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  1. My dad is a GT alum and I’m a USC alum. I hate Notre Dame and the SEC.

    But, I guess if it makes you guys happy…

    I think Rodriquez would be a great fit at ‘Bama but I think Shula deserves to keep his job. Schiano should stay at New Jersey State, eeerrrrrrr…RUTGERS, and build a great program there.

    USC 38 – ND 14

    GT 24 – UGa 20

    Trade Andruw, Hudson and Giles for a package of fabulous prospects. As much as I love Andruw, letting him go for nothing after next year will be absolutely painful.

    Go MAC T!!

  2. The closer it gets to Monday without credible information/rumors, the more likely I believe Shula will stay. I don’t think they’ll announce that they’re firing Shula unless that have a definite replacement. Usually if there is a search for a replacement, there will be a leak that someone was contacted.

    As it stands, the Hsv Times is the only major Alabama paper that has said that Shula will return. The others haven’t reported either way. For what it’s worth, Paul Finebaum said a few days ago that there was a 90% chance that Shula would leave. In my book, Finebaum is officially a weasel who is all out for ratings – kind of like the Jerry Springer of SEC football. While I kind of think it would be best for Shula to leave, I would like nothing more than Finebaum being proven wrong and Shula coming back and making a run for the SEC title next year.

    What is it about coaches on the brink that have a dramatic turnaround? Tuberville is an example from a few years ago. Houston Nutt and Lloyd Carr are pretty good examples from this year.

  3. Interesting history, Malone. My dad and I both hail from GT, while my mom and her entire side of the family hail from USC.

  4. If Carroll stays at SC for another 10 years, he might go down as the greatest college football coach ever.

    …and I’m serious.

  5. MLB Rumors….

    Bucco Blog has indicated that the most sought out pitcher on the Pirates staff this winter has been southpaw Tom Gorzelanny. There have been rumors that the Braves wanted Gorzelanny and Maholm for LaRoche, and today Tracy Ringolsby, the award winning columnist of the Rocky Mountain News, has indicated that a Rockies Brad Hawpe trade has been discussed with the Pirates who will only give up Maholm. I assume they also want Gorzelanny in any package. I love Tracy’s writing – the guy is flat out kewl.

    Woody Williams got a two-year deal with the Astros for $12.5M. – (I guess you could say that this is reasonable compared to recent deals, it does have risk since he’s 40.)

  6. Why would we want either? LaRoche is more valuable than that, or at least I hope he is. I think we might have asked for Gonzalez and Duffy for LaRoche.

  7. Oh well, Brandon Pace finally missed a field goal. He had made 22 in a row before he missed a 47 yarder.(career long 46) At this point right now, he is the most accurate kicker in college football history….HOW BOUT THEM HOKIES!!!!

    What is going on with Tennessee?

    Oh BTW, Go Dawgs…

  8. PHOENIX (AP) – The Arizona Diamondbacks acquired left-hander Doug Davis from Milwaukee on Saturday in a six-player deal that sent catcher Johnny Estrada to the Brewers.

  9. Seems like a good deal both ways. The D-Backs get young arms with upside to go with their developing hitters (as well as some immediate rotation consistancy) and the Brewers get a good C without damaging their rotation too much.

  10. I think that might be the first time that one guy with a facial happy trail got traded for another guy with a facial happy trail.

    What the hell do you call that dumb thing anyway? An extended soul patch?

  11. MLB has three teams who have been “quiet so far”: Braves, Diamondbacks and Brewers.

    The Diamondbacks-Brewers trade means that every other team has now done something, and the Atlanta Braves are the only girl who didn’t go to the dance.

    John Schuerholz makes the offseason no fun.

    Also, if anyone cares, the New York Times says Glavine may make his decision this coming Monday or Tuesday. The Braves also expect the Mets to get Glavine. Another let-down.

  12. It looks like its going to be My Hokies vs Georgia…that’s fine with me, we can take them.

    Here’s to the #1 defense(#1 ppg, #1 yds/g, #1 pass yds/g = trouble for the dawgs/or whoever we play)

  13. The stat that USC has lost only once by more than seven points during Carroll’s 6 years as coach is incredible. If this holds up, it looks like it will be a OSU/USC chanpionship game.

    People that are complaining about Schuerholz need to calm down. He may make some incredible off-season moves or he may not, but give him some time. To be honest, most of the moves I’ve seen so far have been stupid, so let’s give him a chance. Better no moves than selling the farm for Juan Pierre.

    Finally, I would put the odds at Shula staying at Bama at about 10% now. Cecil Hurt from the Tuscaloosa News is usually pretty objective about things and it sounds like he has some inside info that Shula is gone. See link below:

  14. I hate that USC is going to get super mega-credit for beating ND (Toughest team ND has beaten this year: Georgia Tech. What an over-hyped joke….)

    I still say FL should go to the championship if they win next weekend. And who knows. With Georgia and Carolina beating ranked non-conference opponents this week, perhaps that improves FL’s strength of schedule?

  15. I would love to see Florida play for the national championship.

    If Florida beat a good NFL team and Arkansas they would still be kept out of the game with OSU. For an SEC team to have a chance at the mythical national championship, they have to go undefeated. I have watched this for many years and nothing has changed.

    I am a lifelong SEC fan, but I do not think Florida is really all that good. For one thing, they do not have a kicker worth a dam. That said, I will be happy if USC plays just to keep the more obnoxious game Michigan-OSU from being the game that determines the title.

  16. It’d be nice if USC could play Michigan to determine who really deserves to play OSU.

    But yeah, that sounds like a play-off and we know that it ain’t happening…

  17. I’m with you, mraver. Florida deserves the shot if they beat Arkansas. (a loss to Auburn vs. a loss to Oregon State…hmmm…)

  18. Yeah, no joke, Stu. They critcize the Gators for not winning “pretty”, but then USC blows one against Oregon State and they get a pass? Common…. The SEC is just such a better conference than the PAC-10. But enough complaining. I’m fairly confident that OSU will whipe the floor with whomever they play, and what I don’t think should happen is a rematch (well, unless both UF and USC lose next week. In that case, I guess I think there’s really no choice besides Michigan.)

  19. mraver and Stu:

    USC played a real out-of-conference schedule – smoking SEC West Champs Arkansas in Fayetteville by 36, beating Big 12 Finalist Nebraska, and beating Notre Dame (who, by the way has only lost to Ohio State, Michigan, and USC in the last two seasons).

    USC absolutely deserves a shot at OSU more than Florida.

  20. Who exactly did any SEC team beat/play out of conference? Cal? The SEC has done nothing to prove they are so good and will get exposed once again during the bowl season. Until Auburn, Florida, Alabama, LSU and Georgia start playing decent teams out of conference they will get (deservedly) no respect.

    Washington State
    Arkansas State

    Southern Miss
    Central Florida
    Western Carolina

    Fla International

    Fresno State

    only 4 out of those 16 is from a major conference. All 4 of those teams are bottom feeders this year.

  21. Please!

    Who exactly did any SEC team beat/play out of conference? Cal?

    The SEC has to play a tough IN-conference schedule! Who has USC had to play IN conference? Cal?

    I love how USC people talk about non-conference schedule and just completely, COMPLETELY, ignore the schmucks they get to play every week in the Pac-10, while the Floridas of the world are playing tough games every single week.

    It’s really not worth discussing anymore with people like this, so I’m not going to.

  22. If the SEC teams would quit scheduling 1-AA teams to fill out their schedule, the computers wouldn’t dock them so much for weak schedules. This applies both to title contenders and to the bottom feeders, hiding any perceived strength the SEC teams may have (which I, for one, gets overblown all too often) and weighing down the entire conference.

    Just go out and win your games and quit complaining. It’s as simple as that.

  23. Random fun filled fact: The SEC has 9 teams that are bowl eligible. Florida will end the season having played all 8 other eligible teams, and two more from out of conference. That’s 4 more then Ohio State and 5 more then Michigan.

  24. It’s really not worth discussing anymore with people like this, so I’m not going to.

    Pot, meet kettle.

  25. As a change of subject from college football, how about bad pro football?

    Mike Vick makes good video games, but he is unprofessional in every way. 8/23, 84 yards, and flips the fans the finger on the way out? Classy.

  26. Notre Dame has to have the weakest schedule of any team in the top 25. And yet since USC smoked them, Notre Dame’s phantom top 10 ranking will get USC more love than they need after beating up on the bottom of the Division I barrell (PAC-10). As mentioned, Florida beat 8 bowl eligible teams from the SEC and then Florida State AT DOAK, but because they didn’t “win pretty”, apparently that doesn’t mean anything.

    USC fans can brag about their non-conference schedule, but all those games do is keep them from being compared to Boise State. But wait, they lost to the powerhouse Oregon State. Nevermind.

  27. 8 Bowl eligible teams. Wow. It must be hard to get to 6 wins when you play 4 OOC creampuffs and a combination of Ole Miss, Miss St., Vandy, Alabama (sorry, Mac), South Carolina, and Kentucky.

    Alabama and Kentucky beat a grand total of one team with a winning record all year. South Carolina beat two (Wofford and Middle Tennessee St. don’t count).

  28. Rob,

    Funny how quickly you dismiss USC’s thrashing of Notre Dame, yet in the next sentence mention Florida winning at Florida St., like beating a lousy Florida St. team is somehow a quality win.

    The SEC myopia on this blog never ceases to amaze.

  29. Wow it must be really hard for USC to play these powerhouse pac ten teams:
    California 8-3 ranked 21
    Oregon 7-5
    Arizona State 7-5
    Arizona 6-6
    Washington State 6-6
    Washington 5-7
    Stanford 1-10
    UCLA 6-6

    and a cake walk for florida to play these sec teams:
    Tennessee 9-3 ranked 17
    Georgia 8-4
    Kentucky 7-5
    South Carolina 7-5
    Vanderbilt 4-8
    Arkansas 10-2 ranked 8
    Auburn 10-2 ranked 11
    LSU 10-2 ranked 5
    Alabama 6-6

  30. And who did those SEC teams’ wins come against?

    For Georgia, 5 of their 8 wins came versus 1-AA W. Kentucky, Ole Miss, UAB, Colorado, and Mississippi State. Ole Miss is the best of those teams at 4-8.

    For Kentucky, 5 of their 7 wins came versus 1-AA Texas State, Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Vandy, and Louisiana-Monroe. Ole Miss and Vandy are the best of those again at 4-8.

    For S. Carolina, they have 1-AA Wofford, Mississippi St., Florida Atlantic, Vandy, and Middle Tenn. St. as 5 of their 7 wins. Middle Tennessee St. is the best of those at 7-5 in a weak Sun Belt Conference.

    Alabama? How about Ole Miss, Vandy, Louisiana-Monroe, Duke, and Florida International for 5 of their 6 wins. Vandy and Ole Miss are the best of those at 4-8.

    The point? Two wins against decent competition does not make a team “good” or anything. All of those middle tier SEC teams got the majority of their wins against the dregs of the SEC (who got their wins from out of conference games or versus each other) with one or two additional wins from the middle-tier teams. Teams like Auburn and Tennessee, with one exception each, got their wins by beating up on those supposed middle-tier teams above. That doesn’t make them elite.

    The SEC has three great teams, a couple of pretty good teams, and a bunch of middle tier teams. The Pac 10 has one great team, one really good team, and even more middle tier teams. Is the strength at the top the same? No, but USC made up for it out of conference with one of the SEC’s “great” teams, the Big 12 North winner, and ND (overrated or not).

  31. 8/23, 84 yards

    This tells so little of the story. What about the five egregious dropped well-thrown passes that would have added at least 100 yards and a touchdown to those numbers? The completely unblocked D-lineman? What about the 166 yards rushing? That counts, too.

    I’m not saying Vick is playing like a world-beater — obviously he’s not. But he’s a good quarterback. Here’s how I look at him — think of the rushing attempts as completed passes, add together his rushing and passing yards, and call rushing TDs passing TDs, and fumbles are interceptions. That’s fair, isn’t it? Now he’s 21-36 for 250 yards, and everyone’s talking about how the supporting cast blows, instead of putting it all on his shoulders.

    Hadn’t heard about the finger. Did he march out to the 50-yard line and flip off everyone in attendance, or did some drunk moron say something stupid to him?

  32. Double-posting:

    If you do what I suggested with Vick’s season numbers, they go from this:

    149-291 (51.2%), 1770 YDS, 13 TDS, 9 INTS

    to this:

    244-386 (63.2%), 2640 YDS, 15 TDS, 11 INTS

    I computed Vick’s passer rating before this week’s game using this method, and he went from a 74.3 rating (25th) to 84.4 (13th). Not great, but not exactly the problem, either.

  33. I’ll take the high road here…since I’ve regularly read and posted on this site, I’ve learned one thing. Most people on here are HUGE SEC fans. So, as a matter of practice I don’t say anything to get them fired up. The whole my conference is better than yours debate can never be won. Unless you say the big east is best, then you should be banned. The best thing to do is just scroll through the 30 straight SEC posts and read the Braves stuff. We can all agree to have some fun arguing about the Braves.

  34. I’m dying here without some sort of a trade rumor. How about this potential blockbuster?

    CLE: Alex Rodriguez, Marcus Giles
    NYY: Travis Hafner, Martin Prado
    ATL: Bobby Abreu, Ron Belliard

  35. AAR – nice trade speculation, however I’m afraid that Atl would have to give up a whole lot more than Giles and Prado to get Abreu, much less Belliard.

    On the SEC/ Pac 10 debate, I’m a big SEC fan and think it’s the best conference there is from top to bottom. However, I don’t think Fla is a nat’l chanpionship team. I think USC or OSU would both beat Fla 3 out of 5 times. Fla could beat either team, but I think both of them are better. I’m just not sold on Myer’s offense, although Fla has an excellent defense.

  36. Wait, so we give up Marcus GIles and Martin Prado and come out with Bobby Abreu and Ron Belliard? Talent-wise, we make out like bandits, but it negates the whole point of trading GIles if we’re gaining Abreu’s salary.

    On College football:

    (Assuming Florida beats Arkansas and USC beats UCLA, because that’s what causes the dilemma. If Arkansas beats Florida, there is no contest over who deserves to go)

    W/L ratio of USC opponents:
    Wins over current top 25 teams:
    6 (2 by Arizona, 1 by Nebraska, Oregon, Oregon St., and Arizona)

    W/L ratio of UF opponents:
    Wins over current top 25 teams
    9 (2 by LSU, Auburn, Arkansas, Georgia, 1 by Tennessee)

    Yes, all of the SEC whooped up on Vanderbilt and Kentucky (Except for UGA, to my disdain). It’s not like the Pac 10 didn’t whoop up on Stanford and the like.
    I didn’t do the math for teams that were ranked at the time of the game, but I know that will at least add three to Florida’s scale for when UGA was still ranked, and take 1 away from USC from when Arkansas was unranked)

    USC finished the season having played 4 teams that finished in the top 25 – Notre Dame at whatever they end up at (probably 12-ish), Arkansas at whatever they end up at (Again, 12-ish), Nebraska at 18-ish and Cal at 20-ish

    Florida will have finished the season playing aformenentioned 12-ish Arkansas, 18-ish Tenn, 5-ish LSU, 11-ish Auburn. With Arkansas being beaten by both teams, the trio of LSU, Auburn, and Tennessee looks more difficult than ND, Nebraska, and Cal. And that’s not saying anything about a UGA team that finished just outside of the top 25 and a FSU team that started the season top 15 and underachieved, yet is still dangerous.

    In conclusion: Yes, USC had the balls to schedule a tough OOC schedule. They could do this because outside of the Cal game, they didn’t have a single challenge in their schedule. Florida on the other hand, had road games at Auburn, Tennessee, and Florida St and games against LSU and UGA, they should not have had to have an equalizer.

  37. The “dregs of the SEC” thing goes both ways. The reason these bottom-tier teams have bad records are because they’re getting beaten up on by some of the best teams in college football.

    And it’s funny how quickly you disregard the 8 teams I had mentioned right before mentioning FSU. Of course FSU doesn’t stack up this year, but when FSU is probably the 8th or 9th best team you play on your schedule, even on a down year, then you have a good schedule going on.

    Perhaps this is purely subjective and just based on my geographical location, but I’ve lived in Tallahassee for 8 years and in Gainesville for 12. You beat the other team of the FSU-UF showdown AT THEIR STADIUM, and you’ve done well. Just walk into Doak Campbell or The Swamp to find out why. Florida beat FSU at Doak last year. That’s only happened twice in the past 16 years. Knock the FSU win all you want, but USC just beat a team that would be below-.500 if they played in the SEC or Big Ten AT HOME.

  38. Just back from a long Turkey Weekend…

    Two questions:

    1) Once again, the very fact that anyone has to argue about or attempt to refute the depth of Florida’s schedule points up the fact that the college football championship remains mythical. Without a playoff, the whole thing remains a joke. There’s no way of knowing who the best team is without a playoff. Don’t we know this already?

    2) And most importantly: How ’bout them Dawgs?

    Saturday: SEC 3 (UGA, USC, UF), ACC 0 (GT, Clemson, FSU).

    Bring on the bowls.

  39. @57

    Umm, Ronnie Belliard is with the Cardinals…I think he’s gonna be a free-agent, unless the Cards try and re-sign him…

  40. Vick also didn’t give up a fricking Hail Mary touchdown at the end of the first half, which pretty much put the game away. Jim Mora Jr = Mike Shula. Discuss.

  41. Yeah, and that was even after a time out. All Hall had to do was knock it down. Not to mention that first TD. Just pathetic. Oh, but it’s all Vicks fault…not. How many dropped passes were there today?

    Gotta give props to the ‘ain’ts, though. They have played a heck of a season so far. Good for them, the city sure needed some inspiration after the hell they have been through.

  42. I think the SEC should forget about this college stuff (since no one cares about this “education” stuff anyway) and form another division in the NFL. Of course, if we had an all-SEC division, some deserving SEC teams would be left out of the playoffs in favor of some crummy 9-7 team that beat up on the Raiders. And, this way, Steve Spurrier could actually be a successful NFL coach. (Shane Mathews anyone?)

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