mentioned is a main reason why this team is in my opinion in the worst position. Middle of the pack.

    I’d rather be horrific and rebuild through some high drafts with FRANCHISE type players or GREAT, obviously.

    As is picking 16th isn’t going to help.

  6. You do know that the Blue Jays are 1-5 against NYY/BOS, right? And that the 1 was a Halladay start?

  7. You’ve got about as much chance finding a franchise player picking 16th as you do picking 5th. The MLB draft is more of a crapshoot than the NFL or NBA draft.

    In other words, tearing down the team wouldn’t accomplish much other than taking us even farther away from being good. Also, prospects you’d get in a trade might let us get as good in 4 years as we are right now.

  8. NL K/BB Leaders minimum 40 innings pitched
    1. Dan Haren – 7.00
    2. Johan Santana – 5.36
    3. Javier Vazquez – 5.21
    4. Tim Lincecum – 4.47
    5. Josh Johnson – 4.00

    Nobody else above 4.00

    NL K/9 Leaders minimum 40 innings pitched
    1. Tim Lincecum – 11.93
    2. Javier Vazquez – 11.26
    3. Johan Santana – 11.25
    4. Rich Harden – 10.92
    5. Jake Peavy 10.56

    Nobody else above 10.00

    NL Strikeout Leaders
    1. Jake Peavy – 79
    2. Tim Lincecum – 76
    3. Johan Santana – 75
    4. Javier Vazquez – 73

    Nobody else above 70

  9. Its a bit more predictable than a crapshoot…

    I believe that we are picking #7 and not #16. I might add that the Braves were able to pick Heyward with the #14 pick in 2007.

  10. The higher you draft, the better chance you have of finding a superstar, a star, a good player, a regular… Whatever your definition of success. However, the chances are not that much greater. I am of the opinion that the better your team is the easier it is to turn it into a champion, so by definition the team picking 15th is more likely to become a winner than the team picking 1st. How many high picks have the Pirates had the last fifteen years?

  11. Same lineup as yesterday

    Johnson, 2B
    Kotchman, 1B
    Anderson, G, LF
    McCann, C
    Prado, 3B
    Francoeur, RF
    Hernandez, D, SS
    Schafer, CF
    Jurrjens, P

  12. “I get really excited whenever Jair gets ready to toe the rubber!”
    -Joe Simpson

    Probably could have used a better choice of words, there.

  13. Chipper…geez.

    “Jones ran in the outfield before batting practice Sunday and said he was not able to start for the third straight game. He hurt his right big toe while running to first base Thursday night.

    “Hitting is not the problem, it’s running,” Jones said, adding he has no side-to-side mobility.

    And how much and how long did they sign this great singles hitter for again?

  14. Mac–The problem is that the Pirates can have high picks–but then choose not to pick the best players because they do not believe that they can afford to sign them.

    For example, in 2002 the Pirates drafted Brian Bullington–even though he was nowhere close to the being the best player in the draft.

    I might add that even a brief assessment of draft history reveals that it is not a bad predictor of success. Over the last 10 years, the first 10 players are much more likely to be successful than the next 10, who are more likely to be successful than the next 10. In addition, the same holds true of rounds–2nd round players are more likely to make an impact on their organization than 3rd rounders. By the time you reach the 5th or 6th rounds it really does become a crapshoot.

    For all the abuse that gets hurled at the Braves’ front office on this site (and others, it has to be said that the organization has been brilliant with its lower round picks….

  15. But Chief is just wrong. Were the Cardinals the best team in 2006? That team wasn’t much better than the one we have this year. And weren’t the Braves the best team for a good chunk of the streak? If you can make it to the trade deadline over .500 and the rest of your division is struggling, you have to give it a try and hope you get hot at the right time.

    edit: As long as giving it your best try doesn’t involve a Tex-type trade.

  16. Mac (and Group),

    I think the top picks in the draft, epecially who wait and demand all this money, are almost set up for failure. They get all this money and kind of start with a strike against them, (expectations, wrath of the fans, possible jealousy of future teammates, etc.). It takes a special type of guy (Chipper, Mauer) to handle it. Also team economics have alot to do with success and failure as mentioned above. If the team a pick goes to does not invest much in the farm system and rush guys are obviously not going to have as good a chance.

    I think the draft and how guys fare is facinating.

  17. You mean to tell me Brandon Jones cannot do better than Garrett Anderson?

    Jurrens needs to get the ball down….thanks

  18. Great start–lets get a sweep…We have gone from 30 HRs to 32 HRs in one inning….

  19. To be fair, he’s disinterested at the plate, too. In his first PA, the only time he showed any life at all was when he got out of the way of a pitch, and of course he took a called strike three.

  20. Anderson is clearly on the field just to collect his paycheck.

    If you’ve lost interest in the game, admit it and be a man. Nobody will fault you but we would like you to GTFO our field if that’s the case.

  21. I found a silver lining about Franceour……he is not making Vernon Wells type money. Wells’ stat line is not that much more impressive than Franceour’s.

    I’m sure everyone is going to have fun with that one.

  22. I called him Uninterested Man at the ballpark last week. It’s the crappiest of all superpowers.

    Gotta love how Boog and Joe discuss the general baseball issues of the day during Francoeur and Schafer ABs….

  23. Anderson is someone who is still batting third and fourth in the lineup. He is not going anywhere anytime soon.

  24. Actually, Garret Anderson doesn’t really care what he listens to, he just goes with the flow of whatever’s on. Last month, he wound up listening to the same Mandy Moore song for three days in a row, because it was too much effort to turn off the “replay” button.

  25. Wow…Question of the day: Which Atlanta Braves player likes to listen to R & B? Hmmm that’s was hard one. Let’s try the only African-American only the team. Too funny.

  26. Incidentally, the Verizon music question today was what player enjoys listening to “rhythm and blues”. I got the answer correct by rephrasing the question thusly:

    What Braves player is so uninterested in participating in the Verizon music question that he could not be bothered to provide the name of any particular artist?

  27. Was that trivia question phrased right? I can’t think of any Braves infielder who won five gold gloves, consecutively or not. Dale Murphy won five in a row.

  28. El Gato Grande? I thought it was just “consecutive Gold Gloves”, as in two, but I wasn’t paying close attention.

    Edit: Whoops, forgot Galarraga didn’t play consecutive seasons for us.

  29. I think the trivia question was just for consecutive gold gloves, not necessarily five. The Rolen thing was just an excuse to use the question.

    edit: Took too long to type that. Well, how about McCann bunting against that shift yesterday? Gotta love that guy.

  30. It was Atlanta Braves, right? Del Crandall won three GGs at catcher (if you consider catchers “infielders”) but they were in Milwaukee.

  31. Boog is asking why teams don’t overshift on right-handed pull hitters. I think the answer is you can’t leave your 1B on that much of an island, because he has to cover the base.

  32. I think Chipper’s face just said it all while Jeff was getting his glove and hat ready for the field.

  33. Mac,

    I was going off the total Dollar value of the Wells’ deal. That number surprises me. It kind of ruins the joke come to think of it.

  34. That’s the beauty with JJ. Even when he doesn’t have his best stuff like tonight, he is usually able to control the damage.

  35. There is ONE legitimate major league ball player in today’s lineup. ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    God we are sad.

  36. You saying we do doesn’t make it true.. McCann and Jurrjens is IT. Period. KJ is just a guy and Kotchman is Cap Anson without period costume.

    And what I mean is a player that the division leaders would use as a regular. Sure, they’re all with the exception of Schaefer, probably at least legit AAAA players, but DAMN. We just don’t have many guys that the Yankees, Red Sox, even Mets or Phillies of the world would use.

  37. WOW, Bobby is actually going to pull O’Flarety for Bennett. That is stupid, and if you saw the look on O’Flarety’s face, he knows it too.

  38. What does it say when you are a number 3 lefthanded hitter and they walk the number 2 lefthanded hitter intentionally (even with a “base open”)?

  39. Catching up to the high fastball and smoking it is such a kick a$$ feeling.

    Awesome, KJ

  40. I’m actually feeling good about this team now. Which is a sure sign they’ll lose the next 3 or 4 games in a row

  41. Bobby,

    PLEASE let somebody mop up. No Soriano, No Gonzalez.

    Teacher, leave those kids alone.

  42. Remind me again what ACHE stands for? Couldn’t find it in the glossary. Thanks.

  43. “Seems Kelly Johnson needed Omar Infante taken out.”

    I was thinking the same thing….

  44. Well, it was an infield hit in the sense that it was mostly stopped by the first baseman and Hernandez didn’t want to get doubled up off second…unlike a certain number 7.

    Speaking of which, Frenchy did put a good swing on the ball to start the inning. He’s still worthless, though. His performance in the 4th was unforgivable.

  45. This offense is really a lot better with McCann. Not like a little better. Like REALLY a lot better.

  46. By the way, following up on eye stuff, I ran into my doctor the other day. He had heard gossip in the circles of doctors that Mark Lemke had been affected by a bad result from Lasik.

    He ran into Lemke and Lemke told him the story. Said as he was nearing the end of his career he decided to try lasik to see if he could improve vision and make it work. However, he had worse vision after (at least worse “corrected visions”) and that was it.

  47. Mac,

    I was forgetting we just brought up Acosta. however, it certainly should have been Acosta UNLESS Soriano had already warmed up during the inning with them thinking it might be tied or certainly wouldn’t likely turn into a blow out.

    Maybe Bobby will give Acosta the 9th.

  48. Weldon, the ball was more or less sitting there in right field, and with the force in play (unlike Francoeur last night) Hernandez had to be running. Fortunately, it didn’t matter, but this team has a whole lot of situations where runners don’t score from second on singles and first on doubles, and that concerns me a lot more than the stolen base totals, or lack thereof.

    Acosta was called up to replace Parr after Klinger couldn’t bail out Medlen.

  49. Jeffy looked like a pitcher there. Seriously, like a pitcher who has a seven-run lead and doesn’t want to risk hurting himself running the bases.

  50. Parr went down for Acosta since he threw 90 pitches in that game.

    Jeff just struck out on a 4×4, 4 feet outside and bounced 4 feet in front of the plate.

  51. Some fan just won $11,000+ because the Braves scored 7 in the 7th.

    I’m agreeing with Catz @100 right now. I also agree that this is a very bad thing considering June is coming up

  52. Or there. Hernandez should have been at second base when the ball dropped, and should have scored. Instead, he ran about halfway to second. There is no way you get doubled up on that play unless you fall down or forget to touch second running back.

  53. Everyone had to hold up with the line drive off Overbay’s glove. Maybe he was shocked he dropped it, because he’s caught damn near everything else this weekend. Even so, it is best they were conservative there, and no sense running out of an inning with hot KJ due up.

  54. Someone on the team should get Hernandez’s firt error ball to go with his first hit ball.

  55. Does anyone else hate this 10 sprinkles commercial, and every other Verizon commercial for that matter?

  56. Gameday says Acosta really let it rip. He hit 97 a couple of times with Wells. Nobody else in the last few innings got over about 92.

  57. Unfortunately, those two 97s were a foot outside, and Acosta was peeking at the posted MPH after both. I guess they “set up” the breaking ball for strike three, though.

  58. Yep. I don’t want to be held accountable for whatever happens if I have a chance encounter with black-frame glasses dude. Basically a blood feud.

  59. Not as much as the imprisoning fireflies commercial, or the bank that doesn’t know the difference between an adjective and an adverb.

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