192 thoughts on “Kyle Davies vs. Craig McMurtry”

  1. Kyle Davies – struggles in NL, almost average in AL: More proof that the NL is merely AAAA.

  2. I always liked Kyle Davies, and wanted him to live up to his potential. That said, McMurtry doesn’t appear to be a bad player, especially given his era. Mediocre, perhaps, but his rookie season balances out his much worse 1984 season.

    It will be interesting to see how the results start tallying up next round, now that 90% of the pre-90s Braves have been eliminated, so “vote for the player I remember” isn’t going to be a valid strategy.

  3. 4,
    Probably doesn’t make sense for the Pirates to acquire an arb-eligible player. They’d probably be more interested in a crappy prospect than KJ. Hey, they can have Todd Redmond back for Capps!

  4. If you haven’t seen Coach’s comments on P. W. Hjort’s site which got him banned, I would suggest it’s worth your time to check them out. Pretty funny.

  5. @10 – ouch. So Coach posts under lots of different names (on different blogs)? Did he have a history of antagonizing P.W. or others (well, obviously he antagonizes lots of people on this here blog…)?

  6. I don’t know that he posts under a lot of different names elsewhere. Those comments were in direct response to a discussion the two of them were having here the other day.

  7. Gotta get Dan Uggla. Lets trade Derek Lowe for his sorry butt. How about Albert Pujols for KJ? Yea……

    Some blogs are just made for narcissistic comments. Shit attracts flies you know.

  8. But csg, why? I looked at Iwamura as kind of a “Chipper back up plan” and his career OPS around 740 won’t really carry 2nd, and certainly won’t carry third. And what would they give up?

    And, should we offer KJ? Less or similar money, more upside, and an extra arb year.

  9. cliff, good question, but per mlbtr…

    3:35pm: Topkin says Iwamura is headed to the Pirates, and the deal will be announced tonight. MLB.com’s Jenifer Langosch does not believe the Bucs will surrender an established player.

  10. Ever get to a point when you’re reading a book where you just run out of steam, put it down & say, “I gotta get another book”?

    I’m there. Running to the B&N to get the new Posnanski thing about the ’75 Reds.

    I always hated that team when I was a kid, mainly because they regularly drilled my sorry Braves. Those games were like Little League mismatches.

    They had Joe Morgan at 2B & we had Marty Perez. They had Johnny Bench & we had Vic Correll. And so on…

    But, they might be the greatest team in my baseball-conscious lifetime. I’d rank them #1, with the ’98 Yanks a close #2. After that, I’d have to really think about it.

  11. As bad as the teams were in the ’80s (and late ’70s), shouldn’t there be more players left in this contest from that era?

  12. Anybody interested in a “5 Greatest Albums” thread?

    This lousy Brave retrospective is hurting my libido.

  13. @ 21 – I will have to admit that I have some bias in this poll and I think others do also. A player stands out when he is a bad player on a decent to pretty good team – and Cox has continued to give these guys chances to fail. A player that is bad on a team full of bad players doesn’t seem quite so bad. In retrospect, McMurtry wasn’t that bad and he was an all star compared to everyone else on the team at the time.

  14. hank,
    Oh, I could go on & on with that one.

    I just got the 40th anniversary edition of The Rolling Stones’ “Get Yer Ya-Ya’s Out,” a live album recorded at MSG in 1969. (The extras include a DVD, booklet, Guitar Hero download, extra music from Ike & Tina Turner and B.B. King, who were on the bill that night.)

    Hadn’t listened to that thing in about 25 years. Helluva version of “Midnight Rambler.”

  15. eh, its a baseball site and I like the worst players thing. DOB’s site is always talking about music and albums and it seems to always take over. However, the only thing I look for there is DOB’s updates and this place is so much better. Ill be hanging around either way

  16. The thing about music lists is that they’re sort of like the U.S. News & World Report lists for colleges. If you want different answers, you basically have to change the questions, because otherwise you’ll have the same stuff at the top every time.

    That said, here’s five that oughta be at the top of any list:

    The Who Sell Out
    Beatles, Revolver
    Nirvana, In Utero
    Rolling Stones, Beggars Banquet
    Parliament, Funkentelechy Vs. The Placebo Syndrome

  17. csg,
    It’s a Braves baseball site with no Braves baseball at the moment. When I see something that I find less than interesting, PgDn always works for me.

    So… just personal preferences. No best-of’s or greatest hits allowed:

    5 Great Rock Records (Pre-1980):
    The Beatles: “Revolver”
    The Rolling Stones: “Exile on Main Street”
    Ramones: “Ramones”
    Television: “Marquee Moon”
    Bruce Springsteen: “Darkness on the Edge of Town”

    5 Great Indie Rock Records (1984 Only):
    R.E.M.: “Reckoning”
    Minutemen: “Double Nickels on the Dime”
    Hüsker Dü: “Zen Arcade”
    The Replacements: “Let it Be”
    Butthole Surfers: “Psychic… Powerless… Another Man’s Sac”

    5 Great Rock Records Since 1980:
    The Clash: “London Calling”
    Nirvana: “Nevermind”
    Radiohead: “OK Computer”
    Guided By Voices: “Bee Thousand”
    Drive-By Truckers: “Southern Rock Opera”

    5 Great Jazz Records:
    Charles Mingus: “Mingus Ah Um”
    Sonny Rollins: “Saxophone Colossus”
    Miles Davis: “Kind of Blue”
    Thelonious Monk: “Straight, No Chaser”
    John Coltrane: “A Love Supreme”

    5 (OK, 6) Great Hip-Hop Records:
    Public Enemy: “It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back”
    A Tribe Called Quest: “Midnight Marauders”
    De La Soul: “3 Feet High & Rising”
    N.W.A: “Straight Outta Compton”
    Outkast: “Stankonia”
    Jay-Z: “The Black Album”

    5 (OK, 6) Great Electronic Records:
    Kraftwerk: “Trans-Europe Express”
    Chemical Brothers: “Dig Your Own Hole”
    Massive Attack: “Blue Lines”
    Laurent Garnier: “Unreasonable Behavior”
    Moby: “Play”
    Radiohead: “Amnesiac”

    5 Great R&B Records:
    Earth Wind & Fire: “That’s the Way of the World”
    Prince: “Dirty Mind”
    James Brown: “Live at the Apollo”
    Parliament: “Mothership Connection”
    TLC: “Crazy Sexy Cool”

    5 (OK, 6) Great Folk Records:
    Bob Dylan: “The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan”
    Nick Drake: “Bryter Layter”
    Neil Young: “After the Gold Rush”
    Bruce Springsteen: “Nebraska”
    Neutral Milk Hotel: “In the Aeroplane Over the Sea”
    The Pogues: “Rum, Sodomy & The Lash”

    5 (OK, 6) Great Country Records:
    The Byrds: “Sweetheart of the Rodeo”
    Dwight Yoakam: “Guitars, Cadillacs, Etc., Etc.”
    Loretta Lynn: “Van Lear Rose”
    Hank Williams, Jr.: “Whiskey Bent & Hell Bound”
    Lucinda Williams: “Car Wheels on the Gravel Road”
    Randy Travis: “Storms of Life”

    What’s funny is Elvis Costello is one of my favorite artists ever, but I’m just not sure where to categorize him. Faves: “Imperial Bedroom” & “Get Happy”

  18. BTW, the World Series talk in NYC today bordered on hysterical.

    With all the talk about Girardi’s questionable rotation moves, you would’ve thought the Yanks were down 2-3.

    Or 0-3.

  19. You know I used to always say my favorite Beatles album was Revolver, but this summer I put Revolver and Rubber Soul in my car for about two weeks, and damn if I don’t think Rubber Soul stands up better today. Both are great.

    Also I voted for Davies, because the poll is for worst Brave, but for the people that think McMurtry wasn’t so bad, they just weren’t around to see him after his rookie year. He went from ROY runner-up (to Strawberry) to just plain putrid.

  20. 29,

    The Rolling Stones: “Exile on Main Street”

    Greatest record of all time, IMO.

    Drive-By Truckers: “Southern Rock Opera”

    My favorite record of all time.

    Some other great ones on your list:

    Bob Dylan: “The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan”
    The Byrds: “Sweetheart of the Rodeo”
    Neil Young: “After the Gold Rush”
    N.W.A: “Straight Outta Compton”

    And all the Jazz ones you listed.

  21. And a few I’d add, just that deserve consideration:

    Jimi Hendrix: “Axis: Bold As Love”
    My Morning Jacket: “It Still Moves”
    Steely Dan: “Countdown to Ecstasy”, “Can’t Buy a Thrill”, and “Aja”
    Rolling Stones: “Sticky Fingers”
    Led Zeppelin: “Led Zeppelin II” and “Physical Graffiti”
    Bob Dylan: “Blonde on Blonde” (among many others)
    Allman Brothers Band: “Eat a Peach”

    Apologizes to all the great albums I neglected to include.

  22. @20
    ububba, I’m halfway through the Podnanski’s book on the ’75 Reds. New insights on the stars, on the NL, on baseball. A good read.

    And I say God Bless our music lists. It’s part of what makes this the best blog (not just baseball blog) in the world.
    Amazingly, I’d never heard of Television!

    Also, you all can tell me Sgt Pepper’s isn’t the greatest album of all time, the seminal, the paradigm shifter, the industry changer, but I have to ask what standard you’re using.

    Oh, personal taste? Well, that’s cool, too!

  23. I agree with every artist on the jazz list, but for me:
    Charles Mingus: “Mingus Ah Um” Black Saint And The Sinner LAdy
    Sonny Rollins: “Saxophone Colossus” Tenor Madness
    Miles Davis: “Kind of Blue” okay, this would be my pick too.
    Thelonious Monk: “Straight, No Chaser” Tie, Monks Music and Alone In San Francisco
    John Coltrane: “A Love Supreme” Giant Steps

    The country list is fairly shockingly modern imho (even though I do like all of the choices) – no Haggard, Wms Sr. or George Jones?

  24. I prefer “Rust Never Sleeps” and “On the Beach” over “After the Gold Rush,” then again I own almost every Neil album (even “Landing on Water”). Love that there are many other fans of “Marquee Moon” here – that is definitely in my top five, as is Springsteen’s “Nebraska”; although you have to be in the right mood to listen to it. Richard and Linda Thompson’s “Shoot Out the Lights” would be up for consideration as would Nickleback’s . . . just kidding.

  25. My top 5/6-ish favorite albums (off the top of my head)

    Madness – Madness
    The Ramones – Rocket to Russia/Ramones (they’re short so they can both count as one right?)
    The Mr T Experience – Love is Dead
    Less Than Jake – Pezcore
    The Pietaster’s – OoLooLoo
    Reverend Horton Heat – Liquor in the Front. Poker in the Rear.

    Though there are certainly Toasters, TMBG, Elvis Costello, The Specials, The Queers, Screeching Weasel, and a ton of other options I could pick as well if I thought about it much longer.

  26. A top five list of legit top fives that no one named yet:
    Pet Sounds
    Remain in Light
    VU & Nico

  27. A top five album list, that is hard to sort. Always depends on the mood for me, and right now, that is a a rock mood.
    Appetite For Destruction
    In Utero
    Ten, Pearl jam
    Blood Sugar Sex MAgic
    Get Behind Me Satan

    Off the top of my head though, by nightfall I will be in a mellower mood and U2 and the BEach Boys would creep into the list.

  28. What’s the best venue for live music?
    Did anybody make it to CBGB’s?
    Or the Whiskey?

    I’m hoping somebody can tell me what ATL waas like when REM and the B-52’s were rocking/

  29. A list of ten albums I could not live without that no one else probably listens to –

    Doc and Merle Watson – In Nashville: Good Deal!
    Roy Lanham – Hard Life Blues
    Lila Downs – La Cantina
    Los Lobos – Del Este De Los Angeles
    Delta Rhythm Boys – Jump and Jive til One O’Clock
    Speedy West and Jimmy Bryant – Country Cabin Jazz
    George Barnes – Standard Transcriptions
    Danny Gatton – Redneck Jazz Explosion
    Rockpile – Seconds Of Pleasure (well some folks might still listen to this, so I’ll add one more)
    Hoagy Carmichael – The Stardust Road
    Steve Reich – Music For 18 Musicians

  30. Also, Van Morrison’s Moondance

    As for just plain ol’ (somewhat recent) favorites, here’s an incomplete list for me, in no particular order:

    Son Volt – Trace
    Interpol – Turn on the Bright Lights
    Drive-By Truckers – Decoration Day
    Coldplay – Parachutes and A Rush of Blood to the Head
    Pete Yorn – Musicforthemorningafter, Day I Forgot, and Nightcrawler
    The National – Boxer
    Weezer – Blue Album
    Wilco – Yankee Hotel Foxtrot
    The Shins – Wincing the Night Away and Chutes Too Narrow
    Belle & Sebastian – Dear Catastrophe Waitress

    PS: spike, I own every Doc Watson album ever made. As far as I’m aware.

  31. I’m hoping somebody can tell me what ATL was like when REM and the B-52’s were rocking/

    Pretty great scene here – 688, the Metroplex, and the Agora Ballroom, White Dot. Interesting local bands – I was doing rockabilly at the time and played at all of these venues. Saw Jason at the Scorchers and Los Lobos on their first tour at 688 for 3 bucks – the best rock and roll show I have ever seen in my life to this day.

  32. As do I, and so should everyone else Stu – even the full band ones which are a bit lesser in my opinion.

  33. @44 – Love “Dear Catastrophe Waitress” – To this day, I can’t look at Mike Piazza and immediately beginning singing in my head (or sometimes out loud), Piazza, New York Catcher.

  34. i guess this is showing my age (turning 60 today)…..Allman Bros. Live at Filmore East……….Stones, Let it Bleed…..Dylan, Highway 61 Revisited…….Who, Live at Leeds…..The Band(2nd album) ask again in five minutes and it might be different

  35. I’ll list the 5 I’ve listened to the most. Definitely not a best-ever list:

    EC & the Attractions – Trust
    Two Cow Garage – Please Turn the Gas Back On
    Anders Parker – Tell It to the Dust
    Spacehog – Resident Alien
    The Band – s/t

    By the way, if y’all haven’t bought the new DBT album, you need to. It’s an odds and ends deal, but it’s worth a listen.

  36. I think you can get a pretty good view of my musical tastes from my (non-Phil Collins) video selections. The only thing that’s missing is Prince, because His Royal Purpleness really hates it when people distribute his videos.

  37. As Braves fans, most if not all of you know what I’m talking about here:

    There’s a day in north Georgia in early April every year where the sky is blindingly blue and the sunlight comes down like a dry, warming mist. On that day, “Eat a Peach” is the best album ever recorded. Perhaps the best sounds ever uttered by humans.

  38. Rumble on Bowman’s blog about Curtis Granderson.

    He is a lefty who is HORRIBLE against lefties. He is a better fielder and maybe a better baserunner than McLouth. Similar overall offensively. Why, exactly would Braves want him?

  39. Thanks for mentioning the Scorchers, Spike. I think they’re legitimately one of the best American rock bands ever.

    There’s a day in north Georgia in early April every year where the sky is blindingly blue and the sunlight comes down like a dry, warming mist. On that day, “Eat a Peach” is the best album ever recorded. Perhaps the best sounds ever uttered by humans.

    I think the record will show that the best sounds ever uttered by humans are still:

    “Both of them. Count it.”

  40. Gotta love “Joshua Tree,” Stu. It was my first CD. “Where the Streets Have No Name” is one of my all-time favorite songs.

    Enjoy Game 6, ububba! Should be an interesting game.

  41. @61,

    Not to beat a dead and maggot-infested horse, but the game thread right after the Frenchy trade was pretty fantastic. I probably spent an hour and a half going back and forth between this page and the SportSouth Facebook page for all the hilarious reactions.

  42. Top 5 hip hop:

    1) Nas – Illmatic
    2) Pac – All Eyez On Me
    3) Outkast – ATLiens
    4) PE – Nation of Millions
    5) Talib – Reflection Eternal

    Scott Proctor = good gamble.

  43. Oh I totally remember jumping between Facebook and this, posting my favorite Facebook comments. It was a glorious day.

  44. Scott Proctor. Yippee. He’s another middle reliever that Joe Torre leaned on a little heavily. Hope his recovery has gone well.

    I can’t believe I forgot “Endtroducing.”

    Yeah, the country stuff was the only bit that didn’t take 5 seconds to rattle off; it is relatively modern.

    The thing about Jones & Haggard & Hank, Sr., is that, IMO, there’s no definitive album. With them, I listen to box sets & best-of’s. I mean, the George Jones box set is one of my favorites ever. I thought about including a couple of his things (“Still the Same Ol’ Me” & “I Am What I Am”), but I can’t say they’re great all the way through.

    I probably should’ve included Johnny Cash’s “Live at Folsom Prison,” Flying Burrito Brothers’ “Palace of Gilded Sin” or either of the Gram Parsons records. (And I should be ashamed that I forgot to list Van Morrison’s “Astral Weeks” somewhere.) But the point of these lists is to encounter some regret.

    I like “Sgt. Pepper” just fine, but IMO it’s not the best Beatles album & it’s certainly not the greatest psychedelic album.

    Went to CB’s a bunch & the Whisky once. The only bathroom I’ve ever seen that was filthier than CBGB’s was a public WC in a town square in Costa Rica.

    The Athens & Atlanta scenes were very different back in the early ’80s. Atlanta was more regulation punk-rock, whereas Athens was more arty & didn’t really have uniforms. In actuality, the 2 music scenes didn’t completely get along back then.

    The Athens-version B-52’s were a little before my time there, but I’m told they never really played that often when they lived in Georgia. They kind of went to NYC & hit it big almost immediately, then they moved away.

    Saw REM a bunch back then & it was certainly magical. Saw them play a few times with Jason & The Nashville Scorchers, who were, yes, truly one of the greatest live bands ever—kind of like seeing Hank Sr. fronting the Sex Pistols.

  45. @67, I was pleased to see *Dig Your Own Hole* on your list. It’s a fine choice, but it’ll never be canonized like *Endtroducing* has been. Critics won’t ever take the Chemical Brothers as seriously as DJ Shadow (but they bend over backwards to accommodate Justin Timberlake, Jay-Z, Kelly Clarkson, etc).

    For more ’90’s electronica fun…*EP7* by Autechre, *Music is One Rotted Note* by Squarepusher and *Richard D. James Album* by Aphex Twin are big highlights.

  46. Thanks, AAR. Them I recognize, along with the Allmans and Stones and most of Ububba’s folk folks. It’s everybody since I’ve never heard or heard of.

    Still, I commend you for being kind to your elders.

  47. @47

    I’m still around, but mostly lurking these days. Thanks for askin’.

    And yeah, that Jon K thread was epic.

  48. Blind Hawg,
    C’mon, how old are you? You’ve heard of REM, right? Outkast?

    In the US, The Chemical Brothers got great notices back when older rock critics felt like they had to get with it for a minute, felt like they were missing something. (They were.)

    But when bands like the White Stripes, The Strokes & Kings of Leon broke out—rock is back!—they felt like they didn’t have to pay attention any more. They were actually relieved to hear the latest recycled rock (and I generally like those bands).

    And let’s face it, young or old, most music writers aren’t going to be in the club at 2 am listening to DJs or electronic acts. That’s a big part of the musical culture divide between the US & Europe.

    And that’s why The Chemical Brothers headline enormous festivals over there & play 8-city tours over here.

  49. Reading those old threads I’ve realized I never really contribute anything of importance to the conversation. Ever.

  50. Dave Matthews Band – Under The Table and Dreaming
    R.E.M. – Out Of Time
    Bruce Springsteen – Born in the USA
    The Wallflowers – Red Letter Days
    Jack Johnson – On and On

    And then, this also happened..

    MANAGUA, Nicaragua (AP) -Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Vicente Padilla accidentally shot himself in the leg in Nicaragua.

    Dr. Eduardo Reguera said Padilla didn’t need surgery after spending time at Managua’s Metropolitan Hospital.

    Police spokesman Vilma Reyes said Wednesday that Padilla’s pistol apparently jammed during a target shooting session late Tuesday. Padilla was trying to clear a round from the chamber when the pistol went off.

  51. Braves Journal is all about eating chicken wings, listening to Metallica, drinking Keystone Light, and wanting to get into the stadium to scream as loud as you can.

  52. Can you imagine if Porcello had lasted a few more slots? An epic draft indeed.

  53. 5 (OK, 6) Great Folk Records:
    Bob Dylan: “The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan”
    Nick Drake: “Bryter Layter”
    Neil Young: “After the Gold Rush”
    Bruce Springsteen: “Nebraska”
    Neutral Milk Hotel: “In the Aeroplane Over the Sea”
    The Pogues: “Rum, Sodomy & The Lash

    Nice list. I’d throw “Our Endless Numbered Days” in there somewhere. I <3 Iron & Wine.

  54. @82

    The first time I ever shot a deer rifle (.270 bolt action), I put the scope flush with my eye socket…needless to say after the recoil, picked up a scar I still have today

  55. Furcal rule is in effect with every player until a press conference is held and that player is present

  56. On Padilla, some sources are saying it was actually his bodyguard who accidentally shot him and they were trying to cover it up.

  57. ESPN speculates Uggla for Javy on their front page… Am I crazy, or does that seems like a terrible, terrible trade for the Braves?

  58. Bethany at 95,

    I would say supremely stupid to trade anything of significant value for Uggla. Yes, you would swap 1 year of Vazquez for 3 arb years of Uggla (but he is already at 5,300,000 for 2009. Yow!) But Uggla is an AWFUL fielder and doesn’t have the bat to carry first (career ops 40 or so points under LaRoche).

    Then, the other stupid thing about that rumor is when do the Marlins want to pick up salary? Have they paid anybody 11 million for a season since 1997?

  59. @95

    I agree. Uggla is a creation of that stadium. The short fence in left plays right into his wheelhouse as a dead pull righthanded hitter.

    Stats bear it out. .898 OPS at home and .730 on the road. Plus, if we’re going to have to put up with awful defense I’d just has soon have Dunn.


  60. I remember taking a look at the Marlins salaries the last time they broke up the team, 2004.

    Except for Dontrelle & some veteran middle relief pitcher, every guy on the team was making major-league minimum.

    Just heard a great trivia question: Aside from Chase Utley, who did it this year, who is the only player in World Series history to have a pair of multiple-HR games in one series?

  61. Willie Aikens. Rany Jazayerli tweeted about it during the game the other night. He noted that Howard tied Willie Wilson’s WS strikeout record in the very next AB, and that both records were originally set against the Phillies in 1980.

  62. Yup, 1980. But I like to call him Willie Mays Aikens.

    Off to The Bronx. Gonna be chilly tonight.

    Half-baked Prediction: Pettitte gets hit early, Pedro pitches well & hangs onto the lead, but runs out of gas in the 6th. Yanks catch up & win it in walk-off fashion off Madsen.

    The upper deckers go crazy & spill onto River Avenue. The box seaters call for their limos.

  63. Hey I can join in on this list thing

    My 5 favorite records (of this moment) that haven’t been mentioned yet (I think)

    1. Radiohead – Kid A
    2. Exploding Hearts – Guitar Romantic
    3. Los Lobos – Kiko
    4. X – Wild Gift
    5. Wire Chairs Missing

  64. Love X and Los Lobos – somewhat surprised at the albums you chose though, although both are terrific.

  65. Uggla for Javy? OK, that is funny.

    But seriously, Vazquez traded for Michael Cuddyer and two or three more players……it makes sense in so many ways and no I didn’t start the rumor, it’s all over the Braves blogs.

  66. Five albums I like but aren’t necessarily the best or anything:

    Boston – Boston
    Layla and Other Assorted Songs – Derek and the Dominos
    Out of the Blue – ELO
    Full Moon Fever – Tom Petty
    Automatic For the People – R.E.M.

  67. since Cuddyer has only posted an .800+ OPS twice in 8 yrs in not all that impressed

    esp not for our best starter. If we move Vasquez it needs to be for a cost controlled player that has plenty of upside. Dont know how many players are available that would fit that profile. Id rather just get rid of Lowe and get Nady and Laroche

  68. Micheal Cuddyer similar batters:

    1. Kevin Mench (956)
    2. Jeff Francoeur (952)
    3. Walt Moryn (951)
    4. Leon Roberts (947)
    5. Gabe Kapler (942)
    6. Sean Berry (942)
    7. Mike Lamb (941)
    8. Chris Singleton (941)
    9. Butch Huskey (941)
    10. Xavier Nady (940)

    No thanks.

  69. Dabo Swinney can’t send his own emails… they’re sent through the student body president. ” rel=”nofollow”>Strange.

  70. Boy, I’d like to take a shit right in Mark Teixeira’s mouth. Seriously, what a phony douchenozzle.

  71. One of my friends is a Phillies fan and she posted the following on her Facebook page:

    “We still have the best mascot in baseball. That’s what counts :).”

    And that is probably the saddest thing I’ve ever read.

  72. Greg Norton must be resigned. Otherwise the 2010 Braves are doomed! All those walks were so valuable, never mind the .145 BA and two extra base hits. Give the dude some pom poms and stick his butt up on top of the dugout with the rest of the cheerleaders.

    112, Heyward, Hanson and Jurrjens for Uggla…then we’re in business!

    O yea, bring back my man! Scott Thorman! Are we having fun yet????

  73. @113 wow…a hot carl reference, I thought I’d have to be back in Tijuana to hear that….not that crapping on Tex’s face isnt a bad idea….he could use all those $100 bills he’s got to clean himself up….

  74. I blame Wren for the worst trade of all time, perhaps including the apple for the Garden: urlhix and sansho for Coach. What a disaster!

  75. I loved how the announcers were discussing the fact that Matsui is getting too old and will probably be a non-tender candidate in the middle of one of the most important games of his career. I realize baseball is a business, but come on…

  76. @120,

    It’s not the most awesome trade, but it’s nowhere near the worst trade of all time. This has been discussed ad nauseum, so can we just leave it at that?

  77. Man, Jim Callis is killing me:

    With a good showing after he signed and a fine performance in the Arizona Fall League, has lefthander Mike Minor shed the notion that he wasn’t worthy of being drafted seventh overall by the Braves?

    Phil Jones
    Burke, Va.


    No one ever has disputed the fact that Minor can really pitch. He does a nice job of mixing and locating his fastball, curveball, slider and changeup. He has been very impressive in four starts at low Class A Rome (though that’s a small sample size) and in four brief outings in the AFL (a smaller sample size, and you shouldn’t read too much into AFL stats).

    Still, Minor doesn’t have a true plus pitch beyond his changeup and his fastball usually operates in the upper 80s. His realistic ceiling is as a No. 3 starter, it’s easier to project him as a No. 4 and it’s not difficult to draw parallels between him and another Vanderbilt finesse lefthander who was a top-10 choice, Jeremy Sowers.

    Was Minor a worthy first-rounder? Yes. Would have I taken him seventh overall? Not a chance. One of the reasons teams complain that the draft doesn’t distribute talent equitably is the clubs won’t take the best player available. Atlanta wouldn’t exceed MLB’s bonus recommendation at No. 7, though they mistakenly budgeted for the 2008 figure ($2.42 million) rather than the reduced 2009 number ($2.178 million) because the commissioner’s office didn’t give them the amount quickly enough. That limited their choices, though former Braves scouting director Roy Clark (now assistant GM with the Nationals) was a big believer in Minor. Clark loved Tyler Matzek, too, but didn’t have the budget to sign him.

  78. Top Albums No One Has Listed Yet and That I Can Think Of:

    1) Highway 61 Revisited, Dylan
    2) Aftermath, Rolling Stones
    3) The River, Bruuuuuce
    4) Armed Forces, Elvis Costello
    5) Astral Weeks, Van Morrison

    (Surprised I haven’t seen one mention of Layla, Sticky Fingers, Eat a Peach, Purple Rain, Let It Bleed, or Led Zeppelin IV. Thank you all for not mentioning: Rumors, Frampton Comes Alive, or Thriller.)

  79. Noah,
    On Sunday night, Springsteen is playing Madison Square Garden & he’s going to play The River in its entirety. First time he’s ever done that.

    The night before at MSG, it’ll be The Wild, The Innocent & The E Street Shuffle.

  80. @124 – I think Mark is sarcastically referring to a trade between uhlrix and sansho for coach. I don’t think it has anything to do with the Tex trade that I think you’re talking about.

    Sarcasm gets lost in translation sometimes. Fortunately I’m never sarcastic, well, maybe sometimes … actually quite a bit.

  81. TD, thanks. When sarcasm has to be explained, it’s poor sarcasm indeed. I stand rebuked.

  82. Two amusing moments from last night’s game:

    I’m walking out of the men’s room in the upper level & I run into Bill Murray. (And what’s he doing way upstairs?) He’s wearing this big, western hat, so he’s not really getting recognized. But I can see it’s him because he’s right in front of me.

    I say, “Too bad it’s not the Cubs tonight, huh?”

    And he gives me that look–that Bill Murray put-on frown–and wistfully mumbles, “Someday…”

    After the game, a real Yankee-hater pal from Atlanta texts me: “Well, that sucked.”

    I text him back: “Just leaving the stadium.”

    He responds: “Let me know when you clear the area, so I can call in the air strike.”

  83. @ 128

    A friend and I saw Bruce play the entire Born to Run album at the Philly Spectrum two weeks ago (the same night the local baseball team came back to beat the Dodgers in the NLDS). We were wondering if this recent practice of playing his classic albums live might suggest he’s going to hang it up after this tour. There is some other circumstantial evidence for that theory. What do you think, Ububba?

    By the way, I’d include Born to Run on my list of the greatest albums, along with the following (the last of which is likely to raise all kinds of questions about my manhood, but hey, I can take it):

    1. BTR, Bruce Springsteen
    2. Revolver, Beatles
    3. Marquee Moon, Television
    4. Murmur, R.E.M.
    5. Steve McQueen, Prefab Sprout

  84. Ry Cooder’s Bop Till You Drop has always been something of a sleeper.

    Thelonius Monk, Brilliant Corners
    Jimi Hendrix, Band of Gypsies

    Anything by Duke Ellington.

  85. If I had to pick just one by the Duke, it would be the Blanton Webster band

    5 more great prewar “albums”…can anybody here tell me why we call them albums, BTW? (no wiki-ing!)

    The Complete Charlie Christian Studio Recordings
    Charlie Parker Dial Sessions
    Art Tatum Trio Days
    Count Basie Decca Recordings
    Django Reinhardt Djangologie
    Bonus…King Cole Trio Capitol Recordings

  86. Mac, the thing that struck me is how thin that list is on players that anyone would consider good.

  87. Mark,
    Was that the Boss gig that Joe Torre attended & the Phils fans were heckling him a bit? Good gig?

    I read somewhere that Steve Van Zant said they’ll definitely take some time off after this tour. But, yeah, I had the same thought that this could be the end of the line for the band. I mean, Springsteen’s 60.

    Nonetheless, this play-the-whole-classic-album thing has been going on for a few years now with all kinds of artists–from Lucinda Williams to Sonic Youth.

    I’m going to the Sunday gig & I was kind of hoping I’d get a Darkness on the Edge of Town show, but the more I think about it, I’m really psyched to hear The River, a 20-song double album with 3 of my all-time fave Springsteen songs: “Independence Day,” “The River” and “The Price You Pay.”

    When you live in NYC & travel a bit for work, it’s going to happen (especially at the airports).

    Believe it or not, that’s the third sporting event where I’ve seen Bill Murray. 1) Last night, 2) Stanley Cup Finals game at the Meadowlands in 2003, 3) A Braves/Cubs game at Wrigley in 2003.

    I happen to be a fan, but no, I’m not stalking him.

  88. Spike @ #136

    I’m with you on the Blanton-Webster band recordings. Wonderful stuff! Those are some good recommendations. Almost forgot about Django, and I have a friend, Charles Williams, who’s nuts about him. If you’re in Atlanta, check out The Bonaventure Quartet if you get a chance. Amy Pike sings with them.

  89. Known Charles for a long time, and Amy even longer. Charles is a fine, fine player. I was in the very first Continentals, but moved on to Kingsized before they started performing. I too have a Maccaferri petit bouche in my collection.

  90. @133, Mark, I love hat Prefab Sprout album. Totally forgot about it over the years. Thanks for bringing it up!

  91. #140

    I’m not surprised. Small world. He loves that guitar more than anything. I’ll be sure to say “Hey” next time I talk to him.

  92. sarcasm alert: Too bad we don’t need a backup catcher. From Mac’s list I see where both Henry Blanco and Paul Bako are available.

    As far as music goes: I still listen to mostly Contemporary Christian, but I really enjoyed it during the 80’s when it was being discovered (DeGarmo & Key, Whiteheart, Steve Camp, …). It’s gotten to be the same old overhyped, overmarketed stuff over the last 10 years or so. My favorite album of all time still has to be:

    Kansas – Leftoverture

  93. I saw Willie Nelson on Tuesday, and he played some Django Reinhardt. It was quite good, except half the audience had no idea what was going on.

  94. 143—You familiar with Derek Webb? Also, you should dig into the overtly-Christian u2 and, though he may have to be an acquired taste, Sufjan Stevens.

  95. I don’t know too much Christian music, but King’s X has some really good stuff. Apparently, Pearl Jam bassist Jeff Ament once said “King’s X invented grunge,” though that may be apocryphal. Anyway, their second album, Gretchen Goes to Nebraska, is quite good.

  96. On Callis – I think Minor is better than Sowers, but I am not sure Sowers can be considered a success as a 5th starter.

    I am bothered by his printing of the reason we did not sign Matzek, but I am skeptical that it is not just a deduction from the conventional wisdom of the blogosphere.

  97. spike,

    Because in the 20’s or so, they were sold as sets of 78 or so rpm “singles” inside a book like a photoalbum. I think the practice ended in late 40’s or early 50’s with advent of “LP” or “long playing” records about 33 rpm.

  98. 129, 130,

    Ah, my bad. I had Tex on the brain apparently. I think someone just threatened to shit in his mouth.

  99. 147,

    I second Sufjan Stevens. Very cool, very smart music. Loved by music snobs and the gay community. And me I suppose.

    EDIT: And Stu.

  100. 149,

    I didn’t hear anything about the Braves being super-interested in Matzek (not that I would, anyway), but I know that Clark asked Liberty/Frank for the $$ to sign Purke and they (probably Liberty) said no.

  101. Hermida was apparently headed for the non-tender pile.

    Hard to get too mad at the BoSox after the Kotchman trade.

  102. Back on the topic of the poll, apparently Craig McMurtry gave up Bond’s first career home run. Tempted to change my vote for creating the monster.

  103. I’ve never been able to get into U2 – I don’t love them or hate them.

    I will say that my all-time favorite album title is “Ping Pong over the Abyss” by the 77’s. As I think has been discussed before, I also like Styx pre Mr. Roboto and Atlanta Rhythm Section.

  104. Well done, Cliff. Two marks. I find it fascinating that the term album is still in use despite it’s original reference being long gone for 60 odd years.

  105. I’m slightly annoyed by the Hermida thing, but not nearly as much as I was last year when the Nats got Willingham for nothing and the Yanks got Swisher for nothing. Hermida ought not to suck, but he’s done precious little in the last couple years to justify that hope.

  106. Bradley is advocating Hanson as the closer. Allowing us to keep all 6 SP, and have money to spend on FA offensive help. Seems odd, but he used Pappelbon as an example…thoughts?

  107. Excuse my french, but that is f’ing retarded. The value of a quality starter far exceeds that of a closer. If that value can’t be used here, let’s get something we do need in exchange for it.

  108. I seriously hope the FO is not entertaining that idea. With few decent starters on the market–especially now with Hudson more or less signed*–I think Lowe will generate some interest and Vazquez will attract some tantalizing offers.

    *Furcal Rule in effect, of course. Hey, remember when Griffey was almost a Brave? Feels like 300 years ago.

  109. It appears that they have given Mark Bradley the Terence Moore position as the columnist that comes up with incredibly stupid ideas and wonders aloud things that he knows are BS but will stir the pot. Just this week he has come up with this incredibly brain-dead idea and written not one, but two articles implying (though not actually having the guts to say it) that Matt Ryan is undercooked, so to speak, and that all of the Falcons “struggles” (Yes, 4-3 is a HORRIBLE record against the schedule we’ve faced…oh, whatever will we do going into the easier part of our schedule??? We might as well just forfeit the rest of the season now!!!) are his fault. I mean, I’ve never thought Mark Bradley was a bastion for logic, necessarily…but his problem has generally been rampant homerism more than anything else. I’ve never thought of him as a guy who would just throw crap against a wall and see what would stick. Now all of a sudden this week he’s started throwing out all these columns that are frankly batcrap insane. Kind of makes you wonder…

    As far as the Hanson idea specifically, it is an incredibly retarded idea…we all know that. But he couldn’t even choose a decent comparison. You could argue that Tommy Hanson was, at worst, our second-best starter by the end of the year. Why in the hell would you throw that away? Jonathan Papelbon was never the second-best starter on the Red Sox. If he was, they never would’ve switched him to closer. You switch starters that aren’t panning out for some reason to closer. Plus, if the closer role is so valuable, as he claims, then why would you not attempt to re-sign one of the two people you have in front of you that you know can do it? Why would you risk wrecking your entire pitching staff for no good reason?

  110. @168,

    Ha, after two years of grad school studying music, my definition of “music snob” is probably a bit different than most. The Sondheim/percussionist/classical snobs appreciate Sufjan Stevens for the mixed meter and orchestrations.

  111. 165, read that too. How stupid would that be? If you wanna make any of those six SPs a closer, use Lowe if he can’t be traded.

  112. @174

    This is especially relevant, seeing as Lowe has more career saves than anyone on the Braves roster from last year…

  113. Is there room for discussion on the value of a starter vs. the value of a closer?
    For Hanson, my reaction has been as strong as yours (stupid, insane idea…pick your adjective).
    But we’ve lived in an era of Eckersly, Smoltz, and Rivera.
    Or are they the exceptions that prove the rule?

  114. Ohhh I forgot to list Django (especially with Stephane Grappelli… keep hoping my son’s 6+ years of violin lessons will migrate toward Stephane’s style). I see Bonaventure Quartet is playing on the 19th… I may have to go see them.

  115. Kinda surprised chris hasn’t been around to CHIME IN on the music discussion. He once compared me (unfavorably) to a Styx record.

  116. Random baseball/rosterbation thoughts:

    I (still?) have a feeling what because of all the money situations involved (and after we sign Huddy to an extension), what we’ll end up doing is finding somebody to take Lowe’s contract for a few prospects (because I don’t think anybody who could take his contract happens to have the pieces we need AND would be willing to part with them) and being unable to sign a real right handed outfield bopper we’ll sign LaRoche to a 3 year deal (or two with options), and go with a discount outfield of Diaz, Church, McLouth, and Andruw, platooning as seems fit, with Heyward and Schaefer in the wings (that whole outfield for less than $15M a year is my guess). Possibly trying to get an extension going with Vasquez, and possibly resigning Gonzo.

    I’m not saying that’s ideal or anything, that just seems to be the sort of thing we could afford to do, and those pieces would likely be available… and it would be an improvement over our offense last year, and probably an improvement over our pitching last year (full year of Hanson plus full year of Huddy replacing the year of Lowe). I don’t think that would make us any sort of favorite for the season per se… but we should be more competitive than last year.

  117. TR Sullivan says the Rangers’ top off-season priority is getting a right-handed bat. If that’s true, Coach’s dream may well be shattered.

    Charles, I really think we’ll get a right-handed bat. I have no idea whether we’re trading Lowe or Vazquez—I sure hope it’s Lowe—but I agree that if we don’t trade Javy, we’ll sign him to an extension. And I’d be thrilled with that.

  118. Stu, there is a fair chance that working in the banking industry has robbed me of optimism in the last few years… but I’ve not seen a compelling proposed possible trade for a right handed bopper yet. I’d love for Wren to surprise me (and I think he could, I’m not pessimistic about Wren per se, just in general).

  119. Well, your definition of compelling may well differ from Wren’s. Just because you haven’t seen any viable righties you’d prefer to LaRoche doesn’t mean he hasn’t.

    Last year, his stated priority was to get pitching, and he got a ton. He’s already said that the priority this offseason is a right-handed bat. I have no reason to doubt that’s what he’ll get.

    Also, you don’t find Albert Pujols compelling???

  120. Actually, the Rangers know their needs. They want a right-handed bat, they want to reinforce their bullpen and they will look into adding a veteran starting pitcher. However, T.R. Sullivan actually supports my belief that Nelson Cruz will be traded in his article.

    They want to resign Marlon Byrd giving the Rangers the depth in their outfield consisting of Byrd, Hamilton, Murphy and Borbon. As for Nelson Cruz, he ended his season in Ron Washington’s doghouse. He’s trade bait but where Cruz ends up is anyone’s guess.

    The Rangers have an estimated 15-18 million to spend this off season.

  121. @179. You listed some decent possibilities until you listed Andruw as a 4th outfielder/platoon partner. If we didn’t want Andruw last year when we started the season with one of the worst outfields in baseball, why the heck would we want him now? He got off to a good start (344 BA with a 1304 OPS in April), but it was all downhill from there and he finished the year at .214. The last month he got significant playing time was August and he hit .167 with a .468 OPS in 15 games. He finished the season 5 for his last 28 with 2 extra base hits. This was aided by going 3 for his last 6 with 2 doubles. What’s even worse is that apparently his defense has degraded so much that the Rangers only used him in the field in 21 of 82 games in which he played – none in CF.

  122. Hanson for closer. Heyward for pinch hitter–he would strengthen the bench immensely.

  123. One last point about Andruw. He had a two HR game on July 29. Those were his last 2 hrs of the season. He finished the year with 17 hrs, but none in his last 81 at bats.

  124. “(especially with Stephane Grappelli”

    I love the stuff he did with Oscar Peterson. I could listen to that all day.

  125. Of course I find Pujols compelling… I don’t find any of the arguments that we’ll GET him to be compelling though. I wasn’t saying there aren’t right-handed bats… just that none of the arguments that we’ll actually get one have seemed likely. And again, NOT saying that’s my “dream” line-up… just a sort of “what I think is likely” line-up. I’m sure if Wren gets a compelling trade option he’ll take it, the people who make the proposals to him would be people who might be able to make those trades happen… internet and paper pontificators rarely are the ones who could make the decision that X or Y was available.

    td, I wasn’t saying we SHOULD get him, just that I think he’ll be quite cheap, and JS (for money reasons related to nostalgia putting butts in seats) and Bobby (for nostalgia reasons) will push Wren to get him if he can’t get somebody else so he can platoon him with somebody in the corner spot and break out the old cases of #25 jerseys. They may go for a different reclamation project, but I suspect that somebody in the mold of Andruw (used to be very good, still has a bit of power) is what they’ll end up with.

    Again, I hope to be wrong and Wren pulls off a trade of Lowe and KJ for Pujols with the Cards picking up half his salary… I just don’t have enough optimism to see that happening.

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