215 thoughts on “It’s all basically routine from here on in thread: Pirates at Braves, Apr. 2”

  1. Working on a paper last night, did not see that Pedro had gotten hurt. When I got to school and saw the highlights on Sportscenter, I smiled. Have they said how long he will be hurt?

  2. no, but they are looking at Woody Williams, Vargas, and Horacio as possible replacements

  3. speaking of Renteria and the tigers – Brian Bannister only allowed 3 hits, all to Renteria, and shut them out 4-0. Very impressive. I bet the Mets would like to have him back

  4. awesome, those guys are great- how do you explain to santana that his third starter is woody williams? that he just signed a huge contract with a team that has to sign horacio ramirez to give them quality innings?

  5. I think the Mets’ starting staff will be OK. They do have Santana, plus 2 guys who combined for 30 wins last year. It ain’t the ’86 Mets, but the first 3 are probably somewhat better than what the Phils have.

    Most folks around here, however, thought that a decent-to-good Pedro season was the key to the Mets actually running away in the NL East. You should hear the gnashing of teeth today. Biblical. Secretly hysterical.

    Me, I’m hoping they run into the some of back-of-the-rotation issues that we had last year—duplicating it would be impossible—and see a little more strain on the bullpen, the Aaron Heilmann’s of the world, in particular.

    And their lineup is OK, but it’s not scary. Go Fishies.

  6. Who is our starter tonight? Is Jurjins able to go or was he too far into his warmup the other night? It’s a little unsettling having to rely on the new guy to get us off the schnied.

  7. The beginning of baseball season is also the signal that school will soon be out.

  8. Yeah second that Mike, cannot wait for May and summer studying in Europe. Thinks the pubs in London will have the Braves on? Hah

  9. No worries Mike, they’re just debits and credits. No matter how complicated the transaction may be, go back to the T-accounts, you always will.

  10. i’m glad all i have to worry about this summer is getting my boat out on the flats by dawn and getting to the shade with a cold beverage by noon…… oh,that and keeping track of this frustrating baseball team

  11. #13 – if you have any expert advice on how to pass the series 6 and 63 exam please tell. It sucks and its taking time away from my Braves watching

  12. …and the bar exam for me.

    I know Dix will back me up on this: It is way too early for you to be studying for the bar exam.

  13. This basically renders the Mets the same team as last year. Only with Johan Santana instead of Tom Glavine.

  14. Game plan/advice: Do Bar/Bri and PMBR. Don’t start studying until the classes start; once the classes start, do everything they tell you to, studying-wise.

    You taking the Georgia exam?

  15. Alabama. And I’m signed up for PMBR the last week in May, so that’s probably when I’ll kick things off.

  16. Advice for Bar exam prep: Take a LOT of LONG breaks from studying. I started studying in earnest around July 4th for the July 27th exam. In earnest means, about a month before the trade deadline in my fantasy baseball league. I spent more time negotiating trades with other owners than actually studying for the exam.

    Just hit your MBE practice questions at a 70% clip and then take the rest of the studying fairly easy. Its harder to fail the Bar if you’re a decent student than it is to pass.

  17. oh, despite the long breaks, I was never really not studying from July 4th on. I was either studying or on a break from it. You kind of can’t help but have the exam on your mind at all times anyway, so just keep your books open near you and work on it, but don’t study each day as if the exam is tomorrow.

    Also, don’t spend more than 3 days tops on any individual essay subject, except maybe the ones that are also on the multistate exam. You literally waste 75% of bar prep time studying for subjects that don’t appear on the test, so don’t overprepare for them. Just know them well enough to get a 4 on an essay, which is like a B on an exam I’d say.

  18. This basically renders the Mets the same team as last year. Only with Johan Santana instead of Tom Glavine.

    And with the psychological baggage that comes with completing the greatest collapse in baseball history instead of without it.

  19. And the everyday realization that you are the f%&*ing Mets, which has to be the saddest feeling in the world.

  20. College students complaining about anything is really galling to us old farts …

  21. I love the psychological lows that only Met fans can realize—a different deal entirely from the bunch supporting their NYC neighbors.

    And with that, I’m headed up to The Bronx tonight for a little Jays/Yanks action.

    Tonight could see Mike Mussina’s first steps down the plank.

  22. It’s sort of like Stockholm syndrome. When they’re winning, I find reasons not to like them.

  23. Mac, you probably had to work harder at failing then you would have at staying in school. You just didn’t want to join the family profession, did you?

  24. Just wait till you get out, and get drafted…it’s coming.

    I don’t think Rob’s that good at baseball.

  25. Spiezio, a 12-year veteran, was released by St. Louis in February after an offseason arrest on drunken driving and assault charges came to light. The Braves, looking to bolster their bench, are giving him a chance to show he’s turned his life around.

    “I’m very grateful that this organization is giving me a shot,” Spiezio said. “I realize that I need to prove myself again, and the Braves are willing to take that chance. And I don’t want to disappoint them.”

    He homered and struck out a couple of times against Atlanta pitcher Chuck James, an 11-game winner each of the past two seasons who’s in Rome on a rehab assignment. The 35-year-old infielder also took part in some fielding drills.


    Good to see Chuck back to normal

  26. tonights lineup – no KJ


    Per Fox Sports

  27. Don’t know if the Alabama bar is like compared to the Mississippi one but here I’d advise not spending the money on PMBR but spending whatever it cost for the BARBRI. That stuff was invaluable and really hound the past few exams because at least half of the eassay questions will be directly off of old exams. And Study a lot for the multi-state because it goes the farthest into whether you pass or not just don’t waste time trying to learn things like the rule against perpetuities that you never learned that will only amount to one question.

  28. Oh, God, no. Bobby’s succumbed to Lineup Order Dictated By Defensive Position Syndrome again. I thought he’d beaten LODBDPS, but apparently he’s had a relapse.

  29. My experience with Multistate preparation is that Bar/Bri was essentially useless in that respect, whereas that’s PMBR’s bread and butter. Bar/Bri is great for the state-specific stuff, but their sample Multistate questions were a joke.

  30. News: James (rotator cuff) gave up three runs with three strikeouts and three walks over six innings in a minor league exhibition game for Low-A Rome on Tuesday. “Without a doubt, I feel like I am back to 100 percent,” James told the Rome News-Tribune. “Today, I was working on my slider and working on my location. I felt good.”

  31. csg, no idea about the exams you reference, give me a little info and I’ll tell you what I know though. FYI, I’m a tax accountant in Canada, sort of an equivalent to the CPA though I haven’t bothered to write the reciprocity exam yet. There is a certain freedom that one gets used to when getting out of school.
    Seriously though, no matter how complicated the question, in fact especially as it gets more complicated, go back to using T accounts. Nothing you will ever see is more complex than that.

  32. kruger,
    How does it make you feel when Mac talks disparagingly about such Canadians as Chris Reitsma, Scott Thorman, and Peterson Thomas Gord Orr?

  33. And how did you come to be a Braves fan?

    * * *

    …such Canadians as Chris Reitsma, Scott Thorman, and Peterson Thomas Gord Orr…

  34. #43: I just did Bar/Bri and Stu is right that their sample MBE questions do not prepare you very well for the actual ones. I felt the samples were nowhere near as complex as the actual test. I passed, so I did good enough, but just be forewarned.

  35. re 49, I like to think of Mac as an equal opportunity disparager and that it really makes no difference if they were Canucks or Cubans or anywhere inbetween. Though for the record, I like players like Orr who hustle their butts off. i.e. when Chipper scored from first off McCann’s bloop, I just love that stuff.
    re 50, 1991 NLCS was the most exciting series I had ever seen. “line drive and a base hit, Justice will score, here comes Breem….” always gives me the shivers. And yes, I realize that does make me a fairweather fan, at least until the last couple of years.

  36. There sure are a lot lawyers who are fans of the Braves.

    Guys, being a Braves’ fan might have qualified as penance 20 years ago, but not any more.

  37. I didn’t do PMBR, scored high enough on the multistate not to have to take it in several other states if I should decide to take their bar exam, and I completely agree with Stu that the BARBRI multistate questions were nothing like the actual exam questions.

  38. Man, and here I am complaining about an accounting 2 test. Well, guess thats why I’m a C student in the college of management.

  39. I took some accounting as electives in college. It was fun. Much more so that differential equations or whatever. Credits, debits, what’s not to like?

  40. Oh, overhead variances, budgeting control, stuff like that. Just got rocked by a test with that crap on it.

  41. Jon Sciambi & Joe Simpson looking awkward in suits – and the back of my head was in that little promo video..

  42. what’s the deal with all these games starting at :10 after this year?

  43. “It okay that he was 0 for 6 at the plate, he was 3 for 4 on balls hit to the outfield”

    Rare wit from Joe Simpson.

  44. Is Johnson still suffering a sore knee or is Cox pulling this platoon crap already in the third game of the season?

    “Martin Prado > Kelly Johnson”

    You actually believe this?

  45. 67 not a chance that Prado > KJ

    Prado’s ops for 07 = .662
    KJ;s = .832

    liking all of the K’s from Jurrjens

  46. It is pretty obvious to me at least that this just because of KJ’s knee, which strikes me as a bad sign.

  47. Mac, would you like to guess on what kind of injury that Hampton will have between now and tomorrow’s game? If there isnt one, Hampton will actually pitch in a major league game.

    #48 – its really just memorization of laws and regulations on selling securities such as bonds, annuities, stocks, and mutual funds. Honestly just a bunch of boring material. It sucks

  48. everyone knows bobbys’ policy about players being hurt……….when they say they’re ready, he gives them one more day off. dont worry…………KJ is the 2nd baseman.

  49. Just tuning in.

    Looks like two DPs in two innings have really put a damper on our runs scoring early on.

  50. What’s ominous about KJ is his statement that his knee bothered him last season, and still hasn’t healed. If not then, when?

  51. You know what – Kelly looked like crap the other night.

    Very low sample size.. but Prado > Kelly Johnson

  52. Was the pitch Escobar hit into right as high as it was called on Gameday? Gameday showed it as nearly shoulder-high.

  53. “Pedro out 4-6 weeks!!”

    You don’t like to see anyone hurt, but it’s nice to read the reactions of the formerly smug Mets’ fans who talked about how Pedro Martinez is not injury prone and how he can easily start 30-35 games.

    Fulton County Bombers, April Fool’s day ended yesterday.

  54. I would be shocked to see Pedro back by June 1, for what it’s worth..

  55. Prado – up 2 times, on 2 times, scores 2 times.

    I would regularly argue the “Prado > KJ” just not right now.

  56. “There’s not much to do in downtown Pittsburgh” says Skip. He’s so cool.

  57. nathan, yes it was very high and it happened as Joe Simpson was just talking about how Escobar’s ability to get on top of pitches looking to drive everything.

  58. Did I just hear “statistician Dave Baker?”

    As in, the idiot for JP/Lincoln-Financial? Oh boy..

  59. That’s a bit mean, Frank. Last year, Frenchy took real steps toward becoming a balanced hitter.

    And maybe this is the year Diaz finally gets a little respect. Hope not, though- respect can get expensive when the player is eligible for arbitration.

  60. I ponied up for the month to see if a yearly subscription is worth the purchase price.

    So far, I’m quite pleased.

  61. ..and Chipper’s hit means nothing because here’s Mr. Anti-April; Mark Teixeira!

  62. So, I think we’re currently 1 for 2 on walk years from Boars clients. If these first couple games are any indication (and I realize that they’re almost certainly not), we might end up 1-3. :-/

  63. I’m a new proud subscriber of MLBTV! I went halfsies on it with a buddy from my baseball team and the 400k option really isn’t that bad. Unfortunately I can’t get Silverlight to work on my computer. Is it worth the trouble to get it working?

    Oh, by the way Stu, you were very right earlier. :)

  64. Tex has really had the chance to blow some games open for us. I hope this one does not end up like the other two.

    Anyway, I am certain we need more runs.

  65. I have deleted silverlight until they fix the bugs that everyone is complaining about at the moment.

    I just use the old media player for now at 800k

  66. I hope we hold this lead. 3 very good starts from our starters and absolutely nothing to show for it

  67. Wryn, Dave Baker has long been the producer/statistician on Braves broadcasts. It’s not Dave “Buzz” Baker.

  68. csg,
    It’s signifying what the Braves do every October. No, it’s actually for Jim Beauchamp, the long-time Braves coach, who died in the offseason.

    I met Buzz once. I think that’s the first time I ever told someone that..

  69. i liked the story about Chipper’s glvoe company giving him his gold glove bonus becuase they thought he deserved it. Cool

  70. So Jurrjens didn’t even make it through 6 innings. Wonder if he’ll start getting grief from Chuck James’s jeering section.

  71. Long night for Bennett. Personally, I would have left him out there. Solid inning by Acosta, though. Good to see a bounce-back there.

  72. Yeah, that was good to hear, Smitty. It’s cool that Mizuno respects Chipper that much. My Mizuno glove is sweet, and I don’t think I’ll ever buy anything else. It’s lasted me a while.

  73. The Nationals are about to beat the Phillies again. The score is 1-0 going into the ninth inning. That will make them 3-0 and the Phillies 0-2.

    Tim Redding (7.0IP, 1H, 0R) outpitched Cole Hamels (8.0IP, 5H, 1R, 1ER) too.

  74. I think Bobby is going for the record this year. Moylan’s season line is going to be something like 150 G, 165IP……

  75. I bet all the Cordero fantasy owners arent happy that Rauch is getting the save opportunties

  76. Another pitcher? Yeesh. Well, I guess you’d might as well use ’em as long as you’ve got the 8th guy in the ‘pen….

  77. How can Moylan be the Braves’ primary set-up man when Bobby Cox won’t ever let him pitch against any left-handed batters?

  78. “I think Bobby is going for the record this year. Moylan’s season line is going to be something like 150 G, 165IP”

    At the rate it’s going, more like 150 games and 100IP.

    Peter Moylan in 2007:

    Vs. right handers: 55.0IP, 34 hits, .184 opponents batting average, 0.82 WHIP, 35K and 6 homeruns allowed.

    Vs. left handers: 35.0IP, 31 hits, .242 opponents batting average, 1.46 WHIP, 28K and no homeruns allowed.

  79. So what’s the deal with Resop? Mac’s analysis is pretty inconclusive. Is he supposed to be a good reliever, or is he back-of-the-bullpen material? He’s pitching in a big spot here.

  80. I thought he would at least let him get out of the inning! With this many games left it shoots the projections all to heck! I figure either way his arm just falls off sometime in July.

  81. I always thought Resop was one of those guys that throws so hard you bring him in to try and get the strikeout, and if he doesn’t, you pretty much yank him.

  82. Gameday makes it look like Resop’s fastball has a natural break away from lefties. It also shows him throwing 98 but not getting it by anyone.

  83. Is Soriano going to close out the entire ninth inning or do the Pirates have a left handed batter coming up that Cox needs to use Ohman?

  84. Thank god

    A couple of runs would be sweet but a win is looking good right now.

    bullpen came through….

  85. Sciambi’s decent. He did some lower tier basketball games on ESPN over the winter, including the few times my alma mater Ohio U. played (during the bracket buster games in February) on national television.

    He does not say “belted” or “gets his man” if that means anything.

  86. Thanks, Kyle. It takes a lot for me to not like an announcer, and since there’s usually quite a bit of disdain by at least a few people on here for just about every announcer we’ve had, I wanted to see what people thought of this guy.

  87. I tried to get Teixeira on my fantasy team, but I decided I wouldn’t pay for first base offense and went bargain shopping for Conor Jackson and James Loney. Which one of those guys would you guys start?

  88. They’ve left the audio on during this commercial break on MLB.TV and it’s pretty hilarious

  89. lol they left the sound on during break on mlbtv

    that used to happen all the time but not so much in recent years.

  90. Ah, come on, that’s not LaRoche’s bad. Bad throw by Sanchez, who is on my fantasy team.

  91. Just to get it out of the way… Soriano was almost certainly already warmed up. At this stage, you might as well use him, because there’s no benefit to not using him.

  92. It looks like Prado just caught LaRoche’s glove on the hip area, and hit the ground pretty hard. He probably has a bruise and nothing more. He looked fine when he went into the dugout after the Escobar bomb.

  93. Not to put a damper on a great win but this feels a lot like last year – braves lose two one-run games then win in a blowout, ending up with a 1-2 record that doesn’t agree with what Pythagoras whould have you believe.

  94. God damn MikeM, why ruin this win? New season, forget about what happened last year.

  95. braves win !!! fish are biting !!! and tonight my son told me that he doesnt need or want any money from me !!!…………….life is good !

  96. Yep, barrycuda, that sums it up for me, except for the child/money part. Nothing like listening to the Braves on the boat when the white bass are biting. Whoo!!!

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