Bruce Sutter vs. Matt Whiteside. Also, game thread, Braves at Cardinals. Also also, SEC picks.

Bruce Sutter Statistics and History –

Seasons with Braves: 1985-1986, 1988 (is still getting paid)
Notable Stats: 4.55 ERA, 152.1 IP, three seasons pitched despite six year contract, 40 saves, 24 blown saves
Notable accomplishments: Member of Baseball Hall of Fame.


Matt Whiteside Statistics and History –

Seasons with Braves: 2001
Notable Stats: 7.16 ERA, 21 H/16.1 IP
Notable Accomplishments: According to Wikipedia, “In 1996, he served as a guest judge at the Miss USA Pageant.”

SEC picks. Home teams in crimson.

Alabama 41, Florida International 10
Georgia 13, USC 12
Florida 47, Troy 13
LSU 21, Vandy 17
Auburn 3, MSU 2
UCLA 23, Tennessee 20

81 thoughts on “Bruce Sutter vs. Matt Whiteside. Also, game thread, Braves at Cardinals. Also also, SEC picks.”

  1. i was talking with my friend Roy today about the worst ever braves and it took him about 3 seconds to come up with a glaring omission on Macs’ list…………i give you Luis Gomez. a strapping 150 lb.shortstop who, in two years(’80-81) managed to hit .192 with six EBH (all doubles)and an OPS around 450. he was 0-5 stealing and chipped in 19 errors to seal the deal. folks, i think we have a winner !

  2. From previous thread:

    It’s not a matter of “letting” Chipper retire. Involuntary servitude is illegal. He can quit playing baseball whenever he wants; this is a basic tenet of contract law. Obviously, he doesn’t get paid if he does.

  3. I don’t even remember Whiteside and I’m sure he was lousy. But my vote goes to the worst player elected to the HOF in the last 20 years, Bruce Sutter. God, just typing his name makes me nauseous.
    Glaring omission lousy Brave, would be Eddie Miller.

  4. While I know it’s not specifically what this list is about, I think overall career can be a tiebreaker, and I just can’t bring myself to say Bruce Sutter is worse than Matt Whiteside. It just doesn’t seem right. I think maybe if you’re in the Hall of Fame, you are precluded from people being able to say that you’re worse than Matt Whiteside at anything. At least for me it does. If you wanna vote Sutter, go ahead. There’s no doubt he was plenty awful in a Braves uniform.

    And BTW, while Sutter’s crappiness definitely was more publicized and hurt the team far more than Whiteside’s (we were counting on Sutter, whereas our ’01 team was counting on Whiteside about as much as they were counting on Alan Butts), Whiteside was really freaking awful. I’m just not sure anyone remembers it very well.

    Incidentally, Whiteside still played until 2005??? That is pretty inexplicable that people kept giving him chances for four years after his year with us.

  5. I actually foresee an offensive explosion in this year’s Auburn/MSU game. I’m saying MSU 9 Auburn 8. Let there be no doubt that Auburn’s scoring is two field goals and a safety. No way there is a touchdown in this game.

  6. Let there be no doubt that Auburn’s scoring is two field goals and a safety.

    I figured you had them down for four safeties. Any prediction for Saturday night at the Horseshoe Mac?

    I voted Sutter, there’s only so much damage you can do in 16 low leverage innings.

  7. 3 blown saves for every 5 games saved? I would think that a chimpanzee that was challenged in some inoffensive way could do that well.

  8. I don’t get how Whiteside makes this list. I mean, he only pitched 16 innings. Shouldn’t someone like Royce Ring make the list, who was truly, horribly awful for 42 games.

  9. How about your big ten picks Mac mine are something like this for this week

    Penn State 33 Syracuse 0
    Northwestern 28 E.Michigan 10
    Indiana 20 W.Michigan 10
    Michigan State 29 W.Michigan 13
    Michigan 17 Notre Dame 31
    Fresno State 20 Wisconsin 17
    Iowa 23 Iowa State 13
    Air Force 31 Minnesota 28
    Purdue 20 Oregon 31
    Illinois 38 Illinois State 3
    Ohio State 23 USC 38

  10. Prado since the All-Star break:


    Infante (remember when his season batting average was around .350?) since the All-Star break:


    And one need not mention Kelly Johnson’s season numbers.

    Are the Braves still planning to go into 2010 by throwing these three (four if you include minor league journeyman Brooks Conrad) against the wall and hoping something sticks?

  11. …and gondeee is talking about trading JJ, you have gotta be kidding me.

    @23 I strong believe the Braves will not keep KJ. I am fine with giving the job to Prado.

  12. @23 I strong believe the Braves will not keep KJ.

    Is that what you really believe, or just wishful thinking? We all thought the same about Francoeur going into this season, and they kept him.

  13. looked like chicken sh!t play by Pujols to get hit by the ball to avoid the dp–if wants to be hit by a ball so badly maybe JJ should oblige next time Pujols bats

  14. Dont see why the Braves would keep KJ, he hasnt played at all in the 2nd half. Seems like they have two maybe three cheaper options that can give you the same amount of contributions

    edit: and yes, its pretty clear that Yunel is our best player

  15. Greetings from Las Vegas…

    Nice defense, fellas.

    Auburn is favored over MSU by 14.5. Will those teams even combine for 15 points?

    And I’ll admit that Southern Cal -6 looks appealing, even on the road.

  16. How are the Braves going to get rid of Kelly Johnson? He seems too bad this year and expensive to trade for anything useful; but also too good to just non-tender.

  17. You really think UT will lose to UCLA? At home?

    Vandy to hang with LSU?

    Well, Orwell is certainly zeitgeisting these days, so why not?

    Up is down, day is night, pigs are hovering in the air …

    At this rate, UK will make a Sugar Bowl appearance.

  18. I’d go to Gonzo again before Soriano

    definitely a different situation from the Hanson game–Hanson was still sharp but JJ looks spent

  19. You play to win the game… don’t be a homer that’s all I’m saying. Just because you don’t like a team doesn’t mean you have to act 12 years old and pick them to lose all time.

  20. You know the difference between the SEC and the Big Ten? In SEC country, we don’t go into someone else’s house and insult them. Especially when they can ban us for life if they so desire.

    UPDATE: Written before Jon’s little mash note to Ububba, which I’ve deleted. You’re on very thin ice here.

  21. i was wondering when that was going to happen. insulting the captain and one of his regular crew members is probably not a good idea, jon.

  22. There you.. good job you got it. And I’m here because I’m a braves fan. So needless to say, when I see homer ignorance I tend to call it out

  23. Ryan C

    ouch one of his regular crew members? What is this the navy… you know what they say in the navy right? There is no wrong hole

  24. you know if Lowe could pitch like this sometimes we may actually have the lowest era in the majors

    Jon, is it really worth insulting everyone? seriously, dude, let it go

  25. because I’m hilarious and I lighten this place up. Plus I take the topic off the braves since clearly there is nothing left to play for this year

    ps… great move by cox… 10 year extension

  26. nope…ban him one down, 2 to go if you ask me.

    jon, humor, especially poor humor, doesnt always come through when YOU’RE TYPING! as of now, you just sound like a tool.

  27. Just wanted to say go Vols, I’ll hang up and listen.

    1-2-3 for Soriano, perhaps he’s been underused? (cough)

  28. The only argument for not banning him is that is apparently what he wants, given his behavior. He’s essentially begging for it. But that’s not a solid enough argument. I’d probate him.

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