185 thoughts on “A Man, A Plan, A Game Thread: DBacks at Braves, May 26”

  1. YES! I get to listen to the first 1/3 of the Braves game on XM on the way to work!

    This is what my life has come to. I was in the break room at work Saturday, and made 5 Best Buy employees watch the Braves-Backs game. I told them this was the first game I had seen since a couple pitches Wednesday, and I had to watch it. Of course, that was the inning the Big Unit tripped on a sac bunt, and totally tarnished the view of baseball being an athletic sport in the eyes of those Best Buy folks.

  2. I’ll set the over/under on Webb’s strikeouts of Braves today at 10. I’ll take the over. I’m going with 12 in 7 IP with 4 hits, all singles. What say ye?

  3. It depends if Chipper is in the lineup or not. Without Chipper, we are in trouble.
    Although I can see Jurjens shutting them down today, knock on wood

  4. I don’t know, Mac. That base-running error he made in the ’91 World Series was a whopper, which overshadowed the three home runs he hit.

  5. #7

    Most were in the field, but his most famous blunder was on the basepaths. It obscured his real legacy as a brutal fielder.

    I kid Lonnie because I love. He was the only reason to watch us bat in ’89.

  6. My best Lonnie memory was I think during his second stint with the Braves later in the 90’s. He was riding around Dodger town on a golf cart in uniform. His ass hung a good 2 feet over the side of the seat. I remember yelling at him ” I see your in game shape already ” He flashed me a peace sign with a Dodger dog in the other hand….

  7. Chipper’s in the lineup but so is Norton, hitting 7th and playing LF. Blanco is hitting 8th in CF.

  8. Full lineup (from Yahoo):

    Escobar SS
    Johnson 2B
    Chipper 3B
    Tex 1B
    McCann C
    Francoeur RF
    Norton LF
    Blanco CF
    Jurrjens P

    Young CF
    Drew SS
    Hudson 2B
    Tracy 1B
    Snyder C
    Byrnes LF
    Reynolds 3B
    Salazar RF
    Webb P

  9. So Upton and Jackson are benched for the DBacks – that puts the lineups about even id say

  10. It is a good day. Maybe the team will rally behind Resop not being there to blow the game.

  11. On TV, they said he and Smoltz were flying with the team, so I would guess they’ll be activated in Milwaukee at some point.

  12. As DOB pointed out to me, he already said that Soriano had elbow soreness, which is why he wasn’t activated. I think he probably has some sort of structural damage — which doesn’t always show up on the MRI.

  13. DOB also noted that it was a sore back keeping Kotsay out of the line-up. According to Kotsay, not the same part of the bach which was operated on.

  14. Good thing we gave away an out in the form of a guy who has an OPS over .900 against righties.

  15. That double was nice, but I really think Tex should have bunted there.

  16. On that note, I’m off to several consecutive Memorial Day BBQs. Keep the lead, fellas.

  17. Mac, the bloop hit from Chipper barely made it out of the infield on the left side, Yunel had to make sure it wasn’t caught.

    Obviously it doesn’t matter now.

  18. I have decided that Frenchy’s old laddy needs to cut him off if he has bad AB’s. That might get through to him

  19. Well, he’s in left field and he has a fielder’s glove, so he’s a left fielder. I think you mean that he’s not a good left fielder.

  20. I don’t think Norton over Diaz here is a huge deal. Diaz is slumping badly and Norton hasn’t played in a while. Cox is just mixing things up a bit. Also, throwing a slumping Diaz out against Brandon Webb typically isn’t the way to get him started. :-)

    ‘Course, the way things have been going today, maybe it would’ve. Heh.

  21. The pitcher bunting is almost always excusable. The pitcher bunting when the other team has a bonehead third baseman is almost always a terrific idea.

  22. Ye gods, two strikeouts with men on 2nd and 3rd.
    At least we can be grateful for scoring on Webb at all.

  23. 55 pitches in two innings for Webb. Those runs are all scored unearned, which is nice for him come Cy Young time, but they still count.

  24. So what exactly is the rule for unearned runs – any run scored in the same game in which an error was made?

  25. I don’t understand the unearned run rule myself, but that’s what the live boxscore has. The first run is unearned because it scored on an error, the other two runs because without the error the inning would be over. This is incorrect, because it was bunt-fielder’s choice-error, and the bunt was ruled a sacrifice. Watching the itty-bitty online replay, it looked to me that Norton would have been safe at third anyway. So that was a relatively rare Prado-error combination. Anyway, without the error the inning would not have been over.

  26. MLB.com has two earned. In my opinion, they all should have been scored earned. Without the error, and assuming everyone does what they did, it works like this:

    Jurrjens sac bunt. Fielder’s choice, safe at third. Bases loaded.
    Escobar K
    Johnson K
    Chipper BB, run scores, bases loaded.
    Teixeira single, two runs score.

    Same thing as before but Chipper gets an RBI.

  27. Wow; either the guns in different places differ by more than I thought, or JJ has significantly less velocity today than normal; 89-91 instead of 93-95

  28. IOW, it was the Prado (throwing to third) rather than the error (throwing the ball badly to third) that caused the problem. If he’d taken the out at first, and Webb struck out Escobar and Johnson, then no runs would have scored.

  29. Oh, and that’s two pathetic strikeouts for Francoeur in the first three innings, one with a runner on second and another leading off the inning. Where’s Lando?

  30. This is really working out quite well for my fantasy team. Webb has only allowed 2 runs, but we’ve actually scored 5, PLUS Jurrjens is doing great so far and he’s on my fantasy team too.

    Also, Go Braves!

  31. at least francouer made him throw a couple pitches in his strikeout to get the ole pitch count up! Gotta find something positive.

    He is so frustrating, some days he looks good or comes up in a big spot, but when he looks bad, he looks TERRIBLE

  32. I’m not going to complain about Frenchy on a day like today…Webb makes a lot of guys look bad.

  33. damn i am sure glad some idiot dropped tex from my fantasy league 2 days ago and i was first to claim…

    i say he gets 8 rbi today

    now if only jurrens is free

  34. Ditto.

    The Frenchy-Webb combo equals a bad day for evaluation. Of course, that says nothing about the dozens of pathetic efforts Jeff’s logged thus far this season.

  35. 79 pitches for Jurrjens through four. At most, he makes it through the sixth. After that, who knows? Well, Ohman will face one batter and Boyer will pitch at some point.

  36. According to Gameday, that pitch was about a foot outside, but KJ had to swing at it because the runner was going. Another one of the many problems caused by the running game.

  37. What is the record for most players on one team hitting .300? I doubt everyone will end up hitting it but Escobar, Johnson, Kotsay, Chipper, Tex, McCann, and Blanco all seem to have legitimate shots at it.

  38. Webb has less pitches thrown than Jurrjens – and he’s given up 4 more runs (and struck out more).



    probably the right move, but #$&*#$(&&$(@#*$&*(#@

  40. What’s up with Jurrjens and the sleeves? Is it like Moylan and the guy in Florida and JJ just has too many tattoos? Odd. It’s certainly hot enough to be rocking some short sleeves.

  41. Too bad we couldn’t get JJ in line for the win there. Hopefully, we can keep the lead though.

  42. Frenchy?! Maybe Resop stole Webbs Hat and went out for the bottom of the 5th

  43. Well Webb kept throwing in the same spot to Frenchy to make him swing ugly…and Frenchy finally got under one…just barely.

  44. chased Webb after 4 1/3….would’ve never in a million years predicted that.

    Let’s not blow it!

  45. yeah im with you, I figured he would go 8 strong, but I figured Jurjjens would give us a solid 7.

    Ill take it.

  46. Why would you take Blanco out, he has done very well today, its not like its a double switch or a defensive improvement?! GOD!

  47. Your right, im sorry, I was thinking of him replacing Blanco. Though I dont trust Diaz’s defense what-so-ever. Bobby is loyal to him. Hopefully he doesnt become a Julio or an Orr or something

  48. To be fair to Joe, KJ has done a whole lot better since being moved from the leadoff spot, and I think even admitted at some point that the leadoff spot didn’t really agree with him. I think Escobar in the leadoff spot was the right move.

  49. How is Hudson allowed to wear his batting gloves undone? That will be an issue when a ball hits it and he gets as free base

  50. Glavine may not be at the game; it’s not uncommon for the pitcher who pitched the day before or will the day after to take the game off, especially before a road trip.

  51. I’m really not sure why he started Norton over Diaz in the first place. I know righty-lefty etc. but if we have so little confidence in Diaz that we can’t even start him in this situation over a corner infielder, perhaps we should just dump him.

  52. Boyer must be going two today, or until he gets 5 outs and a lefty comes up with no one on and Ohman will come out and finish it for an Atlanta Save

  53. It is an Atlanta Save situation, after all. Or excuse me, an Atlanta Hold situation in this case…heh.

  54. Diaz must have been working on being the emergency catcher all morning and couldn’t start

  55. Now this is the kind of pinch-hitting pitcher I can get behind.

    The D-Backs are a heavily righthanded team. I’d guess you’d only use a LOOGY for Drew.

  56. I suspect Carlyle will fill in for Campillo, so I’d be surprised if we saw him today.

  57. Arizona must be the most righthanded team in baseball, actually. They have one regular lefthanded hitter in the lineup, one backup outfielder (who is starting today), Tracy (who was just activated), and a backup catcher. Hudson and his backup are switch-hitters.

  58. Why activate Carlyle then? You wouldn’t have to until he had to make a start. If he’s active, he’s available to relieve.

    Boyer will start the ninth, but if anyone reaches Ohman will face Drew.

  59. Chipper struck out on three pitches. Haven’t seen that in awhile, but I figure he was just swinging for the fences up by five in the bottom of the eighth with no one on.

  60. Also, the Braves probably were planning to activate Soriano today, but didn’t for whatever reason.

  61. Soriano’s elbow is still acting up, according to DOB.

    Hey, I’m all for getting rid of Resop, of course. But they didn’t have to make the move if Carlyle wasn’t a relief possibility. If Campillo can’t pitch, Morton could come up.

  62. Wow, the Braves are the second lowest striking out team in baseball?

    Even with Frenchy?

  63. The Reyes pinch hit appearance is a typical Cox maneuver, and I mean that in a good way. Reyes had trouble getting bunts down early in the year, and I’ll bet he’s been taking extra practice as a result. So Cox puts him in a low leverage situation to try him out — if he fails, not much harm done and you haven’t burned a pinch hitter. If he succeeds, it gives him a little confidence boost. Reyes went from a non-contributor in this game to someone who was entrusted with a responsibility and came through. Anybody who’s managed a staff of people in any area recognizes the value of small gestures like that one.

  64. Wow. Did anybody see that pitch on gameday?

    It shows two high balls in about the same place, and a high strike exactly overlapping them.

  65. Soriano better be able to pitch tomorrow because both Boyer and Acosta will be unavailable.

  66. My fantasy team just showed up with a W for Manny Acosta. Did he get the official W for the game instead of Bennett?

  67. So who do we want to win tonight? Is it the Mets b/c the Marlins lead the division (I would hate rooting for the Mets BTW)? Or is it the Marlins? I would almost say the Marlins b/c the Mets still scare me more than the Marlins do. But the Marlins have kept it up this long, who is to say it won’t continue? What do you guys think?

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