Tyler Kali Yates vs. Adam Bernero. Also, game thread: Sept. 5, Reds at Braves

Tyler Yates Statistics and History – Baseball-Reference.com

Years with Braves: 2006-2007
Notable stats: 4.66 ERA, 12 HR/116 IP
Notable achievements: A’s traded him (and Mark Guthrie) to Mets for David Justice.

Adam Bernero Statistics and History – Baseball-Reference.com

Years with Braves: 2005
Notable stats: 6.51 ERA, 61 H/47 IP
Notable achievements: Attended three different colleges over about six years, is still short of his degree.

SEC picks here.

58 thoughts on “Tyler Kali Yates vs. Adam Bernero. Also, game thread: Sept. 5, Reds at Braves”

  1. The Hawaiian God of destruction wasn’t that bad for us. Well, the numbers might be, but he was a victim of Bobby’s terrible bullpen management. I think in his second year he was good, then he got a dead arm around the ASB, but Bobby kept on putting him in ballgames, where he’d be bombed, which screwed his numbers badly.

  2. Nope. I sometimes feel like I want a meaningful relationship with someone, but other times, I feel like all I really want is sex, sex, and sex (i.e. a f____ buddy).

  3. A.J. Green needs to be more involved if UGA is going to win.

    But Cox fumbling is not going to help.

  4. The OSU one should have been called too, but that one wasn’t so obvious every ref on the field threw a flag.

  5. mclouth

    so, the only thing that has been a constant positive the past few weeks has been diaz leading off, so bobby decides to change that and bat him 6th. yet, the regular with the worst ops in the lineup continues to bat 5th. lets see: ryan church hits better, walks more, and plays better defense. is there a reason he shouldn’t be playing over anderson? oh, he has veteran presence…i forgot. well that just overrules EVERYTHING! my father, who has been the biggest “old school” bobby supporter just called me and told me how pathetic his in-game management has been the past few weeks. if he can see it, i dont see how anyone else cant.

    biggest off-season acquisition: fire bobby cox.

  6. So Georgia put up ten points on one of those pathetic Big 12 defenses. Does that mean anything to anyone?

  7. Does it also mean they’re a far cry from Oregon’s qb and that dude who punched the BSU player?

  8. Just a note I found amusing… was at Walmart this week picking up socks for my 12yo and I turned around and there was a rack of Braves merch… complete with #7 shirts. Yeesh.

  9. Memo to Bob Stoops: BYU’s secondary is atrocious. Throw the fucking ball.


    Your friend,

  10. Just got through the UGA-OSU game on the DVR, disappointing effort from the Dogs.

    Hoping for a better game from Bama-Tech or Cal-Maryland.

  11. Bradford looks like he just got his throwing shoulder seperated by BYU. It will be interesting to see if he answers the bell for the second half. Doesn’t look good.

  12. Thanks Mac.

    I wish I could say I’m surprised the 0-3 Kip Wells has thrown five innings of one hit, shutout ball. The Braves have reverted to early season form.

    Does anyone else think this teams looks completely uninspired and flat out tired? I caught the awful sixth inning on Thursday night and would never have guessed the Braves were playing for a shot at the playoffs. They looked defeated, especially Chipper and Cox.

  13. I would never have believed that Garret Anderson’s batting average would lead both Chipper and McCann come September.

  14. Kip Wells had a one hitter going through six and the Reds have pulled him due to the all important pitch count. I can’t help but laugh.

  15. One paltry run in fifteen plus innings (at home, no less) against the Limp Red Machine. We don’t belong in the playoffs, something most of you guys figured out a while back.

    I’m stunned Cox didn’t send in the mighty Norton to pinch hit in this situation.

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