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  1. Love the video Mac! I’ve just recently rediscovered Steeley Dan while surfing u-tube and was going to suggest this very video.

  2. apparently, lots of people dont remember when the dodgers were the most hated rival and the mets were just an unpleasant afterthought…… la sorda, garvey, cey and that bunch were truly worthy of hate.

  3. <– born in 84

    The ‘classic’ rivals that I remember are more the Giants than the Dodgers. It seemed like early on in the streak, the Braves were always having to beat Barry Bonds and whoever he happened to be playing with to get into the playoffs.

    Frankly, I have no recollection of any sort of Dodgers/Braves rivalry. :-/

  4. csg-

    The punchline there is that he finished behind Carl “I won 18 games!” Pavano that year in the Cy Young balloting, not to mention two relievers. In truth, the award should probably have gone to Randy Johnson, who struck out 290.

    That year was actually pretty good for starting pitching. Clemens had an obscenely good year, too, and Schmidt and Oswalt were also legit guys.

  5. The 1969 race was very close between the Reds, Braves, and Dodgers, with the Braves coming out on top by one game, only to be swept by the Mets in the league series. The Braves-Dodgers rivalry, such as it is, is left over from the days when the Braves were part of the NL western division.

    In the ’70s and ’80s, the Dodgers were perennial champions, sort of like the way the Dallas Cowboys were in football. You hated them because they were so good, and they didn’t come across as particularly humble. Garvey, with his butt chin and Mr. All-America personality, was the biggest glamor puss of the bunch, Lasorda notwithstanding.

  6. Guess anyone under 30 would forget that we were divisional foes for quite a while.
    I dont even remember when we went to the East anymore, 2000?1999?

  7. I’ll add that it was a bit of a bummer for me, since in like 91-93, we’d always be able to catch Braves games at Candlestick when my family would visit CA. After that, we’d have to get lucky and be there for the one time of the year the Braves got out there.

  8. Realignment was in 1994.

    And the Dodgers were the team the Braves beat out in 1991 and in 1982, both times by one game. Lasorda whined about it both times.

  9. yes, garvey was the worst of them. one year, in a close divisional race, instead of sliding at the plate, he went out of his way to elbow bruce benedict in the throat, sending our catcher to the DL. a very dirty play for the guy everyone expected to end up in the senate.(or at least be named chief dogcatcher of LA County). ……… another dodger i hated was Don Sutton. right up to the time he punched out garvey in the clubhouse. after that, he was one of my heros. not to mention a damn insightful announcer…………….. i wont even start on that sawed-off windbag lasorda.

  10. After the 1991 season, Lasorda claimed that the other teams were pitching their good pitchers against the Dodgers and the bad ones against the Braves for nefarious, Dodger-hating reasons. Bill James took a look and the Braves actually faced tougher pitchers down the stretch. We were just better than those punks.

  11. Speaking of brawls, does anyone know where theres a video of the brawl with the Rockies? Where Galarraga took a swing that, if he had connected, would’ve taken the pitchers head off?

  12. I only want ex-Braves showing up at Shea, if they’re gonna be somewhat less than they were—like Glavine or Julio. For them to go to LA, it’s like “out of sight, out of mind.”

    Love that list.

    A Donald Fagen Story:
    When I moved to NYC, I took a job as an asst. at a big entertainment booking/mgt agency. One of my boss’ clients was Donald Fagen.

    In my first 2 days there, Fagen must’ve called a dozen times. At first, I was mildly thrilled because I always liked Steely Dan, but he began to ask for all kinds of ridiculous favors, like having me arrange a grocery delivery to his place.

    I finally said, “Do it yourself!” Not relishing my gig as “babysitter to the stars,” I quit after 2 days.

    Turned out to be a good move, career-wise. Thanks, Donald.

  13. Tyler Yates just walked in a run. And then he walked in another. And then another. Too bad that guy isn’t around anymore.

  14. Andruw will get another 2 strikeouts this game and will play tomorrow and get the hat trick to beat the over/under of 6 K’s.

    In addition, he will have a collision with a hot dog vendor between the 7th and 8th innings. The vendor will go down, but nary a hot dog will touch the floor. Andruw will make a diving catch to save them all.

  15. “Speaking of brawls, does anyone know where theres a video of the brawl with the Rockies? Where Galarraga took a swing that, if he had connected, would’ve taken the pitchers head off?”

    One of the few injuries Dreifort avoided.

  16. Druw killed that one. Kind of weird seeing Furcal give Druw the celebratory helmet slap in dodgers unis.

  17. In Atlanta, I think it’s WGST 640 AM. Go to the Atlanta Braves site, and you should find a radio listing.

  18. Dumb Francoeur, too. Yet another predictable screw-up from our most notable less-than-savvy duo.

  19. ANd Frenchy is next up in line to be my Fav player when Chipper retires thats just sad…

  20. I can’t tell if Stu is being especially negative today or if it’s just that there aren’t other posters to drown it out today. :-)

    Personally, I’d have been shocked if someone didn’t launch one on Chucky today. Frankly, he’s doing great considering his last start. :-D

    Blowing that lead-off double was disappointing, though.

    Hey! How about Chucky getting a grounder at the best possible time?

  21. Aram-

    If you can’t get the station, there’s always MLB audio, which works most of the time and is only $15 for the season.

  22. I tend to be negative when I’m able to successfully predict failure. Like, when I just know that Chuck is going to try to sneak a slow fastball in on Andruw (probably the only pitch he can hit right now) or that Francoeur is going to swing at an off-the-plate first pitch with a man on third and less than 2 out.

    You’re right about Chuck generally being fine so far, but I can’t stand making stupid pitches to a poor hitter. Especially one who used to be one of ours.

  23. Heh.

    I would figure the predictability of it all would make it easier to tolerate, not the other way around.

    In general, when Chuck’s out there, I count more on the movement on his fastball and our defense in the OF (which, come to think of it, is probably one of the reasons that Blanco is out there today) rather than him out-thinking batters. :-)

  24. Pinch-hitting for Chuck after 69 pitches and 5 innings? I guess we need to get some runs and can’t afford to give up outs (which is what happens when you let James hit), but wouldn’t it also be nice to rest the bullpen?

  25. radio says he was out by 10 feet – was it a great throw, or did Snitker forget who was running?

  26. “Walked a few guys then gave up hit to the big guys: Kotsay and Texiera.” Say, what? Since when was Mark Kotsay one of our “big” hitters?

  27. He was out by a mile.

    Still a great inning by the Braves. Maybe the best I’ve seen all year. Pretty pleased with everyone except Francouer today. Kotsay especially.

  28. mraver – I’m already a subscriber to mlb.tv but the darn fox games still get blacked out.

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