Reds 3, Braves 1

Cincinnati Reds vs. Atlanta Braves – Box Score – September 05, 2009 – ESPN

Terrible. The Reds are a terrible team, and Kip Wells is a terrible pitcher, and the Braves were so terrible that they made Wells, who entered the game with a 5.48 ERA and was released by the Nats, look like a Cy Young candidate. In four of the first five innings, the Braves got the leadoff man on (a hit, two walks, and an error) but they never scored. The Reds took a 3-0 lead in the sixth (of course) with a two-run homer and a double and single. The Braves got one run off of the bullpen in the seventh, and got two on in the ninth, but of course they couldn’t tie it up. McLouth, who had already struck out looking with two on earlier in the game, did the same to end it, though he did drive in the Braves’ only run.

Jair Jurrjens deserved better. He’s now 10-10 and 10th in the league in ERA. He was even the Braves’ most effective offensive player, drawing two walks.

Chipper really needs a rest. So does McCann. And so do I, really.

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  1. Exactly.

    John Schuerholz hired Frank Wren. Bobby Cox actually hired John Schuerholz.

    It’s one big circle jerk.

    As for the game, 3-1 again and again, It’s Deja Vu……Braves style!

  2. Well then let’s start getting ready for no playoffs in 2010! As long as Cox is around this team isn’t going anywhere fast

  3. between losing to the ass-less chapped cowboys
    and the sucktastic reds

    a bad day to be a sports fan from georgia

  4. Phone ran out but there wasn’t any liveblogging to be done from the game anyway. Almost everyone, from players to staff to crowd, was there to play out the string.

    I think that Helms homer broke this team. Time to shut some folks down and think about next year.

  5. So glad I am missing all these games.

    This has been a nice team to watch, but I don’t think it would be much fun watching our guys scratch out two runs over 18 innings of Reds’ pitching.

  6. A disappointing way for the season to wind down….At least in 2009 the Braves were mildly competitive; like many on this list I am looking foward to 2010–which could be a great year for Braves’fans….

  7. Too bad about UGA…but at least the rest of the SEC got off to a good start….

    Pity that Navy could not find a way to beat Ohio State…

  8. Ugh. I guess that was it. I have to admit I was hoping… I think the Braves may very well be the fourth best team in the NL. Disappointing after the two months tease but still not a bad season. I am happy that Hudson is back and hope that he’ll return to the Braves next year as well. What a killer rotation we will have in 2010!

  9. If they’re going to miss the playoffs, they might as well miss by a wide margin. Missing out by a game or two would be incredibly frustrating. I just had to laugh when Bobby sent Norton up with a runner on 2nd and 2 outs in the bottom of the ninth. It’s like he was saying, “Oh you don’t like the way I use Norton? Well suck on this!”

  10. Mac,

    Since Wren can’t remove Cox, who can?
    Shcuerholz? McGuirk? John Malone? Ted Turner? Jimmy Carter? Bobby Dews?

    We need to direct our comments at the right person(s).

    And, I have an idea. We need a Braves Jounal volunteer to sneak into Cox’s house just before he gets home from a game and walk out naked. Tehn maybe Cox will go ape shit and hit his wife. And that might get him fired.

    Or maybe photshop a picture of Cox at a dog fight putting down a bet.

    Or maybe he can get quoted saying something good aboutFox News.

    Surely there is something that can get him fired.

  11. Cox is gone after this year Mac… mark my words. Just like I said no playoffs about 2 months ago… Cox will not be managing this team next year

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