Arbitrariness taken to new heights

Breaking the countdown… I originally had Denny Neagle slotted for 35th. However, this is because my memory was faulty and I had for some reason decided that he had pitched three years and part of a fourth with the Braves. In fact, he pitched two years and part of a third, and my rule is three full seasons. So he’s out. I have an alternate who I will use here, a player I never originally considered because I don’t like him, but who meets the standards. Just to let you know, he probably would rank lower, so everyone I feel has to be better is going to be retroactively moved up a slot.

22 thoughts on “Arbitrariness taken to new heights”

  1. Is anyone else scoring along at home? I’ve made up a spreadsheet detailing my personal top 44, plus about 35 more of the next tier.

  2. If the Yanks decline Sheffield’s option, the Phils’ biggest competition likely will be Atlanta. Sheffield enjoyed his time in Atlanta in 2002-03 and has a great relationship with Braves manager Bobby Cox.

    ummm, doubt it!

  3. @13

    And now all Oliver Perez has to do is imagine the Cardinals are the Braves and the Mets will go to the World Series. ;)

  4. Calls ’em as I sees em. :D

    I can be happy for Julio and Tom and Michael if the Mets win the Series. Everyone else, I don’t give a flying flip about. lol

  5. Sacrilege, Sam–you mean you don’t love David Wright? Everyone in the universe loves David Wright! I’m personally naming my first five children after David Wright!

  6. I know the personnel changes being made in the Braves system have been discussed on here before, but I was just reading some more about them and once again grew uneasy with how many are being made at once. I also dislike how many of the people leaving are going to Kansas City. Then the thought struck me. If the Royals become a dominate team in a few years and the Braves start fading I’ll be one very unhappy person.

  7. if JS and Bobby step down after this year. Who would be next in line for each position. Please dont say Terry Pendleton

  8. I think if Cox and Schuerholz step down together, then the front office will bring in a new GM (no idea who) and that GM will hire his own manager. So it’s very difficult to predict who Cox’s replacement would be.

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